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309 TO CANE A NEIGHBOURTO CANE A NEIGHBOURhe was born in 1957 and over the years developed an interest (perhaps an obsession) with spanking and especially caning since way back, in fact he said; “I guess the first time I can definitely attach a date to this ‘obsession’ was 1967.My elder sister (6 years older than me, she in the seniors and me in the juniors) went to the same school and at the end of one lunch break I saw my sister’s best friend, Sandra Fletcher, standing outside the Headmaster’s study sobbing uncontrollably, facing the wall rubbing her bottom through her skirt.Later that day, my sister told me that Sandra had been caned by the Deputy Head for swearing in the dinner queue. Sandra had been a frequent visitor to our house for quite a while and although she was much older than me I’d secretly developed an incredible crush on her, often sneaking to my bedroom when she was in the house to masturbate about her. I particularly liked her shapely bum and finding out that she’d been caned really aroused my fantasy juices and caused me to wank myself silly over this for months after the event. (he added if you`re out there Sandra he would love a meet again) In 1969 he received his one and only school caning. Four of the boys including him got six strokes each for being reported by an elderly woman for messing about outside her house on their way home from school. The following day they were kept back from sports by the Headmaster and each received six strokes of the cane across the seat of their trousers. They were then each made to write a letter of apology to the woman. After Mr. Watkins read our completed letters, one of the boys, Jonathan, as his letter didn’t pass muster and he had to write it again and received a further six cane strokes after a few weeks he recovered from the short period of not obsessing and was soon returned to normal, if anything, feeling the cane across his own bottom and witnessing his male classmates getting the same punishment had now actually strengthened his interest. Although he classes him-self as totally straight, he couldn`t deny that, seeing a handsome boy like Jonathan getting a double dose added too, rather than being an instant cure for his ‘obsession’ with corporal punishment,This whole experience and the embarrassment of the cane was not altogether unpleasant, so as matured toward adulthood and his interest in corporal punishment actually increased it made him belive there was something wrong with him.By normal standards, at that time he was a handsome young lad, blond 6ft tall, fit, and a butter wouldn’t melt face, so it was a case of during puberty he was rarely short of female company. (eddy`s note = lucky sod!)However, during his time at university, he had sown his fair share of wild oats. Vanilla sex, or whatever the correct term is, was the extent of the adventures though his mind was still fantasising about corporal punishment during the act to help him across “the finishing line” so to speakIn1980 he left University and returned to his native London to work in the city centre. Not wanting to go back to his parents’ house in West London (as he knew he needed privacy to pursue whatever sex life he could procure! He trawled through the local papers and found an affordable room in a shared house in Lower Hackney, his financial situation being not fantastic with a foot just on the long ladder of promotion. There were 8 lettings in the property in total, with his being one of the two attic rooms, it was nothing palatial but affordable warm and dry,He discovered that the other attic room belonged to a girl named Sally, Life was fair, a reasonable job with prospects, and somewhere to live that gave him independence in arguable the most-busy city in the world. (though personally I wouldn’t want to live there for a gold pig!)Each day after work he passed through Soho, its sensuous draw and his lack of a regular female partner, aided by his discovery of the Janus Shop in Old Compton Street and a small, rather seedy cinema just around the corner called Spankarama bursa escort had both fuelled the obsession. Soon he had a vast collection of Janus magazines and relished the pictures and stories in them. He also experienced many hours in Spankarama watching films of attractive young ladies, mostly it must be said, in school uniform, getting their bare bottoms spanked and caned by folk with the same obsession.Finding out that so many others obviously shared this curious passion made him realise he wasn’t such a freak after all! With new films added every few days he rarely missed a week. With regular money now coming in as he progressed up the ladder a rung, he plucked up the courage to make use of the advertising cards displayed in almost every public ‘phone box in the area, you know the sort; Naughty Girl Needs Six of the Best, Jackie Needs the Cane, and such like. It cost him money he could only just afford, and a fair bit at that, but at least he could now say to himself that he’d actually spanked and caned a female bottom for real even if it was a case of paying for it and it not being allowed voluntarily!Now Sally, his neighbour apparently wasn’t around much as she often stayed at her boyfriend’s house, and it was a good month before she first actually knocked on his door and introduced herself, she was pretty, if a little robust and spent a lot of time with some creep he never met.When she did knock on his door, his jaw must have dropped as she was a totally stunning, about 20year old with thick, dark shoulder length hair, emerald eyes, and a face that could have been created by a sculptor. She was gorgeous and if he was to find any criticism of her looks it would be that she was just slightly plump, but with a really smackable arse, who cared! she instantly became his obsession” Damn it!” he thought, why did she have to already have a boyfriend? In this respect Sally herself offered him a glimmer of hope by confiding in him that her relationship with her boyfriend was on the rocks and that the prat was considering accepting a transfer back to his native Manchester! Our hero plied the lady with coffee and like a good neighbour, (crossed with a spider) waited his time, ever hopeful. Over the next few weeks, he spent quite a lot of time with ‘Sexy Sally’ as he secretly dubbed her, they were with gathering frequency in and out of each other’s rooms for coffee and after a while, sometimes she would even cook for him!Sally could best be described as a true ‘chirpy cockney’ streetwise rather than intelligent, and despite being poles apart in many ways, it soon became obvious that they were mutually attracted to each other. Soon with the “boyfriend” safely back in Manchester and completely off of the scene, the relationship rapidly progressed, drinks at the local pub, dinner out together, discos, dances, the whole nine yards. Sally was slowly won over until a couple of months from meeting, they began sleeping together. As a guy with an eye for the female butt, Sally’s delightfully rounded cheeks soon inspired many spanking-wanking fantasies about her, though he was careful his Janus magazines were hidden securely away, under lock and key whenever she was about, so she had no knowledge of his interest/fetish call it what you will. His thinking being better a vanilla girlfriend close on hand than no-one, and he didn’t want to frighten her off!Late one evening though, things suddenly were to change rapidly, as when Sally arrived home after her work, she was in a particularly sexually excited mood. She told him that a group from her workplace had been to a long lunch at a place called “School Dinners,” to celebrate the birthday of one of the manager`s she worked for, a rather dishy male. She hadn’t planned to go but went as a last-minute stand-in as someone had dropped out. He’d not heard of the place at the time, but she explained that, the waitresses are apparently dressed like St. Trinians, school-girls. To his amazement what really had excited Sally though, was that as part of the birthday ritual, bursa escort bayan when the birthday boy was made to bend over for six of the best with the cane on his bare backside. Just of course a playful caning, not hard but enough to raise the birthday boys pecker and excite the crowd especially Sally!Due to the relish with which she told the story, he just had to seize the opportunity and asked her “if she was really turned on by the use of the cane or was it the sight of the bosses pecker?” She admitted, blushing and rather coyly that “well his cock was nice, but she was really turned on by the caning” and then confessed to having been spanked and strapped a few times over the years by boyfriends and in her words “too have quite liked it”, she had however never been caned though!Our man was the boy to come to her aid in that respect wasn’t he, and as a stopgap she was soon over his knee, his hand reddening her nether regions, and to his lasting joy her loving it and asking for more! They progressed to his belt, and by the time she left for work next day it was in the hope of perhaps a lot of photocopying (a standing up duty)! She was glad it was a Friday, and she had the weekend to look forward too, in her words “to expand her horizons!” Our hero as you would expect, had plans for her and his homeward journey naturally took him to the Janus shop, and that long line of crook handled canes, he’d been tempted many times to buy one before but with no one to use it on hadn’t felt the outlay justified, but now knew that with Sally’s delightful and willing bottom eager and waiting he just had to have one! After long deliberation, he selected a fine bendy example paying the then ridiculous price of £12 for it in the late 70`s a fortune!! in his words; “a lot of money back then but they did at least package it between 2 sheets of plain cardboard for the journey home” to hide the thin flexible cane from damage and more from the sight of the passing public to save embarrassment, As you can imagine I was eager to see a return on my hard-won cash!” He arrived home first, changed from his business suit, and prepared a salad, he himself not being a top-hole cook, and he needed something difficult to spoil and fast!He heard her arrive home and was soon at her door, telling her of the awaiting food, which after a hard day she was grateful for. Kicking of her heels and slipping her feet into something more comfortable, she came to his flat and over the meal they chatted about work, she remarking that her supervisor had nipped in sharpish and got the photocopying work, as the supervisor was a straight-laced soul and not one prone to chatter about her married life it was strange, as she too seemed reluctant to sit down, He remarked perhaps the bosses party had rubbed off on her as well, which caused them both to laugh, and Sally to suggest “perhaps, but knowing `old frosty knickers’ it was more likely to be piles! He asked, “if her own backside had been sore at her work, and had it put her off?” and she smiled, saying that “the little discomfort had been a reminder of the joy they had both found last evening” and” it had had her eager and hot all day and watching the clock to get off back home here for some more!”His grin put a Cheshire cat to shame as he showed her the purchase, and swishing it, noted her bright-eyed smile. He said “he was eager to try it out” and asked “did she really mind or was she just humouring him?”As an answer, she kissed him long and hard, then to his ever-lasting joy she whispered that “he could give her two as a starter now and work up to six full strength on Sunday-evening as a climax, but in return” (he had expected there would be a snag) “between the two and the six they were to stay totally naked, and other than eating, sleeping occasionally and toileting it was to be sex all the way or no deal!”Gobsmacked is the term nowadays, (then it was astounded!) He rapidly shed his clothes as a way of answering her. She with a huge smile began to remove her clothing too rolling down the escort bursa dark nylons and stepping daintily from them but he stopped her, as the second came loose as he loved slowly unwrapping his own presents! (like me though sadly now-a-days only at birthdays & at christmas— all be sorry for Eddy) She stood for him, catching kisses as he peeled off the skirt, the blouse, the slip and found himself face to breast with a very neat basque, and a matching pair of knickers in a pretty blue all trimmed with trimmings of white lace. He stepped back grinned and said, “so am I so easy to read?” she blushed and asked “why?”“Cos your dressed for sex, not a days work, now that is a dead giveaway, that you had planned the whole weekend?” blushing she laughed and asked if he objected? Which his nimble fingers confirmed was definitely not the case as the basque fell away. She stepped from her knickers as they fell, turning to allow him to see her bruised backside. It was just too much for our hero, and he kissed her first on the bruises, then swinging her round and kissing her hot and ready lips and they knew the weekend had started. She turned, collected the cane, placed it across her open palms and presented it to him like some precious gift! Hein turn nodded, took the cane and pulled a chair from the table, sat and motioned her to take her place across his waiting knees. Like a big ballerina she placed herself gently in place, her delightful rump a perfect target. He savoured the moment, whooshed the cane past her getting the feel of the balance, then as if to a silent command, the cane again whizzed through the air and landed with a light but resounding smack across the plump target. She squeaked as her hands gripped his ankle partly to balance herself, and partly to resist the temptation to grasp at the livid red stripe now glowing across the bruised skin.He found her self-control commendable, his stiff tool by now pressing up into her soft mons, wishing it was engaged.The second stroke joined its partner, again in a single light swipe that this time dampened her eyes, and causing her to bite her lower lip, while squeezing his ankle once more.Knowing it was over for that night she rose, knelt and began the best blow job he had so far, ever enjoyed. At least partly to distract herself from the hot marks, expected and in a strange way enjoyed!The whole episode had taken its toll on our hero, and it took but a second or three for her cheeks to bulge as he filled her mouth with his hot seed.The evening passed rapidly, muff diving, kisses, nipple sucking, more kisses, deep penetrating sex, short breaks to recuperate, drinks, more sex, sex on the couch, over the cleared dining table, on the bed, the carpet, it became a blur, the evening went on the pair slept, occasionally, beginning again then climaxing before relapsing into the arms of morphias once more,Dawn broke, he made tea, they drank it, staggered to the tiny bathroom and showered, the cascading water revitalising their libido, they were kissing once more when she felt his hot pee running down her leg.Far from being upset she found his intimate water erotic, muttering that it was a game for two players. Kissing him once more, she forced him to his knees and knowing what was coming, he buried his face into her womanhood as the hot water hit his chin.Breakfast came and went, the rounds of sex shortening as the rest periods increased, both of them becoming tired, and in his case his empty balls needed time to refill. They talked about their pasts, their adventures, their obsessions, their fetishes, their fantasies and their feelingsLater he was to confide in me that;“The funny thing is, in most ways we were totally incompatible, I guess I was Professor Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle, Surprisingly we neither of us ever intended to spend the rest of our lives together, which in a way made it far easier for me to explore a much kinkier relationship with her and we actually got into some fairly hard caning as time progressed, even, every so often I let her cane me which I actually quite enjoyed! We were together for two perhaps three years, till our paths divided, both knowing it had run its course” The last time I saw Sally was in 1986 but I do know that she’s alive and well and living in Essex!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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