A Randy Retirement Pt. 26: Halley

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly … Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age and fictional. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: Halley finally shows up

June, 2018 — River House

‘if traffics good i’ll be there by noon’

It was the last Wednesday of June and Randy had been awakened by the text. He had made a quick trip back to the River House to take care of some pressing financial business.

That one line was all she had sent and he almost called to ask what was up. He had not seen Halley since New Year’s. It had now been six months and the last they had communicated she’d told him it would possibly be August before she could get away.

He’d wondered several times what was up. Why the silence? It did not bother him at all when any of the others did not communicate for months, or even years. He never thought about it. Nor did it bother him when any of the others chose not to return. Occasionally he did ponder that, but he wasn’t bothered because there was always some other female to fuck. Why was Halley different?

By the time noon arrived, Randy was ready to explode, not only with questions but from sexual tension. His cock was hard as a rock and aching to get out of his chinos.

She entered without knocking and came straight through the foyer to find him sitting on the couch in the living room. Randy had turned his head when he heard the door open and tracked her all the way until she stopped in front of him. She had sandals on, with a pair of white cotton dress shorts and a black, loose-fitting top that had two-inch shoulder straps and easily revealed that she was bra-less. Despite the color of the top, he could tell her puffy nipples were erect, but thought they appeared more prominent. She looked like she had gained a cup size, 32C’s now.

They each waited for the other to speak as he stood up and she rushed to him. All of the physical things that each of them had pent-up inside came rushing out as they kissed, desperately trying to remove their clothing. It was as if they were trying to eat each other as their mouths and hands worked. Neither had spoken a word.

Halley reached down between them and took his erect cock to her pussy, inserting the head inside and gasping as it re-sized her, the longed for reacquaintance happening at last. It was a need that had to be filled and it had to be filled right then.

Randy reached under both her thighs and picked her up, mounting her standing and she resumed kissing him deeply. She moaned as her hips slid down onto him fully and squealed into his mouth when he roughly readjusted her body and started to pound her with quick, short strokes.

For twenty minutes, the sound of their savage carnal dealings filled the glass walled room and they ended up on the floor with Halley on top. She had cum twice and he once by the time they slowed to a stop and she wrapped her body atop his as they clutched each other like they would never let go.

Finally, she sat up and readjusted her long, wheat-straw colored hair as she stared at him, her hips situated just above his pelvis. They still had yet to say a word as she reached down and caressed his jaw with her hand and wet her lips.

“I can only stay until six tomorrow morning. I have a shift at noon.”

“Okay,” was his raspy reply. His cleared his throat and continued, “You took a big chance. I could have been on the Outer Banks.”

“I know, that’s why I sent the text this morning, so if you weren’t here, I could turn around before I got too far.”

Randy just lay there and waited to see where she wanted to take this.

After a minute of searching his face, Halley finally spoke again.

“I probably owe you an explanation and an apology.”

“No –,” he started, but she hushed him with a fingertip lightly on his lips.

“Don’t. This is hard enough. I’ve missed you terribly. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve picked up my phone and then put it down. I knew if I heard your voice that I’d have to come up here. I didn’t text for the same reason; it would only lead to me wanting to be with you.”

She brushed the back of her hand across his cheek and rubbed a thumb over his eyebrow before continuing.

“It’s hell not being with you. I had to come today because it was driving me literally nuts and I’m sorry that I can only stay the one night. I work all the time; two jobs and school and I do my schoolwork and it’s very hard to make ends meet and pay for kaçak iddaa it all. I’ve saved up since January just to make sure I had the gas money to get up here and back.”

Randy’s eyes changed and she immediately knew what he was thinking. “And don’t you even think about putting more than a thousand into my account. We’ve had that discussion before.”

Randy smiled and Halley continued, “Yeah my asshole, I can read your face. That thousand is what I eat off and pay my rent and utilities with,” and then she got a little smile on her face, “and a few other things I’m saving for. I don’t want any of your money. A thousand a month is too much as it is. You must let me do this my way.”

“Okay,” he replied. Randy did not like it, but he could not argue against it because of the determination that she showed. Still, there was more than enough to pay for all of it a thousand times over, just sitting in his account.

“You’ve put this horrible gnawing inside me that I have become all too familiar with over the last two years. And by horrible, I don’t mean it’s bad, I mean it’s difficult to deal with. My body keeps telling me that it wants you again and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. I find myself thinking every day about a way to come be with you. It’s so bad that I find myself taken away by it when I’m studying, or in class, or at work, and that’s a problem at times.”

She let out an exasperated breath and got off him, then reached her hand out to help him up, “All this talking is wasting time,” and when he stood, she pulled him along behind her to his bedroom, talking as she walked.

“There is no one else. I don’t have time for anyone else. Hell, I don’t have time for you, except every night in the dreams that come without fail.”

When he did not reply she turned back to look at him, “I know that’s what you were thinking the last six months, that I was fucking someone else down in Savannah.”

“Well, it did occur to me,” Randy admitted.

“Un-huh,” and she brought him up short at the foot of his bed, the sarcasm in her voice palpable. “I bet it did.” Halley put both her arms around his neck and pulled him in close.

Randy could feel her nipples brushing against his chest. She was less than three inches shorter than he and looked almost level into his hazel eyes. “No one can replace you, ever. Now fuck me again, daylight’s a burning,” and she began to kiss him deeply again.

As they kissed, Randy began to spin her slowly around like a slow dance without music, until her back was to his dresser. He pulled away and turned her around roughly, Halley’s hands going automatically to the waist high dresser as she spread her legs and gasped. This wasn’t her first time and she knew what was coming.

Randy’s first attempt at a no-hands entry failed, his cock rubbing against her labia and sliding up the bare skin outside of Halley’s abdomen almost to her navel.

“Hurry,” she cried out, her pussy needing to be filled again as Randy drew back his cock for another attempt.

This time the head hit her square on the clit and caught, and she stuck out her tongue and touched it to the tip of her nose as she maneuvered her hips forward and then pushed back, his cock entering as she sighed in satisfaction.

Halley had a long, narrow tongue with a very pointed tip, Randy thought of it as reptilian, and through luck or pluck or DNA, she certainly knew how to use it, whether on his cock or displaying its dexterity in some other way, such as now.

Grabbing her hips for leverage, Randy wedged his dick deeper, moving his pelvis side to side and watching her ass move in response. Their earlier foray in the living room had reintroduced her pussy to his size and he turned up the intensity while Halley fucked him back.

He caught the look of bliss on her face in the mirror above the dresser and then noticed that her puffy nipples had gained a little tip and the first thing that came to mind was the nipple of a baby’s bottle. They weren’t as long, maybe a quarter of an inch, but they were certainly enticing. His cock flexed as he imagined sucking on them later and Halley groaned as her hips rose with the movement.

He had been so intent on watching her face in the living room, that he had missed this new development in her nipples when she was riding him there.

Now, her tits were in full motion, separating as his cock exited and bouncing off one another when it slammed back into her snatch; a snatch that was sopping wet, her juices flying between each of their legs. Her breasts had grown, as the new little tips showed, and Randy adored them.

Letting go of the dresser with her left hand, she turned her shoulders toward him and Randy’s left arm caressed her chest and turned her further into an abdominal stretch, but one that was much more pleasurable than the wrestling move. Still fucking they began to kiss, the intensity above their necks matching the intensity below their waists.

When she climaxed, Randy sucked her long, reptilian tongue in as deep as he could, and she moaned into his mouth as he held her tight.

He had reached into a drawer while she was cumming and pulled out a green kaçak bahis jeweled butt plug, an inch and a half in diameter. He held it in his right hand and waited. When he finally let go of her tongue, he removed his cock from her pussy and Halley turned to face him and French-kissed him deeply.

Palming her ass with his left hand during the kiss, he used his right to wet the plug with her juices, wiping it between her pussy lips and moving it to her asshole. With one swift motion, he pushed it home.

Halley rose on her toes, still kissing him, as he made sure the plug was seated by lifting on the retainer.

“Ooooo yesss,” she giggled as she placed her forehead on his nose and shuddered.

“Not quite yet,” Randy said as he took her by the back of her thighs and lifted her ass to hang off the dresser. He pushed her legs back until her knees were almost touching her shoulders and plowed his cock into her pussy once again, feeling the bulb of the plug as he did.

This time he fucked her slow, holding her ankles and pushing them towards the mirror, keeping her bent double.

Halley purred, “Oh god I’ve missed this.” Her face was flushed, the little freckles that were usually barely noticeable turning darker and standing out on her nose and cheeks.

After several minutes of slow dicking, he ran his hands under her lower back, picked her up and again fucked her standing for a few strokes, lifting her entire body until only about two inches of his cock remained inside and then letting her drop down on the other eight. It was just like before, only rougher because he let her body weight and gravity do all the work until he caught her just as she bottomed out.

“OHHH!” she cried with each drop, his cockhead hammering her cervix; each utterance more urgent than the last one until he finally put her legs down.

She was panting hard, but Randy gave her no time for respite and put her on hands and knees in the middle of his bedroom floor. He normally would have had her clean herself, but it had been way too long and he was not waiting. He pulled the plug from her ass and Halley moaned as she moved her long hair aside and turned her head back to watch.

When his ten inches went back in her ass for the first time in six months she groaned as her body condensed for a moment and her head dropped, “Oh, my hungry little asshole … yes … yes… yes!” and she relaxed in seconds.

Randy knew he would have to make her ass fit his cock again and Halley noticed as well, “Damn, I can tell it’s been a while since you’ve been in there.”

“You want me to stop?” he offered.

“No,” she grimaced, “I’ll just have to get a bigger plug and use it while I study.”

She orgasmed twice before he did, taking his load ass to mouth as she hurriedly spun around on her knees and opened wide, that long tongue of hers flicking at the tip as if waving his jism to enter her waiting mouth.

While they lay quietly on the carpeted floor afterward, Randy’s mind turned to what she had told him earlier about not dating. He loved fucking her, wanted to fuck her, had missed fucking her for the last half-year; but in his mind he had always thought she would eventually find someone her own age, fall in love, and drift away from him. Randy was not certain that the relationship was sustainable over the long haul, but he was going to take advantage of every opportunity he had before age robbed him of the ability. Still, he wanted her to end up with someone who could appreciate her after he was gone.

Halley stirred in his arms just then and, for a fraction of a second, he considered that she had read his mind again before deciding to ask her a question to shift the subject, just in case she actually had.

“Don’t your folks nag you about not coming home?”

She began using her finger to play-write on his chest like she used to do as she answered.

“Meh, they do some. Mom calls twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays. Dad calls every Sunday night. They hint around and all but don’t come right out and ask. They know I’m busting my ass. Gabbie calls me about every other day though.”

Randy’s eyebrows raised, surprised. “Really? And what does little sister want?”

“Not for me to come home if that’s what you’re thinking. She’s at that age where she’s asking all kinds of things.”

“But not about school?”

“Ah, no. At least not conventional school. She’s got it in her head that I’m fucking everything in Savannah, young and old, and she’s asking me questions about that and wants to come down and go clubbing. She doesn’t believe that I work two jobs and go to school full time.”

Randy laughed softly. “Remind me, how old is she again?”

“She just turned eighteen a month ago and will be a senior this fall. I don’t know what she’s gonna do after graduation, ’cause she has no concept of reality.”

“That’s right, they held her back a year from starting because she was sick and missed the first month of first grade. I remember that now.”

“Yeah, and it drives her nuts that she’s a year older than anyone in her class. She’ll be nineteen by the time she graduates and thinks everyone assumes she’d dumb and failed illegal bahis a grade in primary school.” Halley patted her hand on his chest as if putting a period on the subject and turned her face to him. “What have you got to eat?”


They made breakfast for supper; sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, and while eating Halley informed him, “I thought about setting up a weekly time for us to talk on the phone like I do with mom and dad, but I know you never know your schedule or when someone might pop up.” She eyed him for his reaction and Randy shrugged as he started his reply.

“That’s true. I’ve started to call you several times as well but didn’t because I figured it would only make the distance worse.”

Halley smiled. “So you have missed me?” and she emphasized the word ‘have’.

“Of course I’ve missed you Halley.”

She gave a barely perceptible nod of her head and went back to eating her scrambled eggs and asked without looking up, “What’ve you been doing with yourself?”

Without batting an eye, Randy answered her truthfully, “Same thing I’ve been doing with you since noon.”

Halley pointedly looked up at him, “Is that all you can find to do with yourself?”

“Pretty much. I mean, I play golf. I read books. Sometimes I go to social events that I’m invited to in town or at the beach when someone wants some of my money, just to play with their heads and tease them. It kinda funny to see how far folks will go when they want some of my money.”

“Asshole, that’s mean.”

“Ehh, price of admission. Besides, they all usually get a check and rarely, if ever, do I require anything in return.” He took a drink of coffee and continued, “Anyways, I also mess around with investments and check the markets. Right now, I’m starting a co-op with around fifty million to help family farmers be able to hold off on having to sell out to the corporate farms. Hopefully I can grow the seed money to a large enough pot that I can really help. But mostly I fuck. What I can, when I can. But you know that.”

“And that’s enough for you? There’s nothing else out of life that you want, or need?”

Randy suddenly became uncomfortable. Several seconds passed before he formed an answer in his mind and when it came, it was an attempt at reversal.

“What’s enough for you? All you do with your time is work and go to school. I know what you’re getting at, but when are you going to try to find someone to spend forever with? You aren’t even trying and I won’t always be here.”

Her eyes flared up as she answered, “Asshole. That’s a cop out. You didn’t answer me.” It was the first time she had called him an asshole when it wasn’t teasing or sassy, and Randy had noticed, his mind flashing red as his little inner voice was screaming that he had earned it. As he dealt with the slow boil, she continued.

“But unlike my question, I’ll answer yours. I am content with our arrangement for now and for when we can be together. Yes, I like the sex. But I like just being with you more. When it’s time for the other, if that time ever comes, it’ll happen.”

Fully chastised, Randy paused again and sought to fully form a proper reply in his head. She deserved that, even if he felt she had been insolent. All the while, her fiery eyes bored into him expectantly and the clock was ticking.

“Halley, I spent 30 years of my life working. Work was the most important thing. I missed out on a lot. Didn’t have time for it, though I don’t regret it. I had fun. No, doing lesson plans and grading essays wasn’t fun, but coaching ball, watching film, trying to anticipate every possibility and have an answer for it on the football field; yeah, that was fun, especially when we won. Teaching class was fun, especially when I saw self-discovery happen. Maybe that’s why I like sex so much right now. I get satisfied and I get to see self-discovery happen. Sexual self-discovery. It don’t happen with every woman, but it happens more times than not. So I am now collecting the reward of my investments over the years, in more ways than just money. Kinda like you at school now. You’re making an investment, which will pay off sometime in the future.”

Without giving her an opening to counter, he continued, his voice growing sterner.

“I had my shot at a relationship, or two, years ago and it didn’t work out. I went back to work, and worked harder. Now I have the opportunity to make up for what I missed as far as the sex goes, and I decided to take advantage of it. So the answer to your question is yes, the main thing I do in life is fuck. I’m not looking for love or a relationship, I’m looking for sex, for making women orgasm and hopefully leading them to discover new things about themselves. I get off on seeing women orgasm. It thrills me to no end and makes my own orgasms even stronger. That’s why I tie them up sometimes and make them cum; it gets me off. I’m too old for love and too set in my ways for a relationship, that’s all passed me by. But for a little while longer I’m not too old for sex; so I’m gonna fuck whoever I want, whenever I can, as many times and as many different ways as possible. Truth be told, I probably have about ten years left before my body starts to desert me. Until then, I am content with the other parts of my life. I meet beautiful women, we fuck, and then they go home; it’s perfect. Why would I want to mess with that?”

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