Bimbo Potion: Revenge, Ch. 07

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Jill left early Monday morning, eager to get back to school so she could begin using her bimbofied breasts and hips, along with the irresistible pheromones coming from her tight little pussy, to pursue a lucrative MRS degree. After she spent a few years making the most of college life first, of course.Amy headed to work, ready to continue pursuing her own dreams of rising up the corporate ladder. And no fucking yummy men and their hard cocks at work this time! Gotta be professional! she told herself, but her pussy only tingled in response, ready and eager to overwhelm every man around her with the urge to fill her slutty body with their cum at the slightest provocation. She squeezed her massive tits into a tight, lowcut top so they could show themselves off as much as they wanted, and garner the instinctive male attention that was sure to provoke her slutty body into preparing itself for sex.When she arrived at the office, Phil immediately called her in for a meeting.”I’ve put you up for a promotion, Amy. I was more than happy to relay my opinions of your diligent service to my superiors, and I think having introduced them to someone of your talents will reflect well on me in the future.””Yay! Omigod, thank you so much Phil!” Amy gushed, rushing over to wrap her boss in a tight hug as he enjoyed the feeling of her exaggerated curves pressed so snugly against his body.”After making them aware of your considerable contributions to the office,” he continued, his eyes dropping to the bulging breasts emphasized by Amy’s revealing top, which had felt heavenly against his chest just a second ago, “they wanted to meet with you personally in the conference room at your earliest convenience. They’re there right now waiting for you.”Amy’s earlier naive resolution to be professional went out the window as soon as her exhibitionist tits felt his eyes on them again, and the cumulative effects of her exposures to the potion and the craving for cum it had induced in her quickly overrode much of her capacity for rational thought. She found herself seriously questioning the wisdom of her decision not to fuck yummy men and their hard cocks at work, and completely forgot about the men in the conference room waiting for her, since she had plenty of man right here and now for what she had in mind.Like, Phil totally has a cock! And I know from experience how yummy it is! Why wouldn’t I fuck him? I should at least blow him again, to thank him for putting me up for a promotion! she rationalized to herself, and her pussy enthusiastically agreed, helping Phil overcome any of his remaining inhibitions as it released a cloud of pheromones into the air that soon had him unconsciously leaning into Amy’s body once more, dick hardening with keen interest in Amy’s new, much sluttier figure as he gave in to his desire to press his hands into her large, pillowy breasts. This was all the encouragement Amy needed, and when she felt Phil’s hard dick against her slim waist, pulsing with his irresistible need to use her body for his pleasure as he pulled her against himself possessively, Amy quickly dropped to her knees, unzipped him, and popped his dick into her mouth, where it belonged.As Amy’s body rewarded her with an intense feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at giving in to her urges, she had to admit that she loved having a dick in her mouth. Feeling its slick hardness sliding against her tongue, twitching inside her as she teased it closer to spontaneously ejaculating its gooey prize for her just felt so right, she reflected, and as she bobbed her head up and down and then pulled off a bit to slowly suck on the tip she looked up into her boss’ eyes expectantly. They clouded with pleasure as Phil’s slutty subordinate triggered his orgasm, and then Amy was filled with giddy happiness as her mouth filled with his yummy reward, and she eagerly sucked and swallowed as her bimbofied body squirmed with the simple pleasure of having a belly full of warm cum.Her cravings satisfied for the moment, Amy pulled off and zipped him back up, and Phil looked down at her in dazed appreciation and only slightly diminished lust before he remembered the execs in the next room.”Thanks Amy, now hurry! You’ll be late for your meeting!””Thanks for everything babe,” Amy responded, giving Üsküdar Escort him a brief kiss on the lips before swaying out the door.”Good luck!” he called after her, sinking into his chair with the deep satisfaction that only comes from emptying your balls into a hot bimbo slut. He would be sad to lose Amy, but with the way Sam and Val had been dressing and acting, he was pretty sure he’d be fine.Amy jiggled into the conference room moments later, wiping the last of her boss’s cum off her lips in as professional a manner as she could manage, but with her pussy still on overdrive. It distracted her with pleasure as it pulsed between her legs, persuasively encouraging her to use it as intended as her arousal involuntarily began filling the conference room with chemical attraction.The two men at the head of the table rose at her entrance, eyes widening at the sight of the appetizing flesh on display as their dicks hardened in instinctual desire for the exaggerated femininity of her body, even before the enthralling effects of her heady scent could begin dulling their free will and reducing them to their sexual impulse. Phil had told them that he had found the perfect candidate for the special “Private Executive Secretary” hole the execs had hinted about wanting to fill, and it seemed like this sexy slut would satisfy their needs even better than expected.To be fair, they weren’t looking for a prostitute, or to receive any sort of sexual favors – they just wanted some eye candy to sit behind a desk in front of their offices, whom they could trot out and put on display whenever high-profile clients were visiting.Regardless of their merely sexist intentions, however, all the attention they were paying her body just revved up Amy’s greedy pussy that much more as she felt her bimbo urges beginning to take hold of her once again. Deep down she already knew this would happen, of course, having already secretly accepted her fate as an eager slave to her increasingly slutty nature, even as her conscious mind continued to vehemently deny having fully given in to the potion’s seductive influence over her vulnerable body and mind. In truth, she was looking forward to feeling her sexy bimbo alter-ego effortlessly brushing aside what remained of her rational self as the promise of cock and the erotic pleasure it represented became more and more irresistible to her.”Ms. Anderson, Phil has told us about all of the good work you’ve done here, and so we wanted to talk about having you take on a more visible position in the company.”Her brainwashed tits perked up at the idea of being more visible, but this time Amy didn’t even notice as she reflexively pulled the neckline of her tight top even lower in response, revealing the edges of her large, dark areolas to the eyes of the increasingly horny men around the table. Normally they would have thought this display was vulgar and inappropriate, but now they just watched hungrily as more of her cleavage came into view, hoping she would reveal more of her naked flesh to them. The hint of dark skin visible near the center of each massive mound only served to titillate them further as now only the hem of her blouse prevented the thick nipples standing out proudly through the thin fabric from popping out into full view.”This role will require interfacing with customers and clients, in addition to the kind of work you’re more accustomed to performing for Phil,” the president continued, though his voice trailed off slightly as his mind clouded with uncharacteristic thoughts of sex. He began to wonder exactly what sorts of duties those had been, and whether he could convince her to perform similar duties for him in the privacy of his office. Meanwhile, his cock was responding to the signals of arousal his compromised nervous system was involuntarily sending and began to throb with need, demanding female attention.”Mr. President, I’m totally ready for this challenge. I’m sure I can, like, handle a heavy load from both of you, no problem!” Amy asserted confidently, thrusting out her chest a bit to emphasize her unrestrained enthusiasm for the position and to demonstrate that she wouldn’t need any external support for her two prominent roles.”We’ll need a hands-on demonstration Üsküdar Escort Bayan of your job performance,” the president said thickly, already anticipating her answer and abandoning all pretense by sliding his chair back from the table. He unzipped his pants as the musk from her bimbo pussy exerted its influence over his actions and his sense of propriety finally lost its battle with his artificially enhanced libido. His associate feigned mild offense at the salacious act, even as his hand began to tease and pull at his own increasingly insistent cock under the table.This was exactly the chance that Amy had been waiting for, and she eagerly bounced over and took her place between her new boss’ knees, confident that she would perform above expectations. She knew how to make a good impression, and would soon have them eating out of her hand. Or eating out of something, at least. She just needed to stay professional – give them each a neat, tidy blowjob, and nothing more. Perfectly normal. No letting them sink their throbbing cocks into her slick pussy and fill her needy canal with their hot jizz. At least, not yet. She didn’t want them to think she was just a slutty bimbo, after all.As Amy’s tongue touched the president’s cock, however, and he moaned in pleasure and thrust himself between her soft lips, a furious Sam burst into the room. She had somehow sensed that she was losing her chance at a promotion, but was more than eager to use her body to ensure that she got it instead.”Miss, this is a private meeting! I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave,” the president sputtered as he tried to hide the head bobbing enthusiastically between his legs. He regretted having to send this towering new girl away in his aroused state, however, due to her own considerable curves shown off by what could only be described as a pornographic version of a women’s dress suit, with a blouse open almost to her navel, drawing attention to the ample globes that jutted out on either side of the deep valley in the center of her chest. A tiny pencil skirt that showed off her wide hips and thick thighs, while hinting at what was almost visible between them, completed the look.”I’m not leaving until you give me a chance too! I’ll show you that I’m a better cocksucker than that slut Amy!” Sam insisted as her pussy moistened at the idea, sending her own imperious pheromones out to mix with Amy’s enticing scent throughout the room. Sam stomped over to the CFO, her slutty mouth already salivating in anticipation as her intimidated prey rushed to undo his belt.”Sam you bitch! Go find your own dick!” Amy yelled angrily during the few seconds she could bear to spend without that tasty cock between her lips, but Sam completely ignored her and began working the CFO’s shaft and balls with a vengeance. Even if she’d wanted to leave, however, Sam was powerless to resist her own compulsion for dick, which had been the cost of the powerful, irresistible bimbo body the potion had blessed her with.Even over the sound of her own slurping as she continued to massage the president’s cock with her tongue, Amy could hear Sam across the table teasing the CFO as she alternated thinly veiled threats with stimulating him with her lips and tongue.”Your cock is so hard! I bet it really wants to cum, doesn’t it? It’d be a shame if you, like, didn’t hire me and I had to stop. You do want to hire me so I can keep going, right?” she wheedled as she gave him one final brief lick and looked up into his eyes hungrily.Surely he knows that Sammy won’t be able to stop until she gets his yummy cum, Amy thought to herself. She gathered enough willpower to briefly look up from her own irresistible cum dispenser, and was rewarded with the sight of Sam’s delicate fingers continuing to mechanically stroke the CFO’s cock even as she threatened to stop.All too predictably, however, Amy heard the CFO nonetheless responding, “Oh God yes! Of course! Anything you want! Just don’t stop!” as the sensation of her thumb rubbing up and down his sensitive frenulum became more than he could handle. His overstimulated cock began to shoot its load all over her statuesque features framed by her silky black hair, and her seductive green eyes glimmered with excitement and satisfaction Escort Üsküdar as the first spurts of his semen painted creamy trails across her face. As his ejaculation began to tail off and her compulsion to direct all of her attention to the cock jerking in her hands lessened, Sam glanced back across the table at Amy with a cum-coated smirk of victory.Undeterred, Amy looked up at the company president she was fellating, a captivating smile on her own angelic features, and said “I, like, just want to do a good job, sir. I hope you’re enjoying yourself,” before sensuously sliding her tongue up the underside of his dick. Then, throwing caution, modesty, and professionalism to the wind, recognizing that she would need to go all out to beat Sam, Amy finally gave in to her pussy’s demands to be filled. She stood up, turned around, pulled her skirt aside, and slowly slid his slick cock deep into her silky, luxurious depths.As wave after wave of pleasure rewarded her for using her body the way it was designed, Amy admitted that she loved having a dick in her pussy too, possibly even more than she loved having one in her mouth. All the while, her pussy did what came naturally, enthusiastically pulling and gripping at the skin of the president’s sensitive cock, coaxing him back inside when he withdrew and then tightly squeezing him in her slick, inviting embrace as he reflexively slid himself back into her, forcing him ever closer to his limit as her pussy persuasively encouraged him to lose control inside of her, to give in and let her relieve him of all of that cum uncomfortably filling his balls and beginning to pulse urgently at the base of his cock.Recognizing his imminent orgasm, Amy pulled off completely, and then slowly pressed his cock deep into her stimulating pussy one last time, finally triggering his involuntary response, and he moaned as his body began to release itself into her heavenly embrace. His eyes rolled back into his head as the most pleasurable sensation he had ever felt seemed to go on and on as her tight grip continued to milk him into oblivion, and he was forced to fully empty himself into this slutty bimbo, specifically engineered to be the perfect receptacle for his cum.”Thank you, ladies. You’ve both capable of very, eh-hem, persuasive performances. Now we’ll need some time to deliberate privately, and then Phil will let you know our decision.”It came as no surprise to Amy when Phil summoned her into his office a half hour later. Once the CFO had been freed from Sam’s imperious influence, the choice had been clear. Sam, of course, was livid when Phil called Amy back, but there was nothing she could do, and the look of furious impotence on her face at having been outperformed made all of Amy’s tribulations of the past week more than worth it.As Amy walked into Phil’s office to accept her promotion, she was again impressed with just how cute and manly he was as her slutty cravings were rekindled at once more. Phil was talking though, so Amy tried to listen and not be distracted with thoughts of what they should obviously be doing instead.”They were very impressed by your performance, and are prepared to offer you the position. It was a tough choice between you and Sam, but while Sam was self-confident, knew exactly what she wanted, and was practically impossible to say no to, your clear eagerness to please won the day.”Amy flushed at the praise, and at her ultimate victory over Sam. “You won’t regret this sir!” she gushed, licking her thick lips suggestively, and encouraging her pussy as it began to pulse anew. She walked around his desk, embracing her urge to show her boobs along the way as she unbuttoned her blouse and allowed her massive tits to swing freely in his face for a few seconds before bending down in front of him.”Amy, while I appreciate your initiative, I’m not sure I’m-” he began, but then her scent began to have its effect on him once more, and he realized that he did want one final round with the slut after all.”Shhh…” she whispered as she pulled his chair out from behind his desk and sank between his legs. This time she had something slightly different in mind, and after pleasantly lubricating his cock with her soft mouth and tongue as he moaned, she wrapped her giant tits around his short dick and began squeezing and pulling up and down, enveloping him in the sight and sensation of her soft, jiggly breasts. When she sensed him ready to cum, she pulled her tits apart enough to reach him with her mouth, and gently closed her puffy lips around his cockhead as she continued to…

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