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My sister-in-law, brother’s wife (she is a widow) but in excellent health and maintained an awesome figure for a body belonging to a mother of 2, came to stay with me for a week. Those days, I was on assignment and stayed in a company provided flat. She had come with the intention to take care of me as I was close to her and it would also be a break for her.

After my brother’s demise, she had clamped up and was unwilling to share her thoughts. I suspected she knew all about my shenanigans. I took her out to eat dinner the first evening and she returned home all happy but exhausted and went to bed and slept off. I went off to my room and finished my work and thought how sad her life had become but she seemed kind of happy that evening in my company.

Next morning, I had to be at work early and I left her a note letting her know where things were even though I knew she would take charge and know about stuff as she was fantastic as a home keeper. That evening, I finished work and returned home a couple hours early to be with her and give her company. I had told her not to make dinner. I ordered Italian food from a great neighborhood restaurant and proceeded to open a bottle of red wine. She was hesitant to drink but I coaxed her to have a glass. The food was great, the light music was something to her taste and the wine must have been good to as she started to get into a lighter mood.

I noticed that she had finished her glass and was happily chatting away. I replenished her plate. Noticing that she was happier and in a talkative mood, I poured her some more wine and after she had finished that, poured her another. She was buzzing and we then cleared up the dining table and area and then the kitchen and sat down to watch some TV.

I froze when she asked me – if I watched any porn? I said “yes” and looked at her face. I realized she was a little red but seemed to be slightly excited. I said, “I live alone and once in a while need to get off, I have to watch as I am very visual person.”

She dared to take it a little further and said, “who did you fantasize about when you watch porn?”

I said I watch all kind of stuff. She stood up and asked me “have you ever fantasized about me?”

We were both slightly drunk, but I had enough sense to tell her I did not think about her in that way but yes, since she had asked, I did masturbate thinking of her many times in the past.

She laughed in a very sexy way “yes, I know… I was once in your room and you had a huge boner and I went and hid in your closet and watched as came into the room and undressed and took out me cock spat on it and masturbated taking her name over and over. I was so aroused that I had to go into my room and take off all my clothes and Kars Escort finger my pussy to the hottest orgasm in a while”. I was numb listening to her sexy voice describing a very sexy and personal arousal in such a candid way. She then said that after that she had done it many more times. She was always very attracted to me but considered our relationship so never ever made any advances. I said – I always was attracted to you and thought you to be extremely sexy but out of respect to our relationship, I never did anything.

I had never heard her speak like this… and I knew that it was the wine inside her that was giving her the courage to speak up. Even though I knew it was wrong, I was now fully aroused, and I could see her heart was beating fast and her breasts which were large, firm and rounded heaving under her tight blouse. While standing, her saree had dislodged a bit and I could see the great expanse of her extremely smooth stomach…creamy and soft and very alluring. She was looking at me with plain lust in her eyes and yet a very confused look… I think she was battling the thought of giving in or just staying off.

I walked up to her and held her hand and sat her down…I asked her how she was feeling, and she said… “I want to be made love to… it has been a long time and I need to be touched by a man’s body and feel our naked skin.” She said this in the sexiest way and caught my hands and pushed them on to her breasts. Then, she asked me if I could hold her close. I said yes and we stood up awkwardly and hugged… her body was giving off so much heat it was like she had fever. I was scared yet fully aroused and my lust for her grew …my cock was twitching and rock hard and was beginning to hurt… the way we hugged, my cock was pointed right at her tummy. She was tall and long legged, but I stood taller.

I felt her rubbing her body against mine… her breathe was hot and harsh… then she asked me if I could kiss her… she realized my hesitancy and told me softly… “it’s okay… I need you and I am taking this forward; you should not worry …I need your body tonight. I want you to make love to and I want to make love to you.”

Saying so, she took off her blouse and her bra had come off… her breasts were large, soft and yet firm to keep off the shagginess… her nipples were brown and pointed like erasers… hard and twitching.

I could not hold back any more… we kissed and her mouth devoured my mouth… she was on fire… her tongue explored my mouth as I tried to take control… she was beyond any control…her saree lay on the floor and she was half naked except for her tight petticoat and panty. I sat her down and she reached for my pants and unzipped me and out popped my hard Kars Escort Bayan cock… I was already dripping… she looked at it and slowly pumped with her soft well-manicured hands and then she licked the precum of it and finally she took it all into her mouth and proceeded to give me a blowjob of a lifetime. It was obvious she had had no sex in a long time as once or twice her teeth scraped to tease me but her expertise and enthusiasm to suck cock almost had me on the edge. Her stomach was heaving and looked sexy as her breasts rubbed against my upper thighs – driving me closer to a mind-numbing explosion.

She was cupping my balls and her spit and my cum was mixed and she was looking up into my face to see me reaction. I was now almost about to shoot… I caught her head with both my hands and forced her to take me deep into her mouth and down her throat. Initially, she wasn’t prepared for, but she adapted quickly continued to suck me deeper and deeper. I had to cum but then she pulled off and I was left trembling. I think she realized I was about to cum and wanted to tease me a bit..

She then reached out and opened the buttons on the side of her petticoat and her black panty made her skin gleam… she was hairless, soft – almost baby like skin even at her age of 38 years!! She took great care of her body and her hands and feet were extremely sexy. I pulled her over and began to suck on her hard nipples occasionally biting here which made her arch her back and push more of her boobs into my mouth. She was caressing me and softly sighing… my hands were all over her and I felt her mound over the panty, she almost jumped… I slid my hands underneath the panty and felt the smooth and heated mound… she grabbed my hand and pressed it hard… she was now trembling and barely able to sit still… her breathing was now loud and raspy and she was more in heat and wanting immediate satisfaction.

I pushed the panty to the side and saw a beautifully trimmed cunt… she was dripping wet and her pussy lips were swollen and red. She had extremely shapely legs though slightly heavy on her thighs… she was voluptuous, and I slowly opened her legs and spread them… I got in between and then took her panty off slowly…as I licked her legs and thighs and slowly teased her all the way and round her pussy… she was holding my head and was now moaning loudly… uttering something…I could barely hear as my mouth was tracing her curves. Licking and giving her small bites on the inner thighs and around her pussy.

I opened her legs wide and watched her lying naked – her bare pussy mound glistening with her juice, inviting…me to lick her. I took one finger and parted her swollen pussy lips and felt the red velvety Escort Kars inside, she was jerking her body and I held her down with a little force and then started to put two fingers and then three to loosen her extremely tight and unused pussy…licking her slowly from the bottom upwards.

She was moaning and pushing her hips up at my face, grinding her wet and hot pussy on my face. My chin was wet and slippery with her wetness. I would pinch her nipples and then feel my way down… licking and flicking my tongue over her navel, lower abdomen. She caught my head and guided my mouth to her hot and dripping wet pussy and I started to lick her slowly and then built up speed as my fingers manipulated the folds of her very slippery pussy and my tongue licked. I would even suck on her clit which made her shiver and jerk her hips up and grind hard into my face. I had her wetness all over my face… she was moaning so loud I was worried about the neighbors hearing her.

It was an extremely tense yet sexy time… then I felt her body bunch up into a ball and she orgasmed so hard that she almost tore my ears off with her hands. She kept shaking for a while and her thighs were tightly wound around my neck. She pulled me up and started to lick my face and lick her own wetness off my face. It was one hell of a powerful orgasm.

I was now ready… my cock in my hand hard, as I opened her legs wide and put them on my shoulders as she lay fully exposed in all her glory and her very wet pussy wide open and I gave one thrust and entered her to the hilt. She gasped and brought up her legs around her ears and her round ass was wet and slippery with the dripping cum… my balls would hit her ass hole as I would stroke her hard and fast… and then I felt the world begin to swirl and I started to cum… shooting wads of hot white cum into her hot and wet pussy. She clasped me with her thighs and her hands flailed and she was gasping – her mouth wide open and dry. She gripped my cock in a vise like grip with her cunt muscles – she was tight as someone who had not been fucked in a long time.

I came out and put my glistening wet cock into her mouth and she clasped her lips around it and started to milk me and suck of my cum. Then I collapsed against her glistening fair body covered with our sweat and dozed off. In the morning, she got up and had a shower and brought me a cup of tea – she had no bra on under her night coat and as she sat, it fell open and she looked at me as I started to harden up. She took my cock in her hand and massaged it and gave me a great hand and blowjob again. We continued with our fucking for the entire day – taking her in various positions as she told me how much she was satisfied by me skills at making her orgasms more than half a dozen times. We continued to fuck for the entire week almost like it was a honeymoon. I still remember and get hard even now. O’course, we decided that we could not do this openly and would fuck whenever possible but then we stopped after 4-5 years.

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