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Subject: Caribbean Adventure Chapter 5 23 September 2019 This is my first contribution to Nifty. I have two passions: sailing and boys, so it seemed only natural to bring the two together for you. Hopefully you’ll enjoy either sailing or boys, or maybe both! I have to confess that i enjoyed writing this, with a lot of of written as i flew to the Southern Hemisphere. I recommend it as a great way of whiling away the hours! If there are sailors out there, I’d love to hear from you. And if anyone else wants to give me feedback or have a chat, my email ota. Needless to say that the there’s fact and fiction in here, and that any sections implying activities that involve contact with minors are of course entirely fictional. So I invite you to step onboard my fantasy world and sail off over the horizon with me. I discovered Nifty a year ago. It’s an awesome resource for reasons that we all understand and it costs money to keep it going, so please be sure to donate to .Org in order to ensure that it keeps allowing freedom of thought and expression. Live aboard boys A season sailing in the Caribbean CHAPTER 5 Wednesday morning started with me gently disentangling myself from Jonno at around 7am and sneaking quietly into the galley (that’s he kitchen to you land boys) to make tea. I took it up on deck, enjoying the cool early morning breeze, thinking through the day ahead. I have an analytical mind, and I’m pretty business savvy, so i thought about things in terms of what i needed to come away with and what i was prepared to give in order to do so. I had a fairly clear idea in my head as to the likely course of the discussion and the twists and turns that it night take. One thing was paramount though: the future happiness and security of Jonno. I chopped up some local topical fruit, pulled some yoghurts out of the chiller, toasted some bread and made some pancakes and fresh coffee, all laid out ready for breakfast. Then i went to my cabin (the one with my the young man currently asleep in it) and gave the slumbering boy a gentle shake and a kiss. “Jonno darling, breakfast’s ready. Time for a quick swim though if you like”. Actually, looking at the white crusty mess on both of us and the sheets, a swim and a shower was essential. He stirred. I tickled him. He yelped. I tickled him some more. He threw back the sheet to reveal guess what? I ignored it. “Up you get. Big day babycakes. We need to get moving. In the water with you. Race you around the boat.” With that challenge issued, he başakşehir escort was up and through the hatch into the cockpit in a flash. Moments later there was a plume of water as his naked body dived in, followed by splashes as he front crawled quickly although rather unstylishly around the boat. I was on his tail, but he had too much of a head start and beat me back to the swim ladder. We were both out and rinsed in a couple of minutes, drip drying in the sun as we ate breakfast. He didn’t seem his usual talkative self, but i sensed why and let it be. I gave him a smile, patted the seat beside be and said “you can’t get a cuddle all the way over there.” In a flash he was cuddled up next to me. “Right Mr Cabin Boy, let’s discuss plans for today. Will you clean up breakfast whilst I clean up the mess from last night. If anyone walked in there, they’d think that they’d walking into a cheap knocking shop. If we aim to weigh anchor by 11am, that will put the sun high enough in the sky to help us see our way out through the reef. If you haul the anchor, then can you please go up the mast as lookout?” He smiled as i suspected he would, as he enjoyed these jobs. “Sure thing skip”. I carried on, “then we’ll motor over to Marigot Bay. It’s only 12 miles and its against the wind, so it will be easier to use the engine. Once we’re in the bay, i need you to point out your parent’s boat for me. We’ll anchor a few hundred yards away. Then we’ll put the outboard on the tender so that i can go ashore and clear customs and immigration. Maybe I’ll get us some treats for lunch and some ice cream too. And then at 2pm I’ll head on over to Nomad. It might be a good idea to hold back on our fun stuff whilst we’re in the bay, and this is going to be a clothes on day kiddo, Do i have your agreement?” “Yes skip, whatever you say” he chimed, happy I think that i seemed to have it all planned out. At 10.55am I started the engine and let it warm through, and at 11am on the dot i gave Jonno the signal to start hauling the anchor. He had the electric anchor winch control in his hand and was controlling the speed of the drum as the anchor chain snaked up from the sea bed. “Anchor away” he cried out. Having secured the anchor, he scampered up the mast whilst i pointed the boat’s bow towards the start of the channel, or art least where i assumed it was. “Stop daddy!” Jonno cried out. “You’re way too far to starboard. You need to back track and go in again 100 metres over that way”. That was halkalı escort fortunate. The reef could easily have holed the hull had we hit it. I backed off, made my approach again and with some more guidance from Jonno we were clear of the passage between the reef in just a couple of minutes. It was pretty much a straight line from where we were to Marigot Bay, but it’s was a busy channel and there was quite a sea running, so we worked together to steer and keep a lookout to avoid other ships and yachts. By around 12.30pm we were entering Marigot Bay, with the mountains in the middle of the island of St Maarten in the distance. Jonno was using the binoculars to look out for his parent’s boat, whilst i navigated a course between the moored boats in the busy anchorage. “There she is” shouted Jonno. I saw her, and a moment later i spied a nice spot to anchor a suitable distance away, halfway between his parent’s boat and the shore. “Ready to anchor please Jonno”. “Aye aye skip” came the reply. We were anchored by 1.00pm and quickly set about fixing the outboard onto the stern of the tender. I put on a t shirt (never try to clear customs and immigration without doing so. They get very touchy about it) and packed our passports and some cash and a credit card into a waterproof bag. I gave Jonno a hug and a big smile, pinched his bum and promised to be back as soon as i could, but no guarantees. “Fix yourself a snack if you get hungry babycakes”. And with that i got into the dinghy, pulled the starter cord on the outboard, cast off and sped off towards the service dock, leaving Cabin Boy Jonno in command of Belle Aventure. Customs and immigration took 30 minutes and they didn’t bat an eyelid at two passports with different family names. With so many bareboat charters running in and out of the island it was situation normal, and there was a queue building, so they rushed us through. I sped out of the supermarket, picked up a fresh pizza and a bag of ice, together with snacks and more ice cream. I was on my way back to Belle Aventure in time to pass the bags to Jonno, check everything was ok and speed off towards Nomad. It was just before 2pm. “Wish me luck darling.” “See you soon daddy” came the reply. I slowed the engine as I approached Nomad. From 100 yards away I could hear shouting and screaming, I wondered about going back to Belle Aventure to radio them in order to see if they were ready, but then one of them spotted me approaching and i was committed. I drew şirinevler escort the dinghy up alongside and passed a line across. “Good afternoon, I’m Tim Orchard, owner of the Belle Aventure. May i come onboard please?” I stepped up onto their boat. It was considerably smaller than Belle Aventure and it looked chaotic: gear and stuff everywhere, and with the boat lacking maintenance. They offered me an alcoholic drink, but I declined, preferring a clear head. He introduced himself as Andrew and his wife as Penny, and then to Jack and Suzy, their youngest. Jack caught my attention. His eyes were puffy from crying and he had red welts on his arm. Not good signs. I suggested that we chatted down below whilst the kids stayed on deck to which they agreed. “I’m sorry if I interrupted something when i arrived. I should have radioed ahead. My apologies.” “It’s that little whore Jack, he’s as bad as that slut Jonno” shrieked Mrs. I was taken aback. Andrew was calmer but said that Jack had been `problematic’ since Jonno left. When I’m probed `problematic’ with the father, it seems that Jack had been caught with his pants down more than a few times, doing what boys do. “Boys are impossible” shrieks Mrs. I’m sorry to hear that Jack has been having problems (“no wonder”, I thought to myself, “if you dump his brother in a strange port. He’s probably wondering if he’s next”). I tried to refocus the conversation back on Jonno. “I understand from our radio telephone call that Jonno wouldn’t be welcome back onboard, is that true?” “Never ever” shrieked Mrs. “I see. Perhaps i can help. Jonno seems to have settled very happily into life on the Belle Aventure. I’d be very happy to look after him, to see him through school and university. But in order to do that, I’d need your irrevocable agreement to my being his permanent legal guardian. Would you agree to that?” They mumbled amongst themselves. “Perhaps you can give us 5 minutes alone to discuss this please?” “Of course.” I went up on deck and walked up to the bow. Moments later Jack was beside me. In the course of a few minutes, during which he barely stopped to draw breath, he confirmed my fears and explained the red welts. I needed to hatch a plan, fast. “Mr Orchard, would you like to come down?” I stepped down into the cabin. Standing in front of them, i said “I think that before we speak any further i need to meet privately with your husband please”. Penny went up on deck, leaving us alone. “Jack has told me what has been happening Andy. Surely you can understand that physical and verbal abuse are unforgivable? I should report you to the authorities, but that’s not going to help the boys. So here’s what’s we’ll do.” Ten minutes later, he called Penny below and told her what we’d agreed. “Pack a bag for Jack”.

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