Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 08

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Sorry, everybody! I got about 1000 words into this chapter and realised that I really (really!) needed to change the story into Beth’s voice. So apologies that this is so short and cuts off abruptly – but the next three chapters are ready to go, and I think/hope you’ll find parts of them really quite attention-grabbing. Thanks for reading!


Beth’s tease on our call that night was to bring herself to climax using her toy, her fingers, just as she’d done the very first time I watched her. “I know all the fantasy stuff is amazing,” she murmured, “but just watching me get there is perfect for you, isn’t it.”

“You bet,” I nodded. “I could watch you come, make you come, all day long and not have too much.”

“Saturday,” Beth promised. “We just need to get me moved in tomorrow, then the weekend’s ours.”

The next day was a blur of packing, Beth saying goodbye to Mum and Dad – “It’s not as if I’m going too far away -” then the drive to the nurses’ residences. “Toothbrush, some spare underwear,” Beth shrugged, “I don’t need to leave much here.”

“I guess when you’re actually on shifts it’ll be different?”

“Mmhm.” She bounced experimentally on the bed. “It’s big enough for us both to be comfortable when you stay, anyway.”

When we got back to the flat, Beth shed her clothes as usual, and I followed suit. A quick call home – “Yes, everything’s fine, Mum,” Beth reassured, keeping the surprise out of her voice as I teasingly caressed one bare breast – then we were on our own. “I can hardly believe it,” Beth grinned. “No more worrying about which nights I need to spend at home.”

“I’m sort of going to miss our goodnight calls,” I confessed. “They were fun. But having the real live you in my arms every evening will definitely cure that pretty quickly.”

She came into my arms, pressing her breasts against my chest. “Like this, you mean?”

“Exactly like that.”

“Ready for something to eat?” she queried. “I think we deserve takeaway.”

I ordered for us, and remembered Kars Escort just in time to grab a bathrobe as I went to the door to accept the delivery. “Wups.”

When we’d finished our meal, Beth glanced at me. “Bed now?”


We went through to the bedroom, and Beth sprawled on the bed, head pillowed on her hands. “I have an idea.”

“How about, no touching – with hands, I mean. Only our mouths and then – when we’re ready – whatever comes next.”

“Sounds fun,” I grinned. “Do you want me to tie you up so you can’t cheat?”

Beth’s eyes widened. “Like how?”

I indicated the metal bed frame. “A wrist to each corner would do.”

She breathed in, obviously getting into the idea. “What about my ankles?”

I felt a thrill course through me. “Mm, yes.”

“Want to do it this time?”

I shook my head, smiling. “Don’t think we’ve got anything to tie you with – but I’m sure the hardware place has something.”

“And I get to do the same to you,” Beth threw in casually.

“Sure. I can just imagine you on top, me in you – no way I can help getting hard – you with your hands on your breasts, or touching yourself, seeing which one of us comes first.”

“Mm,” murmured Beth. “Anyway, shall we try it without the ropes, see if we can manage no-touch?”

My answer was to bend, kiss one nipple, suckle it, and she gasped. “Oh, that’s good.”

The other breast, and I could see her fingers twitching, wanting to slide down and touch herself. “Ah-ah,” I cautioned. “If you want something there, you have to wait till I choose.”

I shifted position so that my chest was reachable by her mouth while I could continue to suckle her, and Beth took the hint, her lips soft on my nipples. “Maybe this’ll persuade you that I need you somewhere else pretty soon,” she murmured.

“Mm,” I gasped, “think you’re right.”

I slid down, facing her feet, kissing her mound, and she opened for me, drawing her knees up, parting her thighs. I buried my mouth in her, my tongue finding her nub, and Kars Escort Bayan she gasped, flexed her hips. “Oh, yes.”

She moved her head, and I heard a grumble of frustration. “Can’t get you.”

I chuckled, lifting my hips, moving so that my hard tip brushed her lips. “Better?”

“Mm,” she managed, putting her mouth around me. I tongued her a little harder, and after a while she released me, gasping. “Oh, I think I need your mouth the other way, is that all right?”

“Fine,” I smiled. I shifted to kneel between her feet, returning my mouth to her. “Pity no fingers,” I murmured, “but it’ll definitely feel different.”

“Mm,” came Beth’s reply. “My breasts really feel like they want to be touched, my nipples are tingling like anything.”

She started to flex her hips against my mouth, taking longer to build to her climax. “Do you want to go in me when I’ve come?” she queried, “or shall I use my mouth? I can’t touch you, remember.”

“Mm, your mouth,” I breathed. I felt her muscles begin to tense, her climax approaching despite the different stimulation, and I slowed the movement of my tongue on her, getting another murmur of frustration. “I was nearly there… oh… and I can’t touch my nipples to help, can I…”

“Nope.” I continued my slow circling of her nub, and she pushed her hips upwards almost desperately. “Oh – soon – please -“

I relented, moving a little faster, and again the tension built in her muscles, then I felt her release, more like an avalanche with its slow build than her usual express train. “Ohhhh…” her fingers splayed in the air, obviously so tempted to touch herself as she arched, then relaxed. “Mmm… different.”

She sat up, giving me a distinctly accusing look, but tempered by her smile. “You just wait.”

I watched as she bent her mouth to me, her tongue moving in its usual delicious way, on my shaft then circling my tip. I stiffened a little between her lips, and she stopped, looking up. “Ah, not yet…”

She continued using her mouth on me, Escort Kars and I felt my climax approaching. “Oh – mm, yes -” But just at the crucial moment, Beth lifted her mouth from me, only the very tip of her tongue gently stroking up my shaft, and instead of the spurt which usually risked splashing her face, her hair, now creamy liquid welled slowly from my tip and slid down my shaft to where her tongue could lap at it. “Got you back,” she smiled in satisfaction even as she swallowed.

I wrapped my arms around her. “Guess I deserved that,” I conceded. “But I liked that game.”

“Better when you can tie me up for real,” grinned Beth. “Ready for us to sleep now?”

I nodded, and she pillowed her head on my chest, closing her eyes. “Sweet dreams, lover.”


The next day began as the lazy Saturday we’d promised ourselves, and I brought Beth bacon sandwiches in bed, getting a sleepy smile of thanks. When we’d finished eating, I snuggled back in behind her, wrapping my arms around her. “Want to do anything, or nothing?”

“Mm – cuddle first, then maybe a shower, and I have some reading to do for my course.”

She turned in my arms. “But if any of that gets interrupted by something a little more intense, you’ll not hear any complaints from me.”

I held her closer, as always marvelling in the feel of her soft breasts against my chest. “You got it.”

We must have dozed off in one another’s arms, and the next thing I knew was the soft ping of Beth’s phone, her stretching to pick it up from beside the bed. “Hmm, got a message.”

She pulled reluctantly out of my arms, sitting up to tap at the screen, and I swung my legs out of bed. “I’ll make us some fresh coffee.”

When I returned, Beth was still looking at her phone. “Alice wants to meet up – it’s OK if I pop over there for a while, isn’t it?”

“Sure.” I sipped at my coffee. “I can get a few things done – that washing, for a start. But hurry back?”

Beth grinned as she pulled clothes on. “Oh, yes.”

I watched her go out, then hummed to myself as I moved round the flat tidying, sorting everything that needed to go in the washing machine. I wondered what Beth and Alice were finding to talk about, and I was definitely looking forward to her coming back, telling me everything while we snuggled up in bed…

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