Blackmailed Mom Ch. 02

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This is a sequel to Chhavi65’s story. Thanks to Chhavi65 for letting me write the story. Although not really necessary to comprehend this story, I suggest you read chapter one by going thru Chhavi65.

Also, the author in no way advocates nor practices incest or non-consensual sex.

I had trouble sleeping one night; it was an unusually hot summer night. Normally I would have gotten something to drink but tonight I had a better idea. I walked over to my parent’s room and lightly knocked on the door. I didn’t bother to wait for an answer however; I just opened the door and walked in.

My mom was lying on the bed, sound asleep. She was wearing a thin white nightgown that came down to a few inches below her knee. Her huge tits were straining the fabric, threatening to break free. She looked so lovely, sleeping so peacefully with her tits about to spill out that my cock grew harder. I hurriedly removed my pajamas and quickly but gently climbed on the bed.

I parted her legs and raised the nightgown, only to be greeted by a pair of cotton panties. So I did the most logical thing for me to do. I woke her up.

“Mom, wake up! Mom! C’mon, wake up.”

When she awoke from her sleep, her eyes went wide and almost screamed at me. “What do you want?” She said in an irritated tone.

“We need to have sex.” I stated matter-of-factly.

For a few seconds, she just looked down and stared at my hard cock pointing straight at her pussy.

“You mean you need to have sex.” She said in what was definitely an I-don’t-care tone of voice.

“Your panties are in the way.” I replied, ignoring her comment.

She just stared me in the eyes for a couple of minutes. “Just get off me. Sons aren’t meant to fuck their mothers.”

“And wives aren’t supposed to fuck their brother-in-laws.”

“You won’t get away with this forever.” She grudgingly mumbled as she removed her panties.

“Good, now your nightie.”



“Try to leave me some dignity.”

“Mom, I’m going to fuck you and cum inside you. Taking your nightgown off won’t make a difference.”

“I can’t let you see me naked.” She stubbornly replied.

“I can’t believe we have the same argument every time! Just take it off already.”

Mom shot me dagger looks before finally complying.

“Good. Now, stroke my cock while I play with your tits.”

This time there was no argument as she promptly gripped my cock. Although I could tell she hated doing it, her soft hand and piston-like strokes still felt great. While my mom concentrated on my cock, my hands feasted on her round, fleshy globes.

“Okay mom, guide me in.”


“What now?”

“I need to get wet first.”

“All right. But don’t use your finger, use my cock.”

She looked at me kinda strange.

“I Isparta Escort really need it bad, mom.” I said pleadingly.

“Okay baby.” She said in a surprisingly gentle voice.

We both watched as she rubbed her clit with the tip of my cock. After just a few strokes, I couldn’t help myself and started humping her.

“Not yet!” She said, stopping my penetration by continuing to hold onto my cock.

“Please, Mom!” I begged.

“Alright, but go slow first ok?” She conceded as she released my cock.

As soon as she let go, I thrust the full length of my shaft deep inside her in one stroke. All my poor mother could do was gasp and hold on tight. And before she could react or say anything I fully withdrew and buried my cock to the hilt several times.

By the time my mom was able to react, all she could do was moan as I speared her with long, hard thrusts.


“Ugh… oh yeah!… you… ugh… like it mom?” I mocked her.

She didn’t say a word, just turned her head away from me. She was humping me as hard as I was humping her.

“Oh! You said you’d go slowly!” She complained, quite unconvincingly, in between moans.

I didn’t even bother to reply, I just kept pounding her wet pussy. It felt good to have someone to fuck every night. It feels even better when that someone has big tits like mom. But I’m sure it felt really great because I was fucking my beautiful mother.

“Oh, mom! This feels so good!”

“Just get it over with.” She said even though she was writhing and bucking wildly, obviously holding back an orgasm.

I just grunted and placed one hand on her big left tit. It felt so soft in my hand that it turned me on even more. I kept squeezing and kneading her large tit while I fucked her.

Her eyes were shut tight now, as well as her mouth. But try as she might she couldn’t stop the moans of pleasure that were escaping her lips.

But I couldn’t hold back anymore either. So I grabbed as much tit flesh as I could get in my hand squeezed real hard. Her eyes blew open and she gave a sharp gasp. She looked at me like she was real angry and was about to scream. But she wasn’t able to say anything because as soon she opened her eyes, I started pounding her pussy as fast as I could and as hard as I could. I was burying my cock to the hilt.

Mom’s nails dug into my back, while she continued to stare me in the eyes. Just as her moaning started getting louder, she grabbed my head and buried my face in her pillowy breasts.

Within moments she was screaming. I knew she was cumming when I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. It was too much for me and I blew my load. I buried my cock as deep as it would go and shot rope after rope of cum in her.

As the last spurt dribbled from my cock, I looked at my mom. Isparta Escort Bayan She had turned her head again.

“If you’re done, please get off me and go back to your room.” She said, her head turned and staring at the wall.

I didn’t move. I just stayed on top of her, groping her large tits with my cock still inside her.

“Please get off.” She still wasn’t looking.

“I want us to sleep like this, mom” I gave her tits a squeeze and tried to shove my cock further in to demonstrate exactly what I meant by ‘like this’.

She didn’t answer and I just lay on top of her. We both fell asleep with my cock still inside her and my hands clamped onto her big tits.

When I woke up the next morning, we were spooning. I had one of Mom’s large tits in each hand. She seemed so peaceful I almost felt guilty grinding my cock against her ass.

Mom must’ve gotten tired from last night, because she’s usually up before me. I tried to see if she was awake, but she didn’t react even when I squeezed her tits. So I kept kneading and squeezing her tits. But she still didn’t react even when my squeezing was getting harder and harder.

I thought she was pretending to sleep, thinking I would stop what I was doing when I realized she was asleep.

I was a little annoyed at that. So I turned her over on her back, got between her legs, and shoved my entire cock in her pussy in one quick, forceful stroke. I had to admit, I was pretty impressed. She didn’t scream, didn’t open her eyes, heck she didn’t even moan. It was very annoying. I got so pissed that she was just lying there pretending to be asleep, that before even I knew it I was pounding her cunt with the intensity of a stallion. I wasn’t doing it for my pleasure either. I just wanted to hurt her, make her know who’s in charge.

I’d drive my cock inside her in one forceful stroke, pushing it as far and as deep as it could go. Then I’d pull out just as fast, taking it almost all the way out except for the head. In out, in out. I kept pumping and pounding her as hard as I could. I was so sure she wouldn’t be able to walk straight for a week. And yet I still couldn’t get her to so much as moan.

And then, just as I was grabbing hold of Mom’s large tits (one in each hand no less), I saw it. On the bedside drawer, right beside the night lamp was an empty glass – and a near-empty bottle of sleeping pills.

My mind was racing. Sleeping pills – it kinda made sense. But why was it near-empty? If she had taken them last night it shouldn’t have such a strong effect up to now, right? Did she take them just now? She couldn’t have. Why should she, so early in the morning? And she would have woken me up if she got out of bed right? I was filled with so many questions. Doubts and fears were overflowing my mind.

And yet, no matter Escort Isparta what I feared, no matter how hard I was struggling with the situation I just kept pumping her. My lust for her was so maniacal, so consuming that even I was almost sickened by it. Almost, but not quite. Deep down, I knew this was wrong. I knew from the start this was wrong. But only at this very moment did I realize the depth and the magnitude of my lust. My poor mother lay there unconscious, maybe even dying, but all I could do, all I could think about, was keep fucking her.

Was she dead? Dying? Was there still time to save her? Was there time for one last fuck before I rushed her to the hospital? The thought would have made any sane, normal man sick. My mother could be dying, but I had to give her a good fucking first before I could rush her to the hospital to save her. There are probably so many things wrong with that statement that you wouldn’t know where to begin correcting it. But it was the strongest thought turning in my mind.

I tried to stop myself, I really did. I tried to conjure images of my loving Mother. Reminded myself how she took care of me, how much she loved me. But each image would pale in comparison to how good it felt to have my cock inside her. All that I could think about was how fantastic her warm, wet pussy felt as I steadily pounded it with my hard cock. No matter how hard I tried I kept thinking about how fantastic her pussy felt, how erotic the sloshing sounds were, with each thrust I made.

And so I kept pounding away at her cunt, kept kneading her large tits with each hand. I kept pounding harder, kept squeezing harder. I ravished her, used her, consumed her. I consumed her as my lust consumed me. An all-consuming lust that shrunk my world and my five senses to just the wet, warm tightness of her pussy and the pillowy softness of her large breasts.

For me nothing else existed; just my mom, her large breasts and her tight pussy. For me, nothing else mattered except the extreme pleasure of her pussy gripped around my throbbing cock. Nothing else but the softness of her expansive breasts. Nothing else but the smell of sex that permeated the room, the carnal sound of my body slapping against hers, the sight of her magnificent breasts wobbling and shaking even as I held it my hands.

I was in my own world, where the only need was sexual release. The sexual release that can come only from my mother’s lush body. No other people but us. No other emotion but lust. No other purpose but the sating that lust. My lust.

My cock in her pussy, my hands on her tits. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed.

And so I kept pounding, kept squeezing, kept ravishing my unconscious mother until finally I could feel my lust culminating. As I felt my lust about to explode, I rammed my cock as deep and as viciously as I could before burying my cock as deep within her as I could and flooding her with rope after rope of hot cum.

I collapsed on top of her, worried about what I had done.

Until I felt her breath on my ear.


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