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You swirl the wine in your glass once more, smiling at me across the table. Your beautiful face lights up the restaurant, and I’m grinning at the jealous fools who gawk at you. Gorgeous eyes stare into azure, and I’m caught up in the moment. For a moment, I lean forward, and your lips part ever so slightly. Candelight dances in your eyes, and the temptation is insane. Yet I know this is not the place for the first kiss we share. Instead, I lean past your lips, and breathe, “I’m ready for dessert.”

I hear your breath hitch, and I lean back, a sensual smirk gracing my features. You kick me under the table, and hiss, “You ASS!” I suck in air through my teeth, and then you smirk at my reaction.

“But yes, dessert sounds…delightful,” you purr, and you feel a hint of moisture in your nether regions as I signal the waiter. He thanks us for our patronship, but does not loiter. He can see the desire for you burning in my eyes, and knows not to hold us up. Offering my arm, I lead you to the entrance of the restaurant, where your gorgeous body entrances the boy holding my keys. Plucking them from his hand, I open the door to the – admittedly – beat-up Mercedes. Oh well, I think, an old Mercedes is better than none at all. As you slip into the seat, I sneak a glance at you once more. Your hair cascades onto your shoulders, complementing the dress which shimmers like liquid gold. I catch a glimpse of your long, tanned legs just before you’re into the car, and I shut your door. After opening my door and sliding in, I buckle up and close it with a quiet thump.

The silence is loaded with sexual tension, and we’re both painfully aware of it as I put the old vehicle into gear. Due to planning, soft instrumental music plays, playful and provocative. The speakers seduce, enhancing the mood as I feel you watch me. In the occasional light cast by streetlights, you see my jaw quivering in painful self-control. Your gaze descends, and you see a sizeable swell in the black fabric of my pants. You feel your nipples harden and your arousal heighten, the thought that it will soon be yours causing you to salivate. You sit quietly, thinking of possibilities as I pull into the drive of the small home that you live in. The gravel crunches under the Mercedes, and as we stop, tension arises once more. The silence is heavily loaded, especially considering the lack of music.

Your voice husky, you say, “Let’s go.”

You gracefully exit the car, then lead me toward the door. You fumble with the keys, trying three times before finally succeeding. You’re literally trembling with arousal, and your shaking hand opens the door; you turn to invite me in. You expect to see blue eyes staring back at you, but instead are greeted by my kiss. I pull you into my embrace, pressing against your firm body as my tongue explores your soft lips. I gently bite your lip, then walk us forward and part the kiss. You escort taksim are drenched in arousal, and you can’t help but whimper as you find your lips lonesome once more. I pull the door shut, then face back toward you. It’s my turn for a surprise, as you aggressively crush my lips with yours.

We stumble toward the sofa, knowing we’ll both go insane otherwise. I strip free of the shirt encasing my torso, ripping the nearly $500 garment in one gesture. I worked hard to get in shape before we met, and it shows. I’m in peak physical shape, muscles rippling in my lean frame. Your panties are nearly entirely drenched at this point, and I’m as hard as I’ve ever been. I undo my belt, and move to remove my pants, when you stop me. Your soft hands push on my chest, and I drop onto the couch. I watch in rapt atttention as you descend to your knees, your attention focused on the bulge in my pants. As you pull my pants and boxers toward you, I lift my hips to allow you to remove them. My member bounces free, and you let out a little gasp as I stand at attention. You watch it in fascination, then reach a hand up toward it.

I suck in a breath as you touch me for the first time, and you lean toward it. I stop breathing for a moment as your hot breath lands on the sensitive head, and the stimulation is so great that I nearly explode in your hand right there. Instead, I barely manage to back down from the edge as your hand glides up my length, culminating in my moan as you lean down and take me between your hot, silky lips. Your tongue dances on the head, and I buck my hips in insane pleasure. You hum in pleasure, enjoying my reaction and the way you can control me. Despite this being your first time giving a man oral pleasure, you attack me in all the right ways, using your tongue the way a master artist paints. Within minutes, I feel myself closing in on climax, and I warn you.

“I’m right on the edge,” I manage to say, and you chuckle. You begin swirling your tongue quickly around the head, pumping your hand up and down the length which is left out of your mouth. You feel me swell, and as my hips jump, I cry your name. You suck hard on the head of my member, as pulse after pulse of hot liquid spurts into your mouth. You keep your lips locked on me until I’m finished, then pull away. You open your mouth to show me the pool of white fluid, and my jaw drops as you swallow it all. You lick your lips, then make a satisfied sound. This little show is enough to harden me again, and you feel a fiery arousal burning in you. I pull you to your feet, and together, we remove your clothing until your sexy body is before me.

Your breasts, firm globes capped by hard, aroused nipples. My gaze descends, until I see your pussy glistening in the dim light. The lips are parted, almost asking me to say hello.

“You’re…perfect,” I gasp, and you blush, smiling. You simply shake your head, beşiktaş escort and then I lay you onto the sofa. I position myself over you, and you ready for me…but then I inexplicably don’t enter you. I kiss you, leave you tingling elsewhere. I plant a kiss on your collarbone, on each of your breasts, down your stomach…until I reach your pussy. Then, I lean down, and plant a gentle kiss on your clit, with just enough pressure to make you gasp. Then, I nibble on your outer lips, teasing you with my teeth, raising your scorching fire ever higher. I tease so much that you begin to buck your hips, begging me to go further. I look up, my eyes glinting.

“What do you want?” I ask, teasing you yet more as you formulate a response.

“I want…your tongue inside me,” you say, gasping in tortured pleasure. Suddenly, you feel sweet release overwhelm you as my tongue delves deep inside of you, finding your G-spot nearly instantly. You scream my name and lock your thighs around my head, burying your hands in my curly hair. As you come, I continue to explore you orally, the way your tunnel clamps down on my tongue like a warm, silk glove. I imagine other appendages in you, and chuckle as you begin your descent from climax. As you pant in pleasure, I begin sucking on your clit, and you rocket into ecstasy again, your hips seeking heaven as I pleasure you. I greedily lap at your juices, simultaneously extending your climax, and enjoying the sweet, yet tart taste. I grin as you come down from your second orgasm, the pleasure tinging your voice as you plead, “Ahhh….no more, please.”

I rise from between your legs, and you smile radiantly at me. I grin, and you chuckle, despite being on Cloud Nine.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary,” you laugh, and my smile broadens. I lean down, and say, “No, I’m the man who ate the pussy.” It’s an awful line, but you laugh at its poor delivery anyway. Bathed in post-orgasmic pleasure, you yelp when I lift you, and carry you to your bedroom. I set you on the bed, and the mere implication of my actions gets your engine going again. As you lie there, your golden hair in a halo around your beautiful face, I feel uncertain. Will she have me? Yet you beckon sexily, a single crooked finger, and I descend upon you.

Our lips war with each other once more, seeking advantage behind each other. I groan as you gently bite my lip and reach between us, pulling me toward your entrance. I allow you to guide me, and I feel an intense heat emanating from your entrance. As I look down, I see my head part your pink lips, and feel intense tightness and temperature on me. You whimper as I slowly push into you, the first to have you. I kiss you still, right up until my cockhead bumps what can only be your virginity. I part our kiss, startled that you’re a virgin after all these years.

“Are you sure…?” I say, and you smile at me, nodding your şişli escort head. I know that doing this slowly will only result in pain, so I pull back slightly, and you wait for me. I quickly thrust my hips, breaking through and seating myself inside of you. The tight pleasure is insane, and I give a Herculean effort to not move my hips as tears spring into your eyes. You whimper, and I kiss you gently, peppering your face with loving kisses as you slowly become accustomed to the intrusion. When you nod once more, I slowly back out, and then push back in. Once again, I struggle to resist the urge to slam into you, hoping that your pain will turn to pleasure shortly. I continue thrusting softly, watching your reaction. You feel the stinging pain of losing your virginity fade, followed by the onset of a pleasant sensation emanating from your core. The pleasure begins building, and you feel a need for more, so you begin pushing back against me.

I begin thrusting harder, reveling in the hot, moist sensation as I enter you. Strangely, the growing pleasure in your face turns me on more, and I watch your mouth part as you begin breathing heavily. You need more, and wrap your legs around my hips, pulling me into you. I begin going harder and faster, my hips slapping against your ass. The full sensation, and the way your insides cling to me as I pull out, bring gasps from you on each thrust. You are close to the peak of ecstasy, to the mind-numbing orgasm that waits just beyond. You begin moaning, trying to get me ever deeper, and I thrust for nearly ten minutes, seeking to push you over the top. Frustration builds within you, and you begin angrily thrusting back against me, the pleasure buzzing at fever pitch. Suddenly, I know what you need.

I angle my hips so that my head is brushing the rough spot within you on each thrust, and suddenly, you’re over the edge. Mind-numbing orgasm overwhelms you, singes your every nerve as you burn with pleasure like you’ve never felt before. Your nails scratch my back, leaving gouges which I will bear with honor. I cannot thrust anymore, your legs locked behind my back and holding me inside of you. Despite the pain from the nails, the way that your inner walls massage my member drags me over the edge with you. I gasp as I come inside of you, my seed spraying your insides as you scream in ecstasy. As you come down, you moan and shiver in a post-orgasmic tremor. You open your lips, and I worry that you’re angry about my climax.

“That was perfect,” you say, and a relieved, delighted smile graces my face. I slowly pull out of you and go into the bathroom, finding a washcloth. I wet it in warm water and return to you, and you smile as you take it from me and clean up. I ask for it after you’re finished, but instead of handing me the rag, you drop to your knees once more. You take me into your mouth, bathing me with your tongue and licking our mixed juices clean. Despite what you’ve just done, I kiss you when you stand, and tumble into the bed with you. You lie on top of me, one leg between mine, the other on the outside of mine. You lay your head on my chest, and I wrap an arm around you as you fade away into sleep.

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