Ann: A Love Story Ch. 70

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It wasn’t the best night sleep I’d ever gotten, for a lot of different reasons. First of all, I wasn’t used to my new surroundings. The last time I’d slept alone someplace other than my bed at my parent’s house, was on the couch in the mountain cabin in Colorado. But I’d been so exhausted by what Ann and I had done that night that I’d fallen fast asleep, even on the huge wet spot Ann had left there.

This time, I had been in a very comfortable bed, in a very comfortable room, my head resting on a very comfortable pillow…and I had felt anything but comfortable. It wasn’t the sounds of the room…like the interstate that was next to the hotel, the cars and trucks making a low, constant hum. And it wasn’t the odd pinging sounds of the heat register that was warming the room on the cool autumn night. And it wasn’t the steady clicking of the clock on the far wall, counting off the seconds of early Sunday morning. The sounds weren’t ones that I was used to hearing in the middle of the night, but they weren’t the reasons I had been restless, fighting to get to sleep.

The reason for my sudden insomnia was all in my head, and my shaft. I had an erection that was so hard it actually hurt a little…and it wasn’t going down. The more I tried not to think about what Ann had set up, and how my evening ended up, the more restless and horny I became. The few times I had drifted off, I only ended up dreaming about Heather and the way she came as I ate her wet pussy. And then I’d wake up, still as hard as when Heather had left me.

Lying there under the covers, the sensitized head of my cock tingled as it moved slightly against the fabric. I could feel the wetness of the soft cotton sheets against my skin, the precum leaking heavily from my prick. I stared at the ceiling, fighting the urge to reach down with my hand to grab my shaft and start jacking off to a fast and furious climax. I’d never wanted to masturbate so much in my life…but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to be the first one between Ann and I that caved, and caused us to have to ‘repay our bankers’.

It was part of the new game Ann had us playing…one that was intended to keep us horny for each other. And it was working. As I licked my parched lips I could still taste Heather, a sweet reminder of the orgasms I had given her with my mouth and tongue the night before. I closed my eyes, picturing her naked, her writhing body moving across the mattress of the other bed in the room as she came; the screams of passion still echoing in my head. And that made my cock twitch some more.

“Time for a cold shower,” I said out loud to the empty room, resigned that that was only way to get my cock to go soft without making myself cum.

Throwing off the covers, I swung my legs over the side of the bed, my feet landing on the plush carpet. A few minutes later I was standing under the big nozzle of the shower massager, frantically shaving my crotch after I had hurriedly washed my body. The cold water had doing the trick, finally making my shaft start to soften…but that meant that I had to rush a little, which I never liked. It was always easier to shave my cock when it was semi-hard, and yet I was taking the kind of shower designed specifically to prevent that. But I’d been shaving myself long enough that it was pretty much an automatic thing. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d nicked myself shaving there.

Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed a towel to warm up as much as dry off. The cold water had done the trick, my shaft no longer the big rigid pole I’d had minutes before. And my balls had done a retreat, pulling up into my body to find warmth. The end result was that I no longer felt the uncontrollable urge to jack off like I had when I got out of bed. That didn’t mean my horniness had gone away, but at least for a moment, it wasn’t on my mind as much.

I was brushing my teeth when I heard a rapping sound, but it took me a moment to realize that someone was at the door. Looking up into the mirror, I wondered to myself who would be knocking so early. But when I looked at my watch lying on the countertop next to the sink, I realized it was actually close to 10. I spit out the toothpaste and wiped my mouth, before throwing on the thick white hotel robe that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door.

I’m not sure why I, but I never thought to look through the peephole of the door. Instead, I seemed to be in a rush as there was a second knock. I quickly made sure I was covered, tying the front of the robe closed and unlatching the door, wanting to make sure I opened it before there was another knock, or the person left. When the door swung past me, I more than a little stunned to see who was standing there.

“Uh…hi,” I said, staring at Carol, the Executive Secretary of my new company.

“Good morning, Neil. I didn’t wake you, did I? I thought you’d be up already,” she said, her voice showing off her sexy southern lilt.

My mind raced as I saw her standing there in a pair of tight jeans and Antep Escort Bayan a sexy red silk top that had spaghetti straps to show off her bare shoulders and a generous amount of cleavage. She had a jean jacked draped over her arm, and as I looked her up and down, I saw the 4 inch red spiked heels peeking out from under her pants. While a part of me thought I should just be polite and reserved, I also knew that Carol had talked to Ann. As I thought of what that conversation must have been like, and the resulting ‘game’ that came out of it, I thought of Ann. I didn’t have to guess as to how she’d want me to react with Carol standing at the door of my hotel. I could feel it deep inside my chest. It was almost like Ann was standing next to me whispering into my ear, telling me to go ahead and flirt…telling me that she wanted me to.

With that mindset now in my brain, I flashed Carol a naughty little grin and said, “I WAS up, thanks to Heather…and that’s the reason why I just finished taking a cold shower. But now that I see you, I can feel myself getting up all over again.”

“Relax, Neil,” Carol giggled, “My…branch, or whatever Ann’s calling me. Well, I’m not open today. It’s Sunday.”

“So why are you here if you’re not going to try and turn me on?” I asked innocently.

“Who said I wasn’t going to try and turn you on? I only said I’m not open for business, so to speak.”

“Hmm…this sounds…dangerous.”

“For me too…don’t think I’m not dripping right now knowing you’re naked underneath that robe.”

I reached for the tie, threatening to open the robe, but Carol just smiled and reached for the bottom of her top, acting like she was going to lift it over her shoulders to show me her bare chest. “Careful…two can play that game.”

“HA…fair enough. So…what brings you here?” I asked, motioning for Carol to come in. She walked past me, placing a wet umbrella in corner on her way to the living area of my room

“I thought you’d like some company today. Someone to show you around a little bit. Why don’t you get dressed, and I’ll take you to breakfast,” she said as she moved sexily past me to the window.

Carol opened the drapes, which didn’t help much. It was another cold, gray, rainy day; the clouds hanging low, obscuring the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Turning, she offered me a view of her sexy body as she sat down in the large, overstuffed leather chair and watched me get some jeans out of my suitcase.

“Are you going to leave everything in those?” she asked.


“Your clothes. You’re going to be here for a while. It might make more sense to actually make yourself at home and take your clothes out of those suitcases and use the drawers.”

“Well…I haven’t had time. I just got in last night, and I spent most of that dancing with Heather.”

“I heard it was a little more than dancing,” Carol giggled.

“You did, did you?” I said as I dug through another suitcase, looking for a sweatshirt.

“Heather called me a soon as she got home. She was really worked up. You must have outdone yourself last night, Neil.”

“Why do you say that?” I said, glancing over my shoulder.

“Well, for one, Heather couldn’t stop thanking me for asking her if she’d like to be a part of Ann’s…”

“Her game?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what you’d call it. Anyway, Heather’s really excited about this.”

“Yeah…and what about you?” I asked as I turned around with my clothes in my hands.

“I’ll just say that I wish this wasn’t Sunday,” Carol winked.

I started to turn and head to the bathroom to get dressed. But, then I remembered that one of the parts of the game Ann had set up was to try and do whatever we could to turn the other one on. And that just wasn’t Ann…I was supposed to try and entice Carol and Heather. So, I threw my clothes on the bed next to Carol, and walked into the bathroom quickly to comb my hair, and put on some deodorant and some body spray. When I walked back to get dressed, I left the front of the robe very loosely tied, showing off my chest and my lower abdomen.

Carol smiled, and she wiggled a little in her chair as I moved slowly towards her. I stopped at the end of the bed, about 10 feet from her, and I turned my back to her as I untied the robe. I heard a soft gasp as I lowered the white terrycloth down my backside, exposing my naked frame. Then I heard Carol moan a little, the sweet, sexy sound escaping past her soft lips. I turned around and grabbed my jeans, flashing my semi hard cock in the process.

I looked up as I placed one foot inside a pant leg, and Carol said, “I see we’re both going to go without underwear today.”

“I like living dangerously,” I said as I winked at her.


“The less we’re wearing, the less there is to take off…that makes it more dangerous, don’t you think?” I said as I tucked my cock into the leg of my Levi’s before buttoning them and carefully pulling up the zipper.

Carol lifted the bottom of her sexy little top, exposing her tits for me. I smiled as I saw them, remembering how great they felt in my hands as I pawed those fleshy mounds while I’d fucked her in the hospital room just after my physical. “Yes it does…especially since I’m wearing as little as you are. Like I said, two can play this little game,” she said as she pinched her nipples. “Now, do you want to continue teasing each other, or would you rather go get some breakfast?”


I held the umbrella over us as Carol and I walked down the rain soaked sidewalk, heading back towards the hotel as we returned from breakfast. We’d gone to a family style restaurant called Shoney’s that was just down the block from what was now my temporary home. I was going to drive us there, but Carol said she’d rather walk. She said she felt sexy when she walked in the rain, and it was hard to argue, although she was sexy no matter what.

We’d had a very nice time at breakfast. It was a bright, clean place, and the food was very good. Some people say you can’t judge a restaurant by its breakfast fare, because it’s pretty hard to screw up anything on the menu. But I always found the opposite to be true; you can tell a great deal about a place in those early morning hours when people are just waking up. Sure, the food isn’t the most sophisticated, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to get you going on your day…it sets the tempo of how things are going to go as the hours pass.

And this passed that test. It was good food, made hot, fresh and served to order, with no little hiccups that can make you pause. The fact that the place was spotless, and the service was excellent, only added to the way I viewed the food itself. All in all, it was a good experience. And you couldn’t beat the price…it wasn’t that expensive a restaurant; and Carol had picked up the tab.

When we got to the cars…Carol’s white Nissan 300 ZX parked next to my red one, she stopped. “Ready to go?” she asked.

“Go? Where are we going?”

“I have some things I want to show you,” she smiled.

“Mmm…I saw them this morning. But I’d be more than happy to look at them again, if that’s what you want,” I said as I shifted my eyes to peek towards her cleavage.

Carol giggled. “Well, that’s not what I was talking about…but don’t worry. I have a feeling you haven’t seen the last of them today. In fact, I’m sure of it.”

“Okay,” I said with a smile. “So…what do you what to show me then?”

“You’ll see. Do you mind driving?”

“No…of course not,” I said as I led her to the passenger door of my car, opening it for her.

A minute later, I was pulling out of the parking lot of the hotel. Carol pointed and said, “Head that way…we’re going to go through town. I’m sure you didn’t get to see it the last time you were here.”

Carol was right…I hadn’t. Tina had done that for me, since I was busy interviewing, and having sex with Carol. But it was pretty much what I’d expected. I’d lived in the Shenandoah Valley once before, in Northern Virginia. And the towns were all kind of the same. Most of them were originally settled in 1,700’s, so the closer you got to the center of them, the older and more stately the buildings and structures were. This one was no different. You could feel the history as you drove down the tree lined streets.

In a word, the town was fascinating. The architecture and the layout of the streets were from another era. It felt smaller than it really was, full of character and charm. While it’s hard to get a true feel just passing by, you couldn’t help but be moved by the surroundings, even on a cold, rainy morning.

Carol had me take a winding road east out of town, passing over railroad tracks several times as the pavement snaked through the rolling hills and along a creek. She’d said it was a shortcut, but only she knew where it was a shortcut to at the time. I did make note of a very nice public golf course along the way to wherever we were going, and I mentally kicked myself for not thinking to bring my clubs along with me. It was early October, and there would still be a few nice weekends left in the year. Weekends where I’d likely have a little free time on my hands.

I let out a little sigh, and Carol picked up on it. “What’s wrong, Neil?” she asked.

“Oh…nothing,” I responding, thinking I was being silly.

Carol turned toward me a little, smiling sweetly. “You know…you’re with a friend. You can tell me if something’s bothering you.”

Her sincerity landed on my ears like a hymn, sounding strong and reassuring. I reacted with a quick smile, and a little laugh. “We’re friends?”

“Of course, Neil.”

“Carol, we really don’t even know each other.”

“Sure we do. You said that the last time we were together. You knew you were like me, because we’ve both been divorced. And I don’t see what ‘knowing’ that much about each other has to do with anything. You’re marrying a girl you dated for a week.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle when she said that. “Well, that’s true. And to be honest, I do feel like you’ve been a good friend. I just don’t throw that word around lightly. Truth is, I have a lot of people I know, and like. And they’re acquaintances…a real friend is hard to come by. And it’s harder in the south, Carol…I’ve lived out here before. I’ve known some of them for over 20 years, and they still don’t think of me as a real friend because they haven’t known me long enough. In fact, I’m a little worried about Ann coming out here, because it’s going to be a lot different from California, or even Indiana.”

“I can see your point. A lot of older people are that way here…they don’t trust people that are new to the area. I mean, they’re friendly and all, but they do tend to wait and see, I suppose.”

“I’m not knocking that, Carol. I think people throw around the word ‘friend’ too easily. But that ‘wait and see’ thing doesn’t make a lot of sense when they’ve known someone for over a decade. My fear is that Ann has always made true friends so easily. Lifelong friends. She doesn’t take that word lightly at all, and…

“And that means she’ll fit in just fine, Neil. If she knows the true meaning of the word, and values it, then the people here will see that. I think you have to have a little faith that Ann’s character will show through…and realize that people here will accept the genuine article when they see it.”

“Even if she’s not dressed conservatively like they’re used to?” I laughed.

“I don’t think you’re going to find it’s as conservative as you think. Did you see how some of the girls were dressed last night at the bar? I mean, I wasn’t there…but I’ve been there before. Besides, I don’t think of myself as conservative. There are times I like to dress to show more of what I have. You should know that…after all, I seem to remember you ripping off a blouse I was wearing…and I didn’t wear one the rest of the day.”

I laughed and said, “You’re right, Carol. Maybe I’m worried about nothing.” And she WAS right. There were some really hot girls dancing at the bar, including Heather. And they were dressed anything but conservative.

“Hey…that’s what friends are for,” she shrugged.

“So, we’re really friends, then?” I said again, liking the sound of it.

“I’d like to think so. After all, we’ve had sex. And I’m not the kind of girl that does one-night stands…I only sleep with people I like…excluding my ex, of course.”

“Of course! I exclude mine.”

“So, yes…we’re friends. Now tell me, what was that big sigh all about?”

“Aw…it was nothing really. I was just lamenting the fact that I left my sticks at home, that’s all.”


“Golf clubs. I saw that course we passed, and I got to thinking about the fact that Ann’s in Indiana, and I’ll likely have some time on my hands on the weekends…I never thought to bring them.”

Carol unbuckled her seatbelt, moving forward after she did so that she could take off her jean jacket. “So…you play golf, do you?”

“Yeah…are you hot? Do I need to turn the heat down?” I asked as I glanced over towards her. I’d had the heat on a little, because of the cold rain we’d been walking in, and I figured it had gotten to be too much for her.

“I’m fine. I was just thinking about what you said about the girls here being conservative, and about what you did to me that day. Do you think I’m dressed too modestly right now?”

“What? Of course not…you look…incredible!”

Carol looked down at her sexy red top, and said, “I don’t know…I’m thinking you were right, this looks kind of blasé.”

“Blasé! Who are you kidding, Carol? You look hot!”

“Really? I’m thinking if Ann was here next to you, she’d be dressed a lot hotter than this.” Before I could saying anything else to protest, Carol winked at me and lifted the silky top up over her chest, taking it off and throwing it into the back seat. She was naked above the waist as she pointed nonchalantly in front of us. “Take a right when we cross the railroad tracks again, Neil.”

I had to snap my head away from her body to check and make sure I didn’t put the car in a ditch. We were out of town, on a back road taking us further out of town, so it wasn’t like Carol was going to be seen by anyone, particularly with the rain coming down. But that didn’t stop me from being amazed that she’d discarded her top so casually.

She sat there for a second, her silky brown hair touching her soft shoulders as we drove the hilly road; her big breasts swaying with the movement of the car. Then she took her jean jacket off her lap and started to put it on.

“So…do you think this looks better?” she asked, her deep green eyes sparkling with excitement.

“I thought you looked great before. But that is making a statement, and I’m all for that,” I grinned.

“Is this something Ann would approve of?”

“Yeah…absolutely. But Carol, don’t get caught up trying to compare yourself to Ann, or anyone else for that matter. You’re incredible all on your own.”

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