A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 03

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Linda walked into the salon where she found Marsha already checking in at the front desk. The salon was an all inclusive spa. Hair treatments, face and nails and feet and massages. Linda and Marsha went once a month which was their treat to themselves.

“Hey Marsha.” Linda said as she hung up her coat. Marsha and Linda were the same age but Marsha had aged a little more than Linda. Having had two kids instead of one made the difference. Nonetheless Marsha was still a good looking thirty nine year old woman. She had short brown hair and freckled skin.

“How are you Linda?” Marsha asked.

“Good. It’s been a long week. Worked at least fifty hours and haven’t gotten nearly enough sleep.” Linda replied.

An average muscular man in an all white outfit of shorts and shirt walked up with a towel, bathrobe and sandals for both Marsha and Linda.

“Go ahead and change in the room ladies.” He gestured to a frosted glass door which opened up into a series of smaller rooms for women to change into their bathrobes. Linda and Marsha had been friends since college. They had seen everything that there was to see about one another. In fact, they had little to no secrets at all.

“So not getting much sleep?” Marsha asked with a smirk. Linda smiled and started undressing.

“I haven’t told him yet.” Linda sighed.

“Why the fuck not?” Marsha asked.

“I just haven’t…worked up the courage yet.”

“Linda sweetie.” Marsha replied. “I have two boys. One is twenty and the other is eighteen soon to be nineteen. I have sex with Jim every Monday and I have sex with Samuel every Thursday.” Linda couldn’t help but feel jealous that her best friend was actively having sex with her children on a weekly basis.

“How is it?” Linda asked.

“Jim has a ding-dong that is at least five inches long and six inches thick. Samuel’s is six inches long but not as thick. But I tell you what, they both know how to work me over in ways their father never could.” Marsha grinned. “You’ve seen Gregory’s at least right?”

“Well of course I have.” Linda hiltonbet giriş scoffed.

“And?” Marsha asked expecting details.

“Marsha I’ve never seen one this big in my life.” Linda said.

“Pfft.” Marsha replied. “You’re twisting my leg.”

“I think it’s over seven inches and it’s definitely as thick as my wrist.” She said.

“Oh you aren’t kidding. What the fuck? Was his father-“

“Nope. Gregory’s father was five by five.” Linda said confidently.

“Then why are you waiting?” Marsha asked angrily. “If he was my boy I’d have already been riding him like yesterday’s pony.”

“I just…don’t know how to do it. I mean, he is my son.” Linda replied.

“It’s a natural state of being Linda.” Marsha argued. “If there is an attraction then go with it. Do you think he finds you sexy?”

Linda blushed and pulled down her panties and handed them to Marsha. She looked at them as though she had just been handed a dead rabbit.

“He came in them this morning.” Linda said.

“Have you been wearing them all day?”

Linda bit her lip and nodded.

“Holy shit that’s sexy. I should get my boys to jizz in a pair so I can do that.” Marsha said making a mental note to herself. “Did you catch him in the act?”

“Yeah. I heard him breathing heavily this morning and I watched him cum. I didn’t know they were my panties until I checked.”

“Well what fucking more conformation do you need? He is cumming in your panties Linda. Time for him to cum in you now.” Marsha said. “Grow a pair of lady balls.”

Linda chuckled and finished getting undressed. All the while wondering how she was going to tell Gregory.

By the time Gregory got home from school he felt both tired and frustrated. His college course class was built around the anatomy and physiology of the human body which was vast and complex. After each class his brain hurt but it helped him further his goal of being a proper massage therapist.

Valarie was kind enough to give him a job doing massage, while they ended in orgasms he was hiltonbet yeni giriş still getting experience and a great deal of money. While an average college student might make two or three hundred a week working part time, Greg made seven to nine hundred. Every day he easily made two or three thousand dollar which he split with Valarie.

She got sixty while he got forty. Once he was officially licensed to massage she agreed to split him fifty-fifty and even make him a partner in the business. Something he was working hard for. Hard. He glanced down at his cock which looked like it had a blue and green ring of teeth marks around it. In truth the bruises didn’t hurt nearly as much as they appeared they might.

Gregory walked up the stairs and checked all the rooms before he went into his mom’s room and pulled out a pair of panties. His usual pick was her black pair but he had cum in her last pair. The rest needed to be washed. He pulled out a pair of royal blue with a pink bow in front and dropped his pants.

He walked across the hall to his room and opened the bottom drawer of his dresser. He cleared away the jeans and tugged at a small string he had fastened to the edge of the fake bottom. The drawer bottom came off and underneath were adult toys. Vibrators and dildos, gags and remotes. Collars and chains and plugs that he had bought over the months.

He snatched up a bottle of water based lubricant and squeezed a quarter sized drop onto his hand and started rubbing his hands together. He put the lubricant back and put the lid back on and the jeans and closed the drawer. Gregory started stroking his cock as he sniffed his mother’s panties.

Though they were clean they still had a fraction of her scent. It was enough to bring his arousal up. He closed his eyes and pictured what his mother might look like naked. His cock pulsed as he visualized what he would do to her. “Fuck…mom. Oh hell mom I need your fucking pussy.” He huffed out. Just then the door downstairs opened and he nearly jumped.

“Hey hun I’m home.” Linda hiltonbet güvenilirmi called out.

Gregory grabbed his pants and tossed the pair of panties under his bed covers and headed down stairs. He could tell right away that she had gotten the full service done at the salon. She always smelt like flowers and fresh linen and citrus.

Gregory couldn’t stop his cock from throbbing as his sexual frustration mounted.

“How was your day mom?” He asked as he sat down to avoid her seeing his raging boner.

“Good. Had a good talk with Marsha and we caught up. How was school?”

“My head hurts.” He chuckled. “It was good.”

Linda sat down and played with her hair as she thought about telling Greg what Marsha had told her. Before she managed to though his cell phone rang and he picked it up.

“Hey. What’s up Val?” He asked.

“I need you here now. The store is flooded.” Valarie said.

“I’ll be there shortly. Hold down the fort.” He said and put his phone back in his pocket. “Listen mom. I have to go into work early but I’ll see you tonight. Okay.” He leaned in and kissed her cheek and walked out quickly.

Linda watched him leave and drive away. Watching her son leave made her feel a little lonely. Not the kind of lonely like a depressed person unable to handle their own presence. She felt like a loyal dog watching their master go, not knowing when they might return. ‘My master?’ She thought to herself. She pondered the idea of what it would be like to be a toy or perhaps a pet to her son.

Like an object he could use to his desires. She felt her cervix tense at the pleasure of that idea. She wondered if her son even knew anything about that side of things. Did he know about kinky play? She wasn’t sure but if she was going to find out she knew where to look.

She quickly made her way up the stairs and into his room. His room was neat and clean, she tried to remember where everything was when she pulled it out. If anything was out of place he would know that she had been searching. She looked under his bed and then his mattress.

It was all clean. She looked through his closet and then his filing cabinet but only found school pages. She looked through his bookcase and shelves and then dresser. She pulled out each drawer and looked behind and under but found nothing. She left his room feeling discouraged.

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