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The morning dew rested on everything outside the kitchen window. The morning’s moistness covered the front lawn and everything within eyeshot of the window. The rain the night before had caused an eerie mist to come and blanket the whole of outdoors making visibility low from every window in the house.

Annette had peaked out of the living room window to see if her friends had driven up yet, but the driveway only held her and Dan’s cars. They were not there yet but were most likely in route and arrival eminent.

She had made her way to the kitchen, again looking out the window and taking in the beauty of the start of the day. Morning had always been her favorite time of day, and she loved to get up, make coffee for herself and Dan, and sit peacefully and breathe serenity in and out of her lungs. However, most mornings did not hold the excitement that this one did.

Her and Dan had found and ad online that seemed interesting to them and had developed an interesting friendship with another couple. This was the day they were to meet for the first time.

She had talked to Sheila online and on the phone several times for long periods of time over the last two weeks and they had both found a kinship with one another that to be frank had been something the both of them had been longing for deep down for quite some time now.

Dan and her had talked endlessly in the evenings about Sheila and Mark and how they had found that they both agreed that this seemed like the beginnings of a beautiful long term relationship. What she would come to realize later is that Sheila and Mark had being doing the same thing. In one of their conversations on the phone, Sheila and her had found so many extraordinary similarities between the two of them that it was almost scary. Everything from A-Z has they talked about. Even Dan and Mark had found a kinship via the e-mails they had sent. And in the conversation over the phone, that had revealed itself too.

Drifted away in thought of all that had taken place over the last three weeks, Annette had allowed the water to overfill the coffee pot and it was now running over her soft hand. She shook her head and started the coffee pot and sat and awaited Dan to get up.

After the coffee started making, she sat at the kitchen table and started reading the paper.

She heard a stir from the bedroom and knew her sweetie was coming for his morning ambrosia. He would first kiss her and then pour a cup of coffee. As she listened and watched him walk towards the kitchen, she kept an ear out for the motor from a car.

Dan came to her side and kissed on the lips and smiled at her and went and poured himself a cup of coffee and then came and sat down next to her.

“So. What have you girls planned for the day dare I ask.” He remarked with an evil grin spread across his face.

“That’s for us to know and you men to find out.” She smiled sensually back at him

“You know I read Marks mail last night. He told me that he was so eager to meet us he felt he was going to burst. He said that you and I were all he and Sheila had been talking about.” He said softly as he sipped his first sip

Annette had ran back over her thoughts over the last few days and realized that they had both been doing the same thing.

As they sat at the table, not saying a word, the sound of an engine began to grow louder and louder as it pulled closer to the house. Her and Dan’s eyes met and they both said simultaneously.

“They’re here!”

Dan stood up and went to put a shirt on quickly. Annette went to the kitchen window to make sure they were here and then took a quick glance at her reflection in the window to make sure her appearance was to her own standards.

She heard a light tapping on the front door and made her way to towards it and met Dan in the process.

Dan opened the door to expose their new friends standing there smiling at them.

“Come in.” Annette replied with a smile

Mark entered the door first and looked at Dan as they both extended their hands to one another and met each other with a smile. Then Mark turned to Annette and hugged her and said aloud in the deep voice Sheila had told her about…

“It is so nice to finally meet you both.”

Mark stepped out of the way and allowed Sheila to step in to the house completely. Sheila came first to Annette and hugged her smiling and then turned to Dan and did the same with an equal remark to both of them.

They all four went to the kitchen and Annette offered coffee to both of them. Mark of course immediately took her up on the offer.

Annette laughed inside as she could see he was the same addict Dan was to the nectar of the gods.

“So. Now will you tell me the days plans Annette?” Dan asked eagerly

Annette and Sheila both giggled to themselves at the counter,

“Its no good.” Mark replied

“I couldn’t get anything out of Sheila either. It would seem were going to have to ride this one out man.” He said with a laugh

“So, bursa escort what you’re saying is that our women are tightlipped then, hey Mark?” Dan responded with a snicker

“No pun intended, hey baby?” Replied Annette with another giggle from her and Sheila

They all sat discussing all the e-mails, work, jobs and many other subjects.

Dan and Mark stood up from the table and went to the living room to sit and chat while Sheila and Annette stayed in the kitchen table discussing their plans for the day.

After a while, Annette and Sheila came to the living room also and

Talked about other things, while Dan and Mark discussed what sounded to be like philosophy.

A few minutes later, Dan perked up.

“Mark and I have decided that we’d really like it if you two would at least give us a hint. Please?” they both looked at them with puppy dog eyes.

Both Annette and Sheila looked at one another with a smile and turned towards their men and replied together smiling.


They both could see how eager both their men were to go, so they both got up and began to gather their purses and they both walked sensually towards the door.

Both Dan and Mark watched them sachet across the room with hungry eyes and rose from their seats to follow.

Out the door and into the car, Annette and Sheila both had already decided to ride together in the front seat, to add more mystery to the day.

Sheila drove and her and Annette talked about the scenery, while Dan and Mark sat and listened and every once in a while, both ladies would catch a piece of the conversation from the back seat. They were talking about what the other ones lady liked and enjoyed sexually.

“Nasty little boys.” Both girls replied snickering

This brought the car full of laughter for a few minutes.

Only a minute or two later, they had pulled up to this older two story house.

Mark and Dan looked at it with perplexed looks on their faces, but remained silent but with what could only be described as greedy smirks spread across the mouths.

The house was a Victorian style with one huge gable spread over a huge wrap around porch. There were gables extending out over two different French doors on the top floor and both sets of doors were closed with a peach colored lacy curtain hanging over them.

The house itself was a dark green and yellow trim and everywhere you looked there were planks that made up the entire exterior of the house. There was beautiful shrubbery all along the front and side porch. Azaleas. Pride of Mobile of all different colors. All designed to accentuate the old home with White, yellow and purple blooms. All spaced just far enough apart with green and yellow acuba bushes neatly trimmed to hug each and every azalea with just enough space to prevent overpowering. The grass along the lawn was trimmed short and speckled monkey grass lined the walkway towards the porch and around the sidewalk to the porch on the left hand side.

In the lawn, hanging from a cedar post was a sign swinging on a plaque in the gentle breeze that read…”Antiques”

Looking at both the guys, the girls smiled and said and winked at each other.

“Lets go shopping.”

An odd sigh seem to come over the men’s faces when they heard this comment, yet they also seemed intrigued by the prospect.

They all exited the car and locked their doors and Sheila and Annette took the lead up the walk. They were whispering to each other is all the men could tell, but Dan and Mark were not so discreet.

“What do suppose they are up too man?” Mark asked inquisitively

“Don’t know. But I bet it’s going to be good. Annette never lends this much mystery to anything she has planned unless it’s going to be a mind blower.” He replied

“Yeah. Sheila is the same way. I’m just really eager to find out you know what I mean?”

Annette and Sheila were arm and arm walking and listening and then smiled at one another. Sheila turned to them both and said

“I feel so dirty right now from the road trip. I wonder if there is a bathroom here where I could freshen up.”

Annette immediately followed with

“Yea Sheila. Me too. Lets go see if we can find one.”

Just the sounds of their voices were enough to raise an interest in both Dan and Mark. For both had acted like two little horny schoolgirls when they made their statements about the bathroom.

Dan and Mark both looked at one another with greedy eyes and watched as both ladies walked away swinging their asses in their miniskirts.

“Hmm… I wonder what that meant?” Dan asked as he elbowed Mark in the arm.

“Don’t know. But I’m going to find out.” Mark replied anxiously

Both Dan and Mark followed along and purposely stood at the foot of the six concrete stairs leading up the porch to get a glimpse of the ladies thighs and ass cheeks.

Sheila and Annette both knew they were looking and bent over just a little to adjust their dresses, revealing just bursa escort bayan a little tease of their sweet little snatches to the men standing behind them, and then stood up quickly which teased them even more.

“Dude! They’re not wearing any panties!” Mark jabbed Dan

“Yeah. I know. Aren’t they hot?” Dan replied in a low horny voice

“Yeah. They are. They both just made my cock rock hard.”

“Me too man.” Dan said aloud.

Now both men were just loud enough to one another that the ladies overheard them both. They opened the door and looked back at them, and then they smiled and walked in to the old house.

Just inside the door was a huge foyer with hardwood floors and a staircase that disappeared on a landing that went up and to the right. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling and the prisms from the French window above the door where the light was shining through glittered the walls and high ceiling with little rainbows. Just off to the right was a huge sitting room with antique furniture and what-knots littering the room as far as the eye could take in. To the left, a step down and again the same beautiful furnishings everywhere you looked. All marked with little price tags placed either tied around the object or attached to haphazardly. In the room to the right and there in the foyer as well, were little round table covered in lace and all sorts of china, lamps and other assorted items scattered about them.

The door opened behind Annette and Sheila and in walked the Dan and Mark.

Just as they entered a beautiful young lady from around the opening to what had to have been the kitchen.

“May I help you please?” the young lady asked

Sheila and Annette both nodded and Sheila replied.

“Yes. We saw the ad in the paper about the tub and we’d like to look at it please.”

The young lady smiled with what appeared as if she understood.

“Its up the stairs and in the bath in the master bedroom at the front of the house on the left at the end of the hall.” She replied glancing a smile at Dan and Mark

“Thank you.” Both ladies giggled

Both Annette and Sheila started up the stairs side by side taking great care to move in such a way, that their asses would peek out and as they climbed, a slight hint of pubic hair, although dark and unfocused made Dan and Marks eyes light with sexual glee.

Annette and Sheila disappeared behind the landing on the stairs as the men watched with hunger and wanton stares. They could hear them walking on the hardwood floor above and listened intently as their footfalls shuffled into the room and out of sight.

Both Dan and Mark looked at each other in wonder.

“Is there anything I can help you gentlemen find?” the young lady replied with a wink and a smile

“Or would you prefer to wait on your lady friends?” winking again

“Thank you. No. We’ll just let them finish doing their shopping.” Mark replied

The young lady had long black hair and a Pink dress on that showed a little more cleavage than it probably should have for a store of this nature. Yet, she continued on dusting making sure the men’s eyes could always look down her dress, if they wanted.

Speechless, both men began to piddle around and look at different things of their own desires. Sometimes, catching a glimpse of the young ladies breast as she bent over and sometimes looking at other items scattered about the house.

Eventually, they had split up and started looking at their own things in different rooms occasionally coming back to the foyer or watching the caretaker and engaging in small talk with her about some item that would be close to the floor. Mark began to look at his watch and was a little shocked to see that Annette and Sheila had been gone for more than thirty minutes. Assuming they had come down and he had missed them, he started back towards the foyer and both he and Dan met each other in the hall at the same time.

“What the hell do you think they are doing up there?” Dan asked wonderingly

” I don’t know Dan. I thought they came down and maybe they are outside or something.” Mark replied

“Perhaps they want both of you to come up there and look at it with them.” A familiar voice sounded from behind them.

They both turned and the young caretaker was smiling and twiddling her hair between her finger and thumb with a look of odd sensuality in her voice. Looking at her strangely and then back at one another, both men shrugged their shoulders and started up the stairs.

As Dan rounded the landing he looked back at the young caretaker and noticed she had her eyes closed and was rubbing her nipple through her dressed. Shocked to say the least he grabbed Mark’s arm and motioned his head down the stairs. Mark bent down to look through the rails and noticed the same thing Dan had just taken note of. As they both watched the young lady for a moment, she turned never taking her hand from her breast and walked out of the room towards the kitchen area.

“Weird escort bursa man. That was weird.” Mark snickered

Suddenly, from at the end of the hall, they both heard a noise like something being dropped on the floor. Looking at one another curiously, they moved up the stairs and towards the room in which their ladies had gone.

The bedroom was the same as the rest of the hose. High ceilings, crown molding and beautiful old furniture everywhere they looked. A huge fireplace was up against the far wall and a huge mantle of Victorian design perched above it. Just above that was a huge antique mirror that hung on the wall and mirrored the entire room including the whole Paul Bunyan style bed that was up against the wall that led to the hallway they had just came from. Off to each side was a nightstand with a kerosene lamp on each one of the tiffany types with all the beautiful design inlayed on the glass it was made of. Against the far wall were two cattycornered Rococo Recamiers’, ivory in color and upholstered with the finest fabric both about five and half feet in length from end to end.

Dan and Mark looked around the room and at one another and both pointed to the Recamiers and smiled.

Continuing to move around the room, they both noticed a door to another room beside the fireplace. It was ajar. Mark was pointing out the statues carved into the wood on the mantle piece. They were all men and women engaged in what looked like Kamas Sutra positions even the figurines on the mantle. Some were ceramic, some were wooden and some were made of brass, but all engaged in some wild erotic sexual position. As they examined the statues, Dan caught an eye to the ceiling and nudged Mark.

The ceiling was filled with a mural of a roman orgy. Men and women all heaped together in huge mass of sexual flesh. To look at it you couldn’t tell where one person began and another ended. All had a look on their faces as if they had been caught at the moment of climax and painted onto the ceiling.

“What is this place?” Mark asked

“This is Utopia I do believe Mark.” Dan replied with the same manner

Suddenly, they both heard what sounded like a jar drop and hit the floor from the room adjacent to the bedroom. Both Dan and Mark looked at each other and started towards the door.

As they went to open it, the floor before them exposed a white and black checkered tiled floor and the same on the wall about half way up. Slowly they entered the room and there they saw Annette and Sheila in a huge tub that was a mixture of an old claw style bathtub and a roman tub. Large enough for several people but sitting on antique gold painted lion’s feet.

Both were naked and sitting in the huge tub filled with water and bubbles. Annette’s back was too Sheila and she had a sponge and was washing her back ever so gently. Annette moaning as the warm water cascaded over her back and over her supple breasts and nipples.

Dan and Mark just watched with hungry eyes as both women sat in the water.

As Sheila finished bathing Annette’s back, she stopped and whispered in Annette’s ear and then both ladies looked towards their men who were staring at them. Annette first looked at Dan and then Mark, and then down to both their crotch’s and noticed their manhood’s standing fully erect inside their pants and sticking out towards them.

Annette took Sheila’s head in the palm of her hand gently and whispered something into her ear. After which, both ladies turned their heads toward the husbands and smiled.

“Water’s warm. You going to just stand there guys?” both Annette and Sheila giggling

Both Dan and Mark looked at each other and then it was a race to see who could disrobe quickly enough. Both ladies laughing at the speed at which both men were taking their clothes off.

After both men were naked and staring at the ladies in the bathtub, the girls separated and went to separate sides of the tub.

“Now. Bring those big cocks over here and let us suck them.” Annette said while licking her lips.

“Yes. We want to watch the other give some really good head.” Sheila said while starting to massage her own nipples.

It was mere seconds before both men were standing in the bathtub and had their hard cocks standing at attention before their ladies inviting mouths.

Annette and Sheila positioned themselves so they could each watch the other slowly open their mouth and start to slide their mans cock down into their mouths.

As they did, they heard a moan come from deep inside both of their men. They knew that what they were doing felt good to them. First a long stroke with their mouths and then a couple of strokes with their soap lubricated hands.

Sheila watched as Dan leaned his head back and took one hand and placed it gently on Annette’s head to hold his balance and to run his fingers through her blonde hair. She watched as Annette took all of his cock in her mouth and stroked him off before placing his manhood back on her tongue.

Annette would then stop and slowly stroke Dan and smiled at Sheila and she would do the same to Mark, except before taking his rod in her mouth, she would lick off the pre-cum from his slit and then swallow him slowly into her throat.

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