Between Two Worlds

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Between Two WorldsSo I live two lives, both in Georgia. One in the twenty-first century, where I’m Mr. Politically Correct, rubbing shoulders with all races, colours, creeds and sexual persuasions; and one in the nineteenth century, where I am – like almost all moneyed white gentlemen – a slave owner.I discovered the ability to step between the worlds when I was but a teen. The first time was an instinctive flight response to a threat (a mugger). It took me some time to figure out what had happened, and even more time to figure out how to get back – to control the stepping. With a little practice, stepping between the worlds was second nature, almost trivial – and so far as I could tell, without cost. I didn’t overuse the ability, just in case, but you may be sure I made use of it.So I live two lives. In the “present” (if that has any meaning) as a part-time paralegal, Mr. PC, with plenty of spare time funded not by the job but by the sale of antebellum gold coins and bric-a-brac. In the “past”, I sell toilet paper. It’s a luxury item, my toilet paper (bought in bulk from supermarkets in the “present”, and sold minus the packaging), and much sought after. It funds my plantation.Now my plantation runs at a loss (but my trade in toilet paper and antebellum memorabilia funds it easily), but it’s main purpose isn’t to grow cotton. I let others oversee that. My interest is in the human livestock. The women, the girls.It’s invigorating, more invigorating than any little blue pill, I can tell you, buying and owning slaves. Not all of the females are particularly beautiful by modern standards. But it doesn’t matter, they’re mine. GinnyMy first was called Ginny, when I was just starting out. She was twenty-something, sold off cheap from a deceased’s estate. Cheap because most rich owners like to acquire their fancies in their teens or earlier, so Ginny was “old”. And used, I suppose, but only one owner. She had a plain face, thick lips, but I saw the potential: nice skin, white teeth, large tits. The bidding was perfunctory, there were more presentable specimens on sale, and no-one seemed to mind when I made the final bid, least of all the auctioneer. I had paid a little over the odds, but I didn’t mind. Scrubbed up, with a decent hair cut and a simple but presentable cotton dress, I was willing to bet she was quite good looking. Not to mention naked, asprawl on the bed… But I’m ahead of myself. She was less than presentable at the moment, and stank to high heaven. Back home, it took two bathtubs to get her clean; the first bathtub’s water was so black it was difficult to see her, or see what good the water was doing any more. The second bathtub was no more than ordinarily dirty once she was done. I used imported shampoo (in an earthenware pot – I was careful not to import plastics, and my imported toilet paper was biodegradable,I didn’t want to risk fucking up my own future, any more than I had to), and imported toothpaste and mouthwash and scents and pumice stones.I burned her clothes while she was in the tub, and presented her with a simple white cotton peasant blouse shift. When she stepped out of the tub, she was like a black Venus. Her skin was black but lustrous. Her breasts were heavy, the nipples large. I took her to bed. She was submissive and docile.I sucked her nipples, filled my mouth with and squeezed her breasts. I fingered her cunt, until she was lubricated, nay dripping wet; then I moved between her legs and she spread her legs wider, and I entered her. She started to fuck, hips moving pendik escort rapidly, but I slowed her pace and took her head in my hands, and tried to kiss her. She turned away, but when I told her what I wanted, she tongue-kissed me without hesitation and fucked me slowly, her tongue circling around mine.Later, when I told her to, she sucked my cock without making a fuss of it. Her subservience was absolute, and a big turn on. She was clumsy and unskilled and unenthusiastic, but endlessly patient and tirelessly obedient. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for me. And that first time, we fucked in numerous positions, and when I was too exhausted to climb around the bed any more, I lay back and she lay between my legs with her head over my groin and my cock in her mouth, and she sucked and sucked until I came and came.It was fabulous. Scrubbed up, she was hot, and I couldn’t keep my hands off her the first few days. The first twenty-four hours were spent in bed, or close by. We dozed between bouts, and then I’d awaken, and look at her naked body lying close to mine, her large breasts, the hair around her cunt, and I’d grow a little hard; then I’d encourage her to make me real hard with her mouth; and then I’d fuck her, first from one position then another. Then, tired but happy, I’d doze or fall asleep with my arm d****d possessively across her belly, and she’d either doze too or wait patiently for the next bout. She neither liked it, nor disliked it. She was institutionalised (and not too smart), and I was her master – and younger and better looking than anyone else bidding at the auction, I can tell you, so it could have been worse, from her point of view. There didn’t seem to be much thinking going on in her head, but who can tell? She was docile and compliant, and resisting or disobeying me never seemed to be a possibility.The following days were a blur. I tried to focus on my C19 business and conduct transactions with my overseers, but my mind was on the night to come, to be spent with my bed-wench. I don’t know how I got through the week, every night was spent fucking her, several times over, and the occasional blowjob at lunchtime, when I could extricate myself from my daily responsibilities. When I bought my second, I was better established and had serious money to spend. It was an auction, and I probably spent more than I should have (and pissed off at least one buyer), but my she was cute. “Estimated” at eighteen years old, but looking younger, probably a half-caste, cute pixie face. She was displayed naked for the buyers, and she was very cute. Small breasts, pointy nipples. Back home it would be borderline i*****l to even look at her naked, but here she was well past the recommended minimum age and ripe for sale. So I bought her, Clem (Clementine) was her name. Because if there’s one thing more titillating, more invigorating than owning a young woman as a sex slave, it’s owning two.By this time, Ginny was fairly debauched, able to take my cock deep in her throat and swallow all my come without gagging. So she was puzzled rather than repulsed when I told her to lick Clem’s pussy, as if what’s the point?, but she applied herself to the task, gripping Clem’s hips and dipping her tongue into her pussy. Clem was initially uncomfortable, even fearful of what might happen, but she quickly relaxed and let Ginny get on with it. I held Clem’s arms loosely above her head, and ravished her lips and throat and then went to work on her nipples, and all the while Ginny continued to escort pendik learn the fine art of cunnilingus.I had never made Ginny come – never tried, to be honest – but Clem was a medically certified virgin, unused to sex. Ginny was thorough when it came following instructions, and Clem was getting the oral sex of a lifetime while I was suckling her young nipples and occasionally kissing her for good measure. She started to return my kisses, and it was becoming hot and heavy, she was struggling to free her arms, she was wrapping her legs around Ginny’s neck, and generally getting into it.At the point when she was clearly on the verge of coming, I told Ginny to back away, and I moved between Clem’s thighs and she opened her legs real wide, and I slid right in there, and in no time at all she wasn’t a virgin and she was hungrily searching for my mouth and fucking me back. It was good, she was tight, and her mouth was sweet and hungry, and she scratched my back with her fingernails and gasped as I fucked her, and finally I came, and she came and came.Ginny just watched us, emotionless. Afterwards, Ginny looked bored; Clem looked like she’d discovered the holy grail, like Whoa! Let’s do that again.I was spent, but it’s not like that for women, and I thought why not? and instructed Ginny to give Clem oral sex again, and told Clem she could tell Ginny how to do it – faster, slower, deeper, whatever she wanted. Clem knew what she wanted, and pretty soon had Ginny jumping through hoops to please her with mouth and later with hands on nipples as well. And Clem fucked her mouth, and came and came again, until Ginny was exhausted and I had to separate them. Then, just to remind her who was master and who was slave, I instructed Clem in the giving of oral sex. She was initially quite reluctant to put my cock in her mouth, but once it was in she had no problem with keeping it there. More than that, she bent to her task with some degree of actual enthusiasm. While she sucked, I beckoned Ginny over so I could play with her tits, and so it went; one kneeling between my legs, head bobbing up and down on my cock, the other kneeling beside me on the bed, heavy tits on display for my pleasure and gratification. Life was good.For a long while, I built up my toilet paper business in the antebellum by day, and debauched myself with Ginny and Clem by night, only occasionally dropping by the present. I got fired, but it didn’t matter. I bought a shop to sell the memorabilia I brought from the antebellum, hired a sales clerk with bookkeeping experience, and dropped by once a week to check on the shop, drop by more goods, and experience a little twenty-first century culture. I needed that one day of rest, and it recharged my batteries so that when I returned to the antebellum I was ready for a week of fucking. I tended to favour Clem for a lot of the fucking, and enjoyed watching her use Ginny. Ginny, I mainly fucked in the mouth; after enjoying playing with her tits for a while. She was dull and obedient and respectful. Clem was much more like a mistress than a slave, enthusiastic about all aspects of sex.Ginny was a good fuck, and Clem was too in a different way, and they were both hot, but Aphrodite… ah, Aphrodite.I won her at a game of poker. I’m no great shakes at the game, back in C21, but by C19 standards I was pretty darned good; most players back then were all bluff and bullshit, hardly anyone knew the percentages, and those who did know some numbers were self-taught. I was a careful percentage pendik escort bayan player, happy enough to lose the occasional hand against the big spenders, and keeping an eye out for the cheats. Anyways, one of the big spenders, Carlton White, was losing heavily and needing one big hand. He obviously had a full house, or wanted us to think he did, but I had a low straight flush with cards such that I knew he couldn’t have four of a kind. He raised furiously, and without the certainty the cards gave me, I might have folded; but his best possible hand couldn’t beat me, so I saw him and raised further. He was out of cash, so he had Aphrodite fetched and offered her as a stake. Most irregular, and under the house rules I was entitled to refuse, but she was gorgeous. I accepted, saw him, and won. He signed her over to me, and the other players congratulated me jealously. I made my excuses shortly afterwards, raising knowing smiles all round and left for my town house with Aphrodite in tow. I arranged for her to bathe, naturally, but she was pretty darned clean already and nice smelling. I stripped her down and took a good look at her. Her breasts were large and firm and well shaped. She didn’t speak and eyed me with mistrust and resentment, but she knew her place and stoically submitted to my pawing and fondling. Then in the tub she went, briefly, then I towelled her down myself. Soon the towel was on the floor, and she was stark naked, and I was kissing her shoulders and her breasts and sucking her nipples and squeezing her buttocks.“We gonna fuck standing up in the bath house, massah?” Saucy. She needed to be shown her place; I forced her to her knees, to her obvious regret, and freed my cock. I waited. She sighed, and opened her mouth and sucked my cock, not touching me except with her mouth. I placed one hand on her head, and fucked her mouth for a while. But she was right, the bath house wasn’t the place to do this. After a while, I zipped up, she wrapped the towel around herself, and we proceeded to the main house and my bedroom. In bed, she was something else: her cunny was as tight as young Clem’s, her breasts were firmer than Ginny’s and almost as large and beautifully shaped, and she was a good kisser. Clem was enthusiastic and clumsy, and Ginny was dull and passive, but Aphrodite kissed back. Her attitude was sullen, borderline disrespectful, but she kissed with passion and surrender. She sucked cock resentfully as well, and that turned me on. Again, I couldn’t help but compare: Ginny didn’t care much what she did for me, Clem was keen to try everything – which is nice, but a man needs a change – whereas Aphrodite’s knowing look and sullen attitude gave me that thrill of power I had been looking for but didn’t know it. I made her look in my eyes while she sucked cock, and I smiled at her acquiescence, and made the fellatio last as long as possible, and then I came in her mouth. I could get a decent blow job from either of the other two, but where Aphrodite excelled was in the fucking. As I said, she was a kisser, and she was just the right size and shape to be a snug fit for my body. When I was inside here, with her limbs wrapped around mine, we could fuck and kiss at the same time without it being at all awkward or clumsy, and I loved it. She did her duty and fucked semi-passively, but her kisses were just sweet surrender.Having plenty of girl-on-girl already, I nevertheless couldn’t wait to introduce Aphrodite to the mix, but she didn’t like the idea one little bit. Ginny couldn’t care less, and Clem was enthusiastic about having her pussy eaten regardless of who was doing the eating, but Aphrodite was just not into it. She couldn’t refuse, but she positively shuddered as I lay her down beside the other two naked girls…

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