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153 AVIS AFTER THE DIVORCE.153 AFTER THE DIVORCE.Having gained my freedom, I decided to accept my daughter’s invitation to a night out on the town to celebrate at a local bar she frequents that caters mostly to blacks. I put on a sheer, see through black blouse, no bra so that my tits could be seen; short black skirt, lace belt with straps holding up my black stockings, no panties and 6” ankle strap, open toed stiletto’s. Wrapped up in a long coat, Carol (dressed in another similar outfit she calls her slut outfit!) and we headed out for an evening that I hoped would be memorable. Upon reaching and entering the bar, I saw that it was mostly full of blacks with a few white females and couples spread out among them, so I knew we wouldn’t be the only whites available. Taking off our coat`s we moved over to the bar and took our stools between a black male on one side and a black couple on the other. I was feeling so fuckin horny by now, my nipples fully erect as they rubbed against my blouse, that I wanted to caress them as we sat there. After a drink or two, I was even hornier and glanced over at the black man sitting next to me. He sat there staring at my tits then looked up at me, “Nice tits” he said. “You wanna feel them?” I asked. Without saying a word, he reached over and with one hand cupped my nearest tit, then caressed it for a second or two more. “Feel nice does it?” I said, He just nodded as he kept on caressing my tits. Looking around I saw an empty booth over by the wall, “Let’s find a booth” I told him and I turned and noticed Carol was talking to the couple next to her as if she knew them already. The five of us got up and headed towards the booth, “Sam’s my name” the black said to me, “Carmen’s mine” I said back. Sam and I took one part of the booth while Carol sat between the couple she was with. Introductions made, we all ordered more drinks and after they came, I noticed Sam had a slight bulge in his pants and I knew the night was just about to get interesting.Moving closer to him, I slowly lowered my hand and placed it on his pants, slowly moving it back and forth as I now felt his erect cock under the fabric. Turning slightly I leaned into him and kissed his lips gently. He raised his hand behind my head and as we kissed more, I now could take hold of his fatih escort cock and feel its hardness in my hand. “Feel good?” he asked as we parted. “Fuck yeah” I answered, my hand still on his hard cock. Carol now spoke up and said that we should all go back to the couples place for some more nightcaps. Sam agreed and off we all went, Carol riding with her couple, Sam taking me in his car. As he drove I reached back over and again began to caress his cock in his pants. “Take it out baby” he said mildly and I unzipped his fly, reached in and after moving his shorts, took hold of his cock and took it out. It was so fuckin’ big, “Oh fuck baby” I said, “What a cock”. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I now stroked it gently, “Suck it baby” he said. “Call me a whore” I responded, “I like dirty talk and being abused” and with that I leaned over and with my tongue, began to lick his hard cock. It wasn’t far to the couple’s place and I barely began when he said we were there. He put his cock back and off we all went into the house. Tiffany and Mick had a nice large home with a guest room and not yet known to me, a basement they used for special guests, of which Sam and I were now. We all settled down in the living room, Carol again between Tiffany and Mick, Sam and I together again. After some idle chat, I couldn’t sit still any longer and I guess Tiffany noticed, “Go ahead Carmen” she started, knowing I wanted Sam’s cock in my mouth again. Looking at him, I leaned towards him and again our lips met. I kissed him as passionately as I could, feeling the warmth of his lips and his breath, feeling the passion growing in my body as I held a black lover in my arms once again. I stopped for a minute, re-positioned myself across his body and as he wrapped his arms around me and I him, we resumed our kissing, tongues licking at each other, lips being lightly bitten, full open mouth kisses that sent waves of lust through me. “Suck my cock you fuckin whore” Sam whispered low as we parted a bit and so moving back a little I reached down and unzipped his pants, reached in and took out his already rock hard cock. “Oh Fuck” I said as I again licked his cock from bottom to top, then took it in my mouth and began to suck it, slowly and carefully. arnavutköy escort After a few minutes, “Let’s move somewhere more cosy” I heard Tiffany say and I let go of Sam`s cock, sat up a bit and noticed for the first time Carol’s top was off as was Tiffany’s. We all got up and walked down the stairs to the basement and where for the first time I saw that Mick and Tiffany had turned it into a sex den, complete with two beds, large x cross against the wall, chains from the ceiling and an array of sex toys and whips adorning the walls. We all stripped and I could see that Tiffany had a beautiful set of huge tits and hairy cunt while Mick’s cock was a match for Sam’s in size. Sam and I lay down on one bed, him on his back and me across his chest and we again kissed. After a while of feeling his tender but forceful kisses, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and slapped my face hard several times, “Suck my fuckin’ cock you fuckin’ slut” he ordered and drove my head down towards his hard cock. Into my mouth he drove his cock and I began to suck him wildly, feeling his hardness as it rammed into my throat, tasting him and reeling with immense pleasure as he now fucked my mouth hard with his cock. After a few minutes, he pulled me off his cock, “You like that whore?’ he asked, “Oh fuck yes” I started, “I like you fucking my mouth”. He now moved me on my back on the bed, moved up next to my head, grabbed hold of my hair again, “Beg for my cock whore” he demanded. “Please, please” I began, “Fuck my mouth with your cock”. Several slaps to my face followed, “Beg some more” he ordered, “Oh baby, Fuck my slutty mouth” I replied. “Fuck me like the black cock lover I am” I begged. With that he took hold of his cock and shoved it back into my mouth and began to fuck me hard. As his cock went into my cheek, he slapped my cheek hard several times before forcing it back into my throat, gagging me. “What do you like whore?’ he asked as he took his cock out. “I like being a dirty whore for black men`s cock” I answered back. He grabbed my neck with his hand and began to squeeze it, “You like it, you beg some more” he ordered. “Fuck my mouth” I pleaded again. “Tell me what you are” he said. “I’m a dirty whore for black cock” bağcılar escort I said, “Just a dirty fuckin whore” I finished. As he rammed his cock back in my mouth, he now started slapping my tits hard as I sucked him so hard my mouth started to ache. “You fuckin white whore” he said and as he fucked my mouth I suddenly felt someone’s fingers caressing my cunt as well. This went on for moments and the fingers went deeper into my cunt sending me into spasms as they rubbed against my clit and fucked me like a cock.Next thing I knew a tongue was licking my cunt lips and softly biting on them as my lower body shook from this wonderful feeling. Tiffany had left Carol to suck and fuck Mick and had come over to taste my cunt and the juices that flowed from it. For how long this went on, I don’t know, but soon my Sam took his cock out, moved on down between my legs, pulled them apart and moved in, rammed his cock into my steaming hot cunt and fucked me as hard and forcefully as he could. Meanwhile, Tiffany moved up next to me and moving across me a bit, leaned down and we began to kiss. Tasting her sweet lips covered with my cunt juices just sent me over the hill as the sensation echoed through me, meeting up with the sensation of Sam’s cock fucking me; the whole thing just sending me into another realm of pleasure beyond description. “What are you?” Tiffany asked as we parted. “I’m a fuckin bitch” I replied, “A fuckin’ whore for black cunt” I added. With that, Tiffany rose up, straddled my head, “Suck my cunt you fuckin’ white bitch” she said as she lowered her cunt to my mouth. The taste was fantastic as I sucked at her cunt lips, rammed my tongue deep in her cunt and savouring the taste of her juices as they flowed into my mouth. A black cock fucking my cunt, while sucking another black cunt; never in my wildest dreams did I think I could ever be in heaven as good as this. Sadly it soon ended as Sam pulled out, moved quickly to my head and Tiffany moved back as he shot his huge load of hot steamy cum over my lips and face. Tiffany took his cock and rubbed it all over my face as I savoured the feeling and licked at his cock to feel it stiffen once again. Tiffany put it on my lips and I began to lick it clean before I took it back in my mouth to suck on it some more. Finally the session ended as Carol came over and kissed me passionately and Sam kissed Tiffany and sucked on her tits. We all retired back upstairs for some final drinks before calling an end to the evening. Carol had set this whole thing up as a gift for me for getting my freedom. And I’m glad she did. What a nice whore I have for a daughter.

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