Abigail part 1

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Abigail part 1Abigail was gorgeous. Everything I ever looked for in a woman. She was a young college student, around 19-20 years old. She had long tan legs, the absolute perfect figure, long, curly blonde hair and the prettiest baby blue eyes. Only problem Abigail had was that she was married, as was I too. Abigail and John lived next door to us. John was your typical douchebag husband, my wife would notice the different girls he would sneak in and out of their house and Abigail Finally had enough. I realize that I am not perfect, however my wife has strayed away from me in the past, but it is what it is. Abigail asked my wife if she could stay a few days with us seeing how we had the room and we both agreed that it would be okay. A few days turned into a few weeks, neither of us minded seeing how I was very much attracted to her and my wife and her had started getting a lot closer. One day I came home from work and opened the door. The living room was quite a mess and there was no sign of either of the girls. I heard a noise from upstairs gaziantep escort bayan so I quietly worked my way up the stairs. I searched all over and could not find anything or anyone, finally getting to the bedroom door. I heard a moan and music playing in the room. Angered, I thought my wife was cheating on me, this was going to be the last straw. I bust the door open about to freak out and I see them. Abigail and my wife Amanda, together, naked in bed. Abigail had been on her hands and knees, bent over with Amanda with her face deep into her ass cheeks. I didn’t know what to think. Part of me was mad and the other part of me was extremely turned on. Neither of them heard me come in, as I stood there watching them continue. Finally I made a noise in which they both jumped, Abigail pulling covers over herself and Amanda in shock. “I didn’t want you to find us like this”, she said. “Please forgive me, this is the only time we’ve done this.” Abigail laid there, in shock and afraid. I told Amanda I didn’t know escort bayan how to feel as she walked over to me, butt naked. She told me she has an idea to make it up to me, as she starts kissing my neck and unbuttoning my pants. She tells Abigail to get out of bed but she says she’s too scared to. Amanda tells her “get your ass out off e bed, he’s already seen you naked.” She finally gets up and comes over to us. Amanda continues what she was doing, taking my shirt off and kissing down my chest. She gets to my waist and pulls my pants, along with my underwear off. She grips my dick in her hand and starts stroking it. I looked over at Abigail as she made an excited look seeing the size of my dick. Amanda proceeds to put my dick in her mouth, sucking it and taking it deep in her throat. It starts feeling extremely good and she suddenly stops and looks at Abigail. She tells Abigail to get on her knees and put it in her mouth, and she does. The feeling of her mouth was absolutely unreal. I became extremely hard and grabbed a hold of her head and started thrusting down her throat, making her gag. I pulled my dick out and told them to both get on the bed, one laying on top of the other one. My wife on top of Abigail, I start fucking Amanda, putting my dick deep inside of her, fucking her harder and harder and faster until her body shakes with an orgasm and she has came all over my dick. I keep going, letting her know I’m getting close and she tells me to stop. She gets off of Abigail and tells me to fuck her until I cum inside of her. Abigail agrees. Amanda sits on Abigail’s face as I stick my dick in her pussy. Abigail’s pussy was so tight and wet, I thought I was going to bust immediately. With her legs on my shoulders, I thrust myself deeper and deeper inside of her, making her wetter by the second. Amanda screams at me to fuck Abigail harder and I listen, harder and harder I go. Deeper and faster until her pussy is dripping with cum, I tense up and unload my cum deep inside of her, filling her little pussy up. I get off of her and the 3 of us lay there cuddled up. I told my wife I can forgive them, and that if they want to keep this up, they can but only when I’m around. Luckily for me, the next day got even better..Stay tuned for part 2!

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