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wife confessesBrian had promised not to shout or get mad at his wife. After all it was he who had told her that they both should always be open and honest with each other. And hadn’t they talked about how if other men looked at Jenny in a lustful way and flirted with her that it wouldn’t be her fault.She was a very naïve and simple sort of girl but it was that quality that had endeared him to her in the first place. Not being one who would flaunt herself Brian never expected there would ever be a problem. In fact he had told her that he would find it quite a turn on if other men fancied her because it meant that he had married a desirable woman. After all if no man ever gives your wife a second glance then one may wonder why – is she a “dog”? He thought too that if it ever happened that it would do wonders for her self esteem.So, she had told him everything when he came home from work, but not before he had noticed how giddy and excited she seemed. Giggling and laughing she broke the news to him that a man had made pass at her. Suppressing his natural reactions he asked what man? The workman who they had expected for days had finally turned up today and my how he was a flirt! Jenny innocently related to her husband how the guy had made naughty innuendoes and in a quite cheeky manner had run his eyes up and down her body making remarks about her figure.”You’re not annoyed are you?” she checked before going on to fill in the details.Brian listened how this brash and self assured chap had flirted with his young wife.”He said I had a great figure and wished he was twenty years younger.” she proudly told him.She did it all with an innocence and excitement that made her sound more like a young teenager than a wife of twenty-five. Calming down she snuggled up to her husband and asked him softly how he felt about it.”I hope you’re not jealous because you have always said that you would find it a turn on if I was brave enough to be sexier.” She kissed his neck before adding, “Well now a man has made a move on me you will have to eat your words!”She looked nervous and shy knowing that now she would have to get to the fine detail.Sure enough the question came, “What exactly happened?””Well, like I said he flirted with me, made me laugh. I made them a drink and I stayed chatting with them while they worked.””They – how many?” asked Brian.”He had a helper with him, a man about thirty.””So they both flirted with you?””Well yes…but the older one did it most.””And you stayed because you were enjoying it so much?””To be honest yes, I was. There’s nothing wrong with being admired and all women like to be made a fuss of!” she told him pointedly.”So what happened, it was obviously more than talk?”Jenny went a little shy and lowered her gaze to the floor.”When they finished their coffee and I took the empty beakers from them….the older one bent forward and kissed me on the cheek. My hands were full so I couldn’t push him a way.””But you probably wouldn’t have done anyway?” retorted her husband.”You said you wouldn’t get mad! You told me to always be honest with you!” Jenny was starting to get upset.Knowing that she would clam up if he continued in this tone Brian kept his emotions under control.”OK -It’s the first time you have told me anything like this and it’s just a bit of a surprise that’s all. Carry on – everything’s fine, no problem.”Hesitantly Jenny resumed her tale.”I was shocked and embarrassed so I hurried out of the room into the kitchen. I stood at the sink and started to wash the beakers while I calmed down.”Brian saw how she took a deep breath before continuing and how her cheeks coloured red.”I heard someone behind me – he said he needed some water – as I moved aside he laughed at me and said that I shouldn’t be so shy. He said that lots of wives enjoy a little flirting and kissing when they have workmen in the house. He pulled me to him and started to kiss me again…this time though it was on the lips.””So what did you do?””Well he was a big man and stronger than me! I was helpless really because he held me very tight but eventually told him he should stop. Anyway his friend told him not to go too far.””Hang on!” Brian interrupted, “What do you mean eventually – and I thought you said he followed you into the kitchen alone?””Well, his friend came in a little later…to see where he was. Yes, he kissed me more than once – I never said he only did it once!””Tell me!” Brian demanded.”He kissed me on the lips then he messed around a bit, you know, kissing me on my neck and saying nice things in my ear. It was like teenagers do, just fun really, necking and cuddling, you know?”Jenny’s husband stiffened up in the chair he had now sat down in. A thousand thoughts and images ran through his mind.”Let me get this right. You let him kiss and fondle you for so long that his friend needed to come and find him. Then you carried on anyway until the other man found it necessary to tell him not to go too far. You describe it as fun, so that means you quite happily responded to him – enjoyed it!””I thought that if I let him have a kiss or two that he would stop pestering me. He wasn’t rough or anything – he kept making jokes.””So you did enjoy it – you liked him kissing you?” asked Brian anxiously.His wife nodded and blushed up a bright red. He had noted how when he used the word “fondle” that she hadn’t disputed or corrected him.”So it didn’t bother you about letting this man’s mate watch you being kissed and fondled. I don’t think you allowed it just to quieten him down did you? I think you really liked what was happening. Tell me the truth – that’s what you started out to do – tell the truth.”Jenny nodded her head and avoided her husband’s eyes. Sighing she admitted that she had in fact liked it.”Yeah all right, it felt thrilling having another man touch and kiss me like that. It was the way he didn’t care or pretend. He just grabbed me and took me in his arms and admitted he was turned on. I’m not used to people talking like that. It felt exciting that it was me who was making him feel like that.””So you did respond to him then -kiss him back?””Well I never pushed him a way! Yes they were sexy kisses, you know, mouths open – his tongue in my mouth.””Did you do the same – put your tongue in his mouth?”She nodded reluctantly again, “A couple of times, yes.”So it all got a bit passionate – what about his friend watching?”Well, that’s what made it funny again,” she said relieved she thought she could ease the tension.”It stopped being heavy then because his friend then made sarcastic remarks that made us laugh!” Jenny nervously bit her fingernail then admitted, “Jim, the man kissing me, told him he was just jealous.”Brian fired the next question quickly catching her off guard.”Did the other one get a turn then?””Oh yes!” exclaimed Jenny smiling in her own innocent naïve way before realising what she had just blurted out.Brian sat and stared waiting for his wife to explain.”Jim said his friend better have a kiss too then he wouldn’t keep on about it and make his life a misery. I didn’t see any harm in it so I said, ‘Oh go on then!’ and we all laughed. He was called Alan – I spent a few minutes with him – necking.”Jenny now was looking and sounding very guilty and before she became overawed and upset Brian knew if he wanted to hear more he should act now. Forcing a laugh he tried to make light of the situation.”Well, it certainly made your day! I’ve never seen you so excited and perky. Seems to have given you a new zest – I hope I benefit from it later!”He winked at his wife when she raised her eyes, surprised by his comment. She never noticed how his light hearted laughter and smiling face was almost beginning to sound manic and his little high pitched shrieks covered an urge to scream and shout his nerves knotted and tense.”And, yes, thanks for being honest and telling me about it. You’re right, I have to put up or shut up – practise what I preach. Silly to get mad or cause trouble, isn’t it?”He decided to leave it for the time being and waited until they went to bed. It didn’t take much effort to get Jenny in the mood.”Today really excited you didn’t it?” Brian asked as his wife wriggled against his busy fingers.”Yeah, it came as such a shock though, just grabbing me like that!””Being kissed and fondled by two men like that must have made you very horny,””Well, it’s the first time since we’ve been married that a man has kissed me like that.””Do you hope they will do it again?Brian knew the job of replacing several doors and architraves in the house could take several days.”I don’t know – I hadn’t thought about it,” Jenny told him but her body movements betrayed her true feelings.”There’s one bit of the story you missed out,” said Brian as he prepared to insert his penis into his wife’s wet vagina.”What’s that?” she asked.”You haven’t told me about the fondling bit. I’ve used the word three times now and you haven’t denied or corrected me. Tell me about the fondling.”Jenny stayed quiet and he knew she was nervous.”You can’t go this far and not tell me now. You promised the truth if I promised not to get mad. I already know they fondled you because you never denied it – so tell me.”Brian slowly moved his penis in and out of her pussy while he gently played with her nipples.”It was nothing really,” his wife admitted in a slow reluctant voice. “They let their hands touch my breasts a couple of times.””They let their hands?” repeated Brian, “A couple of times each? So you didn’t mind that either…them taking turns to feel your breasts too?””Under your clothes was it?” Brian asked, but by now he was thrusting his hips hard into his wife’s groin.”No!” she told him as she responded to his fucking.”I bet you felt their cocks – when they pressed against you” he said in more frantic tones. Brian was very aroused.It was a long half minute before she dare admit it, “I could feel that they had got hard yes!”Did that make you turned on – feel sexy?”It was a silly question and Jenny could only answer truthfully. Also evident was the way the memory affected her and she writhed and bucked her hips to meet her husband’s thrusts.”Yeah!” she admitted again.Something about the moment caused Brian to lay down a condition to his wife. It was unusual but while in the throes of passion and sexual arousal it seemed a good idea.”If anything happens tomorrow,” he began slowly, “You must promise to tell me everything. If it excites you…..makes you happy….I don’t mind….but you must always tell me the truth!””I will! I will!” promised Jenny breathlessly as they made the bedsprings bounce.Brian was quiet at breakfast not believing what he had given permission for. Things always seem different in the cold light of day. Jenny was a simple soul and naïve to a fault but would she be as honest as he wanted her to be. He had never thought she would be capable of running away with anyone during a torrid affair. Something had given Brian a perverted sexual pleasure and that was the mental pictures of his loving wife being groped by another man. The fact she had told him that two workmen had made advances to her and that she had given in to them – in the same room one after the other – made the mans mind boggle!He thought about how they had fucked during the night and he couldn’t remember a time when it was so intense and she was so aroused and eager. Her new enthusiasm excited but scared him also. He looked at her dressed in only her dressing gown but took comfort from the knowledge that the workmen were not expected until about ten. By that time she would be dressed – to think they would catch her like this would cause him to spend the whole day freaked out and on edge. Would she be so daring and blatant so as to want to do it again now it was out in the open he asked himself?He kissed her goodbye as usual seeing that she too was quiet and thoughtful. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed very passionately – not her usual way at this time of the morning. When he told her to have a nice day he saw a little wicked smile break out on her face.”I meant it you know,” she whispered to him, “About telling you the whole truth.”Now Brian was already phased out because it was as though his wife had taken his comments to be licence to make it happen on purpose. She was obviously expecting that there would be a tale to tell by the time he came home from work! Silently, because words failed him, he gave a weak smile and left for the office.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The day passed slowly and it was a weary and nerve racked Brian who opened the front door and threw down his briefcase. Right away he looked for certain signs and even went to the bedroom and checked the sheets. Jenny was in the kitchen finishing cooking their evening meal. The usual comments and remarks were made but both shied away from conversation.It had to be mentioned some time so when the dishes were out of the way Brian asked his wife a question.”So – how did it go with the builders today?”She jumped up like a k** who had just been told they could go to the fair. She was very looking forward to telling him of her day. Brian brought her to earth when he added that they didn’t seem to have achieved much.”Not made much progress, have they?” he said grudgingly.Jenny hadn’t thought he wanted to talk about the building work and sat down confused. Her naïve nature was such that she thought they could simply carry on from where they left off last night, same mood same passion but refreshed and ready for another bout of sex while she related her latest adventure. Isn’t that what he wanted?”Anything happen with you?” he asked as casually as he could.”Yes – do you want me to tell you about it?” she checked in a slow quiet voice.His heart was already thumping partly with anxiety at now knowing his wife had indulged again in sexual shenanigans with the tradesmen and partly with excitement that the images brought to his minds eye.”Been kissed again by them?” he asked abruptly but smiling.He was trying his best to appear calm and collected. The way her cheeks blushed up and seeing her apprehensive facial expression unsettled him. So it seemed that a little more than kissing had gone on today, he reasoned. His stomach churned at the thought so he sat back next to his wife and requested she should commence to talk him through the day.”How did it go then?” was all he could muster.He must not alarm her or let her see the turmoil he felt inside. He knew she would interpret this as anger and rage. Other women would have an ulterior motive for wanting to tell their husbands about their illicit sexual goings on. Jenny on the other hand meant no harm and would be innocently unaware of what it could do to a man. Lost in her simple c***dlike world she was blissfully u*********s that it might be better to be discreet. After all hadn’t her husband said it was OK as long as she told the truth? Wasn’t it like playing a game, albeit a naughty one? And he certainly seemed to be enjoying it too judging by the way he made love to her last night!Giggling and excited Jenny began her account of the day’s events.”I felt really funny when the workmen arrived today – butterflies in my tummy. They stared at me really dirty like but I suppose that’s because I was still in my dressing gown.”The first of many to come bolts of breath-stopping, nerve tingling jolts of mixed emotion ran through Brian’s body. How could so many powerful feelings be bahis firmaları felt simultaneously – jealousy, anger, foreboding, shock at what your wife is capable of and daring to admit – all mixed together with a strange excitement and arousal. The thrill felt when listening to her tell of her indulging in the forbidden practice of a married woman enjoying enticing men to desire her sexually, a wife who has a captured audience in their home, strangers with whom she is willing to play provocative games while her husband is away at his work.Most of all exciting was the thrill obtained by hearing all this from her lips. Only men of a certain disposition, ones who have a particular preference for a particular type of erotica could understand and empathise with Brian and how he felt at that moment. It needs careful handling and takes time to come to terms with.”You’re usually dressed at that time of the morning – did you purposely intend to tease them right away…was it intentional?””Well,” Jenny seemed to struggle for the right words, “I had decided to have a shower and things and hadn’t made my mind up what to wear. I had my “undies” on underneath my gown though!”Brian held back from further comment.”I left them to it a while then took them a coffee.” Now Jenny’s eyes lit up and her voice took on a fervent tone.”The older man, Jim, looked straight down my front and had the cheek to ask me if I had anything on under my robe! I told him yes, I had and not to embarrass me.”Jenny looked a little bashful now as she told her husband, “He asked me what I had on and I told him, my underwear of course. He said, ‘Show us what your taste in underwear is!’She sat with a little wicked smile on her face waiting for her husband to ask the obvious question. He did.”It was all done in fun and we were all laughing and giggling. I refused at first but then I joked about it and thought I would tease them. I was very naughty I know but it was only for a laugh. I undid my robe and held it together with my hands and teased them. Then I did open it, just for a second.””What did you have on?” asked Brian in a faltering and croaky voice.”What? Oh which underwear you mean – that black lacy set that I bought a while ago. Bra and panties… you know?”Another bolt shot through Brian.”Hum. Is that all you had on?””Stockings too,” she told him, but this time she seemed aware that this fact would have an effect on him.”You don’t normally wear stockings to do your housework in. Tell me honestly…did you put them on for their benefit….hoping something was going to happen….expecting them to get to look?”Jenny once again started to bite her finger nails and look down at the carpet, then nodded before fidgeting around.”Lift your skirt, show me the view they saw!”Jenny brightened up thinking this must mean he was getting aroused. Happily she stood and slid her skirt up her thighs.”They are different panties – but almost the same,” she told him.He looked at the flimsy wisp of cloth that hardly covered anything and felt his heart thump imagining the thoughts that the men must have had.”Why are they different – why did you have to change them?” he asked quietly.Jenny’s cheeks went bright red and glowed, through guilt, embarrassment perhaps? Brian felt himself begin to shake a little. Why wouldn’t she answer this question?”So did you keep your gown wide open, to give them a good view, to tease them?” He tried to make his voice calm and casual.”I opened and closed it quickly about three times,” she said in a soft slow voice. “The last time I held it open longer, just a few more seconds””They must have been excited, paid you lots of compliments?”Jenny sensed her husband was unsettled and kept the same quiet slow tone.”Yes – their eyes popped out because they didn’t expect me to be so naughty.””I bet you were excited to – standing there in front of strange men in your panties and bra?””Yes,” she admitted with a hiss, “I told you, it feels nice to be looked at and admired.””Its fine,” he said, “Carry on and tell me what else happened?””I went back into the room a few minutes later to ask if they wanted more coffee and well, I got talking so they suggested I should sit down and chat to them while they worked. I did something else that was very naughty.”She stopped talking for a second and Brian knew she was building up courage before she could dare confess.”I let the bottom of my robe fall apart and pretended I hadn’t noticed. I already knew the top had billowed out and they could see most of my bra. I was just tempted to do it – it felt exciting.”There was more silence, in Jenny’s case apprehension and guilt while in Brian’s case through that weird emotional turmoil. His penis had begun to harden which confused him even more.”Carry on!” he urged his wife in a loud whisper.”Before I tell you the next bit you have to know that I didn’t ask for it to happen! I didn’t tell him to do it!””Don’t worry,” he said almost losing his composure, “Just carry on.””I went up stairs….to the bedroom to get dressed. I had taken off my robe and was looking through the wardrobe deciding what to wear. I had put some clothes ready on the bed – a mini skirt and top. I heard a noise – Jim had followed me upstairs. Promise me you won’t shout at me?” she begged her husband.”I won’t,” he uttered shakily.”He came into the bedroom and I asked him what he was doing. He said he had come up stairs to get some measurements that he needed later. He didn’t leave but just stood there looking at me. I told him he shouldn’t be here but he said I shouldn’t worry because I had already shown them what was under my robe. He said it was nice to look at me and I should carry on as though he wasn’t there.”Jenny stopped to draw a deep breath before carrying on.”I told him that my husband would go mad if he knew about this but it didn’t bother him. He laughed and said you would never know about it.””So during all this time you just stood chatting away to him – in just your underwear?””I knew you would get mad!””No,” he lied, “But I have to ask you – had it made you feel turned on – were you enjoying him being there while you were undressed?””I wasn’t sure what I felt but it made my tummy flutter. He told me how much he liked me in my stockings and how he preferred them to pantyhose. He shocked me by how he didn’t care about talking about my body and saying what he thought. He didn’t hide anything or pretend he stared right at me and talked about my tits and things!Oh my god I don’t know if I should tell you the next bit!He came up to me and asked if he could have a kiss like he had yesterday. I froze on the spot so he got hold of me and planted his lips over my mouth.””You didn’t shout or push him away?””No,” she admitted very quietly. “Not at first anyway, I let him kiss me and his hands started to wander. Eventually I tried to pull away from him and told him he should stop. He said why when I liked it so much and had encouraged it. He said that if I was prepared to open my gown in front of them both then I must want to go further. He reminded me that I hadn’t screamed or got upset about him coming into the bedroom. And he reminded me how enthusiastic I had been yesterday when I let them kiss me and feel my breasts.””He had a point!” stated her husband fighting back his anguish to which Jenny nodded in agreement. “I take it you came round to his point of view then?”His heart thumped faster when he saw her nod again.”He said I should admit how much I liked and wanted it and start to enjoy it.””Did you?””I didn’t need to say – he knew because I didn’t stop him when his hand went to play with my breast and I let him slip it inside my bra. He stopped talking then and started kissing me and played with my nipples.””And did you kiss him back and enjoy what he was doing?””Oh I’m sorry. Yeah – I did! I got carried away and when he suggested we should lie on the bed I let him guide me down.””Did he……?” started Brian.”Don’t interrupt me or I won’t be able to tell you!” his wife screeched.In a second or two she carried on talking while stifling her little sobs.”I let him pull my bra strap off my shoulder so he could see my tits. He put my hand on the front of his pants but I told him ‘No!’ and pulled it away. But I let him kiss and suck my nipples a bit. He put his hand down to my panties and I let him touch me over the top of them but stopped him when he tried to get inside. He tried to persuade me but I insisted and kept pushing his hand away.Well, it went on a while then his mate shouted and when Jim called out that he wouldn’t be long Alan came to see what was going on anyway. I was mortified because he had seen us on the bed and seen Jim messing with my tits. I couldn’t move my arms to cover up quickly enough so he got to see my bare breasts. I felt embarrassed and ashamed a bit then because we had been caught in the act. I thought that no one else would ever know about it and was going to make Jim promise to keep it secret.After Alan stood and looked for a minute he asked Jim about the job and they talked about things while I just lay there. Alan got an eyeful and saw how Jim’s hand stroked my body then he walked away and told Jim not to be too long. I think he was shocked but he wasn’t going to spoil his workmates fun.I wanted to get up then and told him to go but he said ‘What’s the point? It doesn’t matter now because Alan knows what we are doing.’ He told me to relax and kissed me again. When he stopped for air I said, ‘What is Alan going to think of me?’ and Jim said it was too late but it didn’t matter, that they both knew that I wanted it. He said I should stop pretending to be shocked and admit I liked it, enjoy it. No one else was likely to come upstairs so we wouldn’t be interrupted. Alan wouldn’t spoil our fun now he knew what we were doing.I suppose I let him convince me and I let myself give in to it. Yeah, it felt good….the way he touched me….it aroused me. Eventually I let him go inside my panties and he tried to bring me off with his fingers.””Did you get his cock out?” Brian was impatient to know.”Yes,” she said after a little hesitation, “Well no – he did! But I let him put my hand on it and yes, I gave him a wank!””Did he fuck you?” Brian used as few words as necessary.Jenny actually laughed. “No we didn’t – because I made him ‘cum’ and he swore because he couldn’t hold it back. Oh dear – we lay there on the bed and he still tried to make me orgasm then Alan appeared in the doorway again. He saw Jim’s cock out so he had a good idea what I had done – and he must have seen his hand inside my knickers.Jim told him he was on his way and they just went downstairs and they carried on working.That’s why I had to change my panties before you came home – so now you know.”Brian was speechless and his head spun. Through all the mixed and intense emotions he couldn’t help but note two things – the butterflies in his stomach that betrayed a strange excitement – and that his cock was very hard.How could he be so upset, almost reduced to tears yet sexually aroused at the same time? Jenny related her story showing very little in the way of embarrassment or reticence. She didn’t seem to be aware that her confessions might just push a man over the edge! Her naïve almost s**tterbrained demeanour coupled with her attitude that it was all just a naughty but daring and enjoyable game left her husband flummoxed.He took hold of his wife and drew her to him as though it would help him understand.”Would you have let him fuck you?” he asked softly after a while.”I don’t know,” she told him almost with a giggle, “If I hadn’t have made him “cum” – then who knows? I felt all funny and I got carried away. But it’s alright you know – I would never run off with anyone else, you don’t need to worry about that!”Brian smiled cynically wondering why the hell she thought that that little assurance made it all fine.She snuggled up to him and suddenly she gave a sharp squeal and laughed. She had felt his hardness and placed her hand over his crotch to check.”You’ve really got turned on by all this haven’t you?” she chuckled as she reined kisses all over his cheek and neck. “Do you like it when I’m bad and then tell you all about it?”For the next few minutes Brian let his wife tantalise and tease him while she played with his dick and masturbated him. She was lost, enveloped in her own enjoyment at being able to tell her husband all manner of saucy and explicit detail. To Brian it was as though he was merely an observer, witnessing this unusual sexual charade. His mind had switched off from trying to make sense of it all and understand his wife’s unrepentant and shameless willingness to give her body to another man then be so happy to tell all.Snapping back into reality Brian was aware that his wife was now straddling him, his penis deep inside her while she thrust away working her hips. It was wrong, he thought, this shouldn’t be happening, but there was no mistaking how hard his dick had become. Unable to control the images that flashed into his minds-eye or the emotions that went with them Brian slowly let his reserve and resistance drop and felt a powerful feeling of sexual abandon overtaking him.Jenny sensed the change, “It does turn you on doesn’t it – you do want me to do it again don’t you?”Brian grunted and shut his eyes tight as his hips made his penis work like a piston inside his wife’s vagina. He couldn’t answer her or admit to himself that she was right and by closing his eyes he was cutting himself free. He just wanted to enjoy those images and feel those intense waves of perverted pleasure as he pictured his wife on their bed with another man.Exhausted and spent they dozed in each others arms but sleep was impossible. Brian knew very well why it evaded him and the way his wife started to wriggle around and restlessly move her hands over his anatomy worried him. He tried to dismiss the thought but she was making it very clear that it was because she wanted more. Stunned, Brian realised that Jenny had become so aroused by her own mental images and thoughts of how she had misbehaved with the workman that even so soon after having an orgasm she was ready once more for intercourse and needed her sexual thirst quenching.If it was possible to shout a thought then Brian did so, “My wife has become a cock happy slut!” he exclaimed in his head.He would never be able to explain though why he obliged her – not that one time, but throughout the night. As they drifted off then re-awoke sex once again took place.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++”They’re here!” exclaimed Jenny running into the bedroom, “Oh my God, they’re early!”Brian was knotting his tie having dressed for work when the sickening stomach churns spoilt his breakfast. Now he was going to meet the man who had led his wife astray face to face. Jenny stayed in the bedroom and busied herself donning her clothing while her husband went to greet the builders. His subconscious mind took care of the preliminaries of good mornings and introductions before the man called Jim suggested he talk him through the remaining work to be done. Had Brian any questions or complaints – was all satisfactory? Now there was a loaded question, thought Brian!All the time the cuckolded husbands mind was weighing up Jim, the amorous Don Juan of the woodworking world. He was just as imagined, brash, cocky and self assured. An extrovert who has no trouble whatsoever in his ability to annoy kaçak iddaa men of a quieter disposition. So this is the man Jenny finds attractive with his carefree and direct patter. Who doesn’t mind telling housewives how they cause a stirring in his loins and stands before them ogling their bodies while discussing their attributes.Brian pictured his wife on their bed, holding this man’s penis masturbating him while his fingers explored her most private orifice. This was the man who was able to turn on Jenny so much.Most of what Jim said passed over his head then Brian surreptitiously glanced at Alan. In other circumstances he was probably a man Brian would take to, a quieter more refined man but he too had kissed and groped his wife. He too had lingered in their bedroom while his wife had displayed her almost naked body and allowed him to feast his eyes on her naked tits. He was, like his friend, a threat.Heart thumping and nerves tingling Brian realised that soon now he would have to leave his wife once again in the presence of these men. What would happen today how could he allow it? He knew he should punch the men and kick them out of his house. Tell them that his wife had confessed all. But he knew he wasn’t going to do that.His train of thought was broken by Jenny’s entrance into the room.”I thought you might like a coffee before you start,” she said smiling has she handed a drink each to the burly men. Brian saw the gleam of lust light up in Jim’s eyes. Then he took note of Jenny as he stood back watching and listening as they all exchanged simple pleasantries and made small talk. Just like nothing was amiss. Was that a new dress she wore, very short and with a wide flared skirt of such thin material that made one think of hot long summer days. Surely not appropriate for this time of year. And did he detect hold up stockings? Wasn’t that a glimpse of the lacy tops he had just caught as she quickly spun round laughing as she excused herself from the room?He was about to leave his wife with these men yet again – what would happen today? He stood before his wife waiting for her to speak, to say anything, let him know what was in her head.”I see you have dressed especially for them?” he said with a doleful voice.Her naivety knew no bounds.”Not really. There’s no reason for me to look dowdy and untidy is there? I thought you said you liked me to be admired and for men to take an interest in me?””This is a man you told me that you masturbated yesterday while you lay on the bed with him!” he seethed.”Yeah – and I told you the truth like I promised. Are you changing your mind about everything now – last night you were OK about it?”He was stuck for words.”If you want me to go out for the day and keep away from them I will do!” she said sulkily.The burning question, the fact that mattered was what she wanted. He would not feel any better knowing she had left the house just for his sake. What he wanted was an insight into her mind, her desires. Did she actually want his consent to have sexual relations with these men? Was that what she was hoping for, expecting?”What do you want to do – honestly?” he asked with baited breath.She hesitated before answering and seemed restless.”Well…..I don’t want to go out…..I would prefer to stay here. Do you not want me to let things go any further than they did yesterday – is that what’s troubling you?””What the hell do you mean?” he asked incredulously.”I don’t know!” she hissed, confusing her self. “It’s just that you seemed to enjoy the things I told you – eventually.””Do you want to stay in and see what happens today – tell me straight?” “Yes!” she told him”Are you hoping something is going to happen?””It might not necessarily do – but well, probably something will!””And you’re looking forward to it and will enjoy it if it does?” he demanded in a loud whisper.”Depends what mood I’m in – but yeah, probably.”What could he say? If he insisted she ought to go out – if he caused a scene – what good would it do? Would she not do it anyway then lie through her teeth and never tell him anything again? The only solution would be to tell her he wanted a divorce, to hit her, or to kick out the builders and from now on keep her prisoner in the house forbidding her to ever speak to other men. These were not really viable options.But what was he going to do – she just didn’t have any concept of wrongdoing. Sure he could explain that wives didn’t do this and that he was only indulging in a fantasy when he talked about her and other men. Nothing though would alter the fact that she really, really wanted to play her unfaithful games. Normally husbands find out after the event, not have to suffer the anguish before!He was at his wits end and gave up. To stop it would mean she would do it anyway and lie about it. He would never see the real her. OK. Let it be and see what happens – see how far she will go!”Let’s leave it to fate!” he said with a manic grin then turned to go just as Jim walked into the room.”Off to work? Don’t worry we’ll do a good job. And your wife’s in good hands with us while you’re gone earning a crust of bread!”His smirk and tone raised a desire to murder. Brian saw a faint sparkle in his wife’s eye as she smiled at the man’s witticism. He saw how she looked at him and how his gaze was already dwelling on the front of her dress the shape of her nipples pushing against the thin fabric.He went off to work in a daze. He had decided that it would be quite easy to return home and put a stop to this once his wife had committed herself and really proved how recklessness and uncaring she was. For some reason he failed to return home and arrived at the office as normal.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Brian’s day at the office had been spent avoiding work and more importantly, contact with other people. He wanted to lose himself in his thoughts and reconcile the events of the last couple of days. More than once he had contemplated feigning sickness so he could rush home to confront his worst fears. Twice throughout the day a very strange and unexplainable occurrence had manifested itself. It disturbed him but he could offer no explanation.Close to tears almost he nevertheless had retired into the men’s room and shut himself away in a cubicle. There, while many images flashed through his mind he had taken out his penis and masturbated in most powerful and intense fashion. The feeling was incredible and like nothing he had ever known before. Why did those images of what his wife may be doing with the two men invoke such a potent and demanding urge to masturbate? Why was he gaining such depraved and perverted twisted joy from picturing his wanton wife being taken by the lout he had left at home in his house? Why was it that when he wondered if the other man too would be allowed a share of Jenny’s body given willingly with her blessing did his cock stiffen so?+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Jenny was in the bathroom when he arrived home. When she appeared in the living room she told him quietly what she had made for dinner and asked if he wanted an aperitif. She was dressed in smart top and skirt and Brian wondered if she had after all been out with friends. Her thoughts seemed a long way away but she was calm and in a good mood.Having grown used to the turmoil raging inside his mind and body Brian controlled himself well. Now he should be weary and tired having had little sleep and fighting with his emotions for a full forty-eight hours but instead he was alert. It was the instinct to survive – the adrenalin that surged when a person is threatened, mentally or physically. His future depended on what happened tonight, things felt, things said, what was learned.He would try very hard to eat his meal quietly not giving his wife reason to run for cover and clam up.An hour later found the married couple doing the dishes. The talk had been sparse but polite throughout their meal with just half sentences and short comments exchanged. Brian decided to act now.”I expect today proved very eventful for you so there’s no point in beating about the bush. Why don’t you start to tell me about it?””Sure you want me to?” she said sounding evasive. “I didn’t think you would want me to talk about it anymore.””Well I certainly don’t want you to keep it all a fucking secret now I know something did!” he shouted.Cursing his lack of control he took several deep breaths.”Please don’t play silly games with me,” he said. “Let’s stay calm and just tell me what’s gone on. I know you wanted something to happen – and I know you intended to enjoy it. Just tell it like it is – if I was going to murder you I would have stabbed you by now!”He forced a laugh as he uttered the last sentence.”It’s all a bit unusual so give me chance to absorb it. Don’t shy away from telling me thinking I’m going to go off the deep end.”Fine words, he thought, but could he hold it together?”I admit that Jim certainly didn’t waste any time after you went out of the door this morning!” Jenny’s voice then lowered several semi-tones and slowed up.She carried on with the dishes keeping her eyes focused on her task as though shy of catching her husband’s eye.”He slipped his hand around my waist and began teasing me with his tongue along my neck and cheek. I told him to behave but he just grinned and carried on. He said, ‘We have all day to play around and have some fun’. Then he started playing with my breasts. I told him to stop and reminded him that Alan was just in the next room and might come in again but he said not to worry about that – it didn’t matter if he saw us. He pulled my skirt up a bit so he could see my stocking tops and told me I was a tease and had already got him hard.I felt a bit uneasy after the things we had said so I insisted he go and do some work because I had things to do. He told me to come and chat to them later, spend some time with them. ‘You just need to relax a bit,’ he said.While I was doing my housework I did tease them a bit when they walked through the house to get stuff from their wagon. I did bend over and show the tops of my legs a bit. As you can guess when I finally took them in a coffee I did stay and let them flirt with me.Jim asked Alan in front of me what he thought of my arse and legs now he had seen me bending over. “Isn’t she a smasher?” he said, “Sexy, and a nice pair of breasts too!”I blushed up and shouted at him telling him not to be so brazen and rude! I covered my face and said he had embarrassed me talking about me like that. They both just sniggered and carried on.Jim followed me back into the kitchen saying he needed another coffee but he pulled me to him and started to mess around, kissing me and touching me up. He undid the front of my dress and put his hand inside my bra.”Jenny paused, and Brian decided it would be better if they both sat down before he heard anymore. He guided his wife to the lounge and sat her next to him on the couch.Looking at the floor Jenny carried on, “He played around for a bit and we kissed. It made me feel aroused and I let him go up my skirt. He wanted me to go back into the lounge with him so we could be more comfortable and sit down but I said no. Alan was in there and what was he thinking of suggesting we should do that!He argued that Alan had already seen us on the bed and knew we were messing around. ‘Come on,” he said, “I promise not to try and go too far in front of him. We can just have a kiss and cuddle and talk. It will be more comfortable sat down and it’s better if I don’t annoy Alan by disappearing again. I’m waiting for him to finish the job he’s doing before we carry on with other things. I have a few minutes to spare but I need to be near the job. He will get annoyed if he has to keep looking for me. Come on, he won’t mind if we have a cuddle on the couch.’I fell for his patter, didn’t I! I let him take me back into the room and he told Alan, ‘Jenny and I will stay in here chance you need my help with anything.’ Then he had the cheek to tell me aloud that Alan expected us to be having a bit of sexy fun again so he wasn’t shocked! They had talked about it!He pulled me down next to him on the couch and we all talked but Jim was also playing with my bust. Alan could see that his hand was inside my dress but he didn’t seem too fussed about it. All three of us talked and joked about in between Jim giving me long kisses on the lips.The front of my dress started to open wider and Alan could see more and more of what Jim was doing. When I tried to pull it back together Jim stopped me.He whispered to me, ‘Tease Alan – let’s have some fun and watch his face! Pull your skirt up a bit and show the tops of your legs!’Well, by this time I was feeling a little naughty and daring and it did sound fun. I protested just a bit but I let Jim hitch my skirt a little. When Alan looked again I saw his face change then when Jim kissed me again I wriggled around knowing it was making my skirt go even higher. Jim was getting excited by all this I could tell and he whispered in my ear, ‘I knew you’d like it. You enjoy doing this sort of thing I can tell. Let’s have more fun!’That got me going, you know, feeling sexy? Jim was really turned on and we kissed hard but now I didn’t bother about him being discreet when he played with my tits or how much my dress had fallen apart. I didn’t realise until we stopped just how much my skirt had ridden up. Alan could see my panties clearly and the way I had been wriggling around, spreading my legs, well, you can imagine!”Brian almost subconsciously drew his wife toward him and gently ran his hand up her thigh causing her skirt to bunch up and reveal her panties. He pictured the scene his wife described.”I was feeling very, very sexy and turned on!” Jenny told him softly.”Jim’s that good is he?” Brian asked showing amore than a little grudge.”No – it wasn’t Jim,” said Jenny, her eyes glazed over lost in the memory of the events. “It was because of Alan!”There was a gap of several seconds while Brian watched his wife smiling to herself and bit her bottom lip.”It was when I saw the bulge in his pants – the outline of his penis. He didn’t try to cover it and when he moved around messing with the door-case it seemed to stick out more and you could almost see the shape of his cock moving in his pants! I couldn’t take my eyes off it for a while. I enjoyed Alan looking at me after that and didn’t bother what I was showing or letting him see how Jim was touching me.Funny really because then I was the one who wanted it to carry on but they had get on with the next part of their job. Jim went back to work and I was left sat on my own on the couch. After a while I felt odd sitting there so I went and found something to do.I have to confess that I felt really horny and wanted something more to happen. I couldn’t get the picture of Alan’s bulge out of my head.”Brian lifted the right leg of his wife just three inches so it was d****d over his own knee. As she was sat almost diagonally on she rested back leaning away from him. She was close enough for him to slide his hand up her thigh and reach her panties where his fingers slid under the cloth and ticked her clitoris.”What are you doing?” she asked softly and slowly, “Are you not annoyed and angry at me?””Not as much as I was – I’m not sure what I feel,” he told her not meeting her gaze.Jenny was smiling and let her legs fall apart opening her vagina. She fidgeted slightly and gave a little kaçak bahis moan.”I suppose Jim and Alan got to see more of this too at some stage of the day?” he asked referring to her pussy.He knew what the expected answer would do to him and he took a deep breath.”Yeah,” his wife admitted in a very low voice. She gave a short laugh and kept a smile on her face. “They did.”Brian’s heartbeat tripled and pounded against his chest while his solar plexus knotted and sent out electric shocks. Her answer implied the most lurid of acts had taken place but the most powerful word was ‘they’. Both had seen – or even touched – her pussy!”I’d better let you get on with your story then – you have a lot to tell me!” he exclaimed with a nervous false jocularity.Jenny was happy to have her pussy played with while she confessed her unfaithfulness to her husband. Now she could be even less cautious and her words and comments could be more direct. Her husband was fine and he was excited and enjoying her game again.”Well, I was really horny all morning and I was about to go and see if they needed anything when Jim came and told me that they were taking a break for lunch. They left the house but after about twenty minutes they came back and right away Jim took hold of me and messed around again.I didn’t complain or pretend to be annoyed anymore. Alan put the kettle on himself and kept watching Jim play with me. Jim suddenly said he didn’t want a drink and in front of Alan suggested we should go upstairs. He pulled my dress apart and kissed my tits and lifted the hem so my panties where on show. He tried to take my hand and place it on his cock but it was a bit too much for me. I told him to slow down and behave himself.Not caring that Alan was there he said he wanted us to go upstairs so I could play with his dick like I did yesterday. ‘I want you to give me a wank again – on the bed.’I didn’t know where to look – I could feel my cheeks burning! What nerve he had saying that to me. I screeched a bit and hid my face from them.’Come on – Alan knows what we did upstairs. He knows you played with my cock and I’ve told him how you enjoyed me playing inside your knickers. Come on…you liked rubbing my cock. Don’t you want to feel my rough fingers making you wet again?’He was kissing and groping me while he talked and it made me feel excited. He was so crude and blatant and it was so dirty the way he spoke to me, especially when he lifted my skirt right up and rubbed between my legs so Alan could see. He kept whispering naughty things in my ear but Alan could hear him.”Did you like me sucking your tits yesterday? I want to feel your nipples in my mouth again –make them erect. You’re wet now….I can feel your panties…damp…..your pussy’s opening up for me. Come with me upstairs.Alan doesn’t mind me spending the rest of my lunch break on your bed, do you Alan?’I heard him say ‘No’, he didn’t say anything else then when I dared look at him it made me feel weird. I don’t know how to explain it.Jim whispered that we should give Alan a little treat before we go and as he held me really tight kissing me he pulled the crotch of my panties to one side, Alan could see my slit plain as day!”Jenny was moving her hips slowly against Brian’s fingers and her eyes had half closed. She had that wicked little grin on her face and her moans were just about audible. Brian felt able enough to unzip his fly and extract his penis from his trousers. Slightly nervous about showing his wife his most unusual reaction he hoped she wouldn’t interrupt her story or embarrass him by laughing or being shocked. He saw her eyes focus on his penis and he was relieved she smiled and moaned. She seemed happy at his action.”I went upstairs with Jim…..and let him pull my dress off. We fell back on the bed and groped and kissed a while. He got my tits out and sucked and licked them while he rubbed my pussy. Then he stood up and I watched him take his pants off. I didn’t mind – I felt a bit nervous when he dropped his underwear too and saw his dick sticking out hard!”Jenny’s hips ground harder against her husband’s hand.”Where you really turned on then – wanted his dick?””Yeah……..it was thick and long. I wanted it……I let him lift my legs and take my panties off then he licked me! I was too far gone to stop him doing anything he wanted. We touched each other all over and I played with his dick then when he was lying next to me he whispered to me, ‘I want to fuck you!’I said ‘yes’ and I let him put it inside me. Oh my god, I’m sorry!”Brian felt mixed emotions knowing his wife had gone all the way but it was only what he had expected to hear. So she had confessed to letting the man take her upstairs to fuck her but he knew the story wasn’t over. He knew she still had more to tell.”Did you like it – the way he fucked you?””Yes….it felt good. Don’t be annoyed but it did. It was exciting because it was somebody different and forbidden. He knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to say so. He just said he wanted a wank – then he wanted to fuck me – he just said what he wanted!”Jenny unexpectedly brought both hands down and took hold of her husband’s wrist. Now she worked his hand against her pussy, she wanted to control how his hands pleasured her. Amazed Brian allowed his wife to use his forearm as though it was a dildo pushing it deeper inside her hole and bouncing her hips as though she was being fucked.”Carry on –tell me the rest!” demanded Brian in a frenzied whisper.”I loved being fucked – I wanted more. But he came…..inside me….shooting his sperm in my cunt! Eventually he dressed and went back down to carry on working. I knew he would probably tell Alan I had let him fuck me but I wasn’t bothered.”Jenny slowed her movements to enable her to talk without loosing breath but kept a grip on Brian’s wrist while she tightened then relaxed the muscles of her vaginal wall against him.”Did you ‘cum?'” the man asked.”Yeah but I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more of the same. I have something else to confess first. I had been turned on by Alan…I still thought of that bulge in his pants and the way it made me feel when he was watching me and Jim. I cleaned up but I didn’t put my dress back on – I chose some sexy underwear and just put my short bathrobe over the top. It didn’t hide my stocking tops but that’s what I wanted. I went downstairs to where they were working.Alan looked at me really dirty and I knew Jim had told him everything. There was no need to be shy now so I just smiled at him when he looked me up and down. Jim joked and stopped work to kiss me so I purposely stretched both my arms over his shoulder to make my robe rise over my bum. I let Alan take a good look and made sure he had seen me watching him.’I told you that she was a smasher!’ Jim said and I grinned and kissed him back.’Still hungry – after our lunch break,’ Jim asked me, ‘Not satisfied?’We all knew what he really meant and I looked straight at Alan when I answered him.’No – not really,’ she said.I saw their eyes light up and I perched myself on the arm of a chair. When I stretched my leg out to balance I showed the front of my panties and bare thigh where my stockings ended.Jim walked over to me and asked if I was wearing anything under my robe. I told him he should find out for himself. He laughed then he pulled the cord holding my robe together making it fall apart. When he said I was turning him on again I told him I had noticed and rubbed my hand over the front of his pants.He was so surprised at me he shouted, “Fucking Hell!” then they both laughed. I stood up and let them see my underwear….this time I didn’t keep closing my gown. I had put on a basque and black lacy panties and my half cup bra. I made sure my nipples were peeping out.Jim commented that I wasn’t shy anymore and I said there was no point now. Jim then came up to me and kissed my tit then played with my nipple. He laughed and said ‘So are you going to abandon yourself to us now?’I looked at Alan and said, ‘To both of you? Yeah, I might…. if that’s what both of you want!’Jim tested me….see if I meant it…..he put his hand down to my pussy and went inside my panties. He waited to see if I chickened out in front of Alan. I stood and looked Alan straight in the eye and moved my legs wider apart. I let Jim play with my pussy while he watched. Then he walked over and really nervously he put his hand on my other tit. I moaned because I wanted him to know that I wanted it.He played with my nipple and to show him he could have me I put my hand on his bulge and felt the line of his penis. I swore and groaned so much they laughed again and I could see Alan didn’t believe what was happening.’Oh, she likes that!’ Jim said.We all stood there while they played with me and I rubbed their pants. Then I felt Jim trying to peel my panties down. Alan saw what he was doing and he looked excited by it. I shocked them both by helping them. They had expected me to protest and go shy but I didn’t. I lifted one leg onto the seat and let them both have a good feel and look inside my pussy.I couldn’t wait any longer – I was wet and wanted fucking. I undid Alan’s pants and put my hand inside to feel his cock. It was massive – and thick too! Jim started talking dirty again and asked me to admit all sorts of filthy things. I admitted everything he mentioned. He told me to say out loud what I wanted – so I did.I wanted Alan’s cock!I didn’t care where it was but Alan seemed a bit more reserved than Jim so Jim told him to take me back into the lounge. I was in a daze so I just let them guide me. Jim pushed us both into the room and closed the door laughing that he would carry on working while his mate took his turn.I should have been ashamed and annoyed but I had made it happen. I began to get his cock stiff and unfastened his pants properly. I told him to take them off and he fumbled about nearly falling over. I wanted to taste his cock, so I sank in the chair in front of him and pulled him to me – I sucked his dick!”Jenny was aware Brian had pulled her panties off and now he knelt between her legs licking her cunt.”Tell me more!” he gasped, his hand between his legs pulling his penis.”I wanted it inside me – I stopped licking and sucking him and lay flat on the couch – this couch, like I am now! I opened my legs and told him what I wanted….I begged for it.He fucked me really hard and fast, roughly too, he grabbed my hair at one stage. He scared me a bit when he pulled me down on the floor and made me straddle him and started slapping my arse. Then he turned me over and made me push my bum into the air. He fucked me doggy style and I screamed – because he was spanking me at the same time!But you know what? It made me even more turned on – I liked it! Then he made me sit on him again and I bounced up and down on his dick. When he was about to cum, he pulled me flat – and made me take it in my mouth. I felt dirty – I had to lick him clean. I was sorry it was all over.When I had opened my mouth to take his sperm I had heard the door open. Jim had watched the last few minutes.”Brian moaned between his wife’s legs as he gave in to the inevitable feeling the sticky fluid wet his thighs.”Do you want me to wait before I tell you the rest?” asked his wife.Rest – how much more could there be?A rest and a drink were certainly needed – by them both.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++There’s not much more to tell now,” Jenny told her husband as they sat back with a drink in their hands.Brian was speechless and dumbfounded trying his damnedest to keep control of his emotions. His cock was still out of his pants stood to attention. An hour had passed since his wife had paused with her story and she seemed to him eager to finish her tale. Still she had the air of a naughty giggling schoolgirl, her naivety reined supreme.She began anyway whether Brian was ready or not.”Later on, about mid afternoon they started to pack their tools up. I pointed out that it was a bit early to finish when the job wasn’t complete and they smiled. I suppose it sounded odd after what we had done earlier. I had kept out of their way for the last couple of hours because I thought things had gone a bit too far and anyway they needed to finish the job.Jim told me that there was no way they would finish the work today and they had reached a point where it would be good to stop. He told me to tell you they had encountered some unexpected delays. I left them to clear up and about fifteen minutes later they called me into the room. Jim said that even though they had finished for today it didn’t mean they had to rush off anywhere. I asked him what he meant but he just asked me what time you were expected home from work.When I told him he said perhaps we could all pass the time on together. He said we could all go upstairs – and have some fun. I didn’t answer him but said I had made a coffee if they wanted to have one.I didn’t know what to think so I carried on doing my chores while they sat in the kitchen drinking coffee. I didn’t hear much talking and knew they were waiting to see what I did next. When I went back into the kitchen I got a cup and had a drink too.It all felt a bit awkward then Jim asked me straight out, ‘Do you fancy going upstairs?’I asked, ‘Do you mean all three of us?”He nodded and said yes. I felt a bit excited but unsure because it was way over the top – going into the bedroom with both of them at the same time! I didn’t know where to look and well, I just mumbled. I was really nervous and shaking. I didn’t really answer them I just put my coffee cup down and started walking out of the room. I heard them both get up and start to follow me. I heard Alan say that he would make sure the doors were locked.I was really uneasy hearing their footsteps behind me when I climbed the stairs.Oh my God, what am I doing telling you all this?”Jenny looked guilty for the first time and stared at the floor as she spoke.”I stood in the bedroom and waited for them to make a move. I thought they would probably take turns to kiss me first but they pulled my top off then undid my skirt. I felt really vulnerable when it fell to the floor. They didn’t waste time – they both undressed until they were naked from the waist down. I was gently pressed on my shoulders until I was sitting on the edge of the bed. They wanted sucking….not each taking a turn but both together. I sucked and wanked them both at the same time moving my mouth from one to the other.Then they told me to take my panties off and Jim licked my pussy. I had to sit with my legs wide while they both rubbed and looked at it. Jim sucked and licked it while Alan knelt near my head and put his cock in my mouth. We did things in all sorts of positions – we finished up on the bed. I was asked to kneel on all fours and Alan took my from behind while I sucked on Jim.”Jenny slowly dropped to the floor and took Brian’s dick between her lips. In small short sentences she finished her story.”I was fucked by them both…doggy fashion….while the other one squeezed my tits and pushed his cock in my mouth!Fuck me!” she begged her husband.Brian responded ignoring the turmoil in his head. His cock was hard so he reasoned that he must be enjoying all this. As he rammed into his wife’s cunt she breathlessly mouthed to little bits of information.”They have to come back tomorrow to finish the job.”Then she whispered, “You know that we need the house decorating after this? Well – Jim says he can recommend someone he knows who will be glad to come and do the work. He say’s there are three of them and I will be impressed by their work. Can I tell him to ask them to call round?”Brian didn’t answer.

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