Advertised My Wife.

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Advertised My Wife.Well first of all I have to say the response was amazing, we had over 30 contenders. We had a lot of fun picking our man. I will only refer to him as Ken (obviously not his name). She picked him simply because he was the biggest in the cock department as simple as that. Also because he is not from the province so no chance of bumping into him after this scenario. On the allotted day we drove to the Asda store in Antrim & stocked up on some XL condoms & some durex Play lube in a bottle the shape of a cock. She did mention at the checkout that she would definatly need the lube. Then on to The Maldron Hotel at Belfast International Airport, he flew in in the early evening & we went for some dinner down the road at a place called BallyRobin Lodge. My wife was wearing a black skirt with the tiniest black thong a black chiffon top black bra & a camisole to make it just not so slutty looking. We had a good meal in there & when we were finished my wife boldly said, get the bill sorted I am going to take my underwear off. Ken looked at me as if to ask “Is this OK” I just smiled & gave him a nod. When she was gone I took the opportunity of saying to him “This is simple, if you want to fuck it your expected to lick it, she won’t do anal but everything else is OK. He agreed. My wife returned & we all left the restaurant, I drove Ken in the back & my wife in the passengers seat. She started to tease us & asked Ken to put his hand around into the front & feel her tits. She had removed the camisole & bra & you could quite clearly see he tits under the see-through top. Ken was getting stuck into her tits & she wriggled about about a bit but he could not reach her pussy. We pulled into the Old BallyRobin Road where we karşıyaka escort both had a good feel of her tits, I was able to finger her pussy from where I was in the front. My wife asked me to get of the car & come around to the passengers window, she put the window down & I had my cock out in a flash (we have done this before) she was giving me a good old sloppy blowjob. After a minute or so she asked us to swop places which we did & Ken had his massive cock out just standing there in the road. He put on a condom at her request & she proceeded to blow the biggest cock she has ever seen with some gusto. He shot his load within a minute. He just said “fuckin’ hell” after he had cum. He got back into the car & we drove back to the Maldron. We went into the bar for a drink but I do think my wife was a little uneasy as she had to keep her coat pulled over her tits. We decided to visit our room for the fun & games session.Once in the room my wife went to the bathroom where she put some lingerie on & returned to the room with that tiniest black thong & her black fishnet stockings & black high heels, nothing else. We had opened the mini bar & were having a drink. She climbed up on the bed & pointed her undercarriage to Ken “what do you think Ken” she said. Ken just got up & went over to her & squatted down & licked her gapping cunt & asshole, she was moaning with pleasure. I pulled a chair over to relax & get a better view. He fumbled with a condom but got it on & I opened the lube & put some on his hand. He inserted his thumb into her pussy & started thumb fucking her whilst rubbing her clit with his forefinger, he was really getting her motor running. This went on for a while until she said, why escort karşıyaka don’t you just jump up here & give me a good seeing to. I was well placed to see him rub his cock with a slippery hand & position himself behind her, she pulled a few pillows from the top of the bed & put them below her head & tits. He was just as gentle as he could be but I was glad he was not fucking me, he was truly well hung. He just kept going & going until she said “I’m going to cum” that was it she shuddered but Ken kept pumping her pink until he cum also. It was electric in that room. I jumped up on the bed also & put my cock in her mouth & started to fuck her face, normally I don’t cum in her mouth but this time when I shot my load she swallowed the lot. Ken re positioned the pillows under her arse & climbed onto her again to fuck her in the missionary position, I had returned to the seat to watch “the monster” slide in & out of her cunt nice & slowly, she was moaning in ectasy, this increased in pace until they both climaxed again.By this time we were knackered so we pulled out the put-you-up bed & more or less went to sleep, in the morning we sorted some breakfast from room service & after it arrived my wife came to the table in her thong only, well after what had gone on no point in being shy now, she was sitting there showing her magnificent titties but the reality of it was we all knew what was going to happen again. She spread some jam on her nips & asked Ken if he liked jam on his toast, he was out of the chair in a flash & bent down to lick the jam off her tits, he said he had a show for “her” so he went over to the chair & asked her to bring a towel, condoms & lube over, she done this, I was intrigued. karşıyaka escort bayan She bent down & started to blow his cock no condom this time, her mouth was really stretching to take him in but she was managing it well. Then she was licking his balls, now he liked that. He asked her to put some lube on his cock which she did, then he said wank me, she was on it like a mad woman, wanking the fuck out of it in front of him in just her black thong, then it happened he said “I’m gonna shoot it & bang the amount of cum on the first spurt shocked both her & me, the second was almost the same the third was massive as well then about another 3 spurts, it is the most man juice I have ever seen in my life, we all actually started to laugh, all my slutty wife could say was “fuck me” Ken asked her why she would not do anal, quick as a flash she put her lubed up index finger right up his arse to the second knuckle, she said to him first of all it’s sore as you now know & secondly your just way to big, the look on his face was priceless, she slowly took her finger out of his ass, much to his relief I think, then she stood up lifted another condom & put it on “The Monster” turned to face me & straddled his manhood again, she lowered herself onto him & whilst facing me put her hand between her legs to guide him into her again, she was in more control this way she was rocking back & forth on this baby for a while then I seen the signs that she was about to explode, BOOM she was done. We decided enough was enough & we packed up to leave we were dropping him over to the airport and on the way over Ken was reaching into the passenger seat having a grope at her tits again similar to last night, when he got out of the car she gave him a hug & as he walked off she called him, when he turned around she opened her coat to give him a flash of her tits again. He was away in a moment. I know that when we fuck we will talk about this latest episode but I also know it will be a while before she is up for the likes of it again.

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