Wanted to watch for his birthday

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Wanted to watch for his birthday”My husband is a dirty little pervert!”This was the thought that entered my head as his best friend pushed hard up into my pussy.My husband, you see, has made a habit of befriending well hung friends (at the pool apparently but I think he finds them online) and then teasing me with the promise of sharing me with them. This has kept our sex life fresh and I know I am a lucky girl but trying to keep a straight face and a modest visage when fucking two guys is difficult if the other guy is always bigger than your husband. Our threesomes are always fun and it’s not like we have done that many but the next step in our relationship surprised me.It was his 35th birthday and he announced that he wanted to watch when we went away. We were planning a dirty weekend in Torquay but assumed I would be bouncing on top of him. He didn’t want a threesome, he just wanted to watch me this time. I thought he must have hired a black stud or something stupid but it turned out he intended to share me with Dan! Now Dan is not a pool (or internet) friend, he is not a new friend, he is a genuine friend from my husband’s university days. I knew Dan well (but not that well!) and couldn’t understand why.My husband normally gets what he wants and I knew this time would be no different so I agreed without a fuss and a few days later we met Dan in the lovely Pavillian (is that how you spell pavillian? sorry I’m drunk as you can prob guess) anyway- upstairs in that lovely bar thing over the shops next to that halkalı escort bloody big wheel. If you are reading this in America then sorry- MET DAN IN BAR would bloody do!Fast forward the few hours of drinking, flirting and Dan putting a finger in me at the table of the cocktail bar- we found ourselves back at the hotel (lovely place- can give you details when not horny and pissed). No threesome ths time- my husband just sat silently in a chair and turned on a lamp so he could see me act without shame.Dan had his cock out before I had my heels off! He was very well hung (should have seen that coming) and I knew immediately that I would struggle to get his girth into my mouth. I ended up trying to suck it as I got undressed which led to me getting in a right mess= clothes twisted, drunk, big cock in mouth, falling over and gagging. It was at this point my husband spoke for the only time “Dan stop messing about and fuck my wife.” he said in a low, calm and authoritive voice. Dan peered into my eyes and pulled away from me to remove his clothes- I knew I was for it then.He threw me back onto the bed and in an instant my clothes were all off. The very carefully selected panties were thrown aside without a glance (see photos if you would like to look at them for longer than he did) and my kness bent sharply as he pushed my legs up high. What is it about well hung guys that makes them want to opt for a deep penetrating position straight taksim escort away? Give us girls a chance for fucks sake! He pushed his cock into me without pausing or asking my permission and I knew the foreplay was at an end (should have fingered myself). His girth was astounding, really very impressive. It is this that makes the difference: if I ever become a ‘big cock queen’ like my hubby syas, then it is girth I will look for in a guy, Have you seen that black guy on here called Shorty? His girth really impresses me even if he comes across as a total tool.His girth was making me want to scream and he had the length to keep pushing into me as I started to scream. Without having to suck my husbands smaller cock at the same time I decided to show off. I rolled my hips up to let him in further and took my turn to speak “Stop messing around and fuck me!” I commanded before turning my head and looking straight at my husband. He was suitably impressed as he had his cock in his hand and was pulling at it like a teenager. I knew what he wanted.I screamed and screamed, telling Dan how big he was and how he was much bigger than my husband. I must have told him a dozen times that his big thick cock would never fit in my bum before I rolled over and told him to stick it up there. If you are going to be a cuck queen then do it properly I told myself. I thought about asking my husband to come and join in now my pussy was free. I would have loved a dp to finish. This was not going to happen şişli escort as my husband had clearly already shot his load all over his own lap and was cleaning it up with my new pants! He would pay for that.I pushed back onto Dan’s cock and forced it up into me until I could feel his balls slapping on my pussy lips. “Don’t cum yet!” I told him before the noises he began making told me I was about to be ignored. I pulled off him and ran from the bed. Kneeling right next to where my husband sat I screamed at Dan to come stand infront of me. Wrapping my mouth around his cock I began to suck furiously and I moved my hand from his balls to pushing hard underneath them towards his bum. Pushing my middle finger up into his bum I felt him tighten up and the first gush of pre-cum gave its salty clue to my tongue. I pulled back and held his cock down vertical at my face to receave the full load on my lips and chin. This did for both of them as I was covered in Dan’s cum first and then a second load from my husband (who I hadn’t even noticed wanking again).The following morning I sent hubby to breakfast alone so I could have Dan to myself for a while. Once he had finished fucking me to a big O and shooting himself deep in my pussy (like he had longed to do the night before apparently) I lay down next to him and played with his empty balls before asking him why he thinks my husband wanted to watch me fuck him. He didn’t know why but he did admit telling my husband once what a lcky guy he was having such a hot wife. My husband had offered to share me almost immediately.I joined him at breakfast and sat eatting a warm crumpet as Dan’s cum emptied itself slowly into my panties. I asked him why he wanted to share me. His reply showed me just how lucky I am:”Jealousy is like wasps- it serves no good purpose. Let’s go shopping, you deserve it.”

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