Canoe Trip Ch. 06

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The fire had long since died to a few embers in the pit. Susan carefully poked the remaining embers into a small mound and made sure there was no other combustible material nearby. She heard Bill and Tiffany crawling about in the tent as they rearranged bedding and packs to make room for a third body. Susan could tell from the sounds that more than just rearranging was going on. There were occasional silences, although if she listened closely, she could hear murmurs of passion and kissing so she knew the couple was enjoying their task.

“Okay, guys, the fire’s about out and I’m coming to bed.”

“About time, too,” said Tiffany. “We’re eager to see you in here.”

Susan unzipped the tent and crawled inside. Things were different. The tiny flashlight Bill had brought was propped up in the corner to shine toward the ceiling. They’d pushed the pads closer and zipped the two sleeping bags together. Over the bags Tiffany had laid a couple of extra blankets and a plastic ground cover, plus some extra clothes. Bill was sitting with his back to the wall of the tent with his shirt off. His trousers were in disarray and it looked as if he didn’t really have them on, just laid over his lap and thighs.

“Looks cozy,” she said.

“I figure Bill gets the middle between us. Sort of equal access, if you get my drift.” Tiffany smirked.

“Sweetie, I’ve already had a lot of access, so I wouldn’t want to take advantage, if you get my meaning.” A little tipsy, Susan giggled at his remark and then she slowly turned her back on the other two, raising the hem of her sweatshirt as she did so.

“You think we haven’t seen everything you’ve got?” said Tiffany.

Susan just smiled, raised her hands above her breasts and turned back. Then she slid her fingers down until she cupped her breasts and lifted them slightly, offering them to her companions. Tiffany, naked and squatting on her haunches, leaned forward to place her lips first on Susan left, then on her right breast.

Susan inhaled sharply and curled one hand around Tiffany’s head, drawing her closer to her bosom. Tiffany growled deep in her throat and continued to massage Susan’s chest with her mouth and tongue. A moment later she felt fingers sliding deftly over her tensed bottom, down the crack between her butt cheeks and over her anus. With only a slight hesitation the questing fingers proceeded along a now familiar trail to the swollen lips of her labia. Tiffany writhed slightly with pleasure as Bill’s fingers continued their exploration, probing gently to separate her outer lips, to find the hood and tease her clit. izmir escort Tiffany couldn’t keep her hips still.

Susan, licked her lips and reached across Tiffany’s back to insert one long finger into Bill’s waiting mouth, wetting it and then sliding it over his tongue. Tiffany’s head sagged lower and she rocked forward onto her knees. Susan arched her hips forward, seeking Tiffany’s tongue, while Bill regained the hot moist entrance to Tiffany’s vagina. One finger, just inside, then two, then a third, gently, slowly enticingly, sliding into her depths. Tiffany moaned and slid her mouth over Susan’s pussy, tonguing, sucking, so distracted by Bill’s technique, she hardly knew what she was doing.

Bill smiled and Susan smiled back. They stared at each other, reveling in the waves of emotions they saw on each other’s faces.

Tiffany’s hands slid around Susan’s hips and pulled her even closer, so mouth and pussy were as close as they could be. As Susan rocked back on her heels, she drew Tiffany with her until they were flat on the ground. Tiffany kept her butt high in the air, giving Bill all the access to her rear end and to her inflamed pussy he could possibly use. Fluid leaked from her that he captured with his fingers and smeared on his face.

He grunted and Susan realized he’d had another orgasm. He’d actually come without his penis touching either of them. He leaned forward and fastened his mouth to Tiffany’s ass, tongue lubricating the puckered orifice and then sliding in, just a quarter inch or so. Tiffany bucked at the touch and cried out. Her cries were muffled by Susan’s thighs. Suddenly Susan began to climax, clenching her legs around Tiffany’s head. All three of them ascended to a delirious sort of ecstasy and the odors of their sexual delights swirled around them and permeated the atmosphere of the tent.


Susan woke with a start. Something was changed. She stared up through the stygian darkness toward the top of the tent, although she could barely see it. There was almost zero light from outside, the moon having set hours ago. Her glowing travel alarm told her it was only three-fifteen in the morning. When she turned on her side, she realized there was a narrow gap where Bill should have been lying. Then she heard the whispers and realized that Bill had shifted toward Tiffany’s side of the sleeping bags and Tiffany was laid out full length atop his body. It was that and their whispering that had awakened her.

“Shh. You’ll wake your friend. This just isn’t a good idea.”

“Why? I don’t care mersin escort what it looks like. You let Susan touch you.”

“That was different. She just used her hand.”

“So? I just want to suck your cock.”

“It won’t do any good. I told you, I have almost no feeling in my prick and minimal blood flow. So I never get a hard-on any more.”

“Doesn’t matter. I just want to have you in my mouth. You can go back to sleep for all I care.”

Susan grinned in the dark. Typical Tiffany, she thought.

Bill’s chuckle was muffled by Tiffany’s lips.

“Oh, let her go down on you, Bill. Then maybe we can all get back to sleep.” Susan tried very hard to keep from giggling.

“Sorry we woke you. This wanton female lying on me is making these imprudent demands.”

Tiffany snorted. “What do you call an hour of fingering my pussy? You marines are all alike.”

Susan raised her head and dimly made out Tiffany’s form as she turned herself around on top of Bill. She ducked when Tiffany’s leg slid over her head and settled beside Bill’s head. She sat up and dragged a light blanket over the two and then snuggled back into the warm cave of her part of the sleeping bag. She slid closer to Bill and molded herself against his shoulder and Tiffany’s leg. The last thing she remembered hearing was Tiffany humming to herself and a muffled slurping sound.


The sun rose much too early for three groggy, sated individuals. Susan, up first, walked naked in the morning sun to the beach. The sun was just high enough to filter through the pines and outline the lovely curves of her sumptuous body with golden light. It was unseasonably warm that week, but the morning air was cool enough to raise goose bumps on her lithe form.

The placid water was cold, but with no hot shower in sight, it was the only immediate alternative. Her inner thighs were coated with dried juices that had leaked from her body during the night’s frenzied sexual activities. She walked two steps in and, gritting her teeth, dove full-length into the water. It stung for only a moment and then her head cleared the surface and she grinned hugely. Treading water, she rubbed her body with the cloth she’d carried and then paddled back to the beach.

Rising from the water she saw a naked man standing by the dead fire smiling appreciatively. “What more could a man ask of a beautiful morning in the woods, than a gorgeous shapely woman coming naked toward him from the lake?”

“How about two?” Nude Tiffany stepped out of the tent and ran her hand sakarya escort over Bill’s scarred and naked flank, then she switched her bountiful hips and walked carefully down the little path toward Susan. “I suppose it’s freezing,” she said plaintively.

“Yep, but it’s feels great after the first second.” Susan handed Tiffany the wet cloth and they kissed hard.

Behind them, watching with manifest delight, Bill groaned in pleasure at the sight. A huge, warm southern breeze blew across the lake. The temperature was rising unseasonably high. With clothes nowhere in sight, the three made a careful cold breakfast and discussed plans for the day. They seemed to have none.

Tiffany sighed and raised something she’d been ignoring since they met Bill. “I notice you’re wearing moccasins. Don’t you have boots for trekking over the portages?”

He shook his head and smiled. “Nope. I wore boots in the service for over twenty years. Tired of ’em.” He wiggled his bare toes. “No, I wear moccasins out here all the time. If you’re careful, you don’t need boots.”

Susan and Tiffany flashed looks at each other. “Bill, we found a boot print here the morning of the day we first met you. We’ve just sort of assumed you visited our camp one night.”

“One night? You mean somebody came in here while you were asleep at night? So that’s why the pans were hanging on some of the bushes. I thought you were trying to keep the critters away.”

They showed him the boot print and explained where they’d seen the other evidence of a skulking intruder.

“There have been a couple instances of local folks hoorawing some campers, but nothing really sinister. Outfitters and the Forest service have always been pretty good about overseeing this wilderness.” Bill wave his arm at the surrounding forest. They all know that a few incidents could get the place a bad rep which would seriously cut down on tourism. I’ll tell the ranger by cell phone when I get back to camp so he can watch out for you.”

Bill stood up and put on his pants. The women watched him, knowing their idyll was coming to an end. “This has been nothing short of wonderful. I can’t tell you what you two have done for this old man’s self image. But I have to get back to civilization. You two have managed to entice me to stay a day longer than I’d planned.” He collected his back pack, and bare-chested, started toward the water. He was followed by two naked maidens.

A last embrace for Susan and Tiffany and Bill shoved off. Fifteen yards from shore he started his turn for the end of the lake and looked back over the rippling water. Susan and Tiffany stood side by side, arms about each other looking back at their temporary lover. Almost simultaneously, they raised their arms and waved, jiggling their pert breasts. Then, as if choreographed, they turned, hip to hip and bent over to present him one long last look at their unadorned pussies.

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