A Twin Desire Ch. 03

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Chapter 1: The hotel where forbidden love is discovered and explored.

Chapter 2: The long trip home and all the fun to go along with it.

Both links are on my profile. Just click on my Username.

A big “THANK YOU!” again, to all who have given feedback. As with all my writings of fantasy, this story has taken many different turns from when I first started. Because of you, the readers, this is a much better story.

Hopefully, this chapter will please the pickiest fans. I know I’m straying from some of the advice. I need to follow my instincts and go with what I believe to be the best storyline for future chapters.

Enjoy, and, as always, all characters involved in sexual situations are 18 or older. Also, please rate and comment at the end.



I bounded into the house and startled mom. She jumped in a fright, saw it was me, and smiled as she walked to greet me.

“There’s my lost daughter,” she said as she hugged me then kissed my forehead. “Did you lose your brother on the way home? Do we need to send a search party?” she laughed.

“Nah, I’m sure he’s right behind me. Probably has a to put a few things away,” I said with a bit of naughtiness knowing his cock was in a state of arousal not fit for public viewing. Yay me.

“Hey, you two,” mom directed my brother and sister from the couch. “Go help your brother with his things. And come say hi to your sister.”

“Hi Barb,” came the half-assed sneer from our big sister, Heidi. A bit more enthusiastic “YO!” from younger brother, Chris. Heidi couldn’t be bothered to look over nor did she show any signs of movement, but Chris came over and hugged me.

“NOW!” mom quipped at Heidi.

The appropriate amount of whining began as she started to move as slowly as possible. Heidi was the first whiner. Big sisterhood had its privileges, or so she thought. “Seriously, mom?” she whined. “Brian’s a big boy. He can handle his stuff.”

Then it was Chris. “Yeah, what’s wrong with Brian? His arms and legs ain’t painted on?”

“Enough you two. Now get out there!” Mom didn’t need to say it again.

They scattered out the door. We heard them say their half-assed greetings to Brian and a nice dig by Chris. “Mom says you’re too big a pussy to bring your own stuff in. She sent us to do your heavy lifting,” which was immediately followed by “OUCH!” as Brian hit him and said, “Pussy that, little bro,” and Heidi laughing at him.

“You kids are gonna be the death of me,” mom said with a smile, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

“Oh mom, you love it,” I smiled and put my arm around her shoulder. “What you gonna do when we’re all gone, and nobody’s around to whine and annoy you?”

Mom laid her head on my shoulder and put an arm around my waist. “I’ll buy trained monkeys. At least they’re supposed to be annoying.” I gave her a dirty look. “I know. I know. After four noisy kids running around for 22 years, I don’t know if I can ever get used to a quiet house. I do love the banter.”

I heard a noise behind us and turned to see dad enter the living room. I squealed, ran to him, and jumped into his arms, wrapping my arms and legs around him.

“Whoa there, little missy,” he laughed and twirled me around at least twice. “I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“Hi daddy,” I said and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hiya, little girl,” he said and kissed my forehead. “How was the ride?”

Brian was now standing behind dad and heard the question. I looked at him with a mischievous smile and answered, “Long … and hard.”

Brian smirked at me and I giggled. Dad looked at me oddly, finished the hug, and put me back on my feet. He turned and saw Brian.

“Well, there he is,” dad said as he walked toward my twin. “How are ya, son?” he said as he extended his arms for a man hug. You know. Where the arms go around and smack the back of the other as if they’re trying to burp a baby.

“I’m good, pops,” Brian answered as he smacked dad’s back a few times. Man hugs can only last about one or two seconds. And then you’re gay. And don’t even let the junk touch. Men are so stupid.

“How was the drive?” he asked Brian.

He glanced at me over dad’s shoulder and replied dryly, “Long and hard, I guess.”

He now looked at Brian oddly. “Well, let’s get you and your sister’s things put away, then we can all sit down and talk.”

Mom had walked into the utility room for a moment. When she returned, she smiled broadly. “Oh, my. Brian, don’t you look handsome,” she smiled walking to him and throwing her arms around his broad shoulders and kissing his cheek.

She then pinched one of his cheeks and jerked it a few times. “Are you getting enough to eat?” she asked. You’re looking a bit puckish.”

Brian rolled his eyes. “I’m sure you’ll take good care of me while I’m home, mom.”

“You better believe it, Buster,” she smirked.


Barb left me sitting in the car with half a hardon. “Little bitch,” I mumbled with a smile. She disappeared bedava bahis into the house as I got out of the car. I heard her greet mom. I fumbled around in the back getting the things we’d need for the night. I had no interest in unpacking everything. It would keep until morning.

I started packing things in when big sis and little bro came out and said a less than enthusiastic hello. Chris said something about me being a pussy, so I dropped a bag and punched him in the arm. Hmmm, maybe I do miss my little brother. He rubbed his arm and grabbed the dropped bag. Heidi rolled her eyes. She wasn’t too pleased that she expended all that effort and there was nothing to carry. I handed her Barb’s bag and winked at her. She smirked, and they followed me into the house.

As I walked in, I saw dad swinging Barb around. He asked her about the ride. When she smiled at me and answered, “Long … and hard,” I felt my face flush. Did she really? After our discussion about being careful? Good grief, girl.

Dad greeted me in the standard ‘man hug’ way. He asked me about the ride. I gave Barb the evil eye and repeated her answer. Nobody but my twin and I seemed to catch the innuendo. Mom came in, hugged me, and pinched my cheek. I hate that.

After Heidi and Chris put our stuff in our rooms, we met in the family room and chatted the night away. Mom had made some finger foods and we ate while regaling the family with our stories of college life. Chris seemed very interested. He was finishing his senior year in high school and wanted to know everything about college life. Heidi remained aloof. She was an old pro at college. She’d just finished her first four years early. She didn’t care much about our exploits. Law school was looming in her future.

After a few hours, I was yawning. The long drive took a toll on me. Barb seemed energized. Everyone else was yawning as well.

“Look what happened to the time,” dad said as if no one knew it was past eleven. “It’s time to turn in. Big day tomorrow, Christmas Eve.”

Nobody argued. Barb whined and pouted. She had found her second wind. She didn’t want to go to bed. Nobody, including me, wanted to stay up. Dad tossed her the remote and told her to enjoy a little TV. She pouted as everyone said good night. I smiled. That’s a damn sexy little pout, I decided. Mom and dad both kissed the top of her head as they walked by.

“G’nite, Twinkie,” I said as I walked past her and mussed her hair.

“BRIAN!” mom scolded. “You know she doesn’t like that. What’s gotten into you?”

I started to explain when Barbara interrupted. “Yeah, Brian. What’s wrong with you?” she quizzed with that sexy little smirk. I just rolled my eyes and shook my head. I can’t win.

“Apologize to your sister, this instant,” she scolded again.

Barb piped up again. “Yeah. Apologize, you insensitive pig.”

I could see she was doing her best to keep from laughing. Mom was clueless. How could I not love this chick? “I’m sorry you’re an over-sensitive little Twinkie,” I sneered back at her.

Mom gasped. “BRIAN!” she yelled.

Barb laughed. “It’s okay, mom,” Barb corrected. “I’m just giving him, well, mostly you, crap. I actually like it now.”

“You do?” mom turned to look at her with that look that could kill a sub-standard human being. I guess that’s where Barb learned to use it. “Since when?” she asked.

“Actually, yesterday. He called me Twinkie yesterday for the first time in years and it made me happy,” she answered and winked at me. I smirked at her and used my middle finger to scratch a non-existent itch on my nose.

“Oh,” mom said with a funny look on her face. “Okay. G’night … Twinkie.”

Barbara, in a bold move, corrected mom. “Um, no, mom. For Brian only. No one else.”

Mom’s expression became more troubled. “Okay. I’m sorry. G’night, sweetie. Love you. And quit messin with me. I’m your mother! Not one of your siblings.”

“Yes, MOTHER!” Barb sneered. “Love you too.”

Mom followed me up the stairs. When I got to my room, she put her arm around my waist and pulled me tight. “G’night, handsome,” she said and pulled my face down for a peck on the cheek. “I’ve missed you. And it’s good to see you and your sister getting along so well. Makes me happy. Love you.”

“If I can survive the holidays without killing her, be happy then,” I smiled. She gave me a knowing smile. I kissed her forehead. “G’night, mom. Love you too.” I turned into my room and closed the door.


BORDOM! I don’t watch a lot of TV and I was ready to do something. Where did I get all this energy? I shuffled around the house for a bit but couldn’t find anything entertaining to do. I turned off the lights and headed to my room.

Once inside, I unpacked my things and put them away. I put my jammies on and laid on my bed. Bored. Silly. Bored silly. My mind was a pleasure wave of my brother. I wanted to be with him. I wanted him with me. I wanted to sleep with him like a new bride sleeps with her new husband. I wanted bedava bonus him on top of me, thrusting his manhood into my womanhood. I wanted to feel his cum bathe the walls of my pussy.

I suddenly realized I was wetting myself with pussy juice. I reached into my panties and felt how wet I was.

“Holy shit,” I muttered and began to rub myself to relieve some of the madness.

I started on the outside, running my fingers along my slit and making small circles around my clit. I was moaning softly in no time as I felt the warmth of my pussy flush through my body. I inserted a finger, then two, and started pumping them in and out, making wet, squishy sounds. In my mind, Brian, my brother, my lover was making love to me. Fucking me. Loving me. I shivered and shook as a powerful orgasm took over my body.

When I came back to reality, I knew I needed a towel and new undies and jammies. Holy shit, I made a mess. When I got up, I realized I may need another blanket as well. Was I really this wet? Yay me! And good lord.

I went into the bathroom to get a towel. I noticed the door to Brian’s room wasn’t closed. Since we moved into this house, Brian and I have shared a bathroom, as do Chris and Heidi on the other side of the hall. Back when we moved here, we were young kids, Brian and I were about 8 years old. Mom protested the bedroom arrangement. She thought the boys should share the bedrooms and bathrooms on one side and the girls on the other. Brian and I both protested so hard that daddy had to overrule her. We never wanted to be separated. Heidi hated us for it. Tough shit, sissy.

I peeked in Brian’s room. It was dark, but I could see his outline in his bed. He slept in the fetal position facing the wall. I wanted so bad to be with him, to snuggle up to him, put my arms around him, to kiss him, to FUCK HIM! DAMN IT! I’m so fuckin horny.

I grabbed the towel, went back to my room, found new panties and jammies, stripped myself of the lower half of my drenched items, dried myself, and put the new items on. I started back to my bed but stopped. I padded back through the bathroom, into Brian’s room and tippy toed over to his bed. I bit my lower lip as I stood watching and listening to him sleep. He sounded so peaceful. God, I wanted him naked and fucking me.

I pulled his covers down and slid in under them. I slowly inched my way over and spooned in next to him. I was delighted to remember he sleeps naked. God, he felt so good. I wrapped my arm around him and pulled him close to my body. I was content. I yawned.


“What’s going on here?” I heard a voice which crashed my senses. I opened my eyes and turned to see who was talking way too loudly.

“Mom?” I questioned. “What? What’s going on?” I asked confused.

“Explain this,” she said pointing behind me. Then I felt the movement.

“Hi mom,” Barbara said weakly.

“Why are you in bed with your brother?” Mom asked incredulously. I rolled back toward the wall and put my pillow over my head. I didn’t want any part of this conversation.

“I had a bad dream,” I heard come out of my sister. “I didn’t want to wake anyone up, so I came in here. What’s the big deal? I used to do this all the time.”

“Well, get back to your own room, young lady. This isn’t proper,” mom commanded.

“Mom!” Barbara groaned. How can a simple one-syllable word be stretched into three or four syllables? She protested to deaf ears, unwound herself from me, and stumbled out of bed. Defeated, she said, “Okay. Sorry mom,” as she sleepily staggered back to her room.

Mom pulled the pillow off my head. “Brian, what were you thinking?” she asked.

I tried to grab the pillow back, but she was too fast. “I didn’t even know she was in here until you started hollering,” I protested.

Mom tossed the pillow back at my head. “I expect better,” she said and left my room.

“It wasn’t my fault,” I yelled as she closed my door. “Damn it, Barb,” I grumbled. Then I realized how good she felt nestled up on me when I was shattered out of sleep. I smiled. “Damn it, Barb,” I muttered again with a different attitude and a smile.

I looked at my clock. “Who the hell is awake at seven thirty in the morning” I wondered to myself. “Well, fuck me. I am,” I muttered knowing I wouldn’t be sleeping any longer. I heard the water turn on in the bathroom. I got up, pulled on my boxers and some shorts, then went see Barb.

“What’s up, lil sissy?” I asked as I walked in and saw her splashing water on her face.

“Go ahead,” she said defeatedly, “Yell at me.”

“I think that’s already been done,” I said with a sleepy smile. “It was nice feeling you beside me when mom startled me out of sleep … but … what were you thinking?” I asked calmly but with an edge of anger. She saw the look and heard the attitude.

“I know. I’m sorry. I was bored. And horny. But more bored. Did I say horny?” she answered. “I had already fingered myself,” she turned to me and gave me a Cheshire Cat smile, “quite admirably, deneme bonusu I must say,” then the smile was gone, “but I couldn’t sleep.”

She dried her face and walked over to me, put her arms up on my shoulders, and ran her fingers through my hair. “I wanted to make love to you when I slipped under your covers,” she purred and kissed me softly, “but as soon as I was snuggled up to you, I was happy as a church mouse and fell asleep. That’s how mom found us.” She trailed off in thought for a moment then lightly kissed me again. She reached down and gave my half-mast morning wood a quick squeeze. “Good thing you didn’t wake up, strip me naked, and fuck me, eh?” she laughed. “Then what would mom have said?”

In my mind, I could hear mom’s voice and her words. I wanted to laugh and joke like we did the phone call, but I wasn’t awake enough to crack jokes. A few good ones popped into my head, but I didn’t have the mental energy to say them. “Probably a bit more than we heard,” I mustered.

She bowed her head. “I’m sorry, Bri,” she said sadly. “This is hard. I love you. I want to be with you. Why couldn’t we have figured all this out in the hotel on the way back? God, this is going to be frustrating.”

“Yes, it is,” I said and gave her a light kiss. “I’m sorry, Twinkie,” I said. I pulled her to me and gave her a cathartic hug. She buried her face and arms into my chest and started crying. I held her as she sobbed. It was heartbreaking.

After a few minutes, she pulled away and wiped her face. “I’m sorry,” she said, looking at the floor. “I’ll be better. I promise.”

I brushed the hair out of her eyes, wiped her tears, kissed her forehead, put my fingers under her chin, and pulled her gaze up to mine. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, sissy,” I said. “Just be more careful, okay?” I kissed her lightly on the lips. She wanted more and pushed her mouth into mine. We enjoyed a nice, passionate kiss. She started to back away, but it was only to free an arm, which went around my neck and pulled me even closer as the kiss lingered. Our tongues mingled and wrestled for control. Our saliva mixed, and our bodies ground together. My erection was obvious, and she ground her pussy into it.

When she finally pulled away, she stumbled back a little, clearly shaken by the power of the kiss, reached up and pushed the hair out of her face. looked in my eyes, and said with a shaky voice, “You have a boner, perv.”


After the debacle of being found sleeping with my brother, I was on my best behavior the rest of the day. Mom seemed suspicious of me and watched me like a hawk. I was probably imagining it. It was Christmas Eve and we had a lot of activities going on. I didn’t have time to worry about jumping Brian’s bones or even being anywhere near him long enough to.

When evening rolled around, the family gathered for our traditional Christmas Eve festivities. The first tradition is watching “A Christmas Story”. (My favorite lines of that movie are, “Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window,” and “Later that night, alone in the backyard, he buried it [the leg lamp] next to the garage. Now I could never be sure, but I thought that I heard the sound of “Taps” being played, gently.” Both quotes seemed more real to me this Christmas than ever before. My love life has taken on the life of the leg lamp. Somebody, please play Taps.) (I know. Woe is me.)

After “A Christmas Story, we gather around the tree and open one gift; Mom’s yearly gift of PJs, which we must put on immediately for the rest of the night. We then open a bottle of sparkling cider (or wine for the adults) and toast to Christmas. We sing a few carols then it’s off to bed, so Santa can do his job.

Brian and I found ourselves sitting together most of the evening. Without thinking, I was being a little too ‘handsy’ with him. I had my hand on his leg, or around his shoulder, or my arm in his arm. Brian tried to keep me at bay but when he did, I noticed mom was watching. She really was suspicious, and I was giving her every reason to be. Like Brian, I guess I could be fairly thick myself.

When it came time for bed, we all said our good nights and headed to our rooms. I sat on my bed and wondered if I could take any more of this self-imposed punishment. I wanted to be with my love and couldn’t be. As I lie in my bed, I drifted in and out of sleep. Each time I awoke, I looked at the clock. About ten minutes had passed each time. I had been lying there for a little over an hour. God, can this night go any slower?

I closed my eyes again and drifted off. When I drifted out of sleep, there was a dark shadow over me. I jumped and shrieked. Quickly, a hand was over my mouth. “Shhh, Barb, it’s me,” Brian whispered.

“You scared the shit outta me,” I yelled in a whisper. “What’re you doing?”

“I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about you,” he confessed. “I wanna be with you.”

I sat up, pulled my blanket down, slid over, and patted the mattress. “Get in, handsome,” I encouraged with a smile. He fought the urge bravely. If he got in, he feared he wouldn’t get out. (When I say ‘he fought the urge bravely, what I mean is, no he didn’t. He climbed right in. See, I can make him sound fairly responsible in a pinch.)

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