Black man says he fucked my wife

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Black man says he fucked my wifeI know my now 65y.o. wife has fucked black men in the past and I have never gotten to see it and can’t get her to do it now. Says she has changed but still tells me her fantasies about black men, when trying to get my little 4″ dick hard.I recently put an ad. with a couple of pics of her on craigslist asking for a black man to seduce her. I got a response from a guy who wanted to know if her name was Sue? I told him it was and he told me if she had worked for parole in Georgia, he had fucked her about 15 years ago. I have a blog on here about how she had slipped in the heat of sex and told me the last black cock she had, had in her was about 2011 and had suspected she had fucked a good looking parolee she had told me about. I told him I suspected who he was and also suspected he had fucked her and wanted to know the details.He said he had spent a couple of years in prison for real estate fraud. When he was released on parole, they sent him to my wife’s office to be evaluated if he needed mental health counseling or be in a substance abuse program. He said he thought she was hot when she was interviewing him and he was flirting with her, He said he was in his early 30s at the time and she was 59. He said he was horny as hell and he definitely thought she was a milf. He said he also saw bahis firmaları the rock she had on her finger and figured she was married. He said when he got up to leave, she walked him to the door and said softly to him so no one outside the office would hear. She told him she knew she shouldn’t be saying this but “damn, you are a good looking man.” He said he told her thank you and thought she was a sexy looking woman and asked if she would like to go out for dinner. She said she couldn’t she would lose her job if anyone saw hem together and that I always expected her home right after work. He said he got brave and asked her not to tell his parole officer but damn he was horny and he wanted to fuck her. He said he took her hand and put it down against his cock. He said she got flushed and just said “damn”. She asked him if he could meet her at the Best Western at 5:30 that she had a black Jeep Liberty and she would leave the room number on the window on a sticky note. To please take it off when he came to the room. She didn’t want to give out her phone#. He said when he got there he spotted the car and got the sticky note off the window. He said she answered the door in just her bra and panties. I knew she always wore lacey low cut push up bras and matching bikini panties so she wasn’t leaving much to the imagination. kaçak iddaa He said when he came in she told him she knew she shouldn’t be doing this, she could lose her job and for him too not tell anyone especially other parolees. He told her he wouldn’t but said I knew he couldn’t help telling his buddies about “fucking a prime piece of married white meat like her.”He said she told him to get undressed she didn’t want any kissing or romance, she just needed fucked. He said she started unfastening his belt and pants as he took his shirt off. She slid his pants and underwear down at the same time and said “damn you are a big one aren’t you?” She started sucking it and and massaging his full black balls while he reached down and lifted her titties out of her bra and was massaging them. He said “what would your husband think if he saw you right now with my black cock in your mouth.” She stopped sucking him long enough to tell him , that I would probably like it, that I had told her she needed to get a bigger young hard black cock to satisfy her. He asked if she was going to tell me, she told him no, she didn’t think I could handle it if it actually happened. She then got up and lay back on the bed and removed her panties put a couple of pillows under her head, he said he knew she was wanting to see his black kaçak bahis cock going in her. She told them that this was going to have to be quickie because she was usually home already. He said he climbed between her legs and she reached down and guided it toward married white pussy. He told her to lay her left hand on her belly, he wanted to see the rock I put on her finger when he slid his black cock in her. He said she did as he asked and slid the head of his cock a couple times, shuddered, arched her back to take him inside her. He said “damn Sue, you do need this don’t you.” She moaned “oh god yes, I do, but I am your counselor, call me Ms. M***n or better yet Mrs. M***n while you are fucking me.” He said her pussy was tight and he was easing it in her a little more with each stroke and told her he knew it turned her on to be a married woman and taking his black cock. She told him she couldn’t help it she did. He asked her if he was bigger than me and she moaned “oh god yes, much bigger”. He said she was tight and he was hitting bottom before he got all the way in her and she was already begging him to cum in her. He said he put a load in her and she came about 3 or 4 times when he did. He said she got dressed and told him they couldn’t do this again, she wasn’t going to take the chance of losing her career and marriage but thanked him and told him it was wonderful. He says he never saw her again but remembers that fine pussy.See my post above about black men that might have fucked my wife and see why this confirms my suspicions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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