Bouncing Breasts

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It had been a close match and they had only won due to having the home team advantage and the support from the crowd cheering them on. Afterwards both teams got together for a meet and greet. Teams and cheerleaders from both sides were there, getting to know each other. Food was provided as was a range of (mainly) non-alcoholic drinks.

Dave and Steve were enjoying themselves. They had managed to cut-out two cheerleaders from the opposing side, Karen and Sylvia. They chatted with them, finally persuading them to take a stroll around the school grounds.

The night was pleasantly warm with a full moon providing romantic lighting. While the girls insisted on sticking together, a wise precaution the boys admitted, there was nothing to stop some serious flirtation from taking place. Admittedly, the boys were hoping to get lucky, but not really expecting it. A few oblique questions about the girls had got them talking and they were both eighteen. The boys thought that they had a fair chance if they could manage to separate the girls for a while.

As they strolled around the grounds there was general conversation. Boys talking to the girls, girls talking to each other, boys talking to each other. While Dave considered himself to be with Karen and Steve with Sylvia they were as like to find themselves talking to their friend’s girl as much as their own.

At one point Dave and Steve were talking and Steve made a soft comment about the girl’s superstructure, a comment with which Dave was in full agreement. Both girls were splendidly endowed in the bosom department.

“Padded or false, do you think?” asked Steve to which Dave gave a resounding negative.

“All natural,” he opined. “Some of nature’s masterwork.”

Idly he wondered what it would be like to have Karen straddling him and bouncing, her breasts free and likewise bouncing. A quick glance at Sylvia and he couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to see her breasts free and bouncing.

“So what are you two looking so earnest about?” asked a laughing Sylvia.

“Oh, nothing in particular,” said Steve quickly.

Dave hesitated and then shrugged.

“Ah, please don’t take offence at this but actually we were discussing you. We were, quite frankly, admiring your very lovely breasts. We weren’t trying to put you down, just admiring some of nature’s wonders.”

“Really?” said Karen rather dryly. “And what sort of observations did you make.”

“Not padded and no implants. All just wonderful you,” Dave said with a grin.

“Uh-huh. Any other little familiarities we should be acquainted with.”

“No. That’s all we mentioned,” Steve said quickly.

Dave laughed. Kıbrıs Escort “Can I be quite frank with you?” he asked.

“That means you’re going to say something that we might find insulting, doesn’t it?” observed Sylvia.

“True, but please be assured that I mean no offence. Let me see how to phrase this. I assume that you know we invited you out here for a bit of flirting. Also in the back of our minds was the fact that if we could separate the pair of you we could hope that one or both of us might have got lucky. Note that I said, hoped, not expected.”

“Ha. Is that supposed to be news to us? Every man in the hall is hoping to get lucky tonight. Why should you two be any different?” Karen’s comment was dry and to the point.

“Yes, well, when you put both streams of thought together I came up with this amazing mental picture. Namely, me flat on my back while you straddle me, your top pushed up so your breasts are free, and me watching your breasts bounce as you bounce on me.”

“Then I couldn’t help but wonder if Sylvia’s breasts would look as good as yours and would they bounce the same way? And no, I wasn’t thinking of trying to handle you both at once. Superman, I am not. But I sure wouldn’t mind watching the pair of you doing a little bouncing.”

The girls both gave Dave a female type look, but they didn’t seem displeased. More amused than anything. Karen looked at Sylvia, winked and then bounced on the toes a few times.

They were still in their cheerleader uniforms, with a very short, fairly tight top. While there was some bounce the top prevented anything really lust provoking. Dave grinned.

“Ah, well, you know what they say,” he said. “If you’re going to be hung it might as well be for a sheep as a lamb.”

With that he reached over and lifted Karen’s top up, sliding it off her breasts, leaving them nicely exposed.

“Now bounce,” he said, ignoring her startled squeak and instant hand bra.

Karen glared at him while Sylvia giggled. Karen promptly glared at Sylvia and tossed a nasty look to Steve at the same time. Wasn’t his fault but he was getting part of the blame anyway. She focused back on Dave, gave a small shrug, dropped her hands and bounced. Dave gave a small groan, the sight hitting him right in the groin.

“Your turn now,” Karen said to Sylvia. “Then we’ll see how funny you find it.”

Dave was willing to give Sylvia full credit. She didn’t even hesitate, pushing her top up until her breasts burst forth and then doing a quick bounce, looking at Karen defiantly. Dave was intrigued to see that neither girl hurried to pull their tops down.

“Well met by moonlight, Kıbrıs Escort Bayan sweet Titania,” murmured Dave, his hand coming up to trail slowly across Karen’s breasts.

“Shouldn’t that be ill met by moonlight?” Karen corrected.

“No. Shakespeare never saw these. A delight to the eyes and a feast to the lips,” quoted Dave.

“Who said that?” asked Sylvia.

“I did. You just heard me,” Dave pointed out, at the same time leaning out and tasting Karen’s breasts.

She made a startled sound and took a hasty step back.

“No, don’t do that,” Dave said quickly when Karen went to pull down her top. “Are you forgetting the rest of what I wanted?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Bouncing astride me,” Dave said huskily, taking hold of Karen’s arm and pulling on it while he sank to his knees. Karen found herself kneeling next to him. Dave glanced over at Steve who hadn’t been reluctant to take advantage of Sylvia’s exposed breasts.

“Take her away so I can have some alone time with Karen,” he said. “Better yet, drag Sylvia down here with us so we can both watch the girls bounce.”

Dave lay back on the grass, leaving Karen kneeling there. Without taking his eyes off her he reached down and undid his trousers, pushing them down and out the way, his erection evident.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Karen said softly. “I haven’t agreed to have sex with you.”

Dave stayed silent. He did, however, note that her breasts were still uncovered and she wasn’t rising to her feet and leaving. He saw her eyes flick down towards his erection, a faint red tinge on her face, discernible even though it was only moonlight. A flick of his eyes showed that Steve was also on the ground, kneeling next to Sylvia, both of them watching him and Karen.

Karen muttered something that was a little too low for Dave to hear properly. If he’d had to guess the words ‘arrogant pig’ seemed highly probable. Then Karen was lifting her dress and slipping her panties down and off.

He lay there, barely daring to breathe as she moved over to him, straddling him. Her hand reached down and caught him, holding him erect while she moved into place. Then she was sinking down onto him, capturing him within her body. Dave hissed slightly as she took her own sweet time sinking down onto him. Finally she was seated on him, his erection jutting proudly up and into her.

“Well?” Karen snapped, looking sidewards at Sylvia.

Giggling, Sylvia was pushing Steve onto his back. While Dave and Karen watched she very efficiently stripped his trousers down, holding his erection up as a trophy. Standing, she lost her panties very Escort Kıbrıs quickly and descended on Steve, losing no time in accepting him into her.

Now the two young men were laying side by side, both straddled by a young lovely. Tops being still pushed up meant that two pairs of breasts were on display for their delectation.

Dave was concentrating on Karen. While Sylvia’s breasts were very nice they weren’t the immediate attraction that Karen’s were. His hands were reaching for them when she slapped them away.

“You wanted to watch them bounce, remember?” she cooed, starting a gentle rocking motion.

Dave cursed silently. Karen was now moving back and forth, rocking on his cock, and yes, her breasts had a delightful swaying motion to them. A glance to the side showed that Sylvia’s breasts were similarly swaying. Another look at Karen and a second reach for them.

This time her hands caught his wrists, pushing them down as Karen leaned over him, adjusting her movements so she was now sliding up and down his pole instead of rocking. She was putting more effort into her work, efforts resulting in her breasts swaying more vigorously as they dangled just above his chest. He was prepared to swear he could feel her nipples brushing through his chest hair.

Karen kept up the rocking and sliding, stirring his cock to rise to unheard of heights. Dave was sweating lightly, his fingers curled from itching to grab the pale globes so close and yet so far. There was no way her was going to snatch his wrist free of her grasp and they both knew it. He could do it easily enough but at what cost? What if she stopped what she was doing? It didn’t bear thinking about.

Karen was moving easily on him, flexing legs and hips to have herself sliding along his pole with the greatest of ease. Dave was thrusting up as hard as he could each time she descended upon him, wanting thing to move faster but under her control. Rolling her flat on her back and hammering home unmercifully just didn’t seem appropriate, even though it was becoming his dearest wish.

Breathing hard, fully aroused, and burning internally, Karen decided it was time to finish. She rocked faster, increasing the pace yet again, feeing a wild excitement starting to rise. She gave a low cry, one last lunge onto Dave, and climaxed, her passage closing tightly around him, holding him tight while she took her satisfaction.

Karen lay on her back on the grass next to Dave, breathing heavily. Dave stirred, stretched, and rolled over. His hand came up and closed over Karen’s breast and started stroking it.

“I,” he said, “am holding this for a while. And, if they,” indicating Sylvia who was still happily bouncing up and down on Steve, “don’t finish soon then I’ll be holding it when I possess you a second time.”

“Really. And just how soon do you think it’ll be before you’re capable of doing it again?”


“Ten minutes? That soon?”


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