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Subject: “Young Lovers,” chapter 20 Chapter 20 I had eaten dinner by myself. When I arrived at the cafeteria Joon was already there sitting with Byron and a couple of Byron’s friends, and I left them alone. As I often did, I enjoyed scoping out all the beautiful boys in the cafeteria, laughing, chattering, and occasionally horseplaying as they ate. Johnny hadn’t yet appeared by the time I left. I was relaxing after dinner at the apartment, sending a couple of emails to my editor and a friend at work as well as to the young man who was house sitting for me. Suddenly the door to the apartment banged open and Johnny and another boy I had never seen before burst in. Johnny was holding one arm tightly with the other hand and had a very distressed look on his face. “I got bit!” the boy wailed. “A scorpion bit him!” the other boy explained, in a matter-of-fact tone. I jumped up and put an arm around Johnny. “Let’s see, sweetie.” The boy’s forearm halfway between his elbow and his hand was already swelling up and there was a small red spot where the stinger had struck. Johnny’s sweaty body quivered next to mine. “It hurts, Mike!” he wailed. “We were at the beach,” the other boy piped up, in an unchanged alto voice. “There’s hella scorpions by there.” “How did it happen?” “We were trying to catch `em. We had this box to scoop `em up. We were going to keep one.” “What, like a pet?” The boy shrugged and gave an embarrassed smile. “I dunno.” I shook my head at the thoughtlessness of boys. “OK, Johnny, let’s get you to the infirmary. Lance will help you out.” I put my hand on the other boy’s bony shoulder. “What’s your name?” “Dwayne.” “Well, Dwayne, thank you for staying with Johnny. Why don’t you come with us so Johnny has a friend? A friend makes it easier.” The little boy nodded. The three of us headed out in the direction of the infirmary, Johnny clutching his arm as he manfully fought back tears. “You look kinda young to be here at Young Lovers, Dwayne,” I commented. “How old are you?” “I’m 12. I’m just a prospect.” “A prospect? What does that mean?” He looked at me oddly. “It means I’m not a fuckboy yet. I’m just getting ready.” “Really? So you just got to the island?” “No, I been here, like, almost a year.” I was perplexed. “You mean you’ve been getting trained all this time?” “No,” he snickered. Seeing I still seemed baffled, he said with aplomb, “I can’t shoot yet, so I can’t have a guest. I’m just waiting.” “Ah, I see.” I hadn’t realized that sexually immature boys were allowed on the island at all. I was curious to find out from Marco what this was all about. “So no sex for you, then!” I teased. The boy smiled knowingly. “Who says?” I decided to have a little fun with him, figuring maybe our banter would distract Johnny as he made his painful way to the infirmary with us. “Boys who can’t shoot don’t care about sex — they just want to play with their toys and stuff!” I proclaimed. “That’s what you think,” he retorted. “I can still do stuff!” Though he was still smiling, he puffed his little chest out as he defended his masculinity. I continued challenging him. “Little boys like you don’t get hard! How can you have sex!?” “I get hard! And it’s big too!” He was no longer smiling. I had him hooked. “You’re just a little kid,” I said derisively. “It’s gotta be, like, tiny!” He was getting agitated now. “It isn’t tiny! You don’t believe me? I’ll — I’ll show you!” “OK, you gotta prove it to me, but let’s get Johnny taken care of first,” I said, as we neared the infirmary. Once we were inside Lance was able to see us right away. “Well, this is the second time this week — I’m honored!” the P.A. grinned in greeting. He glanced at Johnny. We didn’t even have to explain what had happened — he just took one look at Johnny’s arm and said, “Scorpion! We tell you guys to be careful down at the beach!” To his credit, the young man then took a look at Johnny’s distraught face and realized now was not the time for a lecture. “I know it hurts, man, well get you fixed up with some pain pills and a compress. Come on into the other room here,” he added, hustling Johnny off. Johnny looked over his shoulder at me and I could see he was scared. “I’m coming too, Lance, ” I informed the P.A., in a tone that brooked no argument. “Of course,” he replied. “You too, Dwayne.” Lance rummaged through a refrigerator and pulled out a bag of chemical ice, which he wrapped in a thin towel. “OK, first we’re gonna hold this onto your arm. It will ease the pain and keep the swelling down. In fact, let me wrap this around it so it will stay on.” He expertly konya escort wound an elastic bandage around the compress and Johnny’s forearm. He squeezed the boy’s shoulder. “I know it hurts like hell, but it won’t make you sick — it’s like a bee sting. The pain will go away pretty soon. But let’s also give you some medicine to help with the pain.” Johnny swallowed two tablets with a glass of water. “Why don’t you just relax in here a little bit. I’ll be in the front office. Call me when the pain has eased off and you’re ready to leave, OK?” said Lance briskly. I nodded, and the P.A. left. I sat next to Johnny on the examining table with my arm around him. There was still enough little kid in Johnny that he accepted my open nurturing of him without embarrassment, leaning into me to be cuddled. “Come on, Dwayne, you get up here too.” I motioned to the other boy, who sat down next to Johnny and awkwardly put a hand on Johnny’s knee. “So Dwayne, I haven’t seen you with Johnny before,” I commented. “How do you guys know each other?” “He’s in my class.” “Does he sit near you?” “Right next. He’s hella smart.” “I know,” I squeezed Johnny harder. The boy tried to smile through his pain. “Does Johnny help you sometimes with your work?” “Mmm-hmm.” The boy looked around uncomfortably. I had a feeing Dwayne might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. “Well, I’m glad he has a nice friend like you,” I said, caressing the boy’s wavy blond-brown hair. He gave me a crooked half-smile and blushed a bit. I noticed he had a cute little gap between his front teeth. “. . . even if you do have a little dick!” I added with a big grin. “I don’t!” he protested vehemently. “Tell him, Johnny!” “Oh ho! So Johnny’s seen it!” The boy looked flustered. “So is it true, Johnny?” I asked, tickling the Korean boy in the ribs. “Is it a monster like yours?” “Stop, Mike!” he exclaimed, squirming and trying to stifle a smile. “You gotta tell me about Dwayne’s dick or I won’t stop!” “OK! Yes, it big! Stop! Stop!” “OK, I’ll stop! But you gotta tell me how you know about his dick!” “I looking. He showing me.” “Oh! So Dwayne, did Johnny show you his too?” “Yeah, ” he answered tremulously, looking from me to Johnny, frowning, not knowing where this was going. “So whose is bigger?” Dwayne didn’t want to admit it. “Is his bigger?” I pressed him. Johnny was now watching Dwayne’s face, and I hoped he was ignoring his painful arm. “Yeah — but not that much!” Dwayne declared stoutly. “Wow! Well Johnny’s is huge, so yours must be real big too! Can I see it?” “Here!?” the boy squeaked, looking around anxiously. “Sure! It’s just the three of us!” The boy still looked around uncomfortably. “Look, Dwayne,” I said, my voice soothing. “Everybody makes up stuff sometimes that isn’t true. It’s OK if you told us you have a big dick when you don’t. We still like you. I understand if you don’t want to show us your little dick. You’re probably embarrassed about how small it is . . .” That did it. With a determined frown the boy slid off the table, unsnapped and unzipped his skin tight shorts, shoved them down, and then pushed down the patterned briefs he wore underneath. “See!!” he exclaimed triumphantly. Hanging just below the tail of his T-shirt was a slim four and a half inch dick, which wagged this way and that as the boy almost lost his balance with his shorts down around his ankles. I looked in amazement. This little kid couldn’t have weighed ninety pounds soaking wet, yet he had a dick bigger than many mature men’s. Behind it hung quite a respectable scrotum too. “Wow, Dwayne, you were right! I’m impressed!” The boy grinned proudly. “It get bigger too,” Johnny remarked. “Yeah? How do you know? I wanna see!” I grinned. Dwayne looked around again, still worried. “I don’t know . . ” “Johnny, he’s too shy to get hard and show us. Why don’t you help him?” I had never seen Johnny anything but eager to suck a dick, and even the painful sting on his arm didn’t stop him now. He clambered down a bit awkwardly with his bandaged arm, gave his friend a little conspiratorial smile, knelt between Dwayne’s legs, reached out with his good hand to pull the boy’s limp organ upward, and promptly sucked it all the way into his mouth. “Yeeeoww!” the boy cried, rising up on his toes. I placed my hands gently on the boy’s shoulders. “Feels pretty good, huh?” I laughed, gently massaging him. The boy’s shoulders stiffened, he nearly lost his balance again, grabbing the table behind him, all the while sucking in breath between his teeth. Once Johnny had swallowed him completely he let konyaaltı escort go and shoved down his own shorts. His own cock was lengthening and rising rapidly. “Mmm! Mmm!” Dwayne moaned, as Johnny bobbed up and down as fast as he could, his luxurious hair tossing about. Johnny reached up and caressed Dwayne’s balls as he continued to drive his head up and down on the little kid’s stalk. He seemed to be feeling no pain right now, which was the whole idea behind my little manipulation of Dwayne. “Just relax, baby,” I whispered in the kid’s ear, continuing to massage his little boy shoulders and narrow neck. In a minute Johnny pulled off him to rest his jaw a moment. Dwayne’s amazing cock was now a proud 6 1/2 inches, curving up sharply toward the tail of his T-shirt like a thin dusky pink banana. Johnny tugged at the boy’s T-shirt. “Take it off. It in the way.” Dwayne complied, and as Johnny resumed his sucking I drew my fingers down the boy’s narrow chest, circling his tiny nipples with the tips of my index fingers, the gently pinching them. The boy gasped a little, either at my efforts or Johnny’s. I drew my palms down slowly over his belly, then down over his totally bald pubic area, then slowly back up. The boy’s skin was like satin. I began to get hard. I had never done anything sexual before with a pre-pubescent boy. Little boys were sweet and cuddly, and I certainly always checked out their asses and their crotches when I saw cute ones, but whenever I imagined doing something sexual — sucking them, fucking them — it didn’t really appeal to me. If they couldn’t cum themselves, if they weren’t deeply aroused, then what was the point? I was beginning to realize, in my weeks at Young Lovers, something about myself that I’d always sort of known but never really brought into focus before. A huge part of sex for me was figuring out what a boy needed — not just wanted sexually, but needed emotionally — and then giving it to him. Joon needing domination, Byron needing pain, Johnny needing tenderness, Ian needing to be worshipped, Donte needing encouragement — the rush for me was in taking the boy over the top emotionally as well as physically. But little boys — what did they need? The closest I’d ever come to sex with a little boy was when I spent that night with Ace a few weeks earlier. At first I had wondered if he really felt sexual passion yet — eventually I discovered that he indeed did. Dwayne was the same age, 12 — what about him? Had he started puberty at all? He couldn’t shoot, he said, and he had no pubic hair. On the other hand, his cock was huge for a boy his age — it must have started growing recently. He certainly couldn’t have gone through his childhood with an organ like that, could he? His balls had dropped into a good sized sack. The way he was now hunching his hips against Johny’s face in an increasingly rapid rhythm, his head thrown back, eyes closed, hardly seemed like a little kid’s simple enjoyment of pleasure. I kneaded his frail shoulders and gave him a little kiss on the side of his neck. “That’s it, Dwayne,” I murmured into his ear. “Fuck his mouth good. You’re such a little stud.” Remembering his obvious pride in his organ, I added, “Let him feel every inch of that big cock. Yeah. It’s so long and hard. He loves to suck on that man-sized dick.” I could feel his shoulders throw back and his body move more vigorously. His hands were on Johnny’s head now, as he took more control of his thrusting. I gripped his shoulder muscles firmly as I continued to caress him. For Dwayne’s benefit, I continued. “Feel that big cock in you, Johnny. He’s so long and hard, isn’t he? It’s filling you all the way up.” Johnny raised his good hand and gripped Dwayne’s flexing butt hard, urging him on. The boy was fucking Johnny like a rabbit now. Throwing his head back farther he arched his back, panting loudly, jamming Johnny’s head hard into his crotch. “Yeah, baby, yeah!” I whispered excitedly in his ear. “Fuck him! Fuck him!” Dwayne was sucking air between his teeth, and sweat began to bead on his forehead, as he jammed his hips into Johnny over and over. I noticed Johny’s big organ sticking up, red and powerful, from his small nest of pubes. I slipped down next to him on a knee, gripped his hot organ, and began to jack him off, caressing his shoulders as I did so. “That’s it, Johnny! Really turn him on! You’re doing great!” I murmured in his ear. I knew Johnny needed no help with his sucking technique, but everyone likes some encouragement. “You’re so good at that, baby. Make him really feel it.” Johnny konyaaltı eve gelen escort began hunching his hips a bit into my fist as he attacked Dwayne’s cock with renewed vigor. “Ah, SHIT!” Dwayne suddenly cried, rising up onto his toes. “AH! AH! AH! AH!” I could tell the boy was cumming. His flat belly strained upward, his little pectorals tensed, his small thigh muscles knotted. His face twisted in an agony of pleasure. In another few seconds he pushed Johnny off, then collapsed backward on his elbows onto the examining table. I hugged Johnny to me and increased the speed of my fist working on his cock. The boy leaned back into me, eyes closed, and passively let me service him. His breathing increased, his sweet little mouth open and panting. On every down stroke i squeezed hard, on the upstroke going more gently, dragging my thumb over his glans slowly, then ramming my fist downward again with a firm grip. Before long his organ hardened and swelled even more. “AH!” he gasped. “Do it! Do it!” I whispered excitedly. The boy suddenly went rigid against me, arching up, gripping my arm with his good hand. Jacking him even harder with one hand I reached down and grabbed his scrotum with the other and very gently stroked it with my fingertips. “WAAAAH!! AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH!” Johnny yelled, snapping his hips against my wrist, the beautiful muscles of his belly contracting, the little lips of his cockhead opening and shutting rapidly. I held him to me tightly as his orgasm crested, then subsided. He slumped against my side, breathing hard. He shook quietly with a few sobs, but soon his eyes were closed and his face peaceful. After a minute Dwayne slowly pulled himself up and looked around the room, blinking as if he had just awakened from a nap. Then he grinned crookedly and exclaimed to no one in particular, “That was a good one!” I grinned at him. “You’re a sexy boy, Dwayne. Will you promise me something?” “What?” he chirped. “When you start making cum can I have a taste?” “EEeuuuww,” he made a face pretending disgust, but he was chortling as he did so. “Yeah, me too!” Johnny said. Dwayne looked down at Johnny. I could see he didn’t know what to say. Had these two had sex before? Did Dwayne identify as gay? Straight? Did he even think about it? I assumed I’d find out eventually. “Hey Mike,” Johnny said. “Hm?” He held up his bandaged arm with a grin. “Don’ hurt no more!” ********************************** In two or three hours Johnny’s arm had just about returned to normal. Sitting in the chair opposite the couch with my laptop I observed a tableau that, I confess, warmed my heart. At one end of the couch sat Byron. He was resplendent in a blue and white striped sleeveless T-shirt, his dark chocolate biceps glowing, and tight white shorts, which plastered the long tube of his cock to the inside of his thigh. He was bending over the notebook open on the table, listening to Joon. Next to him sat Joon, explaining the steps in solving a problem. My boy was shirtless, clad only in tight levis, his pale, high arched bare feet erotic against the dark wooden floor. Johnny lay squeezed on the couch next to Joon, his head in Joon’s lap. Joon largely ignored him, but every once in awhile, as Byron would work on a problem or ask a question, his left hand would drift downward and move just slightly in Johnny’s hair, almost caressingly. There was a pause in the conversation as Byron worked out a problem. “How’s he doing?” I asked Joon. “All right,” Joon responded with typical diffidence. “He’s getting it.” “is he gonna pass?” Byron looked up. “No problem,” he replied, with his broad, toothy grin. “You had a good tutor,” I commented. Byron smirked. “He’s OK, for a skinny little bitch.” “Fuck you, Kunta Kinte,” Joon responded blandly, flipping through the textbook for Byron’s next lesson. I never ceased being amused at the strange relationship these two had worked out. Two boys, totally competitive with each other, who started out their relationship with a fist fight, now helped each other with schoolwork and weight training, all the while insulting each other mercilessly. And there was more. An hour later Johnny and I were watching a movie, me cuddling the Korean boy on the couch, while Byron and Joon moaned and yelled and banged around in the bedroom, screwing their brains out. “Man, they’re noisy,” I commented to Johnny. “They having fun,” Johnny smiled up at me. “You and Joon don’t make all that noise when you have sex.” “Joon say it differen’ with us.” “What do you mean?” “He say he fuck Byron. He make love of me.” I was both shocked and moved. “Joon said that?” Johnny nodded. “You right,” he murmured. “I’n his special boy.” I gazed into Johnny’s eyes. They were soft with love and gratitude. I enveloped him in a big hug. When we broke our hug his cheeks were wet, but his eyes were shining and his smile was bright.

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