Bound by a Demon

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Welcome readers to “Bound by a Demon”.

This story contains non-consent/reluctance, bondage and sex with a non-human being. If you are offended by any of these themes, then you may wish to skip this story. All characters in the story are over the age of eighteen.

I hope that you enjoy the story. Comments and votes are welcome.


Lucy came back to the house early. As she entered, she heard drawn-out, feminine moans coming from the bedroom and her heart sank. Quietly, she made her way towards the source of the sound, trembling in anticipation of what she would find on the other side of the door.She waited in the hallway, not wanting to go in.

“Hmm, yea. Oh Tom,” moaned the unknown girl through the door.

As she had feared, her boyfriend was cheating on her. Tears began to fall from her eyes and, after an eternity of waiting, she took a deep breath and composed herself. She smashed open the door with a loud bang, marched over to Tom and slapped him.

Two minutes later and she had packed the essentials and was pulling off the driveway. She didn’t plan on returning as she turned from the road. She didn’t know where she was driving to and she didn’t care. She just had to get away.

Two hours later and it was night. Lucy was still driving. She turned onto a narrow lane that weaved through some woodland and about two minutes later, she was forced to stop. She had wanted to get further away, but her car had broken down. She sighed in disbelief. Trust life to throw even more shit her way.

It was even worse. She had no signal on her mobile phone and so she couldn’t call for help. That meant she had two choices. She could stay in the car and wait, or she could start walking.

She looked out through the window and into the darkness beyond. It wasn’t the sort of place one would chose to walk at night. She couldn’t help but think of what might be out there and waiting in the cold. Waiting… for her.

Stealthily he followed her down the road, gradually closing the gap between them as the trees watched from afar. He stood behind and breathed down her neck before his strong arms wrapped tightly around her. He carried her into the darkness of the trees and her clothes were torn from her body. He pushed her to the ground, locking her arms together with one hand before falling upon her and pushing his cock into her wanting pussy as he took her on the leaf covered ground.

Her nipples hardened as a shiver passed through her body and she forced her mind to clear. She had always had an active imagination. She was still looking out of the window and it was clear that the road was deserted and it was in the middle of nowhere. The likelihood of there being someone out there was low. She wasn’t reassured.

She thought back over her options and realised that staying in the car would surely allow her to think. Truthfully, she’d rather face the cold, the dark and the unknown. Thinking would mean remembering and that hurt too much. She couldn’t face the pain, so she started walking.

Ten minutes later and she was regretting her decision. It was cold outside and a fog had begun to settle. The cold seeped through her jumper; chilling her bones and making her wish that she had bought a coat.

A few steps later and she saw movement in the corner of her eye. On the outside she froze, but her heart beat sped up. She took a deep breath before turning towards the movement.

She saw nothing except the gentle swaying of tree branches in the wind. She chuckled at herself but quickly stopped. Sound seemed out of place.

A minute or so later and she stopped again. She felt like she was being followed.

She turned and looked back down the road, seeing no-one. The fog had become unnaturally thick and blinded her. She felt increasingly nervous.

It was too late to go back, so she trudged on. She forced herself to ignore the goose-bumps that had formed. It was just her imagination. Nothing more.

She felt a presence. Even though her eyes told otherwise, she knew there was someone behind her. She could almost smell them on the air.

She sped up as her subconscious mind remembered a fantasy that started like this. Without realising it, her pussy began to moisten. Her arousal did not mask the growing anxiety.

She heard something – a footstep. She turned quickly around. Still she saw nothing and still she could feel them. She bit her lip in agitation.

They were very close. She could feel their cold breath on the back of her neck.

She twirled quickly, swinging her arm hopefully.

She hit nothing but air and saw nothing but fog.

It must have been the wind.

The side of her head felt moist. Maybe she was bleeding.

No. She hadn’t done anything to cut herself.

With sickening dread, she realised that her ear had been licked.

With realisation came adrenaline. She bolted for the trees in fear, hoping that she would lose her pursuer in them. He watched her run with a smile and set off after her at a walk. He was certain she izmir escort could not escape him. He had her savoured her taste and would follow where it lingered.

Lucy ran through fog and forest, putting as much distance between her and him as she could. In her fantasies, there was always a hint of fun and excitement. In real life, there was only fear. She had to get away.

Finally, she could run no further. She collapsed against a nearby tree, clutching at her side. Her breathing came heavily as she looked around her. There was no sign of her pursuer but she could still feel him. She knew he was close.

He continued to make his way towards her and detected her scent. Even at this distance, her scent was intoxicating and it excited him beyond comparison. A few seconds later and he spotted her resting some twenty metres ahead of him. She was unaware of him and looked vulnerable. He smiled. He loved making them vulnerable. He then closed the gap between them with supernatural speed.

Lucy’s fear grew when she felt his unwanted presence materialise a few feet behind her. She turned tentatively towards him. He was unusually tall – at least three feet higher than her — and looked to be very strong. His skin was a dark orange-red colour and bubbles seemed to move beneath it as he looked back at her, not with eyes, but with white fires. The fires seemed to grow brighter as he forced his will upon her and ignited a hot passion within her pussy.

She gasped as she felt it burn, before failing to her knees as a small orgasm ripped through her body. Once it passed, she looked back up at the demon with a mixture of fear and excitement. He peered down at her and the sides of his mouth curled slightly. She would be easy to manipulate.

Lucy felt like a rabbit trapped in the glare of a car’s headlights. She could not bring herself to look away from his eyes even though she knew of the evil behind them. They called out to her and, as she found her way back to her feet, she could not deny them.

She took a shaky step towards him without realising it and he growled in anticipation. She was easy. Not even the tiniest fight in her.

She took another and his arms widened. They were ready to embrace her in a hold that she would not escape.

She took another step and became aware of what she was doing. Fear fought against the mesmerising effect of his eyes. As she realised that she could not stop herself, the fear grew. Never before had she not been in control of her own body.

She would fight him. She had to or else he’d rape her. She didn’t know how she knew that was what he planned but she was certain of it. Her pussy, still feeling the lingering effects of her orgasm,

tingled. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad.

She forced herself to stop thinking like that. She wouldn’t be able to fight him if she was fighting herself. And no matter how good it might feel, it wouldn’t be good.

She took another step and tried to pull her eyes away from his but it was like trying to hold back the passing of time – and time trudged slowly on.

She took in the distance between them. Two more steps and she’d be in grabbing range.

The realisation terrified her and gave her focus. As her foot next left the ground, it stopped in mid-air. Finally, she was fighting back.

They were at a stalemate. She wanted to step away from him and he wanted her to step towards him. Neither could get the foot to plant. She trembled on one leg as she fought against his will. She was losing.

Her foot started to descend towards him and his mouth curled into a full smile. She let out a desperate cry and tried to throw her body away from him. She lost her balance and fell to the floor. The magnetising effect of his eyes was lost as she looked at the sky instead.

He looked down at her with amusement. There was more fight in her than he had originally thought. In the end, it would make no difference.

He lifted her from the ground with a single, powerful arm and held her a foot from the ground. Her face was level with his own and moved his lips towards her mouth. As his lips fell upon her, the fight resurfaced and she turned her head to the side in disgusted protest. His lips lightly brushed her cheek.

He let out an inhuman wail and the bubbling beneath his skin grew more vigorous. Instinctive fear flooded her and she started to struggle. She kicked violently at his body but he barely felt her. Her attacks were little more than flea bites.

He snarled at her and his eyes flashed brightly as he exerted himself upon her mind again. Her struggling ceased and she became still. His will was so strong that she could not even tremble in terror before him.

His free hand grabbed her head and forcefully turned her face towards him. His lips closed on hers once again. This time she could not refuse him.

His lips landed harshly on her mouth and her eyes widened in a silent scream. One part of her was enjoying the forceful nature of the kiss and her pussy began antalya escort to moisten again. She felt sick with herself. He had not forced the arousal upon her.

Her mind fought against her body and she refused to bow down to her mounting arousal and kiss him back. He did not care though and his tongue slithered into her mouth. Tears began to fall as she realised that this was only the beginning.

The kiss lasted for a minute before feeling began to return to her fingers. Something was making him loose his control over her. He rubbed his erection against her and she trembled in expectation. Her mind was still fighting it through and she realised that his arousal was his weakness. Now that she knew this, she could use it to her advantage.

She gave in to some of her lustful desire and began to eagerly return the kiss. The development took him by surprise but he accepted it without question. As she forced her arms around him, his arousal skyrocketed. Shortly after, she was back in control of her body.

She withdrew her arms and her body stiffened in anticipation. If she couldn’t get away, she would be done for. She bit down hard on his tongue, hoping he would release her.

He did, but not quite to plan. He let out a ghastly scream before violently throwing her from him. She crashed into the ground several meters away, battered, bruised and slightly dazed but without serious injury. She made her way to her feet and started running without hesitation. She knew that she’d pissed him off, and a pissed of demon was not a good thing.

As Lucy crashed into the ground, the fires in his eyes glared brightly and fixed themselves upon his prey. He feasted on her body as she got to her feet and as she started running, he charged after her with a lustful howl.

He caught her within a second and captured her with his arms. She started to struggle but his grip was too strong and she could barely move. A blade-like tail snaked up from behind him and as it descended towards her chest, she screamed.

And she kept on screaming, even as the blade missed her flesh by millimetres and cut through her jumper. She could not move for the fear had consumed her just as lust had consumed him. He would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

He ripped of the remains of her jumper off and let out a squeal of surprised delight for she was not wearing a bra. His mouth descended upon her breast and she felt pointed fangs lightly pierce her skin. At the same time, one of his hands moved to the other breast and yanked forcefully on the nipple. She let out a sharp yelp of pain.

He removed his mouth from her breast and began to kiss her again. He plunged his tongue into her mouth but she didn’t dare bite it again.

His tail wrapped itself around the breast his mouth had left and began a routine of constriction and release which sent ripples of pleasure through her breast. She watched the tail as it changed shape, so that it now ended in two fingers. They attached themselves to her nipple.

“hmph,” she moaned unintentionally. Despite the protests of her mind, she was becoming aroused by his touches and could not help but squirm as his appendixes played with her breasts.

He caught scent of her arousal and released her all too soon. She let out a dissatisfied moan as her breasts were liberated; then hated herself because of it.

Black ropes materialised in his hands and her eyes opened in surprise mixed with fear and excitement. He reached out for her and she instinctively jumped away from him. He let out a growl of warning. She thought about running but knew that it would be pointless. She could not escape him. Instead she conceded and even offered her wrists towards him. Maybe he’d go easy on her if she cooperated.

He tied a rope around each of wrists and then turned he’s palms upwards. The ropes levitated upwards and wrapped themselves around a thick tree branch above her head. She felt tension in the ropes, but they were not yet pulling on her arms.

He tied more ropes around her legs before they also attached themselves to the branch.

He stepped back to look at her and his cock stirred. He was going to enjoy this. He clicked his fingers and, as one, the ropes began to constrict, hoisting her up into the air.

He walked up to her suspended form and kissed her. The kiss was unexpectedly soft and it relaxed her by a small amount. The fear was still there, but it was manageable. A growing wetness between her legs reminded her that whilst she had never tried something like this, she had always wanted to.

As he began to rip her jeans she realised that whilst she had always wanted to be dominated by a powerful man, it seemed she would be dominated by demon instead. It was a being far more powerful than any mere man.

The ropes weren’t necessary, the demon was able to dominate her very mind itself. She was already being submissive and doing what he wanted. No, the ropes weren’t necessary.

Even so, she needed them. Not for submission, kayseri escort but for excitement. She wanted to be tied up. She wanted to be abused. She was still afraid, but She wanted him to do whatever he wanted with her.

Her jeans had been removed, except for small strips of denim that remained trapped to her legs by the ropes. He paid them no head as his tail returned, in blade form, and cut through her underwear. They fell to the floor, exposing her pussy to him. She trembled under his lustful gaze and wondered when it would begin.

He stepped right next to her and still towered over her even though she was a couple of feet above the ground. He beckoned with his hands, and the ropes began to move. Her arse was lifted into the air whilst her torso was lowered so that her head was at the height of his groin. His cock bounded up and struck her with some force beneath the chin, making her gasp in surprise. She knew what she had to do.

She began to lick around his cock. It was a difficult thing to do because his cock seemed to emanate more heat than any she’d ever felt before. The cock almost burned her tongue as it swept around the head. He let out a grunt and began to push his cock towards her lips.

She was still putting up a fight and had not yet submitted fully to him. She refused to open her lips and accept him. He could have easily forced into her mouth but he chose not to. He liked to be in control and a non-submissive toy did not please him. He moved out of her eye sight and circled around her until he was behind her arse.

She let out a yelp of pain as his hand descended upon her arse, leaving a bright red mark. He hit again and she whimpered. He hit her again, but this time, the flat of the blade on his tail struck her breast as well and she let out a sharp shriek of pain. The demon continued to hit her brutally. He did not understand the fragility of human life and he simply did not care. He would not have her deny him.

Lucy’s punishment continued for some time and she began to get used to the pain. She was disgusted with herself, but she could not deny that she had started to enjoy it. Her cries of pain turned to ones of pleasure as red marks formed on her arse cheeks and breasts. When he finally stopped hitting her, she almost begged him to continue.

He returned to her front and placed his cock back at her mouth. She opened it without hesitation and he slid it in. He fucked her mouth harshly, making his balls slap against her face and choking her on his shaft. She felt good and he knew that he was close.

He pulled out of her and she took the chance to breathe and return air to her body. As she opened her mouth, he ejaculated sending a shot of cum into it. Two more shots left his cock and landed on her face. She had never felt so humiliated. And she loved it.

Still her mind rejected it. Still she wanted it to be over. He had already met his climax and she hoped that was enough for him.

It wasn’t.

His cock had not even begun to soften after his climax. She figured that he probably had inhuman endurance. The ropes began to move once again and her position was changed.

In her new position, she was suspended horizontally beneath the branch. Her legs were spread, exposing her pussy. Each of her arms was tied to the same spot as the corresponding leg and her back was curled upwards. She looked through her legs with excitement as the demon approached her.

She felt him place his cock at the entrance to her pussy and reality returned to her. She knew that he was going to rape her and her mind repulsed it, but the aching in her pussy made her welcome it. She knew it was going to hurt and she knew he would not take it easy.

He brutally thrust into her, forcing his cock as deep as it would go, and she let out a scream of pain. Even though she was well lubricated down there, the pain was almost intolerable and tears began to fall from her eyes as he fucked her. He began to play with her breasts and small jolts of pleasure passed through her body. It was not enough to mask the pain, but it made it tolerable.

He thrust into her again with a grunt.

“Oh god,” she moaned as the pain began to give way to pleasure. The tears continued to fall but, as her pussy accommodated him and the pleasure from the fucking increased, ecstasy took control of her body and the tears began to dry. There was still pain, but it was swamped by pleasure and was easily bearable.

“hmph,” she moaned as he plunged his cock into her depths.

The demon let out another grunt. She figured he was close and realised that he would unleash his evil seed inside of her. She let out a desperate cry but it changed into one of lustful desire.

Hopefully she’d orgasm before he was finished with her.

She was disgusted with herself for thinking like that. He was using her, not the other way round. Her mind was sickened by what her body told her to be true. She was being raped. She was in pain. She was enjoying every second of it.

Once again her mind wasn’t in control of her body – her body was in control of her body. She rocked violently in the ropes that bound her, moaning continuously, as he continued to thrust into her and her orgasm built. She wanted to thrust back but it was impossible and she let out an unsatisfied moan as she hungered for him to penetrate further and harder.

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