What Happens in Vegas

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She loved going to Vegas. There was something about the city for her. Something that made her feel stronger… sexier….empowered. This girl’s weekend away was just what she needed to recharge. She arrived a few days ahead of her friends, craving that alone time to enjoy the feelings her adopted home town always brought. This city was all sex to her. This is where she learned about love, where she lost her virginity and where she discovered her sexual power. Every time she returned…the power surged, strengthened and overtook her.

This first night was just for her. She took her time getting dressed. She felt sexy, alive and…hungry…her clothes reflected that. She wasn’t looking for trouble, but she knew it would find her…the thought sent a shiver down her spine. She looked in the mirror, happy with the outfit…then the nipple clamps laying on the bed caught her eye…hmmmm…should she? That evil grin spread across her face…she looked at the plunging neckline of her dress…the chain would show. Chuckling, she attached to clamps to her tingling nipples…not too tight…but enough to keep her nipples rock hard and aching…perfect.

She headed down to the casino to play a little poker. She grinned with satisfaction as heads turned while she walked through the casino. Her nipples tingled and strained against the deep crimson red demi bra she wore. If you looked close you could see the silver chain connecting her nipple clamps nestled between her ample cleavage….and more than a few guys were looking close. She grabbed a drink and sat down at a poker machine. She plunked in quarters and played a few hands while enjoying the views. She loved to watch people. Restless, she got up and strolled around the casino, grabbed another drink, and watched the lounge act from the door.

Her mind wandered as she listened to the Wayne Newton impersonator. Then she saw him. He was sitting at a poker table…completely absorbed in the game. By the looks on the other players’ faces he was winning. She wandered over to watch the game. He was handsome, but real. Dark hair, on the long side…brown eyes like melting chocolate. He had that look about him…manly…not pretty. His smug grin confirmed that he was winning…but the rye smile was what interested her…what was so funny? A seat opened at the table and she joined the game.

Their eyes met…and his dipped down to her cleavage and the silver chain nestled there. He looked back at her and raised an eyebrow in question. Her answering grin was enough to create a host of other questions. The game continued…both the poker and their flirting. He seemed to fold almost every hand but the huge pile of chips showed he’d been very lucky. Another chair opened and he moved over to join her.

“I’m Max.”

She grinned. “I’m trouble. But you can call me Kitty.”

“What do you say we make this game a little more interesting Kitty?”

Kitty grinned and leaned closer to him…pressing the clamps and bra hard against her sensitive nipples. She drew in a sharp breath. His eyes went directly to the silver chain…and back to her face.

Kitty grinned, almost guiltily… “What did you have in mind Max?”

Max leaned closer and “accidentally” bumped Kitty’s breast with his arm…the contact made her hard nipple tingle and ache.

“Oh I can think of a few things I’d like to learn about you…why don’t we start there?”

They were the last two players at the table. The dealer waited while they added the side bet to their chips on the table. Max was all confidence and vigour. “I win…you let me feel what is under that slinky black dress that is making you gasp so sweetly…You win…and I’m your slave for the night.”

Kitty was intrigued….slave for a night…her night…alone…in Vegas…

“It’s a deal”

The cards were dealt. Kitty looked at her hand…hmmm…2 pair…she grinned up at Max. Max looked at his hand…Full house…Ace’s high…he looked down at the table…grinned…looked down Kitty’s cleavage and tossed his cards in.

“I fold”

She laid her pairs down and grinned…

“Well Max…I guess that makes you mine for the night.”

He grinned…looked deep into her eyes and replied, “Yes Ma’am, looks that way”.

Hmmm…what should I do with him first? How far would he take the slave role? What trouble could she get into? So many options.

“Well Max, lets go.” She jumped off her chair and strode through the casino toward the shops.

He loved the way her ass swayed as she strode through the casino…she had a great ass, full and round…the short black dress swinging as she walked…flashing little peaks at the crimson garter she wore…mmm…this was going to be a fun night.

“Max. I want to shop. How far are you willing to take this slave bet?”

“I am at your command…Mistress. I will do anything you bid.”

Kitty grinned. “Excellent! That is what I wanted to hear Max. You will be rewarded for correct responses and punished for anything that displeases me.”

He maltepe escort swallowed the grin and lowered his eyes…he’d always wanted to try being submissive…especially to a saucy redhead. “Yes Ma’am”

They went into a shoe store and Kitty chose 3 pairs of high heeled shoes then sat on the bench. She waited. Max collected her choices then came to sit with her.

“The floor will do for you Pet.”

“Yes Mistress.” He kneeled at her feet, looked up and had to control his gasp…he could see the most amazing pair of crimson lace panties under the little black dress…his cock hardened at the sight. Kitty held out her foot to Max, “I’m waiting”.

Max removed the strappy black heel and tried to get a better peek up Kitty’s skirt…without getting caught. Her legs looked amazing in those silky nylons…the tops and garter peeping out as she changed legs and offered him her other shoe to remove.

She was loving this….such naughty thoughts…what should I do with my pet? Every time she leaned forward the nipple clamps squeezed her tender nipples…sending shocks through her body. She could feel her panties getting moist.

He was so close to her crotch he could sense her heat…smell the sweet moisture he was sure was collecting in her lacy panties. He wanted to push her back and burry his head deep in her feminine folds….but he waited…he made a deal and he was going to do as she said…..for now.

“Mistress, may I choose a shoe for you to try?”


He chose the 4 inch spiked heel, slipped her feet into them and rose, holding out his hand for her to stand and try them. Kitty smiled…he chose the pair she had most wanted. The heels were high and made her feel tall, sexy…powerful.

“You chose well my pet…you deserve a little reward.” She pressed herself against his chest…he could feel the biting nipple clamps through her thin dress. Kitty leaned up and nibbled on his ear, a soft moan escaped her and she pulled back.

His cock was throbbing in his jeans. This was killing him…he wanted to reach into her cleavage with his teeth and pull that chain. Her smell was intoxicating. Everything about her was intoxicating…but he must resist. He breathed in her scent as she backed away…whispering a “thank you Mistress.” She could feel her sexual power growing…she wanted this pet. She wanted to play with him a bit more first but she would have him tonight… time to move this game along. Kitty left the 4 inch heels on and walked slowly around the store.

“What do you think, Pet?”

Max smiled and nodded his approval. He swept up the box and took it to the register. He didn’t even blink when the clerk gave him the total, $450.00…all he saw was her.

She was surprised he had bought her the shoes but she hid it well. She led him out of the store and walked slowly, purposefully in front of him…looking over her shoulder and inviting him to follow.

“You know Max, I’m very pleased with you. I think you’re ready for more…specific instructions…Are you staying in this hotel?”

He nodded. She looked him up and down, licked her lips…leaned her breasts against his arm and whispered… “Show me”.

“Mistress, may I have just a moment to take care of something first? I promise to be quick.”

He looked like he was up to something but she let it go. “Yes Pet, you may have 5 minutes.” She sat down at a poker machine as he pulled out his phone and stepped away.

He couldn’t believe his luck. He was going to get her to his room…he wanted it to be perfect. He called the front desk and had a special cart of treats and chilled champagne sent up. He watched her play as he made his arrangements. She was so beautiful. He could almost taste her. And soon…he would.

Her nipples were starting to ache from the clamps…she wished she had loosened them. Kitty played without focus, now that he was away from her she began to feel nervous…the energy she was floating on needed Max to stay at its strongest. What was she doing? This was crazy even by her standards…but damn…he was so engaging…she wanted to grab him by the hair and….ohhhhhhhh that’s exactly what she would do next. Best to wait until they were alone for that though… She was grinning to herself as he came up behind her and slid his hands down her bare arms. She shivered with excitement.

Max leaned in close to her ear and asked “Are you ready Mistress?”

Something in his eyes said trust me…she nodded at him and took his arm. He guided them to the elevator banks that would take them to his suite. The doors to the elevator opened and they stepped inside. He chose their floor and sighed with relief that they were alone as the doors closed.

She turned on him then, as the doors shut. Her face changed from soft and nervous to sharp and focused. Kitty reached for him and grabbed his long hair…dragging him to her…her lips touched his and paused only a second, then she opened to him and kissed him with savage mamak escort delight, channelling all her sexual power into that first, deep, wet, kiss.

He was stunned for a second but returned her powerful kiss. She was so lost in it that she did not notice he had pressed her against the wall of the elevator until he was gently rubbing her tender nipples through her dress. She froze. Her nipples were so sensitive from the clamps and the lust throbbing through her…she could not catch her breath. She found herself unable to move. She was losing control of her ‘slave’. She fought herself to respond and pushed him away.

“That’s enough Max.”

He pulled himself back, struggling for control…another few minutes and he would have taken her in the elevator… The elevator stopped at his floor. They looked at each other with that giddy promise…then stepped out. He held her arm as he led her to the suite. He opened the door and pulled her inside. He was pleased to see that the tray had been delivered already.

“Max. You are supposed to be my slave…”

“I’m sorry Mistress Kitty. What may I do for you now?”

Kitty took a deep breath and willed herself to be calm.

“I want something from you.” She crossed to the lounging chair and sat back….spreading her legs to expose her crimson lace panties.

“I am so wet…and my poor little kitty needs your help. Take care of me. Now…” Her voice caught…eyes lowered… “Please.”

Max looked into her eyes. “Mistress, your wish is my command.” He could see the moisture on her panties…smell the sex on her…OH God…he wanted to burry himself in her…. He crossed to her and knelt at her feet.

“Kitty I promise to worship you tonight…I will take care of your every need…but I’m afraid I can no longer be your slave…I’m taking over now. Lay back.”

He handed her a glass of champagne and pressed her back onto the lounge. She was powerless against him…she had to see what he would do. Kitty sipped her champagne and watched Max as he examined her…his gaze slid over her like hot lava…searing her without even a touch. First he slipped off her new shoes and laid them gently on the ground. He started at her feet then touched and licked every inch of her body up to the tops of her stockings.

She was on fire…his touch blazing hot trails all over her legs. Her panties were soaked with her juices…he reached skin….his licks turned to sucking…kisses…nibbling …his fingers dug gently into her flesh…as if he couldn’t quite get enough of her. She cried out when he pulled away from her, skin cooling and yearning for his caress.

“Don’t worry my little Kitty. I am far from done.”

Max walked over to the tray and began looking at the items on the cart. He selected a chocolate covered strawberry and brought the champagne over to refill her glass. Max held out the fruit to her lips…she took a small bite…then sipped her champagne.

He knelt between her legs again…this time intent on reaching the heart of her. Max slid his hands up her thighs, placing a hand on each hip at the waist of her lace panties. In one sudden movement he removed her crimson lace panties…and tossed them aside. She squirmed but did not try to move away. He nestled between her legs, tickling the small soft patch of hair and taking in her scent. His hands reached under the chair and pulled out restraints. He slipped one around each ankle and gently spread her legs wide… “You’re so beautiful my Kitty…let me see all of you.”

He slid her black dress up her body and gently over her head…Kitty lay against the lounge in her crimson lace demi bra, garter and stockings…legs spread, her soaked vagina open and waiting. Max took the rest of the strawberry and gently rubbed the fruit around her labia…melting the chocolate into Kitty’s hot sex. Kitty licked her lips and tried not to fight the restraints.

Max looked into her eyes and pushed the strawberry gently into Kitty’s open pussy. He grinned up at Kitty and sank between her legs to finish off the strawberry. He rubbed her clit as he nibbled the strawberry out of her… Kitty bit her lip and pushed herself forward, pressing her pussy up to Max, desperate for more pressure…more everything. Max grinned but stayed back…not letting her have the satisfaction.

Max held himself back…teasing and tickling but not letting her have the satisfaction of full contact. “Kitty, I won’t hold back any longer. I need to have you.” She moaned as his tongue touched her clit. He slipped a finger into her wet opening…then another…began to slowly fuck her while he sucked on her aching clit. While Max sucked on her clit and fingered her….his other hand snaked up to her bra…reaching for the chain….he pulled gently…tightening the pull of her nipple clams and making her gasp. She’d been wearing them too long and too tight…her nipples were swollen and achingly tender.

He pulled away from her clit…still fucking her with his fingers…. ankara escort “You thought I forgot about those Kitty? You are a very naughty kitten. I’ve wanted to pull this chain all night.”

He continued the slow steady fingering…turning his hand over and curling his fingers to reach her G-spot….tap…tap…tapping…a steady rhythm. Kitty moaned and rode his fingers…coming close to orgasm.

Max trailed kisses up her stomach to her chest…keeping the steady tapping rhythm on her G-spot. With his free hand he pulled the chain on her clamps a little up and out…spilling her breasts from the demi bra that barely contained them. Her breasts were swelling and her nipples strained against the clamps… Max flicked a finger over one perfect pink nipple, rock hard in the clamp. His touch sent shocks through her breast to the core of her…he leaned in close…pinching one nipple while sucking the other into his hot mouth. The feelings were amazing…she began to cum as the shock of his mouth on her breast sent electric jolts through her.

Her pussy clenched around his fingers as they continued to tap…he suck hard on the nipple in his mouth…riding out her orgasm.

“Good Kitty. That’s a start”

Max pulled his soaked fingers from her crotch and licked the juices off. “MMM Kitty you taste good enough to eat.”

Kitty slumped against the lounge back…recovering. Max came over and released her from her restraints. He slipped her heels back on her feet and lead her to the bed. She stood at the end of the King size bed. He came up behind her with a fresh glass of champagne, this time enjoying one himself.

“I love the taste of your pleasure mixed with champagne.”

Kitty managed to blush.

Max stood behind her. He bent her gently but firmly over the bed. With the heels she was at a perfect height. Max grabbed her hair at the base of her neck and pulled her back to standing. He released her from her bra…reached around and massaged her breasts…gently releasing the nipple clamps. She sagged against him in relief. Max turned her around and held her for a moment in his arms….then leaned her back and lowered his mouth to her aching nipples. As the blood rushed back to her pink nipples he sucked and squeezed them each in turn. She could feel her wetness dripping down her leg. He laid her down on the bed and stepped back.

She watched as he slowly undid his shirt. She sensed that she was not allowed to move…but the sight of him undressing made her ach for his touch…her hand slid over to her crotch…pressing a finger between the folds to rub her clit as she watched.

He couldn’t believe how sexy she was. There was something about her driving him mad… her hand slipping into her pussy almost undid him. He reached for his button and undid his pants…sliding them down over his briefs…his cock rigid and straining to get out…To get to her…Into her.

He loved the stockings and garter…the crimson against her skin…mmmm. But he wanted nothing in the way when he took her. Max stepped out of his briefs and stood looking at her…watching her rub her clit…enjoying the look of intense need on her face. He came towards her…reaching out…she was sure he’d take her hard and fast now….waited for it…longed for it… Max reached around her back and undid her garter. She pouted and squirmed…mad that he had not entered her.

He slowly pulled down her stockings…removing her shoes….then replacing them on her bare feet. Max pulled her to her feet and turned her around to face the bed once more. He pushed her face down on the bed…her heels making her the perfect height. Max knelt on the ground at her feet, spreading her legs wide apart and exposing her dripping lips. When he saw her swollen clit he immediately buried his face…sucking and nibbling her lips and clit. He again inserted 2 fingers…slowly fucking her as he sucked her clit. She pushed back on his tongue and fingers…growing desperate to feel his cock inside her. He fucked her harder with his fingers…using her juices he slowly worked a finger into her tight ass… She moaned but did not fight it. All she could think about was how much she needed to feel his hard cock in her…

His cock was hard and itching to get into her tight, wet pussy…She tasted amazing…He lapped at her juices and continued to pump his fingers in and out of her body… It was a good thing she was laid on the bed, she didn’t have the strength to hold herself up…Kitty began to man and writhe against his hand and mouth. He sensed she was close to her second orgasm…her pussy was clenching around his hand….Max clamped down and sucked on her clit while slipping another finger into her pussy, stretching the tender lips. Kitty bucked against him…overcome by new waves of an intense orgasm… She almost suffocated him, she held onto him so tight….he kept up the pressure until her last wave had passed…then withdrew…allowing her a moment to rest.

She couldn’t move. Kitty lay where he had left her…totally exhausted…ass and pussy open and exposed.

He moved fast. Before she knew it he had entered her …Pushing his long hard cock all the way to the balls in one movement. She gasped. Her soaked pussy took every inch. He paused, pulsing inside her…

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