A Weekend on the Beach Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


All characters are 18 or older and only loosely based on real people. Any connections or correlations made are likely coincidence or your imagination. Please, enjoy!


Our story doesn’t begin here but it’s a culmination of many different factors. Factors including, but not limited to; sexual chemistry, flirtation, friendship, lust, and fantasies. My wife, Felicia, always wanted to live out here on the beach. The shore of North Carolina has long been an ideal location for her. We found a quaint, and inexpensive, piece of property right on the Atlantic coast. It was a fixer upper that we were more than willing to invest in and move into.

My name is Luis. I’m the bastard fortunate enough to have married a sex goddess with an insatiable sex drive. What makes me “lucky,” you ask? Wealth? Devilishly good looks? An enormous cock? None of those things are applicable. My wife and I just clicked. Above all, we clicked as friends before anything else. The mutual attraction was an added bonus and the mind blowing sex sealed the deal for us. The sex was great on a level greater than physical pleasure, it was truly intimate and passionate. That type of connection made for an easy transition into sharing some of our most private, kinky, and even taboo fantasies/desires.

We shared our mutual interests in group sex, regardless of the people involved, domination, roleplay, and general kink. Amongst many other topics that will likely be touched upon in these stories. So naturally I was confident in being able to express my sexual attraction to some of the women we were close to, particularly her younger sister, Julie, and my friend Ana. Along with a few other celebrity crushes and random women we both know. In turn, she was comfortable with sharing her attraction to my buddy, Jeremy, her lust for other women, and a sudden desire for anal sex.

Our conversations would get detailed and intense, whether they were through text, email, or whispering into each other’s ears during our sexual trysts. How does any sane man confess his lust for his wife’s sister without being castrated? Well, our connection was so deep that we were really that comfortable. Hell, she encouraged it. Besides, I’m pretty sure she’d see my eyes glue to her sister’s ass whenever she’d walk away from me. The first time she caught me, I was nervous as fuck. I figured she’d end it then and there but I couldn’t hide my obvious attraction to Julie. She was almost identical to my wife. They had the same body build, same brunette hairstyle, and same infectious smile. The only slight difference was my wife’s light brown, seductive eyes to Julie’s seemingly innocent, green eyes. That conversation was the beginning to it all, it became easier to share everything else. The kinkier and more taboo they were, the more I seemed to enjoy them. Knowing that my wife was such a sexual creature that felt free to pursue and feed on her desires turned me on like nothing else.

My friend Ana was a stark contrast to Felicia and Julie. She was a blonde with light, blue eyes. Her smile was more of a smirk, and she was a genuine friend. Someone that confided in me and sincerely had no ulterior motives during our friendship. My buddy Jeremy is a guy I befriended in high school but mostly kept at a distance. We recently reconnected when we ran into each other at a bar, friended each other on Facebook, and began to keep in touch. We’d hang out occasionally and I began to trust him, so much that I did my damnedest to hook him up with Ana. We’ll go into a little more depth about that down the road. Jeremy is very similar to me in both physique and temperament. He’s a Hispanic guy, brown hair and eyes, and about 6 feet tall. It’s easy to surmise from this point that these ingredients were the start of an intriguing recipe.

We had only recently moved into our cozy home on the beach when Felicia and I decided to invite some family and friends over for a house warming. There were a few hotels within a 10-mile radius so we felt comfortable inviting over 20 potential guests. It was such short notice that we didn’t expect many people to make the trip but we were pleasantly surprised when we received confirmation that we’d be having three guests for a 3-day weekend. Naturally, Felicia insisted that her sister stay with us in one of our extra bedrooms. Both Jeremy and Ana were staying, coincidentally, at the same hotel a few miles away. Julie arrived early Friday afternoon and the other two would be getting in early Saturday morning. Needless to say, Felicia was eager to pick Julie up from the airport, and excited to spend a weekend with her sister, with whom she was extremely close. All the way to the airport, Felicia chattered excitedly about all the things she wanted to do with Julie.

“Babe, I haven’t seen Jules in months and I can’t wait to show her the house. She’s going to be so happy for us. Where should we take her for dinner tonight?” She used her sister’s childhood nickname every time she spoke so fondly of her.

“Uh, let’s have her pick, I’m sure she’ll be hungry after the long flight. Unless you’re craving ordu seks hikayeleri something in particular?”

“Not really, we can let her pick. Unless you want something specific, babe.”

“I’m ok with whatever you two crazies pick. Unless, of course, you’re going to give me dessert before dinner?” I said to my wife as I looked at the glorious space between her thighs and licked my lips.

She gave me her “fuck me” look and grabbed my thigh. “Babe, you know I’ll find some quiet and dark corner of that airport if it means I get some of your dick, don’t tease me.”

I smiled, knowing with complete certainty that she wasn’t kidding. “Don’t tempt me, you know how much I love being inside of you.”

She grabbed my cock over my pants and smiled when she felt that I was already hard from thinking about her.

“We’re still about 30 minutes from the airport…” She trailed off as she quickly unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and began to slowly stroke it.

I glanced at her, smiled, and shook my head at her willingness to be sexual any and every where. She gave me a cute smirk, unbuckled her seat belt, and took my cock into her mouth. I focused a little more closely on the road and noticed we had a fan base. A girl, somewhere in her mid to late 20’s, was driving next to us and enjoying the show. She smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and did her best to stay close while my wonderful wife worked her magic with her lips and tongue.

“Do not make me cum!” I told her. “I want to save it and cum inside you later!”

She took my cock as deep into her mouth as she could, slowly let it slide out of her mouth, and swirled her tongue on the tip. She looked up at me, feigning innocence.

“What exactly do you plan on doing to me?” She asked as she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked more voraciously. She knew this would lead to a little dirty talk and she could try to get more of my darkest fantasies out of me.

“Don’t act like you don’t know.” I groaned as I tried to deflect and concentrate on the road at the same time. “I just wanna be inside of you and cum in your warm pussy!”

She picked up the speed and kept up the pace until she felt me tense up. She slowed down so significantly that it felt like she came to an abrupt stop. That was until I felt her tongue maneuvering on my cock. She slowly eased up and let it slide out of her mouth, she licked the tip a few more times and kissed it before she leaned back into her seat and buckled back into her seat belt. She looked gorgeous as she wiped her mouth, settled back into her seat, and gave me her knowing smile. Meaning she knew that later that evening, I would be licking her pussy before I fucked her in any and all positions we’ve ever done. She reached over and carefully put my cock back into my pants and zipped me back up.

“The rest of this evening is going to be fucking rough until we get into our bedroom!” I iterated as we pulled up to the airport.

“That’s what you get for teasing me, now we both have to suffer!” She smiled playfully as we headed inside to meet up with Julie at baggage claim. Suffer was an understatement, the next few hours were torturous. My loving wife kept stealing knowing glances at me, she’d squeeze my thigh, and worst of all, she began to make sexual comments to me, about me, or including me to her very attractive sister. Her sister, like Felicia, dressed modestly in her hip-hugging, ass-accentuating jeans. A stylish blouse that showed the perfect amount of cleavage for my avid imagination. Both sisters had amazing boobs! We had dinner at a Texas Roadhouse near the airport and headed home. As we walked out, I naturally held the door open for both ladies and Felicia instinctively looked back at me. I couldn’t help it, my eyes were going crazy going back and forth looking at two of the best asses I’ve ever seen. Without hesitation, my wife playfully smacked and squeezed Julie’s ass.

“My sister has a nice ass, doesn’t she, babe?” The look on my face must have spoken volumes as both girls looked at me, then at each other, and laughed heartily.

I stammered and finally managed to say,

“Hell yeah!” I’m convinced it was my overactive and horny imagination, but I thought I saw them sway their hips a little more purposefully. I shook my head and began to quietly dread the drive home. I could already see Felicia between my legs with my cock in her mouth. I could see her rolling onto her back so I could eat her delicious pussy before I lift her legs onto my shoulders and thrust into her. I could see her on all fours, ass in the air, ready to be fucked. Her body at my disposal, to do with as I please. I could see the look in her eyes as she orgasms and the determined look she gets when she’s ready for me to fill her pussy up with my cum. I was fucking ready.

“Babe! You missed the turn.” Felicia snapped me back to reality as I was conjuring images of her and I in our most intimate moments.

“Shit,” I complained as I continued driving. “That’s going to add like 20 minutes to our drive.”

“It’s ok,” Julie giggled in the back seat, “I’ll enjoy watching you squirm in anticipation of getting my sister alone.”

“Ha ha! I’m not squirming, I’m in full control. Thank you, very much.”

“Yeah, right, I see the looks y’all keep giving each other. I’m not dumb. I’m sure it doesn’t help to have Felicia teasing you!” She laughed and began telling my wife that we’re horn dogs and to stop rubbing it in her face.

“Hey, we’re not rubbing anything…well, not yet at least.” Said my wife, laughing, taking full advantage of the opportunity to say something perverted.

“Jerk!” Julie groaned. “I hope you’re around my husband and me someday without Luis, so we can get extra touchy and tease you.”

“Hey,” my wife interjected, “who said you weren’t welcome to watch, Jules?”

I perked up and immediately looked at my sister-in-law through the rearview mirror in search of a reaction. She smirked and I was slightly shocked that she wasn’t surprised by this quasi-invitation.

“Sounds tempting. I am curious to put a picture to all the sounds I hear you two make every time I sleep in a room next to y’all.” Julie smiled at me through the rearview mirror and was amused by my giddy looking smile.

“My hubby does naughty things to me, Jules, I couldn’t help it, sorry.” My wife chuckled.

“You’re not sorry. Knowing you, you probably did it on purpose.”

“Nope, come watch tonight and see for yourself.” Felicia officially issued the challenge and laughed to herself as she discretely reached over and started to rub my cock through my pants. Unsurprisingly, I was already hard and she did her best to rub it without making it obvious.

“If this is an invitation, I gladly accept, dear sister. And while you’re at it, stop teasing your husband, you might as well pull his cock out and jerk him off.”

Needless to say, I was in complete awe, but even those words couldn’t prepare me for the next series of events. My wife looked back at her sister, licked her lips, and began to unzip my pants in the car for the second time that day.

“Might as well finish what we started earlier.” My wife chuckled and grabbed hold of my manhood as she gave her sister another seductive glance.

Julie subtly licked her lips and muttered, “I’m not surprised this isn’t the first time you’ve had his cock in your hands or mouth today!”

Felicia was unable to utter a retort as she had a mouthful of cock and was eagerly bobbing up and down. I was in heaven! I had to remind myself that I was also driving on a highway and did my best to focus on the road, and then my attention was drawn to the back seat. I heard Julie faintly moan, followed by the unmistakable and familiar sounds of fingers playing with a wet pussy. Julie’s eyes were fixed on the masterpiece that Felicia was putting together with her tongue and lips. Her legs were spread, pants unbuttoned, and her hand wiggling vigorously in her pants. After ensuring we were travelling safely down the road, I noticed Felicia was doing the same thing. Here I was, driving 65 MPH down the road, with two beautiful, sex-craved women playing with themselves as my cock is being engulfed by my wife’s talented mouth.

We were about 5 miles from our exit when I heard the muffled grunts and groans of both girls as they climaxed at the same time. Felicia’s free hand lightly squeezed my cock as she orgasmed from her own fingers. Julie’s eyes locked mine through the rearview mirror as she bit her lower lip and allowed her orgasm to run through her body. I was on the verge of filling my wife’s mouth up with cum and she could sense it. She remembered my order from earlier and slowly came to a stop.

“Mmm, that’s not fair.” Muttered Julie from the back seat as she was adjusting her pants.

“Oh, no, it’s ok Julie.” I assured her. “I don’t want to cum in her mouth right now. I’m waiting for when we get home.”

“Oh, an agreement from the ride to pick me up, huh? Gotcha. At least I still get to watch it. Unless you’ve chickened out, sis…”

Felicia was wiping her mouth and adjusting her pants as she reassured her sister that the invitation was still open.

“Like I said you’re more than welcome to come, but I can’t be held responsible if my husband tries to get his hands on you.”

There it was. This had to be defining moment, right?

Sexy, and horny, Julie didn’t let me down. “I’m not opposed to joining you two, sis. You know how I feel about your hubby.”

“Wait, what does my wife know?!” I asked and glanced accusingly at Felicia.

Felicia gave me one of her infamous naughty smiles and said, “We’re sisters and we’re close, we talk about everything. Our men aren’t excluded. Jules has always thought you were attractive.”

“And why didn’t you tell me when I confessed my fantasy about her?!” I couldn’t believe she kept it from me.

“Wait, what fantasy about me?” Julie chimed in.

“Ha! Don’t call me crazy for not telling my husband and my sister that they are sexually attracted to each other!” Felicia groaned.

“That’s what you don’t realize, babe, you’re the common denominator. I’m only interested in your sister for the sake of fulfilling a fantasy with you.” I reassured her.

“Um yeah, sis, I’ve looked up to you since we were kids. I wanna fool around with you guys because it’s one of the only things you and I haven’t done together.”

Julie added her piece and it was like a light flickered on and a sense of relief washed over her face. She sat with her back to the passenger door so as to see us both.

“Well, I guess we’re in for a hell of a weekend, guys!” said my wife excitedly. The only other time I’ve heard this excitement in her voice was when I ate her out from behind for the first time.

We all smiled and glanced at each other with the sexual tension continuing to build as we drove the last 10 minutes to our coastal property. The car smelled like sex and I could only hope that my small home would smell similarly come Monday afternoon after our guests leave. We pulled up and I unloaded the car as the girls went inside and got settled. I placed Julie’s belongings in one of the two spare bedrooms and went out to join the ladies in the living room. They had wasted no time. They each had a glass of wine in their hands and were whispering excitedly.

“What have I missed?” I purposely interrupted as I walked past them and into the kitchen to grab a beer for myself.

“Oh, not much.” My wife assured me. “We’re just making plans for my sexy husband this weekend.”

Both girls nonchalantly took a sip of their wine and awaited my response.

“Y’all don’t forget that we have other guests coming over tomorrow morning, so tonight is your best shot at seducing me.” I joked sarcastically.

“Trust me, your two buddies won’t stop us from what we want,” said my wife.

“Why do I get the feeling that you two have discussed this before?” I asked sincerely.

“That’s because we’re really that close my dear brother-in-law. We HAVE discussed what you’re like in the sack and what it would be like to share you.” Julie matter of factly cleared up that topic for me.

I could no longer fight it, I gave Felicia the all too familiar “I’m ready to fuck you” look.

“There it is,” she pointed out to Julie, “the look! He wants to do nasty things to me. To us both, really.”

I couldn’t help but smiling at her. I sat down and leaned back on the couch next to her, she wasted no time in quickly running her fingers on my thighs and toward my cock. “Are you ready, sis?”

Julie’s eyes seemed to have glazed over as she quickly noticed our sexual chemistry. She licked her lips and made her way to the couch that my wife and I were sharing. It took her all of 3 seconds to walk over, but in my sex-drowned brain; she moved in slow motion, swaying her hips, and giving us what I now know is her “come fuck me” look. Which coincidentally is very similar to her sister’s. Felicia reached for my waistband and lowered my pants and underwear in one pull. My cock was hard and throbbing in anticipation of receiving attention from two of the hottest women that I know.

I spread my legs as the girls sat on either side of me and began reaching for my cock. They each had a hand on it, stroking it, and without hesitation, began to kiss each other. As their tongues intertwined, their hands didn’t stop stroking my cock as I cupped and squeezed both of their asses. In unison, both beauties lowered their heads and began to lather my cock with their tongues. Felicia had the tip in her mouth and was swirling her tongue on it as I felt my sister-in-law licking up and down my shaft. As if they were well-practiced, they’d seamlessly switch and Julie would have the tip in her mouth as my wife would lick my shaft. The girls would take turns taking my balls into their mouths and were focusing their tongues and energy on driving me crazy!

I felt the unequivocal rise of an orgasm and reluctantly asked the girls to stop as I wanted this experience to last forever. I pulled my wife up and practically shoved my tongue in her mouth and made out with her while Julie watched. It was our silent way of having a moment of reassurance and frankly, my way of saying thank you. It was my wife’s turn to give me her “Fuck me” look, only she gave it to us both. The sisters smiled at each other and for the first time, Julie and I shared a deep and passionate kiss. My wife was rubbing both of our heads as we kissed and suddenly all three of us were kissing and it was a mixture of lips, tongues, and heavy breathing. I gently pushed the girls’ heads together as I drove a finger into each of them.

They both instinctively spread their legs and I slipped two fingers into each girl as they made out with each other. I was alternating between driving my fingers in and out of each girl and playingwith their clits when I looked up and saw that the girls were sucking on each other’s nipples and squeezing each other’s tits. It was an amazing sight and my cock was crying for release. I kept fingering Julie and made my way down to Felicia’s pussy, ran my tongue up the slit, and smiled as I felt her quiver. I looked up as I began to focus my attention to my wife’s pussy with my tongue and fingers and noticed that Julie was turning up the intensity on Felicia’s nipples. Flicking her tongue and grazing her teeth on them. Within minutes, my wife was arching her back, grasping for me and her sister, and writhing in ecstasy as her first orgasm of the night washed over her.

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