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Very, very gingerly did Lori move about as she started her shift. Not for any of the reasons that she had had before, but this time it was almost painful to even make the few steps necessary to pick up orders and pass them out the drive thru window.

Previously, she had been a ball of energy when at work, and was all over the place, cleaning, checking temperatures, helping train new employees, and just anything that needed to be done. Cheerful, outgoing, and the model employee as was attested to by her getting “Employee of the Month” about six times.

Auburn red hair (though dyed) was the normal color that topped her 5’4″, 110 lbs. firm body. High mounted 34Cs and slim tight hips filled her uniform without it being too tight, well, except for maybe the bust. Though she rarely got a second glance, her round, cherubic face was always smiling and happy.

She secretly felt that her breasts, even though they were firm and full, were up too high and had to really shorten up her bra straps for a proper fit. As for her hips and ass, they were just too boyish, and not full and rounded like a woman’s should be in her opinion. Men just didn’t seem to realize that she was a full fledged woman, or treat her like anyone other than someone to take orders and get their food as quickly as possible.

Her 34-26-32 measurements were what she had, and somehow it just didn’t attract the attention like her very full figured fellow employees. A big round booty or a giant set of 40DDs got all the guys drooling over the proud owner of these, and Lori got left in the dust. Invites for help in the walk-in cooler, or back room to inventory were plentiful for the Big and Bountiful, but Lori usually got to go these chores alone.

This guy had come in numerous times over several months, and although he was nice and friendly, had never really said much. Then suddenly one time he had commented on her red hair, and how nice it looked. A sparkle was in Lori’s eye and extra bounce in her step without her even realizing why after that visit.

Two days later, he was back again, and when the two large (well, truthfully, OBESE) women in front of him had loudly declared that they came for the french fries, and just loved them. He up and stated in front of the manager, who had come up to help, Kastamonu Escort that he came to check on Lori’s hair and she was the only reason he kept coming back. This put a huge smile on Lori’s face, and when he came up to the counter for a drink refill, she wanted to jump the counter and hug him.

Cleaning the dining room one night, he finally asked her out which she quickly accepted , and then they had trouble picking a night as she worked almost every night. Although he was older than her, they had a great time together and he was a most attentative listener to her rambling. She started taking more nights off so they could go out more, as she was glowing every time afterward.

The very first date, he had raved about her in a skirt and blouse as opposed to her uniform, and had stated “WOW, she’s got legs!!!” She was totally delighted and happy with his response, and had even worn her most low cut bra as all her others would have shown through the vee neckline of the blouse. Nervously she had fidgeted with her bra straps all during the drive to and through their meal at a first class restaurant.

“Enough….enough……it has got to go!!! You’re making me crazy…..doing that!! He exclaimed, when they were finished eating and just chatting while finishing their drinks.

“HUH???” Lori had answered while starring at him. She knew what he was talking about, but needed him to give her a direct order before she could do what they both wanted.

“GO to the ladies room and take it off, as it is bothering both of us.” He replied as he matched her stare back, and waited for her to understand.

Without another word, Lori slid out of her side of the booth, and stood at the side looking at him. Smiling at her, he merely nodded his head and directed her with his eyes towards the ladies room. Smiling back, Lori had turned and gone to complete her task.

Blushing, but smiling, she had a small bounce under her blouse as she made her way back to their booth and slid in without a word, but looking into his eyes.

“FANTASTIC, that’s worlds better!!! And definitely got rid of something that wasn’t even needed.” was all he said to her total delight. They had continued their conversation as though nothing was different from before, but Lori Kastamonu Escort Bayan didn’t need to adjust bra straps anymore.

Their next dates were equally as entertaining and fun, and Lori was loving being able to go brafree, and be so fully accepted by someone else. Hoping to thrill him and herself a bit more, she had skipped wearing a bra to work one night. She was working drive-thru and not the front counter, but very disappointingly, not another coworker or the manager had commented on the fact she didn’t have one on.

A couple of nights later, as she was filling things under the counter (and had skipped wearing a bra again), she heard that deep, rumbling voice exclaim “VERRRRY NICE!!!!” Rising and thrusting her chest out at him, they smiled at one another as he ordered and wanted to know when their next date could be.

After checking with the manager, and trading with another employee, she went into the dining room to tell him she was available the next night. Dancing and shooting pool was agreed upon by both as they set a time for him to pick her up. She bounced and almost giggled as she went through the rest of her shift and planned what she would do to surprise him.

Wanting to take things to a more intimate level in their relationship, Lori put on her sheerest blouse, and shortest skirt without anything under either one. Sheer hose and 3″ heels (tennis shoes were her norm) and she had to admire herself in the mirror while turning for the front and back views. Bending over was going to be a bit of a problem, and she hoped shooting pool she would remember that she was bare bottomed.

As she shaved her pussy clean, she vaguely remembered that her doctor had told her she was a bit small “down there”, and not to take on more than she could handle. However, she was quite aroused and quickly forgot those words as she rubbed her pussy and saw how “HOT” she looked in the mirror.

“WHOA….girl……what a beautiful package of dynamite!!!!” He roared when he saw her. Twirling her around, he had looked her over from head to toe, and murmured something about needing a bodyguard to help protect all that lusciousness in one place. Worried that her skirt might fly up too much and reveal everything, she had laughingly pushed against Escort Kastamonu him to get him out the door before they both forgot their date plans.

Whirlwind dancing, drinking, and a few games of pool had Lori’s head spinning, but not so much that she forgot her plans for the rest of the night. Stumbling back through her front door, she was constantly giggling as she rubbed her body all over him. Very patiently and tenderly he had kissed and licked all over her as he removed her only two articles of clothes. Then he proceeded to give her two tremendous, earth shaking climaxes as he made a feast from her dripping, creamy pussy.

Once he had removed his shirt and pants, Lori gasped at the biggest dick she had ever seen, but was in such a state of arousal she had to try it. Slowly, and as gently as possible, he had worked his dick into her wet, desiring pussy. Stretching her as never before, but waiting for her to adjust once he was all the way (well, as much as she could take) in.

“OH, my god, OH my god!!!!'” was all she could gasp over and over as she stretched and somehow made room inside for this huge beast.

When her breathing came partially back to normal, he began to pull in and out slowly and gently as he gradually began to speed up the rhythm. One mini orgasm after another rolled over her, and she started to thrust back and try to hold him in as he smoothly stretched her out to the max. THEN with a thundering roar, like a high speed freight train blasting out of a tunnel, they both came in a fevered rush.

Holding each other, though sweat drenched, small spasms or aftershocks coursed through her, as he either deflated or just withdrew from her. Kissing her and licking the drops of sweat off her face, he had thanked her again and again.

Legs wide spread, she didn’t know if they would ever get back to closed again, he had bent over and kissed her, then dressed and kissing her again had left.

Forcing her legs back together, she stumbled to the shower and then dove into bed to crash for all the sleep she could get. Barely able to move the next day, she debated about calling in sick, but finally put on her uniform and went to work.

Sore as never before and still feeling all stretched out, she had bravely fought her way through her shift and leaning back against the front counter talking with her coworkers in the back area.

“Can I get a Lori to go, and Biggie size it???” came the rumbling voice from behind her.

Turning with a gigantic smile on her face, she answered, “YES SIR, and we can Biggie size it again!!!!”

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