alone in the wood.

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alone in the wood.The weather was warm but a little cloudy and spud was at a lose end so he decided to take a walk down to the canal, as he was strolling along watching the ducks and dodging the odd cyclist the sun came out and started to beat down on his back, feeling the heat he pulled off his sweatshirt and let his broad shoulders catch a bit of a tan as he carried on in his vest top enjoying getting away from civility but not to far away.As he was enjoying himself being away from the normal things that bothered him in his daily life and it being so hot he decided to cut through a housing estate and walk up through the woods to get some shelter, as he wandered around the smells of the trees and different colours from the leaves as the sun shone though them made him wonder why he didn’t do this type of thing more often. After sitting for a while on a fallen tree and taking a drink from the water bottle in his bag and eating the sandwiches he had made earlier he pulled out his phone,  he realised that it was the first time he’d looked at it since he left the house, after checking the time he dropped it back in put his rubbish in there and decided he should be getting back as he didn’t realise that he’d been out so long.As he started to get to the edge of the wood he saw a small blue car pull up in the layby, still 50yards or so from the exit something stopped him dead in his tracks as he saw a woman with with her dark hair pulled back and sunglasses on emerge from it. He stepped slightly back into the greenery and waited as she came into full view he could see she was wearing a full lengh summer dress, the wind was blowing it against her body and the outline of her full figure and large breasts were all to clear to him and as she walked her big boobs bobbed up and down while her wide hips swaying kind of hypnotised the young man and he began to feel a tightness in his joggers as he became semi hard.Not knowing quite what to do and being a shy person he stepped back further and knelt down positioning himself for a better view of the pathway, he figured in his head he could pretend that he was looking for something or at the plants if he was seen. As he watched the woman approach she looked a little like she had lost something herself, looking around and then back over her shoulder then she suddenly stopped about 15 foot away next to a tree she put a hand against it and spud couldn’t believe what he was seeing as she started to lift her dress and pull her white lacey panties down, his shaft was as hard as rock by now and his head a little dizzy as he watched she slipped my a little and he let out a little gasp. Covering his mouth with one hand and holding his throbbing manhood with the other he prayed that he hadn’t been heard while still not taking his eyes off the unbelievable sight he was seeing,  the poor woman was having difficulty standing where she had chosen and after slipping one of her thick legs out of her lacey panties she spun them around and held them out the side of her dress while still around her leg she righted herself and looked around again before walking in spuds direction. He knelt silently in the shrubbery with his heart beating harder than he could remember, scared if she came any closer she would hear it thumping in his chest he had his hand wrapped around his throbbing cock which he had pulled out from his bottoms canlı bahis without even realising and this panicked him, there was no chance of explaining this away but by now she was to close for him to put it away she’d hear any movement he made.What were seconds seemed to be hours as the lady walked in his direction, he thought he was caught for sure when she stopped. Her sandals were pointed towards him he could see just above where her knee would be under the dress,  she was stood still why hasn’t she said anything was the thought burning in his head do I come out now she must know he thought, then what he was expecting least happened,  she pulled up her dress and slowly started to squat down.  First her thick white thighs came into sight the white lace of her panties wrapped around one and pulled tight out of the way, then she lowered herself more he couldn’t believe what he was seeing a strange attractive women was squatting not 4 foot from him and right in his eyeline was the baldest plump pussy he had ever laid eyes on. Holding his breath so not to be heard and still with his cock in his hand he nearly passed out as he watched the sweet looking pussy twitch and then squirt out a jet of liquid down into the dirt and a sigh of relief escaped the poor desperate womans mouth. Spud had never seen anything like it before, he couldn’t believe that he’d be turned on by watching someone going to pee but he was, his cock was throbbing in his hand but he wasn’t stroking it he just held on tightly mesmerised by the stream running out of the chubby pussy in front of him waiting for her to finish so he could rub his hard cock and relieve all the pressure. The flow slowed down to a trickle but it was to late Spud had started shooting streams of spunk from his over aroused cock it sprayed out in front of him into the leaves of the plants below in the most intense orgasm he’d ever had and all without making a single noise. He watched feeling so disappointed that it was coming to an end as she stood up then hooked the free leg of her panties over her foot and pulled them up, her flesh dissappearing from sight as quick as it had appeared.The woman moved away and he could hear her footsteps getting quieter on the twigs and leaves of the wood pathway, he tucked himself away and counted to 30 in his head before coming out of his hiding place and looking down to the opening of the wood he was surprised to see the small blue car still there, he turned an just saw a glimpse of her back as she became hidden by the trees and bend of the path. As quickly and quietly as he could spud made after her, not really knowing why he knew he would never have been able to speak to her without going to pieces after what he had just been so privileged to witness.When he got to a position that he could see her again he was gobsmacked yet again her dress was pulled up and she was trying to straighten her panties, the view of her big round ass covered in lace was unimaginable for the poor shy guy hiding behind the tree’s.  She dropped her dress after a couple of seconds and carried on walking, spud could hear her humming a tune as she slowly strolled along occasionally picking a flower and then all of a sudden she stopped and lifted the dress and fiddled with the panties again before taking a few more steps then she must have become to frustrated with them and put her hand bets10 up her dress,pulled them down and stepped out of them before picking them up and hanging them on a tree branch to the side of the path. As soon as spud saw he knew what he was going to do, he’d take them quickly and turn around,go home and wank into the clean white lace, keeping the same sort of timing he did before he imagined the sultry woman who made him cum without knowing had carried on walking as she was now out of sight around a bend in the path, he finally got to the panties and unhooked them from the tree he feeling the material between his fingers started to turn him on so he quickly pushed them in his pocket and took a few steps around the bend for one last look at her before he left but she was nowhere to be seen.Turning to walk back Spud almost jumped out of his skin, only a few feet away with a stern look on her face was the same woman “Often walk around pinching ladies panties do you pervert” she asked in a slightly angry but mocking tone of voice, “I’m sorry, I was just” Spud started before she cut him off “stalking single women in the woods, spying on them picking flowers and looking at them making themselves comfortable. Is that normal for you pervert” she asked. Spud was feeling really uncomfortable and thinking about pushing past and running away but his feet wouldn’t work and he mumbled “I’m sorry never done it before, I didn’t” “You didn’t what” she interrupted”You didn’t mean to shoot spunk all over the wood while you watch me pissing did you pervert”He was bright red and waiting for the ground to swallow him up whole by now, she knew everything, was she going to call the police or get madder and scream and shout til someone heard, maybe follow him home and tell the whole street what he’d done, he couldn’t deny it he had her panties in his pocket, he thought about giving them back then dismissed the idea his dna would be all over them now it didn’t matter he was trapped no matter what. ” I really didn’t mean any harm to you I am really sorry” he said looking down at his feet.”Sorry, your not sorry you’re staring at my tits while trying to worm your way out of your sordid little perverted behaviour” she blasted back at him. “Your even turned on now while your caught, you dirty little man” she scowled.  Even though he was a good 8 inches taller she did make him feel like a little man as she pointed to the buldge in the front of his trousers.Red faced,embarrassed and feeling like a naughty schoolboy he was taken aback when she stepped closer and gripped his tool through his clothes and told him in a voice that left him in no doubt that she was serious “when I take my hand away your going to show me what you have down there, you won’t speak just do it. Do you understand? ” Spud nodded his head, ” its good you understand” she replied and at the same time she removed her hand.Alice had always loved sex and tried a lot of things but she had never pictured herself being stood in a wood with a strange man who had her underwear in his pocket and his hard cock exposed for her to see, she had seen him the second she had entered the tree’s and only intended to give him a little show and leave but after watching him spray cum all over the muddy floor as she pissed she wondered how far she could take it. All the way through the forest she had been teasing, bets10 giriş trying to entice the strong looking man to show himself or make some kind of move but the way he behaved had turned into something that was much better than that, she now had complete control of him. She took hold of spud by the shaft and said with the other hand raised the front of her dress “go on then you’ve looked enough you can touch me if you want, you might as well you’ve already taken my dignity. Spud reached forward his hand touching the soft warm flesh of her inner thigh, Alice took a sharp breath as he did the feeling of electricity running from his touch and as his hand reached the point where both her legs touched he could feel the slick juices coating them. As soon as his hand reached the creamy hot folds of her wet pussy Alice gasped and thought her knees were going to give way underneath her.She spotted the tree stump spud had eaten on and pulled him by his member “come through here peeping pervert” she said and led spud through the bushes to his resting spot.She sat herself on the tree stump and lifted her dress one  more time, at the same time taking spuds hand and pushing it against her hot wet pussy, spud moaned as he felt how hot and wet she was and run his finger in a circle around her swollen clitty “don’t fuck about pervert”she snarled “push a finger in now and fuck me with it. Doing as he was told straight away spud could feel his balls getting tight and praying not to cum to quickly thrust his  second finger into the wet hole, Alice was grinding her hips against his hand while hold her legs wide apart “another finger” she growled in a tote that sounded like pure sex. “Cummon pervert, is that the best you can do” she taunted him. Spud slid his forth finger in and stretched her as wide as he could, she was grunting now as the stranger thrust his hand in and out of her greedy cunt, she pushed her glasses back onto her forehead and the look of pure lust in her eyes and noisy grunts made him work harder into her now dripping twat. He was ready to burst at the sight of most of his hand inside this strange woman, his thumb found her clit and he rubbed away with the same stroke as he pounded his fingers inside her, she was moaning and bucking towards him and let out a series of cries as she spasmed around his fingers and her body started to go limp. She lowered herself to lay on the stump pulling spuds hard cock to her mouth and taking it deeply as she could tasting the smooth precum as it slid into her greedy mouth and lustfully fucking his hard shaft with her face, opening her legs wide she pulled his cock from her mouth and ordered him to spank her pussy “now” she shouted before taking him down her throat as deeply as he could.  This was to much and spud started to empty his hot, thick spunk down her open throat as soon as he’d spanked her once but she didn’t let him go he spanked again and again short sharp slaps to her aching pussy faster and faster. Pulling the wilting cock from her mouth she let out a moan, then another then she screamed as a slap landed on her soaked cunt a stream of juice squirted from it over and over with every slap it came until she was dry.Spud helped her to her feet and watched as she straighted her dress, arranged his trousers and looked back at the woman who had gave him the best sexual encounter he was ever likely to have, by now the shades were back on her face and the stern look was gone too “walk me back to my car pervert,  I need your number you haven’t paid for your rudeness in full yet but you will,  you definitely will” she

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