Breaking in Friend’s Virgin Daughter

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My mate’s daughter recently turned 18 and move 8 hours from her town to up near where I lived. She didn’t want the rules of home and like all teens thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.

I helped teach her to drive when she moved up and spent lots of time with her. She was a virgin, blonde, had an awesome body and was just discovering what she could get with the body.

She turned up one day at my Unit after she had been to the beach. She was planning on going to the movies later and had time to kill. She had a loose top on over her tan coloured bikini.

She complained of sore shoulder and neck muscles and asked if I could massage them for her. No worries I said and I had sit in front of me in the lounge room floor.

I started to massage her shoulders and neck with some oil. Her top was getting in the way so I suggested she take it off which she did. I then undid the bikini top strap that went around her neck and she held it over her breasts. I continued the massage although I had such a hard time concentrating on the job at hand.

I rubbed down her back as far as I could reach then I boldly started up the side of her ribs. All the way up to her ‘side boob’. I was in a manic state by now. I could feel the Precum oozing casino şirketleri from my rock hard cock.

I massaged the sides then slowly got more toward the front of her breasts. Feeling no objection I moved my hands to herd shoulders then rubbed down her chest. Wasting no time I massaged her nipples. Her head fell back onto my knees and she just went with it all. Her nipples were so hard. Her breathing was all over the place, as was mine now.

I pulled her top completely off and continued rubbing down her mid section. I could see her pussy was moist as a wet patch seeped through her bikini bottoms.

I moved my hand down inside her bikini bottoms and so felt her shudder and breath deeply. Her legs opened a little and I found a gushing valley of heaven. My fingers effortlessly moved into her slit and then I found her right opening.

My finger went in so easy due to how wet she was. I fingered her so hard and fast in an awkward fashion given the angle but she soon convulsed and jammed her legs closed on my hand. At the same time she looked up at me and opened her mouth devouring me in the deepest of kisses. More of a frantic pash. Her eyes rolled back and she went limp as she continued to gush all over my hand and fingers.

My cock was now casino firmaları leaking I couldn’t believe. I could feel the wetness on my underwear and the tip of my cock.

I helped her to her feet and placing both hands on her shoulders ushered her into the main bedroom. As we approached the bed I had thoughts of laying her down and devouring every inch of her.

We neared the side of the bed and she reached her arms out in front and placed her hands down on the mattress. She was now half bending over the end. Her boobs hanging freely under her.

I reached for her bikini bottoms and I tug her them ;own her legs. Thoughts of having her suck me off were no a distant memory. I pushed her more forward and her glistening young virgin pussy looked back at me. I moved forward and dropped my shorts to the ground. My cock sprang free and rubbed it along her wet slit. I found her opening and gently pushed forward. She was so tight but at the same time being so wet my cock easily slid into her. She didn’t have a hymen so I didn’t have to worry about breaking that and the pain.

I pushed all the way into her and she fell forward with her face landing into the mattress. She groaned as I pulled back out then shoved it back in once more. There was nothing gentle about güvenilir casino this. This was pure fucking releasing won’t up list.

As I continued to push into her she started pushing back into my cock. I increased my tempo. My orgasm was building. I had no concern for where she was at this time as I just wanted to release my nuts inside of her.

I grabbed her hips and started slamming into her harder and harder. The sound of flesh smashing flesh could be heard as my balls swung under and I guess up and whacked her clit and I fucker her as hard as I possibly could. I had to hold her tight by the hips to stop her falling down.

Her head was thrashing around as I pounded her sweet tight pussy. Then without warning my orgasm arrived and it nearly knocked me off my feet. I continued pounding into her making sure I emptied everything I had into her.

She fell forward now panting. Legs hanging over the bed and her pussy gaping open, red from the pounding and now oozing my white cum.

I collapsed back down into the floor. Breathing was difficult and I cannot remember when I had ever cum so hard.

Eventually we both recovered and dressed. My little friend slowly made her way to the front door and sat down to put in her shoes. As she did I peered between her legs and I clearly saw the the crotch of her bikini was soaking wet with a mixture of our fluids. She looked at me smiling as she caught me looking. She then stood and have me another passionate kiss and walked out the door!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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