Buttonnose Ch. 05

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This is the fifth and final part in the Buttonnose series. I have loved and enjoyed writing it, receiving appreciation from all of you and knowing that you have enjoyed reading it just as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Even though I couldn’t reply to all the individual emails, I have greatly appreciated your feedback. Hope you enjoy this part just as much. I would love to hear more feedback. While I’m thinking about my next work, do send me your ideas and feedbacks.

This series has been dedicated to the most wonderful person I have loved, and who has loved me just as much in return – Buttonnose!


I shut the lights off and got into bed under the sheets with you. As soon as I was in the bed, you rolled and snuggled close to me. As you moved close to me you hugged and pulled me closer to you, and nudged face on my neck, kissing my neck gently a few times. Your lips were hot and I felt hard. Neither of us had anything on, so I could feel your warm tender skin all over me. It made me very aroused and I got harder by the minute. As I moved about while I was hugging you, you sensed it and moved to accommodate my erection. You gently touched it started to stroke it, encouraging it to grow. All the while you planted kisses on my neck and chest.

As I cuddled you close to me, you sighed with a heavy breath. “Oh this feels so nice,” you sighed as you clung on to me firmly. I lay on my side, and hugged you close to me. Our legs intertwined and caressed each other, the thighs touching and tugging on one another. I could feel your breath on my chest as you placed your forehead close to me on my neck and pressed your cheek close to me. You planted a soft kiss on my chest and we became still for a long time. I loved to feel your tenderness touching all over me. It aroused me so much. You seemed to know it; you kept caressing me on my hips and bum, and pulling it closer to yourself. That made my prick poke you. You seemed to love the feel of it on your tummy. You kissed me gently all over my chest, assuring me that you were loving all of it.

You slowly moved up and started kissing me on the neck and the chin. Then you moved up and our eyes met and you kissed me gently on my lips. As I kissed you back, I didn’t know how to respond appropriately, cause my erection was poking you in between your thighs. As you kissed me, you moved your hips and rubbed my prick. Your kisses became more passionate and hot. You were sliding your tongue in my mouth. I started to lick it, sucking it gently. With every minute of the kiss, you were burning with passion. You were hugging me firmly.

Slowly you eased and paused. Then you kissed my neck and ear gently. Then you whispered in my ear, “I don’t wish to sleep tonight. I hope that’s ok with you.”

“Same here,” I assured you with a caress on your cheek.

“I need you more than I have ever needed you before.” You sighed softly.

“I’m all your.”

Hearing that seemed to have ignited the flame of million years inside you. You got lustful, and pulled on me passionately. I was caressing your back gently, completely taken aback with your passion.

“Don’t hold back.” You looked deep in my eyes and kissing my neck you had whispered in my ears. “Be yourself. I’m yours too. All yours.”

I was on my back. You were lying next to me, partially on top, our legs intertwined with love. You were resting on an elbow, and with the other hand, slowly massaging my prick, while you were kissing me gently on the lips. You moved your hands slowly and gently, all along the shaft. You nudged against me and pressed yourself close to me. Your fragrance was haunting me. Your soft skin caressed my palms as I touched you. I couldn’t help but kiss you on your lips. You kissed me gently on my chest. Then a little more, and then you started to move your kisses lower to my waist. Once there, you stopped, moved a little and then slowly took the hard prick in your mouth.

I was so thrilled with the sensation. I didn’t know how to control myself. I stroked your hair and hoped you would take that as the sign of encouragement. I loved the way you kept teasing and licking it all the way along its length. You licked and kissed it a long time slowly and gently. You kept rubbing it against your wet lips. The friction was sensational. All the time you kept touching and caressing my balls, my thighs. You kept rubbing your lips all along the length. Gently, with your lips wet and hot. The tongue licked at times, and my prick had become a lollypop in your mouth. You kept licking and sucking it with your lips. After a long time you slowly moved over to me, and looked deep in the eyes. You continued massaging my prick with your hand. Your touch was very gentle and sensual. You were like the maiden from heaven.

I rolled you over on your back and with one arm around your neck, hugged you firmly. I pinned you down in the bed, and kissed you gently on your lips. You melted in my arms, cuddling yourself into my hug. I felt your palms caress my back as you hugged me nişantaşı escort firmly to you. I kissed your cheeks, your eyelids, and your nose. You held my arms and pulled me closer to you with every kiss. We kissed each other for a very long time, wetting our lips with every kiss, and licking our tongues as we kissed each other. Your heavy warm breathing was igniting passion like I had never felt. I paused for a moment, and I looked at you. Your eyes were full of love and it seemed like you had waited for this for an eternity.

I slowly moved in between your legs and positioned on your waist. As you held my prick you gently rubbed it a few times on your wet vagina and then let me inside you gently. I sank inside you slowly. As I sank deeper, you moaned and pulled me closer.

“Oh baby, I love you so much.” You hugged me firmly, and caressed my head on the back. You pulled my hips and encouraged me to slide in deeper.

“Now stay there all night”, you told me. “I want you all tonight. I have been waiting to be loved for so long.”

“I am here now. The waiting is over.” I kissed you on your lips lovingly. As I kissed you I dug deeper inside your cunt. You held my bum and pulled me inside, your cunt was sucking on my prick hungrily. It felt so wonderful, so heavenly. Every moment that I was inside you, I could feel the bliss of your cunt.

I slid in and out for a while gently, and you enjoyed by moving in rhythm with me. We stayed there in each other’s arms. I slid in and out for a long while, going slow and deep inside, feeling your warm wetness all around my prick. It felt like heaven inside you. I felt your vagina, wet and warm, squeezing on my hard prick as I slowly slid in and out. With every movement it milked my prick gently. It felt just like the time when you had it in your mouth. Your hunger for me was overpowering. You were in heat and wanted to have all of me all at once. You kept kissing me and pulling me closer. Your legs were wrapped tightly around my hips. You were digging your calves in my thighs and pulling me closer.

I had to calm you down. You just looked at me and said, “I want you to have me for all the night. You have no idea how happy you have made me today baby.”

“I will mom. I want to have you all night too.”

“Don’t hold back. Promise me that.”

“I promise.”

You encouraged me while you caressed my face and head and kissed my chest with your wet lips. I loved to feel your kisses on my chest while making love to you. I fucked you slow and deep. With every stroke you encouraged me with your caressing and kissing. You must seem to have waited for this for a long time. All the desire was flooding out now. You went through one orgasm after another. The moans and sighs I had never heard from you, were so erotic and encouraging. It seemed you were enjoying like never before. Every time I encouraged you, “Yes mom, give it to me, give me all your juices”. I was so excited, I could hardly hold back any longer myself and you told me it was ok. “Go on, don’t hold it back. Don’t worry. I’m on the pill, ” and I exploded inside you with pleasure flowing through me like a river. You held me close while I squirmed with pleasure. And then I slowly lay on you as I collapsed on top of you and you held me in your arms. “That felt nice”, you said, while caressing my face as I looked at you. “I was waiting for this moment all this time.”

“Oh yes I did too” I whispered in your ear.

I rolled over with you in my arms and now you were on top, and I was lying on the bed on my back. I had my arm still around you, hugging you closely. You lay on top on my chest. We stayed there kissing each other for a long time. And after a while of silence we seemed to have fallen asleep.

I woke up in the night. It wasn’t a long time. But it surely felt a few hours. You were still in my arms, sleeping peacefully. My mom! All this time I used to dream of sleeping with you. At nights I used to imagine your naked skin caress me. I used to think of your hands all over me. In the morning I used to wake with an eagerness of having your cunt milk my prick. And tonight I had you. All to myself like I always dreamed of. I had your love and your juices. I had made you happy and full of bliss. I had massaged you and treated you with all the attention. You were sleeping peacefully. Surely, you had been very tired. I felt so glad that I was able to give you the massage tonight. In my mind I hoped that it helped you to relax.

I looked at you in the dark. The light through the window showed me your face tenderly and I gazed at your lips for long, your eyes closed and in deep sleep. I looked at your neck and your hair, flowing all over it. I couldn’t stop myself so I kissed you softly on your cheek. I moved a little and kissed your lips. You moved a little in your sleep, my kisses seemed to have stirred you up. You have always been a light sleeper. You looked at me with sleepy eyes and turned a little to me. Realising that I was kissing you, you hugged me close and kissed me back. Putting your arms around şişli escort me, and pulling me closer you kissed more sensually.

First you started slowly and lovingly. You must have been sleepy, because I felt your hug sluggish as you pulled me with a minimal tug. You were urging me to get closer to you. It seemed as if you had been drained of all energy. As I rolled on top of you, I positioned my self between your legs. You parted them slowly, and caressed my bum. I rubbed my prick on your cunt. My prick was hard by all the soft caress of your nakedness.

“Fuck me, have me. I want you inside me.” You sighed in my ear.

I gently guided my prick and pressed on your cunt. As it dug in you moved to take it in deep. After I had sunk, you wrapped your legs around me. “I love you.”

I started sliding inside your cunt slowly and deep. I felt your cunt milk my prick steadily and sensually. I loved the feeling of fucking you. You felt so good around me. I didn’t want to stop. Just then you said to me, “Take your time. I want to feel you like this for a long time.”

It suddenly made me so hard. You felt me grow inside. “Yes baby, I know what you like. And I love it too. So have me. Fuck me as much as you like.”

After a few strokes, I started gaining some speed and thrust. I started pounding deeper and harder. With every stroke, you gave out a sexy moan and kept encouraging me.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard. I love it. Oh yes give it to me. Oh I love you so much.” You had your legs up across my chest around my neck. I was banging inside you. The bed kept rocking every time I came down on you and dug inside your cunt. As I got the rhythm, you let me bang you deep and hard and kept encouraging with your moans.

I fucked you like that for a while. You went through loads of orgasms. Every time you climaxed, you clinched your cunt, and I felt it squeeze my prick. I felt your hot juices wash my prick. That was such an erotic feeling. Every time you climaxed, I kissed you on your lips, on your neck. I encouraged you to enjoy it as much as you wanted. “You have me all to yourself mom. I love to please you and would love to please you all the time.”

“You do a very fine job son.”

I kept sliding inside you for a long time. For now you must have woken up quite well.

“Shall I go on top? You must be getting tired. I want you to enjoy this as much as I am enjoying it.”

“I am ok mom. Do you wish to go on top?”

“Yes I would love that.” You seemed excited with that thought. You had developed an insatiable lust for me.

So we changed positions and you got on top of me. As I lay on the bed, you had your legs one on each side. As you positioned on my prick, you took it and guided it inside your cunt. As I slid inside, I rammed you a little with few strokes. “Oh yes baby, fuck me. I want your prick to ram me deep.”

Your talk was getting me very horny. I held your bum with my hands and started to move it on the prick as I dug deeper inside your cunt and rammed you really hard.

“Oh yes, oh fucking hell, it feels so good. Oh you are such a darling.”

I rammed you for a while like that. You loved every bit of it. You came a lot of times. I could feel your juices flowing down my thighs and balls. That made me hornier.

“Oh you know how to please me. You are so good. And all this time I have missed you so much.”

“Not anymore mom. You have me all to yourself mom. I am here for you anytime you want me.”

“And I am here anytime you would like to have me son. Anytime. I mean it.”

We fucked until I came in your cunt again. As I eased and calmed, you kept kissing me on my lips, cheeks, and neck. You gave me love bites all over. I was happily encouraging you all the time. Your passion was flooding me by now.

“I love you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

We slept in each other’s arms that night. We made love on and off all through the night. Once I remember we were quite awake. It must be about 4am in the morning. We seemed surprisingly fresh after having fucked each other for several times during the night. I could smell the fragrance of our cum juices in the bed. It was erotic and sensual at the same time. We had fucked for a long time on and off. Every time you had been encouraging me to have you any way I liked. You wanted me to fuck you in any way I liked. You wanted me to use you. Every time you kept getting wilder and lustier. Your moans and words were getting very slutty and you kept encouraging me no matter what I did. You seemed to be enjoying every thing I did.

I remember the time when I was fucking you doggy, and you had gone completely wild. You kept moaning loudly and encouraged me to fuck the hell out of your cunt. I was so turned on, that I wasn’t sure if I was hurting you. “Am I hurting you mom?”

“No honey. You are not. You are giving me the pleasure that I was waiting for so eagerly all this time. Fuck me baby. I love every bit of your prick. Fuck me hard my love. Bang me deep. I love it. Bang me as mecidiyeköy escort deep as you want. I love to feel your prick inside me.”

I had fucked you like a dog in heat. After we collapsed on the bed, we didn’t speak for a while. We were panting heavily. All the fragrances all that night, of your and my cum, along with your perfume had driven us wild. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

“Oh you are such a good lover.” You said to me after we had calmed down.

I just smiled at you.

“You don’t believe me do you?” you seemed a little shocked.

“Well thanks for your appreciation, mom.” I just said quietly.

“I’m not lying to you or saying it just to flatter you. I mean it.” You looked at me deep in my eyes. “I mean it. You are good. Very good in bed. I had no idea you were that good. I’m glad I now know.”

“I want to please you mom. I love to please you.” I said lovingly.

“It is very evident,” you said kissing me on my lips. “And I love you from all my heart for it.”

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too, honey” you looked at me lovingly. “And I will always love you, no matter what.”

While we stayed there talking and holding each other, my hands were caressing and touching you all over. I just couldn’t stop myself touching you. I slowly slid my finger in your cunt. You parted your legs and encouraged me by kissing me.

“Oh yesssss.” You hissed lustily.

I fingered your cunt for a while and stimulated your clit. Every time you kissed me, you stroked my prick. We were stroking each other for a while. Then I slowly moved and you got the idea. We got into a 69. You were on top of me, and I was guiding you to position your clit on my lips. Once we were in the position, I parted your cunt and started licking your clit. It was the most delicious little button I had every sucked on. You squirmed and moaned every time I licked it. My licking was getting you so horny. You started to lick my prick with your lips. You ran your kisses all over my erection. The sensual rubbing of your wet lips was so erotic, that you felt me grow a couple of times. You ran your fingers on my balls and took my prick all the way in your mouth. I was deep in pleasure land, while I licked and sucked your clit. I dug my fingers in your cunt and fingered you deep inside while I licked you. Your cum juices kept flowing on my neck. I kept fingering and playing with your cunt for a long time.

After a while you moved and turned to sit on top of me, with my prick all the way inside your wet hungry cunt. You were moving on my prick milking me dry. You were moving slowly, letting your cunt milk my prick gently. You loved the feel of my prick rubbing on your cunt lips. Your moans had now become erotic and slutty beyond recognition.

“oh yes fucking hell, I love your prick inside my cunt baby. I love your prick; I love it inside my cunt. Oh I was hungry to be fucked by you. My very own lover.”

I kept on squeezing your breasts as you rode on my prick. You were wild and enjoying every bit. After fucking for a while you lay beside me. You kissed me passionately for a while. We must have fallen asleep and fucked again couple of times more.

In the morning when we woke up, we were still in each other’s arms. The night had changed our relationship and it had taken a turn for the most beautiful of the times. When you woke up, I kissed you gently. We stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. Touching each other, kissing each other, we just lay there for a long while. It must have been nearly 10 when we were awake.

I had always missed you in the morning in my bed. And all these years I would think of how it would feel to have you in bed with me and wake up next to you in the morning. Today I had realised it. You were there with me. We had woken up together in bed. I had my erection and you were ready for a fuck. You had noticed my erection and started slowly massaging it. As we moved closer to each other, we started kissing gently.

“Looks like you need me.” You smiled at me with a naughty twinkle in your eye. It seemed like a teenage tease.

“I cannot help it.” I said trying to keep a straight face. “You are the best milking machine.”

“And you can give it to me anytime you like.” You seemed to have a very sluttish look on your face. Just the thought made you so horny. You looked at me and moaned “oh yes baby”

“Really?” I was surprised at your dirty talk.

“Anytime baby. As much as you like. It is all yours.”

I had gotten hard with your dirty talk. You had noticed it since you were massaging it all this time.

“I’m yours baby. Have me when you like. This cunt is yours to fuck from now on. I am your slut and you can use me which ever way you like.”

I was so hard; I did not wait a single minute. I asked you to get on your fours, and I fucked you doggy. All the while you were moaning so deep and sexy. I held your bum in my hands and rocked it deep and hard on my prick. With every stroke you gave out a deep moan. That time I fucked you, with more lust than love. It seemed that we had seen all the shades of love that night – from sensual to raw lust. I banged your cunt as you moaned and you talked dirty. I loved it when you were talking dirty. It made me hornier.

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