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It was the summer of 1987. I’d gone to live with mom after her and dad divorced my freshman year of high school. I was home on break when I noticed the new neighbors moving in across the courtyard. I knew it was difficult to get into the apartment complex where we lived because it was a gated community with tight security, including armed guards. It had an extensive waiting list for potential residents and you had to pass a background check prior to occupancy. There was very little turnover so when we saw new residents moving in, it piqued interest. I offered my assistance after watching them make several trips back and forth to their moving truck. They both took a short break for introductions. I told them every called me “cheetah” because I ran cross-country in high school and set all kinds of school records for speed. They introduced themselves as Shannon and Molly Hunter, mother and daughter. Both women were drop dead gorgeous and could easily pass for sisters, I told them. They both blushed profusely and thanked me for the compliment. They were relocating after a messy divorce. Molly, almost 19, decided to stay with mom with she adjusted to newly single life.

We spent most of the day moving furniture and clothing into the two story apartment. I accidently embarrassed Molly when I picked up her underwear drawer to carry it upstairs and saw her silky g-string panties. I had no idea what the tiny triangle in front would actually cover but I said nothing. The sweet smell coming up from the drawer had begun to arouse me and I quickly hid the evidence by discreetly adjusting myself. We continued moving until almost night fall when they offered me pizza and pop. I thanked them as I declined saying that I had to get home to the meal mom was making. The truck wasn’t quite empty and we agreed we’d finish in the morning. I left the ladies to settle in for the night.

When I knocked on the door in the morning, I overheard the ladies talking about how hot they both thought I was. I did my best to hide my surprise. They both dressed in clothes that accentuated every curve and I did my level best not to stare. Molly and I were close in age. I was 20 and she, 19. Mom was approaching 50 but looked incredible for her age. I told the Hunter ladies that my mom wanted to hold a house-warming party for them over the weekend and they graciously agreed to attend. The day of the party, mom met the Hunters’ and afterward commented on how pretty they both were. She acknowledged how close in age Molly and I were, as she shot me a wink. My face went flush with embarrassment as mom smiled knowing she could still get me.

Molly and I began to form a relationship as the summer progressed. We spent more and more time together. In late June, Shannon thanked me for making Molly’s transition so smooth. I smiled and told her it wasn’t difficult. I asked Shannon how her own transition was coming along. She told me the loneliness was the hardest part. I told her my mom had felt the same way and maybe they mecidiyeköy escort bayan should talk. She agreed it might be a good idea. The conversation seemed to change at that point causing me to feel a little awkward. She hugged me and said that if I weren’t Molly’s friend, she’d do me right then and there! I was at a loss for words! She was my mother’s age! I asked her if Molly knew how she felt and shockingly she nodded. Now my mind was reeling and I panicked as Shannon pulled her blouse from her body exposing a black lace bra!

” We can’t do this!” I exclaimed.

My own arousal now evident as Shannon rushed upstairs just as Molly walked through the front door…

Molly gave me a wry smile as she came into the kitchen where I stood.

“Mom told me she wanted you a couple of nights ago” she hesitated for a moment for effect. “So did you two fuck already?” she asked flatly.

The question caught me completely off guard. “OH NO, THAT’S NOT HAPPENING!” I responded emphatically.

A look of relief came over her face and she promptly apologized for her bluntness. She went on to explain that this wasn’t the first time mom had done this and likely it caused her divorce. I apologized to Molly. I took her hand and reassured her I would not sleep with her mom, no matter what. She told me she wasn’t into any kind of kinky sex. The subject of virginity came up and we established that we had both been deflowered, both at 16.

She told me she knew what she liked sexually. She told me she really liked me and thought I was hot, which I already knew but I couldn’t let on.

“I want your hard body,” she said wryly. “Just looking at you,” she hesitated a moment then reached for my crotch. She grabbed a handful as I flinched. “Oh my, likely at least a solid 8”, she smiled. “It’s not my first rodeo but I’ve never had one that size before,” she said coolly.

I acknowledged that I had no idea of my actual size. “I’ve never measured,” I said.

She smiled, “Of course not, that would be vane!” she responded with a laugh. “I think this weekend we’ll consummate our relationship,” she said decisively. “That will give you a whole week to ponder the idea,” she said resolutely.

“Oh man,” was all I could muster. I had an erection already.

Molly spent the whole week rubbing up against me. Teasingly, she would notice my erection and laugh. I told her that was not cool at all! However by Thursday afternoon I’d grown tired of the one way teasing, so I grabbed her and ran my finger along her shaven clit, only to discover she was wet.

“AH HA,” I exclaimed. “I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE ANTICIPATING!” I declared.

Almost bashfully she responded, “Of course not silly, I want you too!”

She reached into my swim suit softly grasped my erection. I quickly reached for her hand to pull it away but I was too late. As she pulled her hand from my suit, I exploded, shooting a load into her hand. “OH GOD!” I declared, in total embarrassment. findikzade escort She smiled and licked the goo from her hand.

“No problem! Just a preview of the weekend!” she giggled. Besides, that wasn’t much, she acknowledged. “I’ve been teasing you all week, so I deserved that!” she declared proudly. We both awaited the weekend.

It was early afternoon when I caught up with Molly at the pool. She wore a red laced bikini that almost covered her girl parts. Her top barely held her breasts in and the triangle below barely covered her clit. I could tell she was wet with anticipation. As she lay sunbathing, I sneaked up behind her and rubbed gently on her inner thighs.

“That’s not fair, I’ll cum right here if you keep that up!” she whispered.

“A guy can hope,” was my response. She turned and gave a scolding look.

“Be nice!” she commanded, “or there’ll be none later!”

I quickly pulled my hand away and apologized. Every time I had touched her this week, I realized just how much I wanted her. I was so ready for tonight! We played for a while at the pool, careful not to touch each other too much. As the sun began to fall, we parted ways for a couple of hours as she whispered in my ear,” I’m going to rock your world tonight, so be ready!” I could only imagine…

The clock read 7:30 when my phone rang. It was Molly, speaking in the most seductive voice I’d ever heard. “Come on over, if you dare.” She made sure her mother would be out most of the night so we wouldn’t be disturbed. I sprinted across the courtyard. I hadn’t run like that since high school and it felt good. I rang the bell as she pulled the door open revealing the silk, see through robe she wore. It was the only article of clothing she had on. Her full C-cups, erect nipples and soaking wet clit were so inviting. I took in all the fragrance of the moment. My erection was harder than it had been all week. We kissed passionately as we made our way to the living room, undressing each other simultaneously. “Let’s try not to make too big a mess on my mom’s couch,” she said pleadingly. As I lay back on the couch, we were both completely naked, extremely aroused and I was closing in on my first orgasm of the night. She gently but passionately kissed my neck and worked her way down to my chest. I was so aroused I felt I would burst. She licked small rings around each of my nipples with the tip of her tongue, causing me to buck involuntarily. “Easy tiger, we have a long way to go,” she whispered sensuously in my ear. She continued to my navel, again licking small rings around it. I fought hard not to buck again.

As I lay on my back, I was fully erect now and she licked her lips at what she saw. I was well past the point of pre-cum on my head and she knew it. “Oh my, you look like you’re about to burst!” she lamented. I teetered on the edge on there was nothing I could do about it. I put my hands on her head to steady myself as she took me full on, deep in her mouth. I felt my beşiktaş escort testicles jump twice as my manhood began to spasm and I released the first enormous load in her mouth. She continued to work my erection up and down faster and faster. The second spasm hit and I squirted even harder and once again filled her mouth. “Oh baby, I’m going to cum again!” I exclaimed in surprise as she prompted several more squirts. By now my manhood was drained, although my erection remained and she smiled in delight. I grabbed her by the waist and dragged her onto the couch.

I spread her legs apart as I gently licked and sucked each earlobe, “Oh baby,” she whispered sensuously. I moved slowly to her breasts, licking, sucking and blowing all the way. I felt the first involuntary thrust forward of her hips as the first intense wave of orgasm overcame her. “OH YEEEESSSS!” she moaned dramatically. Her hips had bucked forward as she’d thrown her head back with her lips parted. “Oh baby, I need you!” she pleaded as she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Patience, kitten, all in due time,” I replied sensuously. I traced a line with the tip of my tongue from her breasts to her navel, sending her into the next huge orgasmic wave. By now she quivered uncontrollably and I could feel her sopping wet mound on my abs. “NOW, I WANT YOU IN ME NOW!” she begged. “Not yet!” I declared, trying to sound authoritative. I quickly moved to spread her clit apart with my fingers as I stuck my tongue as deep into her canal as it would go. I felt my face flood with her natural juices as the next wave hit her.

“OH MY GOD,” she screamed. “FUCK ME NOW!” In one huge motion I rose up and thrust my erection deep inside her vagina. “OH YEEEEESSSS!” she exclaimed, bucking to meet my hips. I felt her vagina clamp tightly around my erection as she rode the continuous waves of orgasm that had begun. I pulled out slow all the way to my mushroomed head before stopping. Her hips thrust forward to greet me as I slammed it back deep inside of her again. Her soaking wet lady parts were clamping hard on me like a vice grip periodically when I felt the first twitch of my testicles. She had been convulsing with orgasm beneath me for some time as the first enormous spasm hit my erection. As I threw my head back, lips parted, I rode my own orgasmic wave as I shot the first load deep inside of her. My cock pulsed with pleasure as I continued to thrust deep inside of her waiting wetness. “I… can’t… stop… cumming!” was all I could muster as wave after orgasmic wave rushed over me. My erection pulsed for nearly five minutes, filling her so full that our combined natural juices spilled onto the couch. I continued thrusting until my erection began to go limp. Then she reached up to kiss me as I collapsed onto her in utter exhaustion. We both agreed it had been well worth the wait. We talked softly for a while. She shared that she was glad she’d kept up with the Kegel exercises because it helped her maintain a tight pussy. I confided that I’d never cum so much at one time before. That was the first of several fucks Molly and I had that summer. Fall came and I went back to school. Mom called me one day while I was away and told me that the Hunters’ had inexplicably and suddenly moved out. I never saw Molly again….

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