Abyss Remembered

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At 25 years old, Josh could only really be considered a fledgling accountant. He had fully qualified last year, and was only now beginning to build up a list of clients that he hoped would cement his position with Travis and Lane, the large firm of auditors that he currently worked for.

This morning, he had been summoned to the senior partners office early. As he sat in the offered chair on the other side of Mr. Brown’s huge desk, he felt nervous. He hoped it was good news.

“Well, Josh.” Mr. Brown began. “We all think that you have been doing rather well since you qualified.”

Josh relaxed a little before his boss continued.

“Yes, very well indeed. Although I see from your file that you haven’t handled any large clients yet. Well, I have some good news for you! We have recently acquired a new client, a band of young musicians called……um….Oh, I don’t recall the name, something that confirms the volume of their music, I expect! Anyway, we at Travis and Lane think that you would be the ideal person to handle the account. You are much the same age as them, give or take a few years, and, quite frankly, none of the other associates really want to have to deal with them! Do you think you can handle it, young Josh?”

Trying not to sound too over excited, Josh confirmed that he, indeed, was up to the job, and taking the file that his boss handed him, almost ran back to his own office.

“You better hurry.” called Mr. Brown after him. “They are expecting you for an introduction meeting at 1pm!”

Before leaving for the meeting, Josh quickly reviewed the file. As he read the documentation, he was briefly disappointed that the client was not one of his favourite bands. Although they were popular, The Abyss had a heavy rock theme to their music and the band members had a bit of a reputation for hell raising. Still, he thought, My job is to do their accounts and manage their money. I don’t have to like their music!

The meeting went very well and ran right through the afternoon. Josh found that, even if their music wasn’t to his taste, he got on very well with the five band members. They had all talked at length and worked out a twelve month strategy for the management of their income and the payment of the inevitable taxes. Before Josh finally got up to leave, they presented him with two complimentary tickets for their gig the following night. Not wishing to appear ungrateful, Josh accepted the gift and promised that he would do his best to attend.

Later that evening, after drinks and a movie, Josh and his fiancéeée‚ Kay were snuggled up on the sofa in her parents house. Kay’s parents had retired for the night, and they were finally alone.

“You’re kidding!” Cried Kay enthusiastically. “The Abyss? They are one of my favourite bands! And you got tickets? That’s so cool! All my friends will be so jealous!”

Kay was only four years younger than Josh, but she got so excited, he sometimes thought that he was about to marry a little girl. She was bouncing up and down on the sofa and planting big, wet kisses all over his face. There was no way that he could back out of the gig now, he thought.

“Let me thank you properly!” she said between kisses.

Josh and Kay had always had a wonderful sexual relationship, but up until now, she had been very reluctant to indulge in anything more than a little petting when they were in her parents house. However, as her hand drifted to his lap, Josh was delighted that she seemed to be about to break her golden rule. He moaned deeply as her dainty hand found his zipper. He was already hard, as he heard the zipper creak slowly down and Kay’s fingers reach in and squeeze his solid erection.

Releasing his cock from the confines of his underwear, Kay began to work his foreskin slowly back and forth over his shaft. Josh smiled to himself and relaxed into the sofa. If just the idea of seeing the band got her this hot, he was dying to see what would tuzla escort happen tomorrow when she actually got to meet them! His daydream was suddenly interrupted as he felt the familiar, sensual0 impression of his fiancée‚’s warm, wet mouth close wonderfully over the head of his cock, forming a tight seal as she began to bob her head up and down.

Reaching down, Josh found the hem of her short skirt and slid his hand underneath. He was breathing hard. This was turning out to be one of the best blow-jobs that Kay had ever given him. Sliding his hand up the inside of her thigh, he found the thin, silky material of her underwear. His fingers brushed lightly over the fabric causing her to moan on his cock and sending shivers up and down his spine. God! He had never felt her so wet! Easing the leg of her panties to one side, he was easily able to slide two fingers deep into her pussy.

He wanted to give her as much pleasure as he was getting, but he knew that he would be unable to hold back much longer. He could feel the old, familiar tingling in his scrotum already and began to thrust his fingers in and out of her hot vagina whilst rotating his thumb quickly over her swollen clit. He tried to warn her that he was about to cum, but Kay simply tightened her lips around his glans and sucked harder. The cum was suddenly boiling up and out of his cock as he sighed deeply and climaxed into her mouth. She swallowed as best she could, trying not to gag. Josh felt her moan deeply in her throat, cumming herself, her vaginal walls contracting his fingers as she orgasmed. Damn! He thought, she must really like this band!

The following day dragged a little. Routine paperwork had to be completed and to deadlines, but finally the clock ticked around to 5.30pm. Leaving his office, Josh had planned a quick shower and bite to eat at his small apartment, before driving to collect Kay and then on to the gig. Perhaps the show would be worth seeing, he supposed that he should give them a chance.

As Kay eased into the passenger seat she looked stunning. More make-up than usual, Josh thought. A slinky black dress covered her petite frame and clung to her obviously bra-less small breasts. Her long brown hair had been tied back in a pony tail and she wore high heels in an attempt to make her taller than her 5’3″. She squeezed his hand tightly as they prepared to drive off and, giggling excitedly, planted a wet kiss on his cheek.

Josh had to admit, the gig was quite good. Although they were much louder than he preferred his music, they created a great atmosphere. The gig was in a local university, and with a lack of adequate seating, most of the audience were on their feet and dancing to the heavy beat. Kay was up to. Really wired. Josh watched as she gyrated her body, twisting herself in time to the music and really getting into the mood of the evening. Her face was flushed with excitement and Josh could clearly make out her stiff little nipples pushing urgently against the dress. Josh found this strangely alluring. Not just because he could see her nipples, but because if he could, then everyone else could as well. He looked around him and saw that several young males were ogling her breasts. He smiled. He was getting a real buzz knowing that other men were lusting after her body.

The band played two encores, before exiting the stage in a state of near exhaustion. As the audience began to leave, Kay turned and hugged Josh tightly.

“Thank you so much honey.” she cooed. “I had simply the best evening!”

Time for my surprise, thought Josh.

“It’s not quite over yet! How would you like to meet the band?”

“Wow! Really? We can do that?”

“Oh sure.” He said trying to sound nonchalant. “We are all best of buddies now I save them money on their taxes! You see? Being an accountant isn’t all boring!”

Flashing the back stage pass that he had been given, Josh led an extremely nervous and excited Kay göztepe escort through to the hospitality area which simply consisted of one room. A trestle table stacked high with beer and snacks had been placed against the wall. All five members of the band were relaxing and drinking as Josh and Kay entered.

“Hey, look guys! It’s the accounts man! He made it.” Cried a band member with long greasy hair and a wide smile.

Josh was greeted like an old friend and Kay was suitably impressed. He introduced her to the band and they were given some beer to drink. As the time went on, Josh noticed, with some pride, how all the band seemed to be looking at Kay’s figure. She also seemed to be loving the attention, laughing and joking with the guys as she drank and generally flirted with them all.

At around 11.30pm, Josh suddenly felt a pressing need to relieve the tension on his bladder. They had all consumed a lot of beer and, excusing himself, he went in search of a bathroom. The journey took longer than he had expected and it was a full twenty minutes before he found himself in the familiar corridor that led back to the hospitality room.

As he approached, Josh could see the light from the hospitality room window flood the darkened hallway that he was walking up. Nearing the small window, he glanced into the room. His eyes bulged and his insides lurched violently as his gaze settled on the sight within. The trestle table had been swept clear of empty beer cans and paper plates, and sitting on the edge of it Josh could clearly see his fiancée‚ surrounded by two of the band members.

In his absence, they had obviously decided to take Kay’s’ flirting to a new level because she was currently being deeply kissed by the guy with the greasy hair whilst a second band member, with short cropped hair was busy sliding the top half of her dress down to her waist. Far from struggling, Kay appeared to be trying her best to wriggle out of the garment and expose her breasts to the men, the rest of which were loudly cheering her on.

“Oh yeah. This bitch is hot for it guys!” said the man with the cropped hair as he grasped handfuls of her naked breasts. “Look her nipples are already hard!”

Josh was stunned but also very excited. He had always wondered what it would be like to watch his fiancée‚ with another guy, and now here she was with all FIVE of them! He decided to keep quiet and just observe the proceedings. He was certain that he would not be missed and he had no desire to interrupt the horny scene that was beginning to unfold.

Kay gasped out loud as greasy hair’ broke the kiss. She could feel her nipples tighten under the other mans rough touch and could hear the others shouting and cheering. Her head was swimming a little from the alcohol, but she was so horny she didn’t want to stop this even if she could.

“Pull her skirt up!” shouted one of the other men. “Let’s see her cunt!”

With his hands still cruelly pinching her swollen, puffy nipples, cropped hair’ pushed her back so that she was lying down on her back with her legs draped over the edge of the table. She felt hands on her legs as the hem of her dress was pulled quickly upwards and bunched around her waist. She knew she was damp already. She could feel the moisture and heat in her panties. The hands now moved up her legs and found the waistband of her pretty underwear. They wasted no time and in a matter of seconds the garment was lying, discarded on the littered floor.

“Yeah!” she heard hoots and applause as her neatly trimmed pussy became exposed.

“Shit man! Look, she’s drippin’ wet down there! She’s begging for it!”

Kay knew she was nearing orgasm. If the guy at her tits would just squeeze them a little harder, she thought, the she would be nearly…nearly….nearly…..

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss… aaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhhh… I’m cumming” she screamed as her orgasm shook her body.

Before her üsküdar escort body had finished shaking, ‘greasy hair’ promptly positioned himself between her splayed legs. Quickly unzipping and hauling out his already stiff penis, he placed the head against Kay’s slick pussy lips and lunged into her. Kay moaned deeply as he began to fuck her hard and fast, quickly building up to a furious pace. ‘Cropped hair’ was still pinching her nipples as his friend forced himself deeper and faster into her tight pussy, causing her to cry out loudly in pleasure/pain. The man with greasy hair tensed up and with a final deep thrust, sent his semen coursing into her vagina.

Kay had a fleeting thought that he should not have cum inside her, but she was too far gone and too excited to care now. As his slack penis flopped out of her hole, he was quickly replaced by ‘cropped hair’. This cock was much larger and the owner seemed more experienced to Kay. He worked his thick meat slowly between her pussy lips, inching himself into her. She felt stretched to the max now, her head turning from side to side and her body writhing as yet another smaller orgasm flowed over her.

“Come on you guys!” she called to the other three who were watching. “I still got two hands and a mouth free!”

Needing no further invitation the three men stripped their pants off. Two of them stood either side of her and guided her fingers to their solid cock’s. The third guy carefully climbed up on the table by her head and began to feed a long thin penis into her waiting mouth. As she began to jerk and suck on the three new erections, the band member that had been fucking her pussy so expertly groaned deep in his throat and, pulling his cock out, sprayed her lower body with a huge quantity of thick, sticky cum.

Kay’s pussy felt sore and open now and she was quite content to have the other three guys cum in her hands and mouth. The air was full of moans and sighs as she jerked the two cocks furiously, enjoying the texture of the skin and the way they swelled in her hands. She had little control over the man in her mouth. He had taken a hold of her head with both hands and was literally fucking his cock down her throat. She heard a groan and felt a warm, wet discharge over her left hand, as the man on that side of her released his cum.

The last two cocks seemed to cum almost simultaneously. Her mouth was suddenly flooded with hot jism and she felt the cock in her right hand tense and twitch. She swallowed and swallowed as the man cumming in her mouth pulled his cock out and sprayed the remainder over her face. She pulled the last cock towards her as he finally climaxed. Dragging his cock head towards her sore and still swollen nipple, she ran it over the stiff bud feeling him ejaculate strongly on to her tit.

One by one, the band members dressed themselves. They had almost forgotten about Josh and briefly wondered where he could be. Not wishing to be found hiding and spying on his slutty fiancée, Josh quickly escaped into another room. He hid in the darkness for several more minutes, judging the time it would take Kay to briefly clean herself and dress, then slipping quietly out, he made his way back down the corridor, calling out and pretending he was lost.

“Oh there you are!” he said as he saw a very flushed Kay come out of the hospitality room.

“Sorry, I got lost. This place is like a maze! I hope that these guys have been entertaining you while I was gone?”

Josh grinned slyly. He could see a small trickle of semen that Kay had missed in the corner of her mouth.

“er..oh..er..yes.” She replied, nervously. “We have just been discussing the finer points of their music!”

Josh and Kay were married three months later. He knew that she was a slut and he loved her for it. He also knew now, that he wanted to watch her at every opportunity. Maybe one day he would tell her what he’d seen when the went to the Abyss gig!

– The End –

* * * * *

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