At the mercy of a North Korean She Devil.

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At the mercy of a North Korean She Devil.Summary: Secret operatives know only as She Devils use, sex, blackmail and torture to steal United States. PREFACEHe’d never given much thought to how important his defense work reallywas, or to what lengths someone would go to steal it. He’d been so stupidabout that. Even careless, but now it was too late.Too late to change what was about to happen. . .He stared without breathing at the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen;into the black eyes of a true She-Devil, and she looked lustfully back athim.Surely this wasn’t going to end well, at least not for him. But, asterror gripped his heart, he couldn’t bring himself to regret the lastthree months.The sudden love affair with a stunning Asian woman; of nights spent inher arms and of days wanting more.His seductress smiled as she crept forward to begin his time in hell.SPECIAL REPORT TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATESINVASION OF THE NORTH KOREAN SHE-DEVILS. . . How United States TopSecrets are being Oldspice.Chapter One.She emerged from her bedroom in a Sheer flyaway long white robe. Itsfull length open to reveal matching thong, garters and silk stockings. Sheposed at the doorway smoking a cigarette then asked in a sultry voice.”Do you mind if I smoke?””Oh my god,” was all the professor was able to utter before she seducedhim so quickly and so perfectly that it took his breath away. It wasobvious to George that Eun-Mi knew what she was doing when she masturbatedhim that first night to such an explosive climax.He would never forget the exotic Korean seductress who knelt between hislegs and slowly undid his fly then snaked her petite hand past his shortsand calmly coxed his stiffening cock out of its hiding place. Almostimmediately George arched his back and moaned loudly as she began tosqueeze and pump his dick to full erection.George’s heart skipped several beats as he drank in the Korean fantasythat was Eun-Mi. Standing just under five feet she was a slender womanwith firm peach sized breasts, olive skin and short black hair that quicklypayed homage to her Asian heritage.His mind struggled to understand why such a perfect creature would beinterested in a portly 45 year old widower like him. This wasn’t logicalor even believable on so many levels.But he arrogantly dismissed all doubts and ignored the alarm bells goingoff in his head choosing instead to concentrate on the incredible sight ofher dark red lips poised just above his cock head.He held his breath as she flicked her tiny pink tongue back and forthacross his sensitive urethra and churned his dick with unbridled abandon.She paused periodically to steal a drag from her cigarette and casuallyblew a stream of thick smoke across his exposed crotch then returned to herwork like a c***d to an ice cream treat on a hot summers day.Her penetrating coal black eyes surrounded by thick eye liner thatcovered her whole top lids stared deep into his soul and burned a permanentimage of an alluring feline beauty. Something he knew he would neverforgetEun-MI removed the dangling cigarette from her mouth once again and heldhis cock in a death grip while she dribbled smokey dollops of white foamysaliva at the entrance of his urethra producing a wet sloppy sound as shecontinued to jack him off.George broke her mesmerizing stare and glanced down to watch her petitehand churning away at his dick leaving a mixture of saliva and lipstickslime wherever her hand wandered.Suddenly George’s breathing became labored as she drove him closer tocrisis. She took this clue and began to increase the speed and v******e ofher pumping. Then without warning she lowered her head and captured hiscock between her red lips and began to suck.George could feel her powerful tongue as it swirled around his cock headpausing only to stab into his pee hole as if trying to split his dick intwo.After several minutes George slammed his eyes shut and began writhinguncontrollably, his brain and body unable to process the hurricane ofpleasure she was subjecting him to. He tried to squirm his body away in afutile attempt to force her to slow her assault but she sensed this andheld his cock even tighter.She returned the half dead cigarette to her red lips and shoved her freehand further down his pants capturing his ball sack and began to squeezeand pull at his defenseless orbs. He yelped, desperately trying to endurethe waves of sharp pain that flashed up his spine.George worried that she might force him into a heart attack and hethought to warn her to slow down; but all he could do was gulp for air andmoan.Eun-Mi raised her head up from George’s abused cock and while she pumpedand squeezed his ball sack she spoke to him through a cloud of creamysmoke.”Mmmmmm, your balls are beginning to swell nicely,” she purred as shemanipulated the soft eggs between her manicured fingers.”Oh my god, oh my gawd!” moaned George as he opened his eyes and lookeddown at the tiny hands that tortured his cock and his obscenely swollennuts.”Should I let come, lover?” she asked in broken english. “Would likemomma to take care of big boy, maybe?””Oooohhh! Fuck, I can’t take this anymore!” gasped George, “Please. ..Please let me come!””Ok lover. Give momma come” Eun-Mi said as she removed her cigaretteand stubbed it out then re-attached her smoky mouth to George’s throbbingdick and began to suck on it again.Within seconds a powerful orgasm consumed him, he bucked his hips wildlyand thrashed back and forth as he climaxed into her warm wet mouth.Eun-Mi did not let up on her sucking however choosing instead tocontinue to pump his cock and squeeze his ball sack with an almost sadisticfervor until George cried out in pain begging her to stop.The korean She-Devil finally detached herself after a few more minutesand allowed her newest victim to slowly recover from his powerful orgasm.* * *A few days later Station Supervisor Kwun-Mu of the KPA received a phonecall.”Have you prepared him in the way we discussed?””Yes.” Eun-Mi replied.”I put d**g in drink as instructed made sure he drink all before Iremove his clothes and tie him to chair.””Very good, do you have all the necessary. . .” He paused in midsentence, interrupted by the shrill scream of a woman in pain.Eun-Mi flashed an amused smile at her cell. “Is everything ok?” Sheasked.”Yes, yes. . .Nothing to concern yourself over. Their new femaledefense secretary has just discovered her lover, one of your sister devils,is not what she seems,” he explained. “The fact that this decadentAmerican likes females has made the process of entrapment and pendingreeducation much easier for us.”He cleared his throat then continued. “You have three days to convincethe good professor to talk, I don’t need to tell you what the price offailure would be.””I understand, I will not fail.” Eun-Mi said with assurance, but theconnection had already gone dead.* * *The heady scent of expensive perfume mixed with a freshly smokedcigarette hung heavy in the air of the small secluded motel room severalmiles from Edwards AFB.Professor George Blanchard Chief scientist and architect of the LancerProject had been served a drink an hour earlier in the shabby dimly litroom then voluntarily allowed himself to be stripped of his clothes andtied to a modified seatless wooden chair by his pretty young Korean lover.George breathed deeply in an attempt to calm his nerves, thankful he hadremembered to take his heart meds that morning. He didn’t want to die justyet he thought to himself.He looked around in amazement at how perfectly the petite woman hadmanaged to recreate his fantasy scene. He’d only known Eun-Mi for threemonths but during that time, his little Korean princess, as he liked tothink of her, had managed to capture his heart and his fantasy’s even hisdarkest ones with expert efficiency.He closed his eyes as the effects of Eun-Mi’s secretly administered d**gbegan to heighten his sexual desires making his cock rock hard andextremely sensitive.”Are you almost ready?” He called out to her as his entire bodyliterally began to burn with d**g induced desire.Eun-Mi resisted the urge to wretch. This would be her sixth victim. Surprisingly she still found it difficult to hide her distaste for theseAmerican dogs. She’d hoped her government would have transferred her toanother country by now, but her KPA handler had come to her with yetanother elaborate scheme to steal secrets from the hapless Americans.It involved, seduction: betrayal: blackmail and balıkesir escort torture. Something shedid quite well.Her new assignment was a portly capitalist pig in his mid forties with aface that truly made her stomach turn. But as a member of the specialbranch of the KPA, code named She-Devils, she would never refuse anassignment and would take pride in making him suffer for his countriesinjustices.”Soon, lover.” She called out.She looked in the mirror of the small bathroom and thought how far shehad come from the small farming province of SASI-RIin where her days werefilled with planting cabbage in knee deep shit. Of the 3 years she spentin Paldiski Estonia a secret Soviet city where submarine crews and spieswere trained.And as she dabbed her BeautyBlender cosmetic sponge around her face,smoothing her expensive foundation, she paused and allowed her mind towander further back in time. To those days when Soviet woman who spokeperfect english, chained smoked cigarettes and looked liked magazine modelstrained her on everything from Anilingus to safecracking.She slathered on another layer of Red Fushia lip stain making heralready lushes lips match her lacquered nails and slipped on her SatinCriss Cross Strap Sandals adjusting them to make sure her bright red toenails were visible then d****d a red low cut Chinese silk robe over hernaked body and slowly made her entrance.`This is for dear leader…and my country,’ she said to herself as sheentered the small living room.”Oh my God!” George exclaimed in a hushed almost reverent voice.”You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he said, strugglingagainst his bonds desperately trying to reach out and embrace her.Eun-Mi seductively moved between his bound spread legs and slowlyallowed her silky rob to slip off onto the floor revealing her perfectlyproportioned body. Her olive skin, tiny jutting breasts and short jetblack hair left no doubt she was the perfect Korean seductress.Eun-Mi smiled. “You like?” She asked striking a sexy pose.George blinked and leered in disbelief at the beauty standing beforehim.”You…you are so sexy.” He whispered while delicious options of whatwould happen next began flooding his d**g addled mind.Eun-Mi reached down and delicately sc****d the underside of his bloodengorged cock with her long red nails then surrounded his shaft with herstrong fingers and gently squeezed his penis.George felt little electric shocks everywhere she touched along hisshaft. This was an experienced woman who knew exactly how to excite a man.She opened his urethra up and gently squeezed the tip ever so lightly andpeeked inside, then lifted and stroked his organ from below.The Korean goddess knelt before him and reached for a small jar ofmedicated cream she had placed under his chair and fished out a generousamount of the gooey greenish slime and began to massage it deeply into thetender skin of his cock. The cream at first felt good to the professor andas her hand glided smoothly up and down his cock he began to drift into adream state filled with sexual pleasure.George’s penis stood straight out in response to whatever was in thatjar and as his lover continued to pump up and down along his shaft he couldfeel her sharp nails scr****g at his pee hole opening it wider each timeshe reached his cock head.After several minutes Eun-Mi stopped and examined him by pulling hispenis first to the left, then to the right, carefully studying her newpossession.” American cock not so big…I bet you have trouble keeping womenhappy.”She giggled as she worked the mysterious goo deeper into his fleshcoxing large amounts of sticky pre-cum to dribble up and out of his everwidening pee hole.”Wh. . .What?” George said, unsure if she had just insulted his manhood.She rolled her thumb playfully over his urethra playing with the dropsof pre-cum as they dribbled out. She repeated that several times asking,”Does feel good George? . . .Or want me stop?””Oh-my-God NO!” He blurted out. “My dick is on fire, what’s in thatstuff your using, I’ve never felt anything like it.”Eun-Mi worked his cock more aggressively as she watched George begin tosweat.”It special blend of exotic plants and stimulants designed to enhancesexual response make you more compliant.””Com. . .Compliant. . .What do you mean?” George mumbled as he began tofeel the effects of the mysterious goo.The cunning Asian mistress captured his chin with her other hand andlooked directly into his dilated pupils.”You like me do more?” She said with an air of mystery in her voice.The pig had been introduced to her pleasure techniques for a few monthsnow she mused to herself. But tonight he will be introduced to her ownspecial form of North-Korean hell. Something she had been looking forwardto.”Oh…Please Eun-Mi…Yes I want more…Please!” George stared back witha needy pitiful look and was surprised and a bit frightened by the look shereturned. Her once kind eyes now reflected an air of cruelty and asuperiority that he had never seen in her before.A sly smile washed over the She-Devil’s face. “You give somethingfirst,” she said cryptically, and instantly George’s head began to clear.Had he made a terrible mistake? Had he just let a spy tie him to a chair?`My God I’m so stupid,’ he thought, ` the CIA told me to becareful…Wh…Why didn’t I listen!'”Let me go right now…Please.” He half slurred his demands, recognizingfor the first time that this could be one of those honey traps he was toldabout.”George,” Eun-Mi spat his name out like some foul tasting fish, takingin the portly man’s sweating body.”Only one way out this,” she snorted.The North-Korean She-Devil’s gaze fell to the bewildered professor’spitiful cock which for the moment was still standing straight up, strainingfor her continued attention.”Someone want speak with you,” she said, pointing a long red nail at ablack box on the nearby coffee table.`How could he have missed that’, George thought, it was obviously aspeaker phone.”Professor Blanchard.” A Calm voice boomed out from the box.George jumped at the sound then gripped the arm rests of the chair.”How…how do you know my name,” he said, unable to hide the growingfear in his voice.”We know quite a lot about you, Professor.” The male voice calmlyanswered back. “Things that your employer or perhaps your FBI wouldfind…Very interesting…If we allowed it.””I’m not going to tell you anything!” George yelled to the black box.An amused chuckle emanated from the speaker phone. “All in good timeProfessor Blanchard, we are a very patient people and when we are done youwill beg to be asked questions and. . . to give answers.”Chapter Two.For the next hour George strained against his bonds trying to see whatEun-Mi was doing. The petite Asian seductress first wrestled a heavy blacktrunk from the closet, opened it and began methodically organizing itscontents on the bed. His heart skipped a beat or two as his imaginationran scared.”I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I mean… I thought you andI had something special. I thought you… loved me,” he lamented.Eun-Mi’s nostrils flared. “Do you think I love someone like you!” Shefinally spat out. “A fat, ugly man with small cock, a filthy American!”His heart sank at her outburst and sudden anger. He fell silent,lowered his head and took several deep breaths in an attempt to calmhimself and to think of a way out of this.George stared off into space and fought the urge to cry; he really didthink she loved him. Eun-Mi quickly gathered the first batch of suppliesshe needed and placed them in neat order on the coffee table then push thedial out button on the speaker phone.”Yes,” the mysterious voice answered. “I have gathered the necessarysupplies,” Eun-Mi answered back.”Splendid, and as for you Professor Blanchard,” the voice boomed out. “I’m only going to ask you one question at a time, if you answer truthfullythis need not get nasty. But lie or not answer will not end well for you.”George’s face drained of all its color as he heard his mouth say. “Goto hell! I’m not betraying my country!””That doesn’t surprise me,” the calm voice said with a chuckle. “YouAmerican’s are all the same, you talk big but deep down inside you are allcowards.”” Eun-Mi.” The male voice boomed out with authority. “Give him a tasteof what we have planned for him if he doesn’t cooperate.” And with that thebox went dead.”You…You don’t have to do this…Just let me go and I won’t tellanyone. . .I. . . I . . escort balıkesir . promise,” George begged.”To late that,” she said with a sadistic smile on her face.She turned and donned a pair of latex gloves and collected a large tinof thick brown goo that she had earlier placed on the coffee table. Sheopened it and quickly plunged two fingers into the pungent smellingointment and began to coat his scrotum from his rosebud all the way to thebase of his erect cock with the fowl smelling concoction.”I hope you like,” she grinned back at him. “Our superior scientistsdeveloped this treatment to get traitors to confess crimes against the DearLeader. Soon balls enlarge and loose hair then I can get started. It willmake work easier and your life very difficult I’m afraid.”A cold sweat broke out along the professor’s face, as he looked up atEun-Mi in hopeless desperation. “You’re not serious?” He pleaded indisbelief. “You’re going to torture my testicles until I talk? That’sabsolutely barbaric.”The She-Devil stared back at him for a minute. One side of her mouthcurled up into an almost-smile. The expression on her face said, “Youhaven’t seen anything yet.”George clamped his eyes shut and threw his head back as the full impactof what was happening began to sink in. Eun-Mi quietly stood up and wentinto the small kitchenette and retrieved a plastic bucket she had placedthere earlier and filled it with hot water and several cups of salt.She carried it back and placed it between George’s legs. then grabbed along pink canvas ribbon from the coffee table and threw it in the bucket,watching it slowly sink to the briny bottom.George’s eyes snapped open just in time to see the last of the ribbonsurrender beneath the water.”What are you going to do with that?” He demanded.Eun-Mi grabbed another cigarette and circled her prey in quietcontemplation. She stopped in front of him and held his quizzical starewith a cheerful smile on her red lips and lit her cigarette, blowing a longcolumn of smoke above his head before she spoke again.”It is technique we use to extract information from those who refuse totalk,” she said smiling down at him.”When soaked up enough water and salt I’m going to wrap tightly aroundneck until you can barely breath. Once the canvas begin dry, will shrinkever so slightly until. . .you no more, I’m afraid.” she shrugged.”Wha. . .No!” George whined.”Eun-Mi.” a voice from the speaker phone interrupted them. It was adifferent voice than before but judging by Eun-Mi’s sudden snap toattention George could see she knew the voice quite well.”Yes. . .Mr. Green,” she answered back thankful she had remembered hisnew alias.”We have been listening,” the man said with authority. “Before weresort to v******e, give the professor a little taste of what co-operatingfeels like, do you understand?””Yes. . .Mr. Green, I will do as ordered.” She said reluctantly.”Please, this is insane!” George screamed out at the speaker phone as itwent dead.With the fresh cigarette dangling from her lips Eun-Mi knelt between hislegs and trapped his swollen balls between her thumb and forefinger andpulled them down as far as his skin would allow.George sobbed at the sharp pain. “Oh. . .Please I. . .I don’t wantanymore pain.” he whined as he searched for sympathy in her eyes; but foundnothing more than cold indifference.Eun-Mi giggled through clouds of creamy smoke as she began rippingrandom clumps of pubic hair roots and all from George’s inflamed ball sack.”Oh! My God! Your tearing me apart,” George yelped as his tender ballswere being plucked like a chicken.”You all done now,” she announced after several minutes of agonizingtorture to the professor’s ball sack.The sadistic Korean She-Devil took a few moments to study herhandy-work. The chemical dressing she had applied had done its work and nowhis denuded balls were red and had grown to the size of large lemons; justwhat she needed to make him suffer she noted with a satisfied nod of herhead.”And now we begin,” she excitedly announced to his cock as she grabbedthe erect shaft with one hand and began to pump up and down along itssensitive shaft.George clenched his fists. “You’re so fucking evil,” he blurted outtrying not to look worried. “I. . .still. . .won’t answer your questionsand there’s nothing you can do to change my mind.”Eun-Mi reached down with her free hand and began to toy with George’sobscenely swollen testicles and lightly traced her fingers around theengorged orbs. They had already begun to change color, she observed, froma normal skin tone to dark crimson and had swollen to more than twice theirnormal size.”So sorry.” She said with little sympathy.Eun-Mi stood up and stubbed out her cigarette then straddled hercaptive’s lap and grabbed his head with both hands and pulled it close tohers. She watched with delight at his obvious suffering and stared deepinto his eyes before speaking.”Mommy can make the pain stop, I can replace suffering with muchpleasure if only you would surrender.” She said with sincere penetratingeyes and a soft voice.George’s mouth dropped open in a silent gasp as she pulled their bodiestogether and wrapped her arms around his neck. Their two faces were meremillimeters apart and he could feel her breath wash up against his face asshe hovered just out of reach as if waiting for an answer.”I can’t. . . I mean I. . .Wo. . .What do you want from me. . .M. ..Mommy?” He finally broke, tears running down his cheeks.Eun-Mi leaned in closer and lightly grazed her nose all around George’sface pausing to lick at his tears with her pink tongue.”Mommy make pain go away, just tell us what we want. . .It that simple.”She said in a low whisper.She was so close to him that he could smell her perfumed skin. Like adelicate rare flower, it had a heady intoxicating effect on his senses.”Mmmmmm, I love the way you smell, mommy. Sooo sweet,” He murmuredsoftly as she positioned her moist lips just over George’s quivering mouth.Eun-Mi pressed her lips up against his and applied just enough pressureto elicit a soft groan of approval from him. She could feel George’sdesire growing and his resistance melting away as she allowed the sensualkiss to last for more than 30 seconds before pulling back waiting for hiseyes to reopen.”I . . . That was so wonderful. . . Mommy. . .But. . .”Before he could finish speaking, Eun-Mi closed in and re-attached hersoft lips to his again and seductively ground her tight ass into his crotchas she began another more sensual kiss.The slick feeling of her lipstick-covered lips as they slid around hismouth further fueled his lust, making it very difficult to think. Georgeswooned at the way her velvety lips felt as they dominated his soperfectly.The professor’s breathing was getting heavier by the second as the kisslasted longer than a full minute until he finally felt Eun-Mi pull backagain and release her grip on his pulsating mouth.”Don’t be foolish, George,” whispered Eun-Mi softly as she stared intohis eyes. “If give us what we want, mommy untie arms and you can hold me.”His insides trembled and his eyes darted back and forth unable to holdher predatory stare.. . love. . . you. . .Mommy,” he whispered back to her. “But I still.. . won’t. . . betray my country.” He blurted out in subdued defiance.”You stupid fat American pig,” she spat back at him while sliding offhis lap. “I hate everything you stand for, you will soon kneel before ourGreat Leader and worship him, I promise.”She stood back a few steps then took another cigarette from the coffeetable and lit it.”Did you hear?” Eun-Mi angrily spoke out loud into the room.”Yes,” the voice of her supervisor quickly answered back from thespeaker phone.”Such a pity that the good professor has chosen the hard way,” he sighedwith true regret in his voice. “But your decision presents us with only aslight detour, one that we have prepared for.””Begin phase two as discussed,” he called out to Eun-Mi before the blackbox crackled then went dead.George dug his finger nails into the chair’s wooden arm rests afterabsorbing the finality of the voice’s statement.”Wh… What’s phase two?. . .Please I beg you, please don’t do this.”He said with a trembling voice.He stared without breathing at the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen,into the black eyes of a true She-Devil and she looked lustfully back athim and smiled as she crept forward to begin his time in hell.Chapter Three.Eun-Mi knelt between his legs and with renewed energy reached balıkesir escort bayan for hisstill erect penis. And began another slow deliberate churning action.George held his breath and struggled to keep control of his sanity. Buthis body’s natural response to her constant slow pumping soon took overcausing his hips to involuntarily thrust up off the chair in a desperateattempt to force her to pump harder.His Korean temptress quickly added to her insanely slow hand-job andgrabbed his bulbous irritated balls with her free hand and began to milkthem forcing waves of indescribable pain to shoot up along his spine.His mouth went dry as it suddenly became clear to his tortured mind thatthis was not going to end well. No amount of begging was going to stopher.He had no choice at the moment except to be an unwilling participant toher adept skills when it came to exacting her will over his defenselessmanhood.”Mommy angry with George, he now must be punished.”Eun-Mi formed a ring with her thumb and forefinger just below the headof his cock and gently began to tug downward, while she continued to milkhis purple testicles with her other hand.She looked up at him and paused with an evil smile and blew a plume ofsmoke at his face from her dangling cigarette. Then returned her attentionto his cock and continued to stroke his shaft with one hand, while shegently massaged the nerve-packed stretch of skin between his anus andtesticles driving him to the edge.”You have lost” She said in-between puffs of smoke. “Answer allquestions…Now!””FUCK-YOU!” George yelled back.Eun-Mi abruptly stopped pumping and held his cock in her firm grip andpaused to finish her cigarette before stubbing it out. She looked up atthe bewildered American dog for a moment then turned and leaned forwardjust enough to block his vision while she grabbed something long and shinyfrom the coffee table.George quickly noticed her movements and alarm bells began to sound inhis head. “Wha. . .What are you doing.” He demanded.But just as his protests left his quivering lips, Eun-Mi turned back andmercilessly stabbed the object into his pee hole and pushed it deep downhis urethra stopping just at the entrance of his bladder.George clenched his fists, jerked and began to scream at the suddeninvasion of his manhood.”It…burns…It burns…WHAT are you doing to me!”She slowly inserted the thick hollow metal tube all the way down hisurethra and then sadistically withdrew it, taking it all the way out, thenslowly spinning the ribbed metal tube between her thumb and forefinger andstabbed it back in again.”You heartless Bitch!,” George screamed. “Stop, please… Your hurtingme!””Mommy going to make you very uncomfortable from now on, George. Ifonly you had agreed to answer just one question.” She softly replied.George screamed himself almost hoarse as his captor continued to drillher unforgiving instrument of torture deeper into his defenseless cock.After what seemed several minutes Eun-Mi ceased her probing leaving thehollow stainless steel tube deeply imbedded in George’s bladder. She satback and watched with lurid fascination as a flood of amber urine bubbledup and ran down between his legs.Once his bladder surrendered its contents she turned to the coffee tableand grabbed a long thick object from a wooden box stamped with the word”Chohiba”.”This.” She announced, waiving the object in his face. “Is a Cubancigar,” she said with a hint of pride while putting the flame from herlighter to it.”Another of the many wonders that only Communism can produce.”George heard Eun-Mi’s words but none of them made sense to him. Allthat mattered now was that thing she had just impaled his dick with, andwhat she would do with it.”Y. . .You’re not going to burn me with that. . .Ar. . .Are You?”Eun-Mi took delight in his horrified expression as she sucked the cigarinto her ruby red lips and began to suckle on it. Coxing clouds of thicksmoke into her lungs filling them to capacity.She flashed him an evil look then quickly clamped her mouth over thehead of his cock sealing it between her lips and began to blow a steadystream of thick pungent smoke down the metal tube filling his emptybladder.George, strained against his bindings in a futile attempt to clamp hislegs closed only able to watch as she continued with her lewd act offilling his tender insides with her humid second hand smoke.Suddenly, George began to feel a familiar urgent need begin to builddeep down inside his body.”Oh fuck!” Please I have to go pee. Let me go pee…Please!”The kneeling Asian seductress smiled while he begged but mercilesslycontinued to painfully fill his protesting bladder with thick smoke. Attimes she would pause and stare into his eyes and smile while squeezing hisBalls until he yelled out for her to stop.George felt a rush of depraved excitement, followed immediately by aflush of shame. He remembered their late night conversations in-betweenheavy make-out sessions and how she used her glossy red lips to skillfullyextract from him his sexual fantasies. He had told her even about this,had spelled out this dark obsession in every detail.And now that he was here, tied to a chair while she used his secretfantasies against him was almost too much to bare. Panic began to set inas he realized that he liked this, not only liked it but wanted it.He didn’t want to be that person, yet here he was, the brilliantprofessor who deep down just wanted to be used by a sadistic woman in amost depraved way.`How could he live with himself if this got out.` Kept running throughhis tortured mind.Eun-Mi continued to knead George’s balls with one hand and hungrilysucked at his pee hole as if his cock was now her personal Bong. Afterseveral moments of nursing his abused cock she raised her head in triumphwhen thick wisps of gray smoke flowed up from George’s bladder and backinto her lungs.She search his face as she expelled the cock smoke from her glossy redlips high into the air. “Ooh.” She thrilled out loud. “You really fuckednow, American.”George followed the plume as it slowly rose above his head and watchedas Eun-Mi once again took a deep drag from her Cuban and repeated theprocess of filling his body with her smoke then pausing to draw it backout.His stomach trembled and burned as the room became filled with clouds ofacred cock smoke. He watched in helpless fascination while his tormentorliterally smoked his penis like some specialty pipe.”Mmm, taste good.” she finally spoke as she blew a steady stream ofsmoke into his face. “Perhaps I have found a use for pathetic Americancock after all.”Chapter Four.The doomed professor forced himself to look away. The bizarre sight ofher lips suckling smoke from his manhood began to turn him on and he didn’twant to give her and anyone watching the satisfaction that he was likingthis. But Eun-Mi would not be fooled and in between leisurely drags fromhis cock she proudly informed him that more unique methods to make him talkwere soon to follow.George fought to keep his face free of fear while she threatened him. Free of anything that might be used as a clue that she was getting to him;but now, as her very experienced tongue coiled around his cock head hisface began to flush crimson with expectation and his breathing began toquicken.With alarm he realized he was dangerously close to an orgasm. He andEun-Mi suddenly locked eyes and he could tell by the look of evil triumphthat she was inside his head and knew how close he was.`I want this’. . . He said to himself. `Please just let me come.’Those words of secret surrender kept rolling through his tormented mind.As if sensing his growing excitement she abruptly stood up, grabbed hercell phone and walked into the bathroom. Leaving her victim lost in a seaof passion and unfulfilled lust.”Oh. . .God. . .Please don’t leave me like this!” George begged as sheturned her back on his smoldering cock head and left the room.”Yes.” Eun-Mi said to the male voice on the other end of the phone.”Drain him first then begin the final phase of his enslavement andsecure him for the night.” The voice instructed. “Our friend will needseveral hours to introduce itself.”Eun-Mi winced. She hadn’t expected the final phase so soon. “Yessupervisor,” she managed. Her palms felt sweaty. “I will prepare him thengather the necessary equipment.”George chewed nervously on his lower lip as he strained to hear herconversation. “Please let me go!” He yelled out in her direction in hopesthe person on the other end might be someone who could help him.”Thank you, sir,” Eun-Mi said into her phone. She closed her cell phonethen flashed George an evil smile and began to walk towards him. . . To becontinued!Comments . . .Please send to

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