BOOTY BUMP escort PART 2………

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BOOTY BUMP escort PART 2………As I layed back on the dirty couch , and watched my moms tweeker boyfriend suck the fat mans sperm out of my cunt, I started to become aroused, but not at what he was doing to really didnt feel that good. his tounge was all dry, and he was so eager to get his tounge as deep into my hole as he could, that it was kind of irritating….he was moaning and whining like a girl and it was so nasty. but as the cumm from the fat man started to ooze out of my slit and drip into his mouth, his tounge got moist and he began to slow his milking of my cunt hole with his mouth…(i was pretty edremit escort sure he could taste it)…Just as he started to sneer and back away,i grabed the back of his head and forced his face into my pussy. he was turned on by me accepting it and began lapping away at my cumm filled hole…. He starts slideing his finger in and out of my tight ass hole, and just as im about to cumm…. my mom walks in. I hadnt seen her in a few months and i was surprissed at how she looked…she was dressed in super high heels, shes only 5″2, so this made her about 5″7, i knew it must have hurt walking in thoes heels. she wore escort edremit a super short shirt and her enormous Italian tits hung out of a skin tight tank top. she had me when she was only 12, having been ****d by a group of college men leaving a night club where seven diffrent strange men took turns dumping there loads inside her, and she ended up pregnant with me and desided to go thru with the pregnancy because…she actually felt rejected when the seven men were finished fucking her virgin vagina, then left her alone. she secretly hoped the men would find out about her baby and want to come back and be with edremit escort bayan her…. that never happened.anyways….So my mom looked very diffrent then i was used to, she was 36 and looked like an ex model…strung out on meth….her eyes were filled with rage as she watched as her mexican junkie pimp who she loved and was out there on the streets selling her pussy for…was at home and enjoying her daughter, not only that, she could tell, that he liked me better then her and she went into a rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ranting and raving about how i was nothing but trouble and a mistake from the beginning, how i was going to learn…I realy didnt care because her man kept sucking my hole…. she leaves the room and comes back with a quag and a fat meth bowl loaded and commands tht I suck as she heats up and melts thge cristal shards into a pool of oil….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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