Visiting Peter and Helen

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Visiting Peter and HelenI had met Peter at a local motor bike repair shop where a mate of mine owned the workshop and I was doing some computer improvements to get his computer running faster.He mentioned that he was having problems with his own computer that he had at home and used by him and his partner. I said I could come around and take a look and see if it was something that I could fix fairly easily. I said I would come just after I had finished here.I arrived and Peter and his partner Helen were there and was instantly focused on Helen as she looked do hot in her bikie slut outfit. I thought that she may dress this way every day but they said that after I finished they were heading out on the bike for a party with other members. I started work on the computer and was able to see that they had used it to watch porn it regularly as there were lots of remnants of porn vids.There were a few parts that I could replace as I had some parts with me which I put in and did some see pick up with the speed but as they explained the computer was 5 and half years canlı bahis old it probably wasn’t such a good idea as parts may end up being more expensive then getting a replacement computer. I realised that I was not hurrying as Helen was looking sensational and I didn’t want to rush off and miss the opportunity of ogling this gorgeous woman. I did notice that Peter was grabbing every opportunity as Helen walked by to grab her by the ass and feeling her up. Helen did get a smile up each time he did and I could see that she would look at the expression on my face and see my look of amazement. Helen went off for a few minutes and changed to a shorter mini skirt and along with her thigh high boots and sheer top she was absolutely amazing.Peter said they wanted to thank me for all of my efforts and how would I like to play with them before I left. I certainly didn’t want to lead the action as I only met these people and had no real idea what they were like. Peter starting caressing Helen as he had removed his shirt which had me jumping to attention in my groin, bahis siteleri Helen reciprocated by removing her top and those nipples were absolutely outstanding. Peter started massaging her legs and I could here her groaning as he brushed his hand across her pussy lips. That had me excited and keen to get involved as I came forward and touched each of her nipples one by one and sucked on them and used my tongue to tease and excite them. Helen seemed to be really excited as she had two males working hard to please and tantalise her.I was in no rush and wanted to maximise the pleasure that was coming as we moved to the bedroom. Helen removed all of her clothing except for her thigh high boots. Peter and I removed all of her clothing and I noticed that Helen was checking out two very hard cocks in front of her eyes. We both took turns of sucking on her pussy and drinking from her nectar which was so tasty and absolutely delicious. Her orgasms were loud and absolutely enjoyable as she rolled around in pleasure going from one hard working tongue to another. güvenilir bahis Peter was so worked up at this stage and got her into position for a doggie as he entered her ad started off slowly and building up into frenzy. Helen motioned to me with her eyes to lie down on my back in front of her. She took my aroused cock into her mouth and started sucking madly….it was sensational as I looked down to see Helen being spit roasted with Peter’s cock fucking her madly as I was fucking her mouth at the other end. She started on mine by licking my balls and sucking them all into her mouth. Then she started long lingering licks of her tongue over the entire shaft. As I was in her mouth it at least quietened her moans and groans of pleasure and certainly not waking up the neighbourhood.It was certainly the best experience I had ever had as Helen was having a countless number of orgasm spasms as she was pounded over and over. I knew that Peter was close to cumming after his relentless pumping as I was as due to her absolute sex appeal of this sensational bikie girl… I tried to concentrate the desire to blow but hearing Peter blow then that thought want going to last as I blew a full load into Helen’s very receptive mouth…We all collapsed on the bed after this sensational session…

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