Body Corporate Chapter 9

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Body Corporate Chapter 91330 words – .65Chapter 9The BrandingThe auction had ended, the evening was over. Again the slaves were staked to the ground in the back yard. Even though Cindi’s bed was just upstairs, she shared the lawn with the rest of the slaves. Sheila was given Cindi‘s bed as tomorrow she faced more pain than most people would feel in a lifetime. The next morning came more quickly then Sheila had wanted but it had to be done and the sooner she got through this ordeal the better. There was a set ritual for the branding of a slave, which had not been done a lot over the years as most slaves returned to their normal lives. All the slaves were brought into the house. There they prepared themselves for the event, as they would also participate. It would be Sheila’s last day among the women she had grown to love. She would never see them again as no one was ever allowed to talk about their home or past. The punishment for talking about their past was so severe no one dare chance it.After lunch had been served the ceremony began. The so-called dungeon was the room to be used for the event. It was all in darkness when the slaves were lead in. They were all dressed in white capes and a hood over their heads carrying a large candle. After entering they walked up the centre of the room past all the masters who were dressed in black capes and hoods. The room was lit only by the candles carried by the girls and ones placed along the walls and in stands around the ceremonial altar.The altar was located on the stage used for the auction the evening before. It was beautifully decorated in black curtains, flooring and hangings. The slaves walked up on to the stage and then up further where they stood on a ledge. A second level was added for the ceremony. They stood in a semi circle around the ankara escort altar only about three feet higher. This allowed the girls to see both the masters sitting in front of them, as in a theatre and the altar on which Sheila would be placed. In front of the altar was a round stainless steel pot with a flame and red-hot coals bathing the stage area in a red glow. Although the slaves were standing many feet away they could still feel the heat it radiated. The masters rose as Sheila was brought into the room clothed only in a velvet red cape and hood. She walked slowly to the altar escorted by George. Sheila was wearing a beautiful diamond studded dog collar. In the branding pot Sheila noticed thirteen handles one large and twelve small. Each handle represented a part of the brand something not known by her until this moment. She was of the opinion that only one brand would be placed on her body. This was true but unfortunately it had thirteen parts. Sheila was becoming very uncomfortable and scared at the prospect of being burned thirteen times. She walked hesitantly to the foot of the altar, where George disrobed her. She was a stunning woman with a faultless body. Now that body would be branded with the logo of the Corporation, which would indicate she was a used slave. The altar was on a forty-five degree angle so that both the slaves and masters could observe the actual burning of the logo into Sheila’s skin. It was in the shape of a body with its arms out to the sides and the legs spread like a “V”. In this way the slaves and masters could have easy access to Sheila’s pubic area. Sheila was laid on the altar and strap down allowing her absolutely no movement. Her arms, legs and torso were secured. Along her legs and arms were twelve candleholders set on an angle so that any ankara escort bayan burning candles would drip onto the slave’s body. As the girls looked on, terror appeared in all their faces as they could clearly see what was coming.After all was ready Master #5 came forward to conduct the ceremony for his new lifetime slave. He announced that for the last time his slave’s body would be offered to all the masters to enjoy in anyway they wished, in front of the corporate members and there property. All the whips, chains, spreaders etc were hanging around the room that could be used if they so wished. Sheila’s cunt was exposed to all and her mouth available if they so desired. When he had finished the master farmer attempted to get up. As he attempted to rise the member sitting beside him pulled him back down. He looked at the farmer and said, “she will have enough to contend with today without you, so sit down,” which he did, with no argument. Master #5 looked around the room and found no takers so the ceremony could begin.He explained that each slave would brand Sheila with a small arc indicating her servitude for twelve months. The twelve arcs would themselves be in a circle, which would surround the corporate logo. The corporate logo was a stylish interwoven “BC”.He would burn the corporate logo, into Sheila’s skin himself.George began with shaving Sheila’s pubic hair under the candlelight. She would have enjoyed this process if it hadn’t mark the beginning of pain and suffering. She was going to suffer horribly for her lover.George called on the first slave to begin the ceremony and since Cindi was the latest arrival she was given the honour to be the first to disfigure Sheila. Cindi dropped her robe exposing her naked body to the room. She walked slowly to Sheila’s pubic escort ankara area and stopped She put her candle into the first holder, which immediately began to drip onto Sheila’s arm. Sheila tried to move and let out a cry each time the hot wax hit her arm, her ordeal had begun. He mouth was not covered as the participates were to hear her reactions to the pain. Cindi then took out one of the small branding irons from the hot coals. She hesitated for a moment but was encouraged by George to finish her part. Cindi then placed the hot iron onto Sheila pubic area and burned a arc into her skin. Sheila let out a scream that no one could have ever imagine. Water was immediately poured on the burn to relieve the pain but offered little immediate relief. Cindi went back up to the ledge where she was standing with tears in her eyes. The fact that Sheila had agreed to this didn’t make it any easier. After Cindi returned the rest of the girls followed in turn placing their candles and making their mark causing Sheila to scream even more, it wasn’t getting any easier. Sheila’s arms and legs were now almost coated with harden wax, by the time for the final brand was to be administered by her new life partner.Her master came forward and removed the red-hot “BC” brand from the fire and pressed it into her skin at the centre of the circle made by all the arcs. As he placed the brand on her skin everyone could hear a searing noise and then smelt the burning flesh as they had done for all the other brandings. This was only overshadowed by Sheila’s screams of anguish. Then absolute silence as Sheila fainted. No one spoke or moved, it were as though they were all frozen in Sheila’s pain. Finally George came forward to administer to Sheila. She came too as water was being poured on her wound and a cold cloth pressed to her forehead. After couple of minutes of silence the slaves filed out of the room. As they passed Sheila they kissed her on the lips and said goodbye.Tomorrow all would return to their homes. They would meet again in a month’s time.

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