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UNEXPECTED ENCOUNTERBack in 1996 Daughter Christina moved back in with Sarah and I as another of her relationships with men had gone sour. I,d had an on off time with Chris as far as sex goes, but tried to not interfere with her life. I doubt her problems with men had a thing to do with our sexual dealings and as she,s been happily married with two daughters of her own feel that,s true though we still have that attraction between us and I love her almost as much as my wife or son. One evening her Indian pal Oona Khan stayed the night with her as they were driving down to Benflleet in Essex to spend a day with a friend who,d recently had a baby. The girls went to bed about 11pm so they could get an early start while Sarah and I watched the end of a silly old film, then went up to bed. Sarah fell asleep straight away, but I couldn,t settle and eventually had to relieve myself so visited the toilet. When I washed my hands and walked back past Chris, room I noticed the door had come ajar and was slightly open so thought I,d close it so moved to it when a female giggle wafted to me. The bedside lamp was on and in the mirror near Chris, bed I could see them both as naked as babies with Chris on top of Oona sucking on her large nipples while fingering her large hairy pussy. I was a bit surprised she let her pubic hair grow as my daughter had begun to trim hers as she claimed her ex boyfriend preferred it like that as he Didn,t like to eat “hairy twats” as she put it! I imagined she would probably let it grow again now as my wife rarely shaved hers. When first married we,d both shaved canlı bahis off our pubic hair as I,d read it was a great turn on and encouragement to lots of oral sex. We soon discovered it was awkward unless one shaved regularly as it itches like mad when the hair grew back. We did shave at first and with no hair on her cunt it made it easier to eat her, but neither of us wanted to have to shave almost every day so let it grow back and never bothered to shave “down below” again. Chris, seemed to be determined to please her Asian friend and no doubt Oona was liking the attention her cunt was getting as her Eyes were shut, nipples like rocks sticking out which Chris gently nipped whilst frigging her juicy slit. Oona wasn,t idle as she ran her long fingers up and down my daughters arse and pussy from behind which seemed to spur her on and soon Chris had kissed down her friends tummy to her ultra sensitive clitoris which she kissed then began to lick and slide her tongue inside the fleshy lips. Needless to say the unexpected encounter certainly had an effect on me as my cock was standing hard with precum oozing out as I extracted it from my underpants and began stroking it. In the bedroom now Oona had switched round so she could lick and suck Chris, neatly trimmed pussy lips in return for what Chris was doing. I literally jumped and almost caused the door to open fully as I felt a warm body touch mine and there was my wife Sarah who smiled slyly, took hold of my cock to gently stroke me, but remained standing beside me so we could spy on our sexy daughter together. It was unsurprisingly bahis siteleri Oona Who climaxed first and had to push Chris away as she continued to lick and suck her quim till Oona began seriously eating Chris. Meanwhile my right hand was working on Sarah,s soaking wet pussy obviously aroused not only by my manipulations but also the sexy antics of our daughter and her friend. Even before Chris groaned her climax Sarah was leading me back to bed by my cock and as soon as we were in bed she removed her nightie and I my underpants. No messing with foreplay, but straight up her eager treasure trove. I was so ready my cock only pistoned in and out of Sarah a dozen times before an extremely heavy load of thick white semen shot into her womb filling her to overflowing. “Crikey Joe. Perhaps you should spy on Chris and Oona more often! That,s the quickest you came in years and you,ve shot literally Gallons Of Stuff In me!” She sighed happily. “Have to have a word with the girls then!” I teased. “Don,t you dare!” shecelbowed me playfully. Chris soon felt the effects of being dumped by her boyfriend though as she,d got used to regular sex and soon had her chance to ambush me. Yes we,d had sex ever since her eighteenth birthday which I wrote about previously, but since then she,d lived with a few guys so we Didn,t have any chances to be together and even though both of us enjoyed sex together it always made me feel guilty and imagine Chris fekt the same, at least till Sarah discovered what happened and not only forgave us, but occasionally joined us in a threesome. A few weekends bahis şirketleri later Sarah spent the weekend with our son who was now living and working in Chelmsford. I had to work Saturday night, but had Sunday off so Chris made us breakfast dressed in her sheerest baby doll nightie with just her bare skin beneath and I had on just a pair of boxers so it Wasn,t surprising that once we,d eaten she sat in my lap , removed her on,y garment and fed the nipple of her large left breast to my hungry lips as she peeled off my boxers. Her mouth soon had me up and ready to fuck and I still had to marvel how she used her cunt muscles on my cock even better than her mother does yet she Wasn,t in any hurry to feel my hot semen inside. When I finally decided that all good things even sex have to end some time she worked her cunt muscles even more vigorously to help Milk the fun out of me, then squeezed and drank me till I was well spent and thanked me for relieving her sexual tension. We had one more opportunity, but it ended when she gave me a full blooded blow job as Didn,t want to wake Sarah Who was gently snoring in the arm chair adjacent to the settee Chris and I sat on. Once Chris had swallowed all I could manage I used my fingers, mouth and tongue on my younger daughter till she was climaxing silently, her pussy wafting a strong aroma which I suspected Sarah might smell and wake up to, but she Didn,t. Just to be on the safe side not long after Chris went up to bed and when Sarah woke up I talked her into letting me eat her pussy so she exudes such strong aroma she would think any smell left by Chris was Sarah,s own cunt smell. Of course she worked her magic on my cock and had me hard again and we had an enjoyable fuck. Did I ever screw Oona? Yes I did once, but that,s another story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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