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??? ???? ???a?????I got concert tickets to see an amazing show . It was a very famous electronic dance music DJ from Europe along with a famous American electronic music act. I was between boyfriends at the time, and couldn’t find a date to go with me, so I sold one of the tickets and decided to go by myself. I was extremely horny at the time, since I wasn’t dating anybody, and I made the entire day into one long erotic experience.Early in the evening I put on my tiny thin running shorts, the ones that barely cover my ass and struggle to contain my cock. I had also cut out the lining so there was barely any material at all covering my cock. Along with the shorts I wore a zippered sweat shirt and sandals. I had been working out religiously in the months leading up to that night, and I was very proud of how muscular and tight my body was looking, down to very low body fat and cut muscles.Before the concert I figured I would do something really naughty. I went to a strip club where I know the guys are hot and the rules are very lax. I had fucked a stripper in the VIP there only a month earlier.I felt a little nervous going into the club in such tiny thin shorts with no lining, but I was in one of my moods and wanted to push my limits. In the club I had a couple beers and watched the strippers, and I found a couple different guys who gave me full contact naked lap dances. The combination of the scene, and the lap dances kept me rock hard and throbbing in my tiny shorts. With the guys riding their naked asses on my lap, and with how thin my shorts were, it almost felt like we were having sex right there. One of the dancers would reach down and stroke my naked cock right in the middle of the club while he pumped his naked ass on me. I know he was trying to convince me to take him into the VIP section where he could make serious money. I got close to cumming a few times, but I held off. After a couple hours there, and a couple beers, it was time to go to the concert.I felt kind of like a pervert at the strip club, in those slutty little shorts and my cock obviously making a huge bulge. No other guys went there wearing so little. But I was even more nervous about going into a very popular concert venue downtown, wearing the shorts and sweatshirt. I got naked in my car and drove downtown that way, lubing my cock and stroking the whole way there. I love driving around town naked. I was rock hard the entire drive to the concert. When I got downtown, I had to stop on the side of a street to put my clothes back on before getting to the venue. There are parking attendants in all the lots around the venue, and I couldn’t just drive up naked and hard.After I got out of my car, and before I walked in I had to position my hard cock so it was facing straight up, and then put the elastic waist band of my little shorts over my erection, to try to keep it from being too obvious. Otherwise it would either bulge out obscenely or stick out the bottom of the shorts exposed. Walking to the venue and walking in, I was surrounded by hot people in sexy rave outfits, and I couldn’t help but stay hard, which helped keep my cock held against my stomach by the waist band of my shorts.When I got into the place I got a drink. I was hoping I wouldn’t see anybody I know, because they would probably wonder why I was wearing such skimpy shorts. Inside there were all kinds of hot guys all around me, a rave crowd in their multi-colored tiny outfits.When the music started I tended to find places to dance where there was a skimpily dressed hot guys in my view, and I would dance and check out the guys. In addition to being an exhibitionist, I’m also a voyeur and I LOVE when guys are daring and wear very short shorts. The house lights were down and it was a lot of flashing colors and lasers, so I didn’t bother worrying about keeping my erection hidden. I danced with my throbbing cock bouncing around, sometimes accidentally sticking out of the bottom of my shorts. There were times during the shows that I was so turned on, I thought I might just start cumming all over the dance floor.Dancing so nearly exposed, surrounded by hot sexy guys, made me so horny I started getting cravings for sex with strangers. I started thinking about where I could go to get my cock sucked, and maybe even suck some cocks and get covered in cum. After about 3 hours at the show, I couldn’t control my lust anymore and I slipped out, insanely horny. I made it to my car, and drove straight to a big porn emporium in the gay area of town. This place has a separate entrance to its glory hole booths, so you don’t have to go through a well-lit porn store to get to the booths. The parking lot is in the back, and it was filled with probably 40 cars. The place has at least 20 high quality booths, recently remodeled, all with big glory holes.I paid and went in, and the hallways were lined with guys. I always hope nobody who knows me will be there, but when I’m that horny nothing can stop me. I went into an empty booth, and didn’t bother to lock the door. I put $20 in the machine and bahis şirketleri found a gangbang scene of a blonde guy being ganged by black guys. I had a little bottle of lube in my sweatshirt pocket, and I pulled it out and set it down, then pulled my shorts and top off completely. Then I pulled my sandals off too. I sat down totally naked, lubed my cock, and started jacking off to the porn. It wasn’t more than a minute when the door opened and a hot white guy looked in, saw me naked and stroking, and asked if he could come in. I said yes, and he came into the booth with me.The guy stood over me, while I paid more attention to the porn than him. The gangbang scene was more of a turn on than a fully dressed man at that moment, but he was totally turned on watching me jack off. He undid his pants and pulled out his cock, and I noticed that it was really nice. His cock was big, thick, and already hard. He stood there stroking himself, watching me while I stroked my cock. Then he got on his knees between my legs and started sucking my cock. He was really good, and I loved letting him suck me while I watched a different guy get ganged by black guys. I got close to cumming a couple times, but both times I pushed his mouth off my cock and let it bob in the air, throbbing and pulsing to the beat of my heart.I could see someone watching us through the glory hole, and having an audience made me even more excited. Then I asked the guy on his knees if he would cum on my face. He agreed and stood up, and I got on my knees in front of him. He stroked himself and then asked if I would suck him. I am never a stranger to a guy’s cocks, but when I’m that horny I’ll do almost anything. Since his cock was so nice, I agreed and stroked him and then slurped his hard cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it while I pumped it with my full lips. I was feeling so horny, I even grabbed his naked ass cheeks and started fucking my mouth on his cock, letting it slide just a little bit into my throat. Finally he said he was going to cum, and I quickly pulled my slobbering mouth off his cock and got down lower so he could get all his cum on my face. He came a LOT, probably six big hot spurts of cum all over my face. I love when guy cum on my me, because it’s so obvious and it drips down my chin afterward. Finally he zipped up, thanked me, and left the booth. Like many guys do, he asked if I wanted something to wipe his cum off my face, but I said I wanted to leave it. It turns me on so much to have cum dripping down my face while I stroke.The man watching through the hole was really turned on, and he motioned that he wanted to suck me, by sticking his fingers through the hole and showing me his open mouth at the opening. But at that moment I wanted to sit down and stroke myself, and enjoy the cum dripping down my face while watching the porn. The door of the booth opened again, and another guy came in. He didn’t even ask, he just came into my booth, probably assuming that since I naked with cum on my face, it’s what I wanted.I was so turned on that this time when he pulled out his hard cock, I got down on my knees again and started sucking him without being asked. As I was sucking, the booth door opened again and another guy slipped in. Having two men with me in the booth made me so horny I had to stop stroking myself for a second, otherwise I might have cum. The second man sat on the bench where I had been and played with my naked body while stroking himself. After a little while of me sucking the man who was standing, I asked them both if they would cum on my face. They also agreed, and this time I sat on the dirty porn booth floor while both of them stood over me jacking off. I stroked myself while looking up at them and begging for their cum. The man who had been touching me was a little chubby, and from my angle under them his cock didn’t look very big. But when they both started shooting at the same time, the chubby guy spurted so much cum on my face, he must have been building it up. God I love when multiple guys shoot on my face at once! It took all my control not to cum while two men spurted hot cum from different angles, all over my face.When they were done, they were zipping up when the guy at the glory hole asked if I wanted more, so I got my face down to the glory hole and he stuck his cock through the hole and almost immediately started cumming on my face too.I was going crazy with lust! I was high on Ecstasy and pot, rock hard form two Cialis, and I had already had lap dances and danced nearly exposed at a concert. Now I was having a fourth guy soak my face in hot cum. The other guys watched the man spurt cum on my face through the glory hole, and then slipped out of the booth and left the door wide open. The guys in the hallway could look in and watch me naked on the floor, stroking myself while cum dripped down my face.A big skinny black man came into the booth, looked at me, and pulled out his really big black cock. He kept me sitting on the floor and pushed my head back against the wall of the booth bahis firmaları and shoved his cock in my mouth. He was rough, pretty much just face fucking me, and I was really getting off on the humiliation. I felt so vulnerable, not even able to back away from his throat fucking because he had me backed into a corner, sitting naked on a porn booth floor, while he shoved deeper and deeper in my throat. Nobody had ever fucked his cock so deep down my throat before, but he was rough and he kept forcing it deeper, making me choke and drool all over my chest.I still never stopped stroking myself, on the edge the whole time, but I kept from cumming. I felt like if I let myself cum I might lose some of my extreme horniness and realized what I was letting strangers do to me. The black man seemed to love humiliating a white guy like me, an obvious slut covered in cum and naked, choking me and fucking my mouth. Finally he started pumping hot cum in my mouth, and I let it drool down my lips and chin, all over my body. For his last couple pumps of cum, he pulled out and laid them across my nose and lips.When he was done he also zipped up and left the booth, and also didn’t bother closing the door. Now lots of men had watched me get dominated and throat fucked. I loved the exposure and the risk of being totally naked, covered in strangers’ cum, while anybody could see me and just walk in. A really nice white cock came through the glory hole, and in my high and horny state I got on my knees, hands against the wall, and started giving him my best blowjob. I tried every trick I knew, with my tongue, lips, throat, knowing anybody in the hall outside my booth could see my naked ass and sweaty body exposed and vulnerable, seeing me sucking someone through the glory hole.I felt someone touching my ass and feeling my body; he must have noticed the stickiness when he felt my chest, because he then looked at my face and said “oh my God.” He pulled his pants down and I felt him sliding his cock along my slippery ass crack, but I pushed him away when I felt him trying to push it into my asshole. My ass was virgin and I didn’t want to change that, but I loved the attention otherwise.I turned to look at him and he was another black guy, with an amazing cock. So smooth and big and black and hard, so I stroked him and then started going back and forth between his cock and the one through the hole. They both seemed to like what I was doing, and I asked if they would cum on my face too. The black man nodded, but I’m not sure the guy on the other side of the wall heard me. When the black man was ready to cum he told me, and again I got as low as I could so he would get it all on my face. As he was cumming on my face, I was stroking the other guy, who started spraying cum all over my naked body. I wished it was going on my face, but he was cumming so much it felt like he was pissing cum all over me.At this point six men had cum all over me, especially my face, and that was dripping down all over me too. This was turning out to be one of my best public sexual experiences. I think because I was so horny and high, I grabbed my shorts and put them in the pocket of my sweatshirt, and walked out of the booth naked holding my sweatshirt and sandals. I went over to a common area where there are chairs, benches, and tables. The lounge area was filled with men. I set my sweatshirt and sandals on the floor and got on my knees in the middle of the area, probably the most daring thing I’d done up to that point in my life, and asked loudly for everyone to cum on my face. Over the next hour I stroked and sucked around 8 to 10 more guys, I really lost count and couldn’t really see that well through the cum glaze anyway.Finally, I was soaked head to toe in cum from anywhere from 14 to 16 guys, and the crowd thinned out. There were still plenty of guys around, but I think maybe I was too much of a cum-soaked mess for some guys. I decided that I wanted more, but might not be able to get it there.It was already almost 2:00 in the morning, but I was still high and horny. I wished I could walk out of there naked, but knew I couldn’t get away with that. I put my clothes over my cum-soaked body and walked out to my car dripping cum from everywhere. I got in my car and immediately took the shorts and top back off and drove totally naked, hard, and cum soaked to a porn theater where I’ve had fun times. When I got to the theater I put my little clothes back on long enough to walk in and pay, and then go into the theater and take them back off right away. Even at 2:00am, there were at least 20 or more men there.Naked in the back of the theater, I got on my knees and was surrounded by very horny men in seconds. I consider myself more straight than gay, probably bisexual, but there I was on my knees, kneeling on my sweatshirt, while men surrounded me to touch me and have me stroke and suck them. I was doing a massive blow bang of more men than I could count. I lost count of the men, but I know more than ten of them came on my face in the back of the theater.Some kaçak bahis siteleri of the cum from the glory hole booths had dried on my face and body, but once the men in the theater started cumming on me, it made all the old cum moist and drippy again. I felt so slutty, I hadn’t ever sucked so many men, and in that one night I had sucked over 20 guys already, stroked a lot too, and got at least 20 or 30 guys to cum on my face and body.Halfway through the sucking at the porn theater, we moved away from the back of the theater to an open area halfway down. I think I got off another ten to twelve guys down there. I had NEVER been covered in so much cum. Eventually I was down to just two guys, and then just one guy. When he spurted one of the biggest loads of the night all over my face, I was suddenly alone on my knees, naked, soaked head to toe in cum. I left my shorts in my sweatshirt pocket and put it on, and walked up to the back of the theater.Even at 3 something in the morning, there was a whole group of guys in the back. When I got back there, I noticed that there was a guy, surrounded by men, taking them on. He was letting one guy eat his ass while he sucked another. Right next to him was his boyfriend, and he wasn’t doing anything, just sitting there watching. I stood there stroking and watching while he went from man to man, sucking, stroking, letting them eat him, and letting them fuck him.I still hadn’t cum after like 9 hours of being hard. I saw my opening and stepped right up, standing over his boyfriend’s lap, and felt his naked body while other men used him. I had seen fat men and ugly men in the theater before, but this one was pretty good looking, nice body, and a total slut. I dropped my sweatshirt on the floor so I stood naked, my body hard and fit, stroking my big hard cock. I don’t think in the darkness he could tell I was coated in cum. He saw me, and my big hard cock, and climbed over his boyfriend’s lap, and sucked my cock into his mouth. Men’s hands were all over me, and his, while he sucked me.I had been holding off so long, I wasn’t able to hold off anymore, not when a hot guy was sucking my cock. I leaned over and said “I want to cum on your face.” He said OK and pulled off my cock and presented his face to me, not far from his boyfriend’s face. I started to blast cum on his face, hard spurt after spurt on him. When I’ve been on edge for that long, I can shoot cum over 6 feet away, and I was blasting his face. His boyfriend even made a comment; something like “some serious hydraulics!” I thought it was funny. I destroyed his face in cum that my balls had been building all night. I wish it was brighter in the theater because I would have LOVED to see his cum-blasted face in the light. Finally I finished, then found my sweatshirt and put it on, but left the shorts in the pocket.I walked out the back of the theater, into the alley, and walked to my car bottomless. I was still semi-hard, covered in cum from 20-30 men. Because , I was still horny, I hadn’t had quite enough. I had never been covered in so much cum before, and I wanted to enjoy it. I took my sweatshirt off again and drove for a little while, back toward my part of town. I stroked myself and got rock hard again.I got to a 24-hour supermarket in the hip urban part of town, where I know a lot of people, and only a couple miles from my own house. It’s also an area near some of the hottest dance clubs. I slipped on my shorts and sweatshirt and went inside. This time I didn’t bother hiding my cock with the waistband of the shorts; I just let it bulge obscenely. The lights were blindingly bright, and at around 4:00 am there were quite a few people there. I walked around, checking out the guys that had come from some dance clubs and were wearing sexy outfits, and I grabbed a few groceries. Mostly I just wanted to be somewhere extremely public while soaked head to toe in 20-30 men’s cum.I know people noticed, since my hair was all matted with cum, and in addition to the thick drippy glaze on my face there were also lots of gooey strands connecting my eye lashes to my cheeks, dripping off my nose, connecting my lips together, and hanging from my chin. They couldn’t see most of the cum, because it was covered by my clothes, but I could feel it dripping down every inch of my body and squishing in my sandals as I walked. The feeling of being somewhere so brightly lit, public, and where people I know could possibly be, sent me over the edge again. My cock was pointing down, sticking out of the leg of my tiny shorts, and as I walked past a group of club guys I literally started spurting cum all over the supermarket floor. I had to stifle my moans because I was only inches from the guys as my cock pumped cum on the floor next to them. It was so hot!!Since I had just cum a second time, I started feeling self-conscious about how I looked and what I just did. At the checkout was where I was most nervous about getting in trouble, since everybody is close together. The cashier was clearly gay, and he totally noticed my cum coating. He asked “is that what I think it is?” and I said “yes.” After that I just went out to my car, got in and drove home. Nothing else happened that night, but I thought I would tell you about it. I hope you cum. I wish it was on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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