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There was a score, no, twenty-three, of us older teenagers, chaperoned by my sister-in-law, on the sandy shore. I had the real hots for her, I can tell you—if she was five years older’n me. I saw that she had begun to sniff the air and look odd.

“What’sa matta, Sis? You look sick.” I thought she was suddenly dizzy. I really didn’t want her being sick so that my party would be spoiled for her.

“Walt, come up to the house with me, soon’s we can.” she murmured into my hot, hot ear. “Fake a cut, or a splinter. Then … it would look like I was helpin’…”

“I got ya, Sis,” I whispered back, “O K!

“Oh, hell! I’ve got a splinter in my foot!” I muttered after a few minutes. “I’m gonna go up to the house to see can I take it out, ‘n’ put somethin’ on it.”

There was an odd smell in the air, not like marsh gas, but like…sexy sweat, sorta. No one looked up, they were all busy trying to make out.

I started across the beach, limping almost too much. As I passed Sis, she said,

“Walt, I’d better help you up to the house; wait a sec”.

I helped her up and I smelled her damp bikini—and something else; she smelled like summer sunshine, heat and—that odd scent.

Sis “helped” me over the knoll, until we were out of sight in the big house and on the second floor, into the suite Leila and my brother had. They even had their own kitchen and livingroom. Grandmum and Grandad had never let me go in there while my brother was away, but Sis said, when I hung back, “Come aw-n, all I’m doin’ is helpin’ you get a ‘splinter’ out of your foot! The bandages are in here. Besides, Gammie and Granda are away for a month, ‘n’ Gene’s out of the country—’n’ it’s your party, ‘n’ I’m in charge, right?” She grinned, and I felt real warm.

“Yeah, Sis, right. Don’t think any of the gals and guys’ll come up, do you?” I asked, hopefully. She grinned.

“Not with the booze I left Giresun Escort down there, they won’t. I saw Cherie and Ralph find it and let the rest know! If they want to pee or make out they’ll go in the bushes!” The way Sis said that made me think she’d planned this. That got my prick even harder. She was kneeling in front of me, pretending to look for the splinter, I guess, her head down. I could see the tops of her rounded breasts, all but the nipples. She looked up at me, a strange look on her face.

“Walt, I really feel sorta—funny. Did you smell anything strange at the beach?” she asked me, licking her lips a little. I saw one hand sneak to her crotch.

“No—yeah…I did! Sis, it’s just…well…are you…kinda …real bothered, like me?” I rubbed on the bulge in my trunks—couldn’t help myself, I was so horny.

“Yeah, brud,” she said, shaking her head a little, “I am kinda…hot. There was some kinda smell that made me feel really…funny…just before I told you to fake the splinter. So you smelled it?” She leaned even farther forward, her bikini top falling away from her breasts. I could feel my rod pulse with desire. I know she did that deliberately.

“Geez, Sis … God! you have pretty breasts! Can I..?

“D’you wanta …? 0! yes-s-s..” She slipped off the bra part of her bikini and sat up extra straight. I leaned forward and almost fell off the chair. Sis caught me, hauled us upright, and hugged me real tightly, her hands on my buns: as she did so she rubbed her pubes against me, and she felt my hard-on. She grinned again, really teasing us both, I guess.

“Hmm. Got something there? Pull off your trunks and let me look. God, you’re big! Nice! My! Look at it jump! I’m gonna taste it!”

She was kneeling, just like that, licking all around the tip, and great God, how good that felt. I saw that she was fingering herself around the bottom of her Giresun Escort Bayan bikini again.

“Can I—do sompin’ more for ya, Sis?” She took her mouth from me, but held onto the base of my cock. We were breathing hard. “N-not yet, not…quite…yet, but try lickin’ me, too, if you want.”

That was dumb, but I guess we were both so excited by then that she didn’t think that I’d have a hell of a time getting to her tits with her sucking at my cock! Then I had another think about what she’d said. I lowered myself to the floor (Sis didn’t stop licking and sucking!) so I could lie down on my back; then I wriggled around and she put her knees on either side of my chest, still sucking on my prick, and I pulled her bikini strings loose, and her butt down to me. Sis had really nice pubes, with puffy lips. She was already wet as I started to lick her. Her pubes were shaved and I could lick her lips and inside them without hair in my mouth—golly, she tasted good! When I touched her clit, she began to move her hips so that I had to move my head to keep up with her, and that made my butt move…and…she moaned and said,

“God! Walter, I’ve waited so-o…uh-uh-u-h…I’m comin’ a’ready, I’m comin’, oo-h, Wal’,…that’s good, u-h-u-uh!” I felt moistness all over my face and licked and licked at her some more. My prick was about ready to explode when she said, “Turn around, quick, Walt! No matter ‘fyuh come in me, the babe’d look enough like Gene…damn’ guy can’t get a hard-on when he’s home!” I didn’t realise what she’d said until I had slipped my dong deep inside her, and my tongue was busy wrestling with hers. I pulled back a bit from her face, seeing to my surprise, but with no slackening of the building excitement within me, that she was crying. I licked at her tears, and she suddenly smiled.

“Oh, Walter! You’re such a love! Don’t tell anyone about Gene cheat’n Escort Giresun on me, please! You must like tasting my cunt, ’cause you’re really good, you’re soft and gentle. Do it some more after we…ohmigod…I’m gonna…again, Walt! I’m gonna …I…I’m…com’min’ a-ga-a-ain … push hard, bang into me…fuck me…hard…come…oooooh! Uhl Uh! Uh! Oh, so go-od,” she said, as we climaxed, then finally relaxed in each other’s arms.

After a bit she chuckled, “Migod, Walt, we never got off the floor!” and she started laughing. She wriggled herself free of my leg—I was pooped—and helped me up. There was no sign of our activity, thank God.

“C’mon in the shower; remember the splinter? We’ve gotta wash that off, Walt, my boy … and a whole lot of other things, too! But you’re a damn good fuck, little brother, ‘f you are only seventeen.”

“You know I’m older’n that, Sis! You even gave me a birthday present.”

“What? I didn’t know I gave you…shoot! I didn’t give you any present!” She looked at me suspiciously. The bulb lit, “Aw, you are a tease! Yeah, I guess I did.

“Come on, dry off, I’ll put a Band Aid on. Which foot did you limp on, d’you remember? It might get hurt again! You better believe there’ll be a next time, buster! You’re too good to waste!”

Sis had me a hard on again, just the way she smiled and rubbed against me. She was still as hot and bothered as I. We finally got into our swimming things, although every time I started for the stairs, she kept interrupting me to kiss me, and I kept unfastening her bra to lick her nipples! They stayed hard, still, like my dick. I really wanted to go down on her again, and she must have wanted me to, so we got on her bed and she was sucking me while I sucked on her clit. Took longer, but when we came! Boy!

We had to go back, though. We’d been gone a helluva time, and the other kids’d be wondering what we were doing. Actually, they were probably doing exactly what Sis and I had been doing. I think Sis thought so, too, ‘cause she grinned a lot as we approached the beach. There was laughter in her voice as she hollered, “Here we come, ready or not!” She broke out laughing, and so did I. “Ready or not!”

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