A Weekend in the Country Ch. 02

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I felt the morning sun shining through the window onto my naked body as I opened my eyes, expecting my new lover to be lying beside me but disappointingly found that side of the bed empty.

I hurriedly pulled the robe on that Gayle had given me the previous night and visited the bathroom before making my way down the stairs. I looked all through the house but couldn’t find her anywhere.

I noticed a kettle on the worktop in the kitchen and touched it to find that it was still hot. There was no sign of a tea or coffee pot so I assumed that she must had made a drink and taken it with her somewhere.

I opened the back door and looked down the garden. I saw, sideways on, Gayle dressed in her robe, sitting at a small table with a tray in front of her. I closed the door behind me and made my way to the table where I slipped onto the seat opposite her. As she looked at me with her gorgeous green eyes a troubled smile broke onto her face. I smiled back.

“I don’t know what to say to you,” she said, looking down towards the table with a distinct nervousness in her voice. “I’m so sorry if you are upset about last night. I was so overcome by you that I just couldn’t control myself. Please don’t be angry with me.”

I looked at her in silence until she lifted her face and looked at me.

“Did you enjoy what we did?” I asked.

“Every second of it.” She replied.

“Had you been planning it very long?” I asked.

“I hadn’t planned it at all.” She replied. “I wanted us to spend the weekend together because I have become so attracted to you, but I hadn’t planned on seducing you. I’ve never done anything like that before. I’ve never been attracted to another woman, but I fell for you the very first time we met. Then, as I lay in my bed last night I had this overwhelming urge to cuddle you, to hold you in my arms and kiss you. I just couldn’t contain myself. I’m sorry.”

I reached out my hand and placed it onto hers.

“I didn’t fight you off, did I?” I asked.

“No.” She replied.

“Lets forget about it then, should we?” I asked.

“I guess so. I am sorry.”

“Don’t keep saying sorry. Anyway, what’s for breakfast?”

“Anything you like.” She said.

“I’m so glad that you said that.” I told her.

I closed my hand around hers and stood up. I walked around the table, kneeled beside her chair and placed my free hand on the back of her head and pulled her lips to mine.

We kissed passionately. I looked at her face and saw a tear trickling down her cheek. I removed it with the tip of my tongue. We kissed again.

The sound of her telephone ringing made us break our embrace. She kissed me on the forehead before she stood and then walked to her kitchen.

She returned after a minute or two, pulling on a light summery dress.

“I’m sorry, I will have to pop out for a short while.” She told me, “My old aunt has had a fall. She only lives down the road. I had better go and see that she is alright. I won’t be long.”

She turned and walked towards the gate.

She walked a few steps before turning around and said, “Oh, by the way, Sandra who was working behind the bar last night should be dropping in a video that she borrowed. Can you look after her if she comes before I get back?”

“Of course I will.” I replied.

“Help yourself to anything that you want.” She said, and was gone.

I poured myself a cup of tea from the pot on the table and looked at my surroundings as I sipped it.

Although the cottage looked fairly small from the road it was surprisingly spacious and the rear garden looked quite large. I had been staying with my mother for the last few weeks as I had a friend staying on a long holiday with me. As I live in a small one bedroom flat in the centre of town we decided it would be better if we both moved to my mothers house for the duration of her visit.

My mother, although she only lives ten minutes drive from my own home, lives in a very large, secluded house with very large gardens. At the first glance Gayle’s garden looked almost as big. I decided to take a stroll around. I couldn’t believe the size of it. A small gate that at first appeared to be at the bottom of it, in fact led into a big orchard. At the end of this was a very large paddock.

I walked back to the house and changed into some light clothes. As I was about to go back down the stairs from my bedroom I heard the doorbell. I opened it to find Sandra standing there with a videocassette in her hand.

I explained to her that Gayle had to pop out to visit her aunt and invited her in. I asked if she would like some tea and when she said that she would we went into the kitchen and I made a fresh pot, which we took out into the garden.

She kept calling me Honey and after a while I remembered Gayle had called me that when we ordered drinks the previous evening. I realized Sandra must have taken that to be my name. Before I could correct her she asked me how I knew Gayle. I told her that we worked bahis şirketleri together and she asked if I was attending her course the next week.

“Yes.” I replied, “We have been attending them together. We have become such good friends and I was delighted when she asked me to stay for the weekend.”

“Come on then,” she said, “spill the beans. Who is this chap who she has taken a shine too? I think that she said his name was Terry. We went out for a drink the other evening and after a few drinks she couldn’t stop talking about him. She seems absolutely smitten. I mean, in her position she could almost certainly have the pick of any of the single men who worked for her, so this one must be something special.”

My heart sank. She has someone else who she fancies’, maybe I was just a passing whim. Then it dawned on me.

“Are you sure that his name is Terry?” I asked, “I don’t think that there is anyone called that on the course. Could his name be Tony by any chance?”

“That’s it, Tony!” she answered. “I knew it was something short and sweet starting with a ‘T'”

Then I remembered something else that she said a few moments before.

“What did you mean just then, when you said that she could have the pick of the men who worked for her?” I asked.

“I’m sure there isn’t any shortage of men who wouldn’t be willing to sleep with the boss in order to get to the top.” She replied. “But of course, Gayle isn’t like that as you must well know. She may own the company but I’m sure that she wouldn’t abuse her position. If she did it would probably have been that Tony chap who was staying with her this weekend instead of you.”

‘She owns the company! What the hell was going on?’ I thought to myself. I couldn’t get my head around this. All these weeks I thought that Gayle was just a fellow employee and now I find that she is the multi-millionaire owner of the whole fucking company! Why hadn’t she told me? I couldn’t stay. Gayle had deceived me. I now seemed to be just a little plaything. I knew that I had to leave before I did something that I regretted. I had always wondered why I had been chosen to be a part of these courses. Now I thought I had found the reason, something for the boss to play with. I was trying hard to think of a way of getting out of the situation that I had found myself in. How could I leave the cottage without having to explain just why I wanted to leave? Then I had an idea

“Did you drive here?” I asked.

“Yes, do you want a lift somewhere?” She replied.

“Do you think that you could drive me to the station?” I asked.

“Of course I will.” She replied. “Is there a problem?”

“Not as such, it’s just something personal that I have only found out about recently.” I told her. “I have to go and try to sort things out. I will leave Gayle a note for when she comes back.”

I went to the bedroom and quickly re-packed my cases then scribbled a quick note to Gayle saying that I couldn’t stay any longer. I locked the doors of the house and checked that all of the windows were closed. As we walked to her car, I gave Sandra the key to the front door and asked if she would give it to Gayle when she returned.

I had been sitting at the railway station for over half an hour before my train finally came into view. I picked up my cases ready to board when I heard Gayle shouting my name. I turned to see her running down the platform towards me.

I walked towards the edge of the platform wishing that the train was closer so I could board before she reached me. I felt so hurt. I felt used.

As the train slowed I felt her arm touch mine. I pulled away and kept looking down the platform so that I wouldn’t have to face her.

“Please leave me alone.” I pleaded.

Gayle spun me around and I looked her square in the face. She was crying.

“Please, please don’t get on that train.” She said. “Just give me a little time to explain.”

“What is there to explain?” I asked. “I feel as though I have lost my best friend, I’ve probably lost the job that I love but worst of all, much the worst of all, I have been duped by the one person I thought that I could trust.”

Gayle was crying quite heavily now, which started me down the same course.

“Just come into the waiting room with me for a few moments, let me try to explain.” She said. “If you still feel the same afterwards then you can catch the next train.”

She took one of my cases from my hand and I followed her to the waiting room.

“Sandra told me what she had said to you, about me being the owner of the company.” She said as we entered the room. We placed the cases on the floor and sat on one of the long padded benches.

“I’m so sorry, so very sorry.” She continued. “But I was, and still am, in a no-win situation. The course of your future with the company had already been planned long before I met you, and no matter what the outcome of this conversation, that plan will still be put into force. You have a very bright future ahead bahis firmaları of you and I won’t do anything to change that.”

She took a tissue out of her pocket and wiped my eyes before wiping her own.

“What do you mean by a no win situation?” I asked. “You’re the boss, no matter what happens you can’t loose.”

“You’re so wrong.” She said, “I can’t win. I never could. The original plan was for me to introduce myself to you at our first meeting and to take you into my confidence. I always attend the management courses as one of the contenders. That way I meet the employees as one of them. If they knew who I was most of them would spend the whole of the time trying to either impress me or suck up to me. I need to meet them anonymously on their own ground, to see just how they perform at first hand. Do you understand?”

“Yes I see that.” I answered, “But why was I going to be treated differently?”

“That doesn’t matter right now, I’ll tell you about that later. Please just believe me when I tell you that this had already been decided before I even met you.” She said. “The problem arose the very first time that I set eyes on you, I knew instantly that we were going to get on together. I then decided that I would leave it until the end of the first course before I spoke to you about it. By the end of that first course we had become such great friends that I couldn’t tell you.”

“Why not?” I asked, “Why did you carry on the pretence?”

“Because you and I had become so close.” She answered. “You had started a close friendship with me, Gayle, as opposed to me as your boss. You wanted to be with me as a person and I wanted to be with you as Toni, a dear friend and not as Toni an employee. If you had known my true identity then that would all have changed. I didn’t want it to change. I still want you as Toni my friend, my darling close friend. The reason that I invited to you stay was two fold. Firstly, I wanted to spend some precious time with you as that friend before I reached the second reason, and that was to tell you on Monday night just who I really was.”

“Do you honestly mean what you say, and that our positions have nothing whatsoever to do with our friendship?” I asked.

“Yes.” She replied. “I was hoping that our friendship would be able to survive me telling you my secret. I still hope that we can work things out. Please come back to the cottage with me. Let’s try and mend those broken bridges.”

“I will on one condition.” I said.

“And that is?” She asked.

“That you are not my boss until Tuesday when we reach our destination.” I answered. “Until then we remain as we were before Sandra let the cat out of the bag. We’ll go and sit in your garden and talk things through.”

“Agreed.” She said. We picked up my cases and headed for her car.

As we drove back to her cottage I asked how her aunt was and she told me that the fall wasn’t serious and that the old lady would be fine. She also said Sandra had been told that I was not aware that she had already sorted the problem that I was about to try and solve, and she was hoping to catch me before I boarded the train.

I was still in two minds as to if I had made the right decision. I now knew that she was my boss and wondered if I could put that knowledge to the back of my mind. I didn’t think that I could.

We pulled up outside the cottage and parked the car behind Sandra’s. Taking a case each we made our way to the front door and entered. We put the cases down and I instinctively put my arms around Gayle and we kissed, slowly and nervously at first but it soon turned into a passionate embrace. We took the cases up the stairs and put them into my bedroom. This time Gayle started kissing me and I knew that she had been telling the truth when she had said that she wanted us to be together as ourselves and not as boss and employee.

Gayle left me to tidy up and change while she went to find Sandra. She returned a few seconds later. I stood in just my bra and panties when she re-entered. Without saying a word she grabbed my hand and led me out of the room, across the hall and into her bedroom. We headed towards the window on the far side. Gayle pointed to the lawn beside the table that we had sat at just an hour or so before.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Sandra was kissing and fondling a young girl who looked all of eighteen.

“That’s Carol with Sandra.” Gayle whispered to me. “She helps me around the house on Saturdays. I didn’t realize that Sandra had her eyes on her.”

“You mean that Sandra is gay?” I asked.

“Oh yes, she’s gay alright.” She answered. “Many a time she has hinted that she wouldn’t mind getting me in the sack, but I have always let her know in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t interested in that kind of relationship with her. She is a very, very dear friend and has never put any pressure on me.”

“She doesn’t seem to be having to put any pressure on Carol either.” I said. “She seems more than a willing partner.”

“That’s kaçak bahis siteleri another thing,” Gayle said, “I never knew that Carol was into girls either. I must admit that she has never mentioned boyfriends but I just put that down to the fact that she wanted to keep her love life personal. She is very chatty and friendly when it comes to anything else.”

As we looked Carol rolled on her back, her lips still fused with Sandra’s. Sandra’s hand lifted Carol’s short skirt and then slipped inside her panties. Carol lifted her hips to meet it.

Gayle moved to be behind me and put her arms around my waist and then slipped them up to my breasts and started to caress them through my bra.

I turned around to face her, cupped her face in my hands and kissed her.

“Strip!” I ordered as I broke the kiss. I didn’t mean it to sound like a command, it’s just the way it came out.

“Pardon?” she asked.

“Get your clothes off, all of them, down to your bare beautiful skin.” I said. “I want you naked, and when you’ve stripped I want you to strip me.”

She lifted her dress over her head and stood there in just her panties. I put my hands into the top of them and whipped them down unceremoniously. I turned my back to her and said, “Take off the rest of my clothes.”

She slipped her fingers inside the top of my panties and slipped them down my legs following their course with a series of light, delicate kisses. I felt her hands brushing my back as she attempted to undo the clasp on my bra. Then it was free. I shrugged it off of my shoulders as I felt her hands reach round me and start to caress my small breasts. She moved closer to me and our bodies touched from tip to toe, her breasts pressed against my back. She reached down with one hand and started to caress my already wet pussy. She lifted her chin onto my shoulder as she continued to caress me and we again looked out of the window.

Both Sandra and Carol were still fully clothed but were all over each other. We watched as Sandra pulled Carol’s tee shirt over her head and started kissing her breasts through her bra.

Carol lifted Sandra’s face away from her chest and back towards her own face and they again embraced into a deep, passionate kiss.

The sight of the two beautiful girls making out in the sunshine before our very eyes was making me really horny. Gayle constantly playing with my pussy did nothing to quell those feelings.

“Is it turning you on?” I asked Gayle.

“Unbelievably so.” She answered. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Sandra must know that it wouldn’t be very long before I returned from the railway station. She doesn’t seem to care if they are caught. She obviously didn’t hear us drive up. Oh fuck, look at them now!”

We looked as they both went into a kneeling position facing each other. Carol grabbed the bottom of Sandra’s tee shirt and removed it over her head, revealing a full pair of breasts that seemed to be struggling to burst out from the bra that was denying them their freedom. Both girls had long black hair, Sandra’s was flowing loose whilst Carol’s was tied back into a ponytail.

Sandra reached behind Carol’s back and released her bra, removing it in a split second. She immediately put her mouth around one of Carol’s breasts and started to play with it with her tongue while rubbing her other nipple between her thumb and fingers.

Carol released the clasp of Sandra’s bra and her ample breasts burst out. We could see that her bright pink nipples were very swollen. Carol started caressing Sandra’s breasts. Sandra then undid the button on the waistband of Carol’s skirt and slid the zipper down, allowing the garment to fall to her knees. Carol was left wearing just a pair of skimpy panties. She wasn’t wearing them for many seconds before Sandra pushed them downwards, Carol stood as she did so.

We had a clear view of the naked Carol. She was very slim with almost non-existent breasts, her large light brown aureoles tipped with slightly darker very erect nipples.

Carol reached for the buckle of the belt that ran around Sandra’s waist and fumbled as she tried to release it. Sandra gently put her hands on Carol’s and undid it for her. Carol undid the button on Sandra’s jeans and slipped the zipper down. They both stood and Carol pushed the jeans and panties to the ground and Sandra stepped out of them. They were both now completely naked. The morning sun made their bodies shine as they again embraced in a sensual kiss.

Carol pulled Sandra to the floor. Carol lay flat on her back and then spread her legs as wide as I have ever seen. Her crotch had a covering of very fine hair and her pussy was gaping. Sandra sat at her waist and opened her own legs. She had a thatch of thick black hair, parted by two very pink lips. Carol reached over Sandra’s thigh and started to caress her pussy. Sandra sucked on her own fingers before gently sliding them inside Carol. It appeared from where we were watching that she had slipped all four fingers of one hand inside her young lover. Carol arched her back to meet the thrusts.

Gayle pulled me onto her bed and we kissed frantically. The episode on the lawn outside that we had been watching had made us booth as horny as hell.

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