A Quickie after Class

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Note from Author: I know you’re an incredibly busy guy (or girl!) and that’s why I wrote this quick sexy story! This 7 minute read starts in media res and ends with an explosive finish. It is a supplemental story to “May I See You After Class” but can also be enjoyed thoroughly on its own. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age and older. Viewer discretion is advised—and wholeheartedly one-handedly encouraged 😉

xoxo, Bouncy Baby Girl

* * *

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” boomed a voice from behind.

Without a word, I rolled over, knocking pens and paper to the side, showcasing my barely legal teenage body that was primed for his pleasure. Lowering my head to my forearms with lips kissing his desk, I spread my legs wide while wagging my ass up in the air, anxiously awaiting my teacher’s cock and mentally preparing for penetration.

To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure about being fucked like this… I’ve… I’ve never had anal before… hell, I just lost my virginity last week… but I wanted to try it… because Mr. Steele wanted to do it… and I wanted him to ravish me in a way I had never been fucked before…

Mr. Steele’s breathing began to slow as he hungrily stared at my plump ass, his eyes glazing over while licking his lower lip. I fluttered my eyes and flashed a sideways smile as that familiar feeling of insatiable lust filled the space between us. Mr. Steele had the exact same look on his face before he fucked the virginity out of me, and now, witnessing that intense, insatiable desire all over again pushed all apprehensions aside.

My pussy started to moisten and my legs began to tremble as he admired the newfound flesh that was about to belong to him. Gripping my waist with two eager hands, his fingers caressed my tingling skin as he began to kiss my lower half. Warm breath fanned the dimples on my back as he moaned and whispered, “We have to make this quick—my next class starts in 15 minutes.”

Mr. Steele leaned in close, squeezing his fingertips into my thighs and breathing in my pussy’s scent. Another moan escaped his throat as he nuzzled his nose into my soft slit, rubbing his hands up and down and over my ass, squeezing each cheek with every inhale.

“Have I ever told you how nice you smell?”

I giggled and blushed—teehe, a compliment!

But my giggles became a gasp when I suddenly felt his tongue touch my asshole! Eeep! I instantly clenched up and tried to shy away, but Mr. Steele wasn’t letting me go anywhere. He held on tight as he began licking me up and down and up and down, his tongue sliding from my ass down my taint and into my pussy, probing every place with a flick of his tip, savoring all the bahis firmaları flavors of my juicy undercarriage.

A sudden whimper shot out of me when Mr. Steele pushed two fingers inside my pussy! He plunged his hand back and forth and back and forth, going deeper and deeper every time, curling his fingertips and hitting my G-spot over and over again! Warmness flooded my insides as my cunt trickled cum out of my deepest pinkest depths. Another whimper and another moan caused sensations to swell that suddenly surged out of me—oh god, I squirted out a little orgasm right there on his desk!

Oh wow, his fingers were dripping wet and his hand was soaked!

Still reeling from the swift surprise, I didn’t even notice Mr. Steele backing away before he slipped a cum-filled finger into my virgin butt hole! I yelped aloud and bit my lip but dared not move this time around; I relaxed a little and allowed his fingertip to slide in just a little bit more, moistening, stretching, and preparing my ass to take my teacher’s massive cock.

Oh WOW he stuck another finger in—the pressure was almost unbearable! I couldn’t stop the tears in my eyes as his two taught fingers stretched me out even more. They felt hot and heavy inside of me, but something slowly started feeling good; this was a completely new sensation for me, and the longer Mr. Steele had his fingers in there, the closer I got to giving into pleasure. Back and forth and back and forth, he plunged his fingers in and out of my cherry hole, puckering and popping around his moistened fingers, feeling a little bit better every time he returned.

With his hand still hooked into my insides, Mr. Steele mounted the desk and situated himself between my legs. The sudden change of angle caused my anus to clench hard around his fingertips, sending swarms of sensations up my spine and down to my toes! Whoa!

But this feeling was nothing compared to what I was about to experience next…

I gasped aloud when he removed his fingers and replaced them with the tip of his cock, knocking his mushroom head against my clenched asshole. For a split second, uncertainty returned… I was unsure that I wanted to do this!

But Mr. Steele sensed it too, and so he sincerely asked, “Do you trust me?”

“Of course, Mr. Steele.”

That was all the permission he needed.

Mr. Steele grabbed the base of his cock and dragged his head up and down my engorged folds. I started to relax as my pussy welcomed back his oozing cockhead that she had grown so accustom to. Mr. Steele dipped his swollen dick in and out of my teenage tunnel, thrusting just a few forceful times, making sure he was thoroughly covered in my slippery sin. Suddenly he spit on my ass, kaçak iddaa using his free hand to massage it into my butthole. I whimpered as he held onto my hips before pulling his cock out of my pussy, flinging fluids in its wake. As he brought his manhood in between my cheeks, I could feel it throbbing and dripping in anticipation.

Never having done this before, I instinctively wanted to tense up, but something told me I needed to relax in order for this to work. I took a deep breath as Mr. Steele pushed himself forward, his cockhead pressing up against my nervous asshole. He pushed forward—but nothing happened! So he pushed even harder and then I pushed back, relaxing my anus and also my mind.

Suddenly the hotness of his flesh popped past my resistance! He was in! I instinctively moaned and suppressed a scream as his heavy weight breeched and filled my insides.

“Ah-h-ah,” I cried while Mr. Steele slowly guided his cock deeper into my ass, feeling him stretch my butthole around his girth as he pushed further along.

“That’s a good girl,” he consoled as he slid another inch in. And another!

I could feel every inch of his cock slide up inside of me! Mr. Steele’s breathing became labored once he bottomed out, his groin one with my backside, grabbing my ass cheeks firmly as his cock throbbed wildly inside my depths. He cursed and moaned and paused for a few moments, allowing me to adjust to his hefty intrusion. I could feel his cock throbbing deep inside of me—a part of me I never knew existed!

“Touch yourself,” he finally instructed while his dick thumped hard in my rectum.

Wincing from the newness but not wanting to disobey my teacher, I brought my fingers up and around and found my engorged clit pulsating slightly. I rubbed my nub around in circles, slowly moaning as swirls of pleasure soared from within. My insides relaxed and my eyes rolled back as I pleasured myself in utmost arousal. Wetness seeped out of my cunt and coated my fingertips thoroughly. Then I slipped two little fingers in to my swollen hole, feeling my warm pussy embrace my touch, only a few moments before Mr. Steele began fucking my ass.

His first few thrusts were slow and deliberate, steadily sidling on my sphincter, back and forth and back and forth as he stretched my insides to his liking. My pussy sputtered some more juice as she felt his cock push from my behind. The pain quickly evolved into waves of pleasure that I had never ever felt before!

Oh god it hurts so much but feels so good… it feels so wrong but it feels so right…

Instinctively, I pushed back a bit, opening me up just a little bit more to accommodate this new feeling. I fingered myself harder and faster in perfect rhythm kaçak bahis to match my teacher, feeling his cockhead hit my fingertips from the adjacent squishy wall.

“F-f-fuck me harder Mr. Steele,” I managed to cry in between each thrust. Mr. Steele obliged and fucked me harder and faster and quicker than before, dragging his cock up and down my scrunched insides, ramming deeper and deeper while I fingered my G-spot furiously. Pressure was growing and pleasure was swirling and the stars shimmered in my mind as I started to scream:

“Oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming!”

My pussy contracted and started to spasm before suddenly achieving her climax! A warm jet of liquid shot out of me as I dug deeper into my insides while Mr. Steele thrust wildly from behind. Cum cascaded out of my core and splashed down on the desk, soaking my tummy and some students’ homework. Mr. Steele cursed loudly as he banged himself harder and harder into my searing ass, his hipbones bruising my backside while his cock ravished my hole, splashing more of my cunt juices all over the place, smacking his balls before covering his thighs.


Mr. Steele gripped my waist and let out an animalistic wail. His cock stiffened and swelled as he unleashed his hot cum deep into my ass. Holding on hard, Mr. Steele roared as he continued to cum, thrusting back and forth and back and forth, burying himself deeper and deeper into my anus, unloading every ounce of his sticky white ooze.

I was writhing and shaking and everything felt so dirty and kinky and wonderful that I lost my sense of gravity and then without warning I came again! My pussy contracted uncontrollably and my asshole bore down around the monster cock still sputtering jizz as I pushed out my second screaming orgasm. Pleasure peaked and tingles radiated throughout my entire body as I instinctively continued to rock on Mr. Steele’s dick, somehow knowing exactly what to do, as if it were something I was bred to do…

“G-g-GAH,” Mr. Steele panted, pushing out the final spurt. I looked over at him with tear-stained cheeks and a mischievous grin as the ecstasy started to subside. Slowly he started to drag his dick back out of my ass, and inch-by-inch I relished in the sinful sensation of being pulled inside out.

Mr. Steele’s cockhead popped audibly out of my asshole, sending whirls of sharp sensations throughout my lower half. My sphincter puckered automatically as it tried to stop the flow, but no matter how hard I clenched, I soon felt the trickle of my teacher’s glutinous load. As Mr. Steele pushed himself off of me and dismounted the desk, I brought my knees forward and quickly sat up straight, pushing out an oyster of jizz from my wrecked asshole. I giggled a little as I watched it fall directly onto the desk, plopping onto the wet pile of science homework assignments.

Sucks to be those kids… since I never have to do homework ever again!

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