Another Late Night

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Awoke this morning with a glorious dream fading from memory, so I figured I’d better get as much down on paper as fast as possible . . .

As we near the end of another Steelers’ Sunday, I sit at the bar chatting up the bartender, Carol. She’s relatively new here at the bar, working mostly Sundays, but an excellent addition to the staff. She’s about 5’6″, thin, brunette and has what has been called the world’s most perfect ass.

I’ve been coming here every Sunday just to see her (well, that and to watch my Steelers) for the past couple months. We have started to get along pretty well, slowly moving into the land of friendly flirting. As I am helping her shut down the bar for the night, cleaning ashtrays, clearing tables, we talk about our plans for the upcoming week. I’m excited because I’m off Monday.

She says, “If that’s the case we shouldn’t call it a night just yet. You should come over and we can hang out and have a couple more. If it gets too late, I’ve got an extremely comfy couch, you could always crash.”

We quickly finish the closing procedures and lock up the bar. Rather than risk drinking and driving, and getting a DUI, I leave my car parked at the bar and jump in hers. We figure since she’s got the couch, may as well use it, and she can always run me to get my car in the morning.

Arriving at her place, she goes to change “into something more comfortable” and asks me to start a fire and get us some drinks. I ask what she wants and she replies, “Search the kitchen and surprise me.” Once the fire has taken hold, I head to the kitchen. Well, all I can find are a couple bottles of Shiraz, so I open one and pour a couple glasses.

Returning to the living room, I check the fire, turn down the gas and settle into the couch. Finding the remote, I turn on the TV and quickly find SportsCenter. Engrossed as I am in checking out the stats for my Fantasy Football players, I don’t even notice her return until she plops on the couch beside me.

Glancing over, I notice that she’s changed into what I assume are her PJs, a pair of black leggings and an over sized T-shirt. With the robe and the pulled back hair, it is clear that she is thinking mainly of bed right now, but her eyes light up upon spying the wine. Taking a sip and nodding towards the fire, she comments on the blaze and then asks if I’ve seen enough football for one day.

I toss her the remote and she finds some movie, some ‘chick flick’ with Sandra Bullock, and turns the volume down so we can talk. “I’m glad you came over, it’s so nice to get a chance to hang out not have to keep running to wait on other customers. Now I can just focus on you.” As we make small talk, she inches closer and closer n the couch, until we are both sitting sideways, one leg dangling over the edge, the other tucked beneath us.

Tucking a few errant hairs behind her ear, she takes a sip of wine and comments on how impressed she is with how I get along with her son, that it is important for any guy she’s gonna be involved with to be liked by him. As I look up confused, she leans in and gives me a quick kiss. Pulling back and staring into my eyes, “We are going to be involved, aren’t we?”

In way of response, I simply pull your lips to mine and kiss you again, tenderly to begin, growing deeper as we both realize the attraction is very mutual. I can feel her hands roaming my back as mine slip inside her robe, settling on her hips. Catching my breath, I ask where that came from.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the first night I worked and saw you at the bar, tonight just seemed like the perfect opportunity to move on my feelings.”

“Well I’m glad you did. I’ve felt the same way since that first night. Just never figured you’d actually be feeling the same, Bayan Escort Gaziantep what with the age difference and all.” Should mention here that while I am 37, knocking on the big 4-0 door, Carol is young, bubbly 24 year old. She could have any man she wanted, and for some reason, it seems she has picked me.

“Age doesn’t matter to me, you act younger than most guys my age, while still maintaining the maturity of your years. Plus, like I said, the most important restriction is how Lucas likes you. And he definitely likes you! And that makes two of us, so enough talking, kiss me again already, before I change my mind.”

Who am I to argue with a lady, especially a beautiful one practically sitting in my lap. Again I reach out and, running my fingertips over the soft skin of Carol’s cheek, pull her lips to mine. We kiss tenderly to start, but as our temperatures rise our kisses turn passionate, our tongues dancing back and forth.

Our hands start to roam, hers again to my back, mine pushing off her robe and slipping up under her Tee. She moans as I cup one of her 34B breast, my suspicions confirmed when I find no bra. Momentarily breaking our kiss, she pulls off my sweater and tosses it across the room with her robe.

Climbing back onto the couch, she moves up to straddle my lap. I lean in and kiss the side of her neck, reaching up and releasing her hair from its ponytail. I run my fingers through her long, curly hair as her hands wander over my chest. She suddenly reaches up, grabs my head and pulls me from her neck. My shirt quickly joins the growing pile of clothing on the floor and she begins kissing and licking my chest.

Taking my hands in hers, she pulls them onto my head and continues her exploration of my chest. Her lips find my right nipple and she gently kisses it, flicking it with her tongue as her hand pinches and plays with the left. Her other hand moves to my belt and begins to undo it. As I reach to again caress her, she stops what she’s doing and informs me that, for the time being, I should just lie back and enjoy, she’s in charge!

I know not to mess with a good thing, so I do as told. Both her hands are now pulling off my belt and, after undoing my jeans she reaches in and begins stroking my rapidly expanding cock. She moans into my chest and begins kissing her way down across my belly. Moving so that she is kneeling on the floor between my legs, she pulls down my jeans and boxers, releasing my throbbing prick.

As soon as it pops into view, she plants a gentle kiss right on the head. Looking up into my eyes, she runs her tongue all the way down to my balls and then back up, swirling it around the tip. My hands reflexively fly to stroke her face, my head thrown back, as she slips her lips over the crown of my cock, slowly taking the full length into her mouth.

Regaining my composure, I let her know that it’s not going to take much for me to blow, in that it has been a long time since I was with a woman. This must please her as she redoubles her efforts on my prick. All to soon, I am at the point of no return, and let her know that I am about to cum. She simply pulls back until just the head is still between her lips and strokes me until I shoot my load into her waiting mouth.

As I recover, she swallows my cum and follows it with a big sip of her wine. Before rejoining me on the couch, she removes the rest of her clothes, revealing an amazing body. Her legs, long and toned, joining at her sex, which is all but bare, just a small tuft of dark brown curls. Her breasts, while on the smallish side, are perfectly formed and tipped with nipples, small and erect like pencil erasers.

As she climbs up my body, I reach out, one hand cupping her breast, the other sliding around to grab her sweet ass, pulling her tight against me. Kissing me, she moans into my mouth as I roll the hard nipple of her right breast between my thumb and fingers. I place both hands on her ass urging her higher until her breasts are aligned with my mouth and take as much of the right one into my mouth as I can.

I slowly pull back until just the nipple is left between my lips and flick it with the tip of my tongue. Her hands on the back of my head encourage me to continue. Reaching up to pinch and tweak her left nipple, I gently bite the right. She moans again and I switch my attack.

I can feel the heat radiating from her pussy as she grinds it against my stomach, her hips rolling in the age-old rhythm. Taking this as my cue to move on, I slide a hand down over her ass, between her legs to find her moist slit. Running the very tips of my fingers along the lips, I feel her shudder as a mini orgasm rolls through her.

Knowing she is ready for more, I stand, picking her up in the process. Turning around, I lay her back on the sofa, taking her earlier position on the floor. Taking her right foot in my hands, I gently kiss and suck each toe before kissing my way, slowly, up her leg. As she waits for me to reach my destination, her hands are not idle. One moves to her breasts, gently teasing one nipple then the other, back and forth. The other glides across her taut stomach to settle between her legs.

I reach up and brush that hand away, moving it to her breasts with its partner. She reaches down and tries to speed up my progress up her leg, but I again place her hands back on her breasts. To placate her, I use one of my hands to gently stroke up and down her slick lips as I continue to kiss my way up her leg.

As I reach the apex, I focus my fingers on her hardened little bud, moving them in slow, soft circles. I take a deep breath, enjoying the musky scent of her arousal. Finally, I lean down and plant a kiss on her lower lips. I gently spread her thighs as I lick up and down the smooth, wet outer lips. Then, spreading them with my fingers, I repeated the journey on her inner lips, finally sucking her clitoris between my lips and flicking it with my tongue.

She can’t control her hands as the move to the back of my head, holding my mouth in place. I have no intention of moving from where I am, at least not until getting her off. I slide my tongue back down her lips and slip it as far into her pussy as it will reach, slowly tongue-fucking her, my thumb returning to her clit.

She is now grinding her pussy against my lips, so I decide to up the ante. Moving my mouth back up to her clit, licking across it with long, broad strokes, I slide first one, then two fingers into her tight passage. After several slow deep strokes, I turn them to curve upwards and apply gentle circular pressure to her G-spot.

Almost immediately, I feel her clamp down on my fingers, her hands pulling my mouth harder against her clit. Her head rocks back and forth, her hips thrust off the couch, but she still holds me in place. Again and again, she yells out my name as she rolls over the edge, her orgasm hitting her like a runaway train.

After what seems like hours, but can be no more than a minute or two, her vaginal muscles relax and she releases her grip on me. When I try to continue my oral ministrations, she pulls me up to her, explaining that after an orgasm that strong, she is much too sensitive for further contact.

We shift onto our sides, with her back to my stomach, my back against the sofa, and just lay there as she recovers. After several minutes of my gently caressing her arms and back, occasionally reaching around to cup a breast, kissing her neck and shoulders, she reaches back between us and takes my cock in hand. “Looks like your friend here is ready for a little more action, hmmm?”

I laugh at her playfulness, “Only if you are. He’s waited this long for some female company, a little longer won’t matter now.” She turns in my arms until she is on her back and pulls me above her. Wrapping her legs around my waist, she guides my manhood to the entrance of her pussy.

“Come on, let’s make your little pal happy, not that he’s all that little. Besides, I want to know how he feels inside me, filling me up.” How can I refuse an offer like that? I push gently forward until the head of my cock presses through her tight entrance. As I slowly push my full length into her, she first moans and then bites down on my shoulder to stifle a scream.

When I finally stop, with all 7 inches inside her, she takes a deep breath and whispers in my ear, “Oh my God, you feel so good inside me, I’ve never felt this full. Don’t move for a minute, just let me feel it.” Then she does something I’ve never felt before, clenching her vaginal muscles, creating a rippling sensation around my cock.

I mumble something about how amazing it feels, my head almost ready to explode from the extreme pleasure. “Mmmmmm, good,” she growls, “now I want you to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.”

Never one to disobey and order, I pull almost all the way out before slamming back in. Again, and again I ram my cock into her tight cunt, feeling it clench at me every time I withdraw. Her nails dig into my back as she tries to pull my deeper. “Come on, baby, fuck me harder, give it to me, all of it!”

Pulling out, I flip her over and pull her roughly to her knees. “You want it harder, huh baby, deeper?? Alrighty, let’s fuck then.” I take my cock in hand and line it back up, sliding into her doggie-style. There is no pretense this time, just straight up FUCKING. Hard and fast I give her what we both need.

Moaning out a “Yes, yes, yes” with every stroke of my cock, she reaches back and begins to rub her clit. I’m grunting with my efforts, thrusting, stabbing, filling her over and over. “Yeah baby, take my cock, take all of it!” I smack her ass, using her hips to pull her back harder onto my love gun.

“Fuck yes, oh God, oh God, give it to me, take me, FUCK me. I’m so close baby, I want you to cum with me. Can you do that for me baby?”

“Hell yeah, sweet Jesus, just let me know when you’re there. I can’t believe how tight your pussy is, God damn it!” Again a smack on her ass, then two quick ones back to back, an I return my hands to her hips.

As she gets nearer and nearer, she reaches back and takes my balls in her hand, tickling and pulling them. “Oh, Oh, Oh! YES! YES! YES! Now dammit, now! I’m cumming, OHHHHHH! YES! Do it, cum with me, fill me with your seed, I wanna feel you shot off inside my cunt!! NOW!”

With one last hard thrust, I pull you back against me and, buried to the hilt, let my orgasm hit. “ARRRRRRRGGHHHHH, AHHHHHHH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! Take it, baby, take my load, take it all! ARRRRRGH, UNNNHHH!!”

Our orgasms are so strong neither of us can support ourselves any more and we both crumble to the couch, moaning and groaning in pleasure. I pull her into a tight embrace, holding her close, as the last waves of our orgasms pass through us, my prick still buried deep inside. I kiss her back and neck, stroking her arms, until she recovers enough to speak.

“Oh my God, that was the most amazing fuck of my life. I think you may have ruined me for any other guy. Guess I’ll just have to keep you happy so you’ never leave me, huh?”

“I don’t think you have much to worry about, darling. After what I’ve just been through, I can’t imagine making love to any woman but you. Well,” I add with a wink, “unless you were there, too.” And with that, we both fall asleep on the couch, our limbs intertwined, to dream what dreams may come.

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