An Unlikely Exercise Part 2

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An Unlikely Exercise Part 2Trish and I had been texting back and forth but she mostly liked talking on the phone. I guess that is what 47 year-old’s are in to. We were talking one night and I asked her what she was wearing. She didn’t quite grasp what I was getting at when she said jeans and a converse sweater. I laughed and told her I meant what was under those clothes. She objected saying we really shouldn’t talk about that but I reeled her in and she finally told me she was wearing blue underwear and no bra. She was lucky. She really didn’t need a bra. Her tits were big but still very perky. She texted me the next morning saying that she wasn’t wearing panties today and her husband asked her why she wasn’t. I responded saying that’s hot and we had a normal conversation while I was at school but she told me to swing by the gym tonight as she was closing.I came in and some people were lifting so I snuck in the back office and tried to remain undetected. I found the best place to hide was under the desk. I text her saying there was a message on the computer and I moved the chair so it looked inviting to sit in if she was in a hurry or not.Sure enough she came and sat down and was signing in to the gym website. (this desk was huge, by the way) I reach out and grab her pussy in her tight yoga pants. She shrieks and backs up but I grab her legs and pull her back. She edges herself to the end of the seat and stands up slightly for me to pull her pants down. I tug them down and she opens her legs wide.I know exactly how to eat her out and she’s loving it and trying to keep her composure as gym members keep walking by. Suddenly, Amy (who is her daughter that is my age. I didn’t mention that in the last one) pokes her head around the corner and says,”Mom, Dad got called into work tonight so he didn’t make dinner. I was heading over to Samantha’s house.” I stop at first being scared then I realize that Amy isn’t allowed back her and I play with her fethiye escort pussy just the way she likes by flicking my tongue on her clit as fast as I can. Trish’s voice varies for a moment but she regains her composure and address Amy. “Yeah hun, that’s fine. Will you be staying there tonight?” Trish asks. “If that’s cool, yeah,” Amy asks. “That’s fine, just text me when you’re on your way.”Amy leaves quickly and Trish gives me hell about teasing her like that in front of her daughter. By this time everyone else has left. We have this game that I liked to play. Basically the game was Marco Polo but you had to walk around the gym naked with the backup lights on while you were blindfolded. The blindfold was see through enough to not trip over anything but you couldn’t make-out any objects.I hide in the gym about 20 yards away from where she was starting. I send her a text saying “GO” and she puts on the blindfold and starts walking out. She is tip-toeing around with her arms out to her side. I toss out a mat to distract her and hopefully use it. She is startled by it but makes her way over knowing I was around there somewhere. She gets closer and closer. She kicks the mat to make sure that’s what it was. I slowly walk behind her and pinch her on the ass. Screaming for a second she turns around. I tackled her on the mat. I held her legs to one side and stuck my dick in her pussy. She was laughing, I assume to having been scared when she knew what was going to happen.I’m fucking her harder and harder then she tells me to stop. “What?!” I ask,”NOW?””Yeah, you know my place is empty right?” she says.”Yeah but–” I started and was cut off by her.”Take me home, pretty boy,” she said with a wink.We were off but we had to take separate cars so if someone did come back I could get out of there. We go into her house which is actually very nice but she wants me to see the master bed room ceiling. I jump on the bed having removed all our clothes by escort fethiye this point. I try to kiss her but she puts a finger to my lip. She pushes on my chest and I lay down. She grabs hold of my dick and starts sucking me slowly. She picks up speed and stops using her hands. Before I cum she sucks on my balls and licks me from base to head.I ask her,”Is this the master bedroom?” in a demeaning tone.”Yes,” she responds a little puzzled.”Then that would make me the master wouldn’t it?” I ask feeling the idea had to be translated to her somehow.”What do you–” she started.”Quiet,” I said to stop her,” if I’m the master then I need you to just listen.””But you’re–” she started again.I slapped her right breast with the back of my hand. Not harshly but dedicated to the character. “Do I have any access to belts or ties?” I ask.”Yes sir,” Trish said finally understand what I was doing. “Should I get them?””Yes,” I said shortly.She came back with a few of her husbands ties and 3 belts. I told her to stand by the bed post and reach as far up as she could. She was on her toes and I strapped a belt to her wrists pretty snugly. She tried to turn around but I smacked her ass and tied her with a tie around her knees so the wouldn’t get hurt much by the post. I ruffle a tie and put it in her mouth as a gag and tell her not to move. I lick her nipple till it’s standing on end and I then I bite down on it. She lets out a small moan and I back away. I grab another belt. I make eye contact with her and I kiss her on the cheek. “This is gonna hurt,” I said with a smile. I get behind her and smack her ass with the belt. It makes a loud clap and she jerks. “You’ve been pretty bad haven’t you?” I ask still trying to avoid the whole cheating aspect thinking she might stop if I did. “Yes,” she says, spitting out the gag,”I’ve been cheating on my husband for a young stud.”I whip her again. “You should be ashamed,” I said. Still trying to be vague.”And I know Amy fethiye escort bayan is into you. But I want you for myself,” Trish screamed.I whipped her again, her ass getting really red now. “I’m not yours, you’re mine. Get it straight,” I said leaning into her. “I’m the master here.””Yes master,” she said.I grab her by her short hair kiss her passionately. I tell her to lick my hand and I smack her ass with it. She screams as I connected pretty good. She began to talk but I cut her short by ramming a finger in her ass. It was dry and she wasn’t ready for it. “You won’t speak unless I give you permission,” I said sternly. “And since you feel the need to talk out of turn I’m gonna hafta punish you.” I stand on the bed and shove my dick in her face. All she has to move is her neck. “Harder!” I yell at her. She tries harder and harder. “Fuck it, you can’t do anything right,” I said as I grabbed her head and rammed my cock down her throat. Her spit is everywhere: my balls, her tits and everywhere else. I untie her legs and turn her body on the bed. I spit into the crack of her ass and push my spit in with my thumb. I massage her clit with my dick teasing her until she can barely take it. Then I shove my dick into her pussy. She’s letting out moans of ecstasy and thanking me over and over again. I pulled out and asked her if she wanted it in her ass. She put up protest and said that I wouldn’t fit. So I spit in my hand, rubbed it on my dick head and pushed into her asshole. That was the tightest thing at the time. She screamed and asked me to stop. Not wanting to give up my character or sorely piss her off I slowed down and made it more pleasurable. I undid the belt holding her hands together and she bucked into me from behind.I told her I was going to cum. “Cum in my ass master,” she said perfectly. I came, shooting wave after wave into her ass. I backed out of her and I still have cum on my dick. She bent over the bed and sucked it all out. She headed to the bathroom to clean out her ass but I grabbed her quickly. I stuck my finger in her crack and pulled up some running jizz. “Don’t forget this,” I said holding it in front of her face. She reached out and licked up off.

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