Cap D’Agde 5

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Cap D’Agde 5My hubby appeared back with the croissants and made some coffee. I was laid on the bed – I deliberately lay there with my pussy on display to him I knew that he had a birdseye view of my well fucked and abused pussy. As we drank our coffee we discussed the events of not just the night before but the other experiences that we had enjoyed since arriving at Cap D’Agde.Both of us admitted that it had been the most outrageous sexual acts that we had even taken part in. In the past, we had both discussed what we had got up to before we had met each other. He had always become excited when I related the tales of my previous adventures. It had always shared a fantasy about watching each other having sex with someone else. This had actually happened in the few days that we had been here. Although, it seemed to have been me that had enjoyed the most attention. Neither of us minded. I have to admit that having experienced so many different cocks inside my pussy in such a short space of time made me feel super sexy. Some may say that I was being a total slut but being fucked and cum in by those cocks still gets me wet! I knew that my hubby enjoyed seeing me getting used by those cocks.As we talked I became horny and so did my hubby. Before long his cock was hard and I knew that he would want to fuck me again. I couldn’t complain – I wanted it as well. He came over to the bed and I opened my legs to let him enter me. He slid in easily. My pussy was still trying to recover form Jean’s massive cock that had stretched me so far the night before. I worked my muscles against my hubby’s cock but I knew that no matter how hard I tried it would be a while before I returned to my “toned” pussy. My hubby flipped me over onto all fours and I pulled my legs together in order to make my pussy feel tighter. He pumped me hard and gripped my hips to allow him to thrust hard into me. I was surprised that I could feel it when he shot his cum inside me. I have to admit that when he withdrew his cock and I got up to go to the loo I had cum running out of me. Normally, I can hold it inside me until I get into the bathroom – but with a pussy that had been so well used the previous night it was impossible. I had cum down to my knees by the time I got to the bathroom. I decided to go ahead and have a shower. As I washed myself I ran my hands over my pussy. My lips were still swollen and I began to wonder if my pussy would ever return to its normal state. I dried myself off and looked at myself in the mirror. I had to admit that my pussy looked like it had been terribly abused – though it had been highly enjoyable getting it into that condition.Both us were pretty tired and ended up having a long lie after we’d finished the coffee and croissants. In my half-sleep state I wondered how I was going to get on later that day. Having to go naked would expose my pussy to anyone who cared to look. I was beginning to wish that I had not shaved myself. My bush would have managed to hide my puffed and gaping lips. On the other hand it was a bit of a turn-on knowing that it would now be on show due to the removal of all my pubic hair. We decided to get up and go for lunch. As usual we were nude and as soon as we were seated I knew that the waiter was looking between my legs. I moved my knees further apart to let him see. I was becoming a right little exhibitionist since I’d arrived. I could see his shorts bulge and became wet between my legs at the effect I was having on him.After lunch we decided to go to one of the swimming türbanlı kayseri escort pools instead of the beach – it was quite windy and we’d have just got “sand-blasted”.We grabbed a couple of sunloungers and got comfy. Both us us were toatlly surprised to see another couple that we knew from home. It was Julie (our eldest son’s school teacher) and her husband. To say the least I was taken aback. What on earth would they think about us being here at a naturist resort. I mentioned to my hubby – he hadn’t noticed them yet. He said quite correctly that they wee here as well – so I should relax. He was right enough when I though about it. After a bought fifteen minutes Julie noticed us and waved. I waved back and she came over to chat.It was a case of both of us saying to each other that we didn’t know you were naturists! Julie was shaved like me. Unlike me she had a very neat slit. She didn’t have pussy lips like me – her pussy was just a neat little slit. She was quite tall at around five foot nine and her body was slim and toned. Her boobs were quite small but her nipples were hard and perky. I have to admit that I had noticed that she didn’t have to wear a bra and was prone to pokies whenever I had seen her at the school.One of her first questions was “Do you have the boys with you?”. I told her we were on our own. I could see her relax at that answer. I suppose she’d have some explaining if it had got out at school that our boys had seen her naked on holiday!Julie’s hubby, Brian came over. Both of the guys went to the bar to get some drinks fr us all. Julie and I were soon in deep conversation. The guys seemed to take ages to appear with the drinks. Julie and Brian had only arrived late the night before. They had never been here before and she asked me about what we’d been up to since we’d arrived.It was with some trepidation that I finally admitted about going down to the beach at night and watching the show on the sunlounger. She was astounded that anyone would actually have sex on the beach in front of an audience. I then told her about my performance at the same location. I omitted the fact that another two guys had fucked me as well. She admitted that it sounded really horny. I mentioned that we’d met two French couples who were very friendly – but I didn’t elaborate on what had happened when we?d gone back to Jean & Juliet?s apartment.At that point the guys appeared back with the drinks. Julie and I took the conversation back to everyday things. It turned out that the pair of them had enjoyed nude beaches over the last few years and had finally decided to take the plunge and go for a naturist holiday where they could spend just about all of the time in the nude. From our experience we have now found that quite a few people who work in Education take naturist holidays ? they get most of the summer off as it is and enjoy spending as much of it as possible in the sun.After a few glasses of wine ? the guys decided to go for a game of boule. Julie moved her towel over to the sunlounger alongside mine and we spent the afternoon chatting and drinking more wine.As we luxuriated under the warm Mediterranean sun ? enjoying the warm feeling on our naked bodies we talked about all sorts of things. Julie then mentioned that Brian and her were trying for a baby. She hoped that having a holiday where they were going to be naked for most of the time would make them extra horny and of course lead to lots of sex. They were staying in the campsite türbanlı kayseri escort bayan section and had booked themselves in for a month. I told her that I was very jealous ? we were only there for two weeks ? I told her that I would love to be able to spend more time at Cap D?Agde.I could sense that she had become a little nervous. Eventually, she came out and asked we what it was like to give birth. I had two natural births with my k**s. I told her that you just got on with it ? Mother Nature takes care of it all. I did have easy births and had no problems. She went on to ask ?What about down below??. I told her that if you?re toned and in shape before hand then you get back into shape pretty quick. She told me that she didn?t want to appear to be rude but my pussy looked a bit out of shape. I guess with the amount of wine that I had consumed during the afternoon and the loss of inhibitions that occurred with the amount of alcohol I had drunk came into effect. I told her that my pussy lips had always been on the generous side ? and the reason that my pussy looked the way it did was because I too had indulged in a bit of ?beach sex? and had in fact taken my hubby and two other guys on the sunlounger in front of all those people. I then explained that the two French couples we?d met had also resulted in what was basically a gangbang for me. I told her all about Jean?s monster cock. I told her that any woman who had been fucked by such a large cock the night before would certainly have a good chance of looking like mine. After I had made my confession to her I was wondering if she would be totally shocked. I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction. She asked if my hubby and I would take Brian and her down to the beach that night. She liked the sound of the antics that went on down there and would certainly like to be able to see it. I told her that we?d take them to watch. The guys soon returned from their game of boule and Julie and I returned to talking about mundane things. Neither of us let on about what we?d been talking about when the boys were away. As the sun began to dip we all headed off to get ready for dinner. We had agreed to meet in one of the bars and then go for dinner together. Julie and I gave each other a wink ? knowing that we had planned to take a trip down to the beach to see if there would be any sex shows that we could watch.When we got back to our apartment, I then mentioned to my hubby what Julie and I had been talking about when he had been playing boule with Brian. I wondered if she was doing the same. I told him that I had ended up telling her about our adventures so far and that she was very keen to go down to the beach to watch any little show that might be on that night. I could tell that my hubby was quite excited by it ? he said that Julie always seemed so prim and proper and now I was telling him that she wanted to head down to the beach and watch other people having sex. I also told him about her comment about my pussy and that was how I ended up confessing to my escapades over the last few nights. I told him that I thought she would be totally shocked and think that I was a total slut. Her reaction had been totally opposite to what I had expected. She had been particularly interested in Jean?s cock and my hubby?s. I had noticed that she had started to wriggle on her sunlounger when I had brought up the subject of anal sex ? I wondered if she indulged or just liked the thought of it.My hubby türbanlı escort kayseri and I got to the bar first. We cornered a couple of bar stools. I knew that in the process of hopping up that I managed to ?flash? a few of the people in the bar. I wasn?t wearing any knickers ? a habit that I pretty much stick to no matter where I an. I love to be ?free? down below when I?m wearing a dress or skirt.Julie and Brian arrived. My hubby got off his bar stool and let Julie sit on it. She had a little sundress on. It was quite short and showed-off her legs very well. It had thin shoulder straps and her hard nipples were poking through the thin material. I couldn?t help but notice that she too was knickerless ? she?d flashed her pussy when she hopped up onto her barstool but the way she had crossed her long legs gave me and anyone else who cared to look at her exposed pussy. I don?t know if she knew what she was doing but I could see that my hubby was appreciating the view.We then went for a meal and both Julie and I were exposing our pussies to the waiter. We openly talked about it in front of our hubbies. They were getting just about as hot and bothered about it as Julie and I were. I wanted to head down to the beach as soon as possible and see what was going on. I knew Julie felt the same.Sure enough when we got down to the beach there was a couple having sex for all to see. We stood watching for a while and then I noticed that Julie had sunk to her knees and had Brian?s cock in her mouth and she was sucking it hard. I noticed that she was using one hand to stroke his cock and that the other one was buried between her legs. She was wanking herself off! I felt my hubby wrap his arms around me ? both us were facing the couple that were fucking on the beach. I felt him pull up the front of my dress and begin to rub my pussy. With one hand he rubbed my clitty and before long he had a couple of fingers buried inside my wet lips. It didn?t take much stimulation for me to orgasm ? I could feel my legs begin to buckle and it was only his grip on me that prevented me from collapsing. I looked over at Julie just in time to see her jerking furiously on Brian?s cock. She had pulled it from her mouth and he was shooting his cum onto her face. Most of it went in her mouth but her chin was coated by his sticky goo. Her other hand was still between her legs at least two fingers were buried deep inside her. I dropped to my knees to get a better view. I wanted to see her frig herself to orgasm. She left Brian?s cock alone and concentrated on her cunt. She pulled her fingers from inside her and using one hand she pulled up on the flesh of her mons. This exposed her clitty for me to see. As she pulled her skin taunt her other hand rubbed her erect clitty. It didn?t take her long to scream herself to orgasm. Quite a lot of the other voyeurs looked around to see her collapse as her orgasm gripped her. I felt so hot and excited beingable to watch her do this to herself ? especially at such close range. I felt the back of my dress being lifted and the cool air touching my bum. I was hoping that my hubby was going to sink his prick inside me. I felt him nudge against me and in one slow thrust he had sunk balls deep inside me. He gripped my hips and pumped in and out of my well lubricated cunt . I reached between my legs and strocked my clitty and he fucked me. I looked up to see that Julie was now watching me getting pleasured. I pushed back each time my hubby thrust into me. When he came I squeezed hard on my pussy muscles and felt his cock jerk as he filled me with his cum.The rest seemed a bit of a blur that night but I do remember walking along the beach with his cum running down the insides of my legs. I remember looking over at Julie and she was wiping the cum that Brian had deposited on her face. She licked her fingers clean and smiles over at me.

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