A Birthday party for two in the library.

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I was studying at college. It was my seventeenth birthday. I have a crush on Sandra and she had dismissed my many attempts to date her. She was older than me and preferred the older guys who had money to take her places and buy her cocktails in clubs. She looked great in street clothes and you would think she was at least twenty one. She had the best tits of any girl in the school. It was during a science class she was paired with me. We were in the back row in the science lab when she said to me when we were preparing the lab desk, “Happy Birthday” and gave me a kiss on the cheek. During the class we were involved in the experiments and we managed to complete the exercises correctly. When we were finished and cleaning up, she dropped something on the floor and when I bent down to pick it up, she pulled she skirt back up above her thighs, it was very obvious she had no pants on, and showed me her bald pussy. “That’s your present” she said, “See you in the library at lunch break.” I was stunned; obviously she had planned it. I had been trying unsuccessfully just to get a date with her, now she had bared it all for me. I had never had an opportunity to use the library meting room before, this was a break through. The meeting room was famous. Lunch break was only an hour away, and the next period was a complete blur. All I could see in my mind’s eye was her bare bald pussy. I could not concentrate, and my cock was hard most of the time. As hard as it was, I tried to appear casual as I headed for the library. It was known as the meeting place. If you wanted to meet privately you could book one of two private reading rooms. This was organised through the library assistant. Everybody knew the library assistant controlled the library. You needed to be on good terms with her to get a booking. Obviously Sandra was. It has been said, Miss Beattie has used it herself, with more than one teacher. The Librarian was an older woman who you rarely saw. I don’t think for one moment she would condone what happened in there. I walked in and approached the desk. Miss Beattie looked up. “Oh it’s you, Happy Birthday,” she partly opened a drawer, and then closed it again. As she did, she said, “Its Sandra isn’t it? You won’t need the safety pack then. Go on in, she is waiting for you.” Sandra was evidently a regular; obviously she knew already Sandra didn’t need condoms. Nothing more was said. The big table seated twenty or more people for meetings etc. It was also well known amongst the senior students as the sacrificial table. If you can believe what has been said, over many years a lot of girls have lost their virginity on it. It was only available to the final year students who used it for meetings of a type not normally recognised as official meetings. It got more use for a private one on one meeting, than any other. I opened the door and Sandra was waiting. She stood there bare breasted, but she still had her school uniform skirt on. She looked beautiful, no doubt quite a few of the boys had seen her like this too. I was now proud to be one Acıbadem Escort of them. “Happy Birthday.” and smiled. “Will you lock the door, please?” Her breasts were beautiful and perfectly presented, with her arms opened wide. I went to her and we hugged and kissed. The kiss was passionate. I had not been told I could touch her breasts, but I did. She did not refuse or complain, so I kissed, fondled and squeezed each one, and rubbed her hard nipples between two fingers. She purred like a kitten. I could tell she was enjoying what I was doing. I did have some experience at giving girls what they liked, having gained that in the back row of the movies with quite a few girls. Known as the stink finger row, I had used it often for many of the popular activities. I am well aware many a guy has left his cum stains on the floor back there, including me. It was common to be wanked off by your girlfriend; it’s the only row with no carpet, possibly for that reason. Sandra and I continued kissing, and she put her hand down and undid my belt. I helped her and my pants dropped to the floor. Then she broke the embrace and dropped to her knees and quickly had my underpants down with my pants. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Sandra then removed my shoes as I removed my shirt, I was now naked apart from my socks. She still had her uniform skirt on. My cock was hard, and had a drop of pre cum seeping from the eye of it. Sandra looked and put her hand around it and said, “This is magnificent; you are much bigger than the other boys I have had here. I am going to enjoy this, it’s beautiful. I love cocks that have been circumcised.” Without another word she put her mouth over my cock and began to suck it. She was good. My cock has been sucked many times and I know what it feels like, but she seemed to have something extra. She obviously has had a lot of experience. She didn’t suck on it as hard as some do when they start cock sucking, and concentrated on the head of my cock.. Sucking is really a misnomer, massaging and stroking it with their lips is better. Those that suck it hard usually complain it gives them sore cheeks. Sandra was good and I would say as good as any girl that has done it for me. Sandra continued on me for a while then took her mouth off it and said, “That’s enough for the time being, I will finish it off later. I really wanted to see what you taste like.” She stood up and dropped her skirt and had nothing on underneath it. Now she was completely naked apart from her socks. “Now it’s your turn.” She said as she sat up on the table. I knew exactly what she wanted and I got down on her. Her scent was really that of a woman. She smelled musky and alluring. She reminded me of our neighbor Liz, who I have had sex with and sucked and fucked many times. That musky scent of a woman drives me mad and is like a magnet, and draws me to her. The first lick of Sandra was fantastic. She was wet and her slit very tasty. I didn’t hesitate, and got right into giving her my best. “You have Acıbadem Escort Bayan obviously done this before, I was expecting something good.” Sandra said. I applied my experience to her and made sure I was not going to embarrass myself or let her down. I licked her slit and rubbed my tongue over her clit. I then slipped three fingers up her cunt and stroked her until she was reacting to my stimulation. She moaned softly with the sensation and pleasure.  “Do you know where the G spot is?” She asked. I didn’t answer, I just curled my fingers and stroked the soft fleshy part of her internal parts. Suddenly her cunt was soaking wet. “Oh God, you got it in one.” She breathed heavily with the sensation of me touching her there, the way women like to be touched. Then she asked me to stop and take my fingers out. They were virtually dripping with her juice. “Give me one, and save one for yourself.” She instructed me. I poked a finger into her mouth and she sucked it clean. I sucked the other two and we shared the beautiful taste of her juice.  “You taste great,” I told her. “You just passed that test – obviously you have done that before. Now we can go to the next base, at least we will taste the same when we kiss now.” I got down in preparation to use my mouth and fingers on her. She spread her legs wide for me. I inserted fingers on both hands and pulled her lips open wide, and looked into that deep and pleasurable depth, past her labia lips into her inner sanctum. She glistened with wetness and the beautiful wet pink folds of hidden flesh were covered with her juices. I licked her slit from bottom to the top. Everything tasted as wonderful as they look. The pleasure you feel when your cock was buried inside her only heightens the appeal of that part of a woman. It looked good enough to eat and I began to devour her and enjoy the pleasure of it. I would have been on her for about four or five minutes. During that period, she obviously enjoyed much of what I was doing with her. She gave me many other indications she was enjoying the treatment I was providing through her moans and groans. The occasional shudder when I hit her nub of sexual pleasure, also showed I was hitting the spot. I made sure I didn’t rub too hard and make her sore. Also when I did something she liked she rubbed my head by her hand. She also sent me signals through her body, and she used her hands to guide my head around her pelvis, to ensure I was giving it to her where she wanted it, particularly her clit. It was obvious Sandra had done this many times before, and she knew how to enjoy it. She was no novice and I followed her silent directions. It was only a minute or two later she began to shake and shiver. Her loud groans indicated she was close to her orgasm .She held my head even harder onto her. I found it hard to breathe as she even had my nose pressed into her bare skin. Then she came. Wow what a woman. She knew exactly how to cum, really big time. As I have said I have seen my neighbor cum quite a few times Escort Acıbadem when I licked her out. Sandra put her to shame. Thank heavens it was a library and had well insulated walls’ her moans and groans when she came, would penetrate any normal wall. I was expecting Miss Beatie to come racing in, but I would say she has heard Sandra cum many times before. I was used to my neighbor not wanting me to stop when she came, so I just continued as if Sandra hadn’t cum either. She didn’t complain and made no move to curtail the attention I was giving her. Whilst a little surprised she sort of relaxed, while I continued to lick and suck on her. Seconds later she was howling again and her body spasmed two or three times quite physically, as Liz my neighbor, also does. My tongue had done its work. She had cum again and had a multiple orgasm. She loved and enjoyed another orgasm even though it was a bit milder. I stopped and licked my lips. She tasted fantastic. “Wow, that won’t be the last time you do that. A double bubble is perfect. That had to be two of the most intense and satisfying multiple orgasms I have had. Where did you learn to do it like that?” “My neighbor Liz showed me how she likes it. She is twice my age and she and I have managed to spend some time together. She taught me well I believe. She is not happy unless she has a multiple orgasm every time.” “You graduated with first class honors at that. She has taught you well. Then you have an older woman have you?” ”I mowed my neighbors lawns once and she liked what she saw. I was hot and sweaty and down to my shorts. She asked me if I would like a swim. We stripped off and swam in the nude. Then she asked me if I would like to be paid by using her body. I had a drink with her and we talked about it. Being married I was a bit concerned about fucking a married woman. She convinced me she would be more than happy with a young guy and she liked the look of my cock. Her husband was away overseas.” “Shit she sounds too good to be true.” Sandra was fascinated with my story. I went on, “I liked the look of her and I agreed to fuck with her. Her age didn’t bother me so had a swim first and then we did it. She was really cool about it and it was too good an opportunity to let pass. She was really laid back about the whole affair. ” She was also happy I had already had some experience. “I gave her a good time and she showed me how to really fuck her orally. It was amazing. I couldn’t count the number of times we both came.that afternoon.It was really on for both of us. She showed me how to satisfy a woman in a first class manner.” “Had you ever gone down on a girl before that?” Sandra wanted to know. “Yes, a few times but only girls, she taught me the finer points on a real woman. The next week I mowed her lawn and she asked me to fuck her again.” “She obviously likes you, I think I know why myself now.” “Every week since, I have mowed her lawn and fucked her. Now she also pays me. I don’t know if it’s for mowing the lawns or fucking her. Now I get to fuck her most weekends and sometimes through the week for a quickie if she wants it. If she asks me to wash her car I know what she wants and it’s not to wash the car. Being our neighbor it’s very convenient.” “Well I had no idea you were so experienced, I am going to really enjoy somebody who knows what it is like to fuck a real woman.

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