Angela: the trans goddess of masturbation

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Angela: the trans goddess of masturbationThis story begins one day in October. I left my job, it was night and I decided to go to dinner at a restaurant. I entered, I chose the table and I sat down. While reading the menu, I feel a fine voice, which asks me: What do you want to eat? I look up and see a woman with a beautiful, angelic face, very white skin, clear eyes and red hair. She wore a tight white shirt through which protruded the two nipples of small tits. I stayed a few seconds without answering, as if hypnotized. She smiled and repeated the question. I reacted and asked for the food. During the dinner I was thinking about it. I finished eating. I paid, I left a tip and a small paper with my phone telling that if she was interested, she could call me to leave.Two weeks passed, my phone rang and she said: my name is Angela, and I want to go out with you. I was happy, but I kept the seriousness. I told her that I went to the restaurant for the weekend to go dancing.The weekend arrived, we went dancing, we talked a lot and in the end I told her I was taking her home. She accepted. We got into my car. While we were talking, she took off her coat and I saw a patch on her arm. She became serious and said: are hormones !. I’m a transsexual !. And she looked at me waiting for my reaction. I smiled, I told her that she was beautiful and that she also had other experiences with trans women. Angela regained her smile. We arrived at her house. I kissed your lips. She got off. She took a few bahis firmaları steps, looked back and asked if I wanted to go. I told her yes! I entered her house. She sat me in an armchair and left for moments. Then she came back, brought two glasses and a bottle of champagne. We talked, I drink and in a moment Angela brought her lips to mine. We kissed. From here, a whirlwind of pleasure began. She put her hands on my pants, while we kissed. At that moment he opened my pants and grabbed my penis so hard that it made me jump in the armchair. She started to rub it, to play with it and my penis got hard. She took off my pants, She twisted herself and put my hard and thick penis in her mouth, whole, almost vomits.She began to suck my penis like never before, from the tip to the base, dripping with saliva. While sucking, I saw her eyes and at the same time my penis, stained red by the paint on her lips and very venous, the veins of my penis were thick as ever !! Angela sucked and licked my balls, again and again, she made it very loud, with a lot of noise, but she would not let me finish. I loved when his tongue licked the tip of my penis. Then she stops, my penis begins to calm down, she takes me by the hand and takes me to the bathroom. She goes in, she takes off her clothes, she had a magnificent black lingerie. She takes off her bra and panty, everything very slowly and I could see a wonderful body. She was very thin, with small tits of thick and hard nipples, her legs were long, kaçak iddaa thin, sexy, delicate and ended in a small ass, hard, white, very, very rich, with a tatoo of a red heart quite large that It covered half buttock. Of course my cock got hard again. Angela opened the water and put me under the shower. We began to kiss, kissed her lips, put my tongue in her mouth and she in mine, we filled with saliva, I kissed her neck. We rubbed our bodies for a few seconds, while I took her buttocks hard with my hands !! Then I started to suck her tits, the nipples got hard, erect and I sucked them until some milk came out, she moaned with pleasure. Angela kneels, and puts my penis between her two tits and begins to rub it, for a few seconds. Then she turned around and I started to lick her anus, I stuck her tongue to the bottom. Angela moaned very loudly. She had an orgasm. That orgasm ran all over her body! The more she moaned the more she licked her anus, my saliva lubricated her !. Then I started to put my finger in her ass, to expand it, she asked me more. When was dilated, I took a condom, and put it on my hard penis. I began to penetrate that precious ass, very slowly, to feel every part of her ass as I penetrated her. She moaned with pleasure. When I managed to overcome the resistance of her anus, my penis was stuck in her ass. I support Angela against the wall and start to penetrate her hard again and again. It was lovely to hear the noise of her buttocks against my legs. The more she moaned kaçak bahis with pleasure, the more times I penetrated her. Her little eggs came and went in the air. Plop, plop, plop, it felt. While we were both wet with the shower water. She was standing against the wall, her legs spread wide. As he penetrated her, a transferent liquid came out of her anus, the lubrication of his body. That year was red, very hot! As penetrated her small penis began to erect when supported with the wall. I took it from behind and started to masturbate it. She moaned, receiving pleasure from both sides. I took her penis all in my hand. She moaned, moaned, moaned. When I feel like I’m about to finish, I take the penis out of her ass, remove the condom, relax a little and we stand face to face, under the shower water. She kisses me and takes my thick, hard penis and begins to rub it with her, with her princess hands, over and over again. It was pure pleasure. I kissed those sexy and perfect lips! I felt the contact with her hard little penis and that excites me more and more. She even covered the tip of her penis with my skin !! I do not know how she did it !! She played that way a few seconds !! From my penis came a lubricating discharge, I was about to ejaculate !! Angela masturbated me to perfection !! In that instant I could not take it anymore, we both finished. My white milk splashed part of her body and mingled with the little secretion that came out of her. She bent down, sucked the tip of my penis from which came some of my milk, mixed with her, stood, took some of my cum she had in her belly with a finger, brought it to her mouth, smiled , we hugged each other pressing our body, we bathed and went to sleep.

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