Wife wanted to watch me suck 2 (continued)

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Wife wanted to watch me suck 2 (continued)Continued from “Wife wanted to watch me suck”I asked her if she really wanted the answer to that question and she said of course, yes. She looked a bit surprised when I said yes even though she knew I had been with a guy. She asked “how many times?” And I didn’t want to tell her the truth so I said, “I don’t know…maybe a dozen times.” She had a big smile on her face and said, “Really? Did you like it?” I told her that I was a bit nervous the first time, but when I felt his cock start to pulse in my mouth and I could feel and taste his warm cum explode onto my tongue, I really enjoyed it. And while I didn’t tell her this, it was also a huge turn on to hear him moan and say “Oh yeah, that’s good. Oh yeah, I’m going to cum in your mouth.”She looked at me for a bit without saying anything then said, “Wow, that is a real turn on.” We went to bed without discussing it further. The next night, she came to bed naked and told me she’s been thinking about how hot it would have been to watch me with that guy. She got between my legs and grabbed my cock. She looked at me and asked. “Did anadolu yakası escort you lick his balls?” Before I had a chance to say yes, she was licking my balls. Then she asked if I had licked all the way up his shaft to his head. I told her I would tell her exactly how I sucked his cock if she would let me cum in her mouth. She said, “I’ll make you a deal. If you let me watch you suck a mans cock and let him cum in your mouth, I’ll let you cum in mine.” I said “Deal! I’ll put an ad on Craigslist to see if I can find someone.” That night, she was pretty crazy horny. I had never heard her moan and she had never fucked me the say she did that night. It was not as easy as I first thought it would be to find a guy who would let me suck him in front of my wife. They all wanted to play with her. But I did find a guy who said, if she was laying next to him naked, that he would like to be the guy. So I set it up to meet in a hotel in the City on Saturday night. My wife had been giddy and anxious all day in anticipation of watching me suck off a guy. We got our room, had a few drinks, got naked and waited for the anadolu yakası escort knock on the door. John arrived right at 7 O’clock as he was supposed to. He was a nice looking white guy in his early 40’s. My wife came up and gave him a big hug. His hands were all over her back and ass. She helped him get his clothes off and told him to lay in bed. He had a nice cut cock and everything was freshly shaved. He was not that big, maybe 6 inches, but he had a nice big mushroom head. My wife really liked what she saw and asked if she could start him off. Of course I had no objections. I was super turned on watching her slowly suck on the head of his cock. As she did that, I started licking his balls. She looked at me and pointed his cock in my face and said “Suck it baby.” I had been decades since I’d had a man’s cock in my mouth. I had masturbated at least a 100 times fantasizing about sucking a cock again and getting to feel it pulse in my mouth before exploding. I didn’t just suck his cock, I made love to his cock. I was so involved that I barely noticed that she had climbed on his face and he was eating mersin escort her pussy while she was intently watching my every move. I could hear him moan while he was slobbering his tongue in her pussy. I knew he was close so I grabbed my wife’s hand and placed it just behind his balls so she could feel the pulse as he was getting ready to cum. As soon as he started pulsing and his moaning got louder, my wife was saying “oh yeah, oh that feels good. Suck his cock honey.” I knew she was cumming on his face as his cock was pulsing. So I opened my mouth, started stroking his cock with my hand and put my tongue under the head of his cock so she could watch as his cum shot into my mouth. He shot a huge load. It was super messy with his cum dripping down my chin. I sucked out the last bit of cum while watching her and then I grabbed her head and kissed her with a mouth full of cum. She had another big orgasm on his face. I had her turn around and on all fours, straddling John and looking at him as I fucked her hard. It only took me a few minutes to reach orgasm. I couldn’t contain myself. But I knew she had three or four more good orgasms in her. So while John got up, got dressed and left, I flipped her on her back and tried to lick every drop of my cum out of her and then kissed her with all of it. She has been a cum addict every since. And yes, we had many more encounters with John.

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