Together As One

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It’s a beautiful summer morning, Beans had managed to make all the arrangements for a week away. No calls no interruptions, and only one other person will know where to find her. For years she had planned this out in her head over and over, as though she could see and feel each and every detail. After putting the last bag in the truck she closed the tail gate, a devious smile crossed her face. She walked back into the house turned the computer on and sent one last e-mail for him to find.

Once the e-mail was sent she picked up the phone dialed his number but unfortunately there was no answer, his answering service picked up. Hearing his voice sent shivers up her spine, and her mind racing in delight to what this week would bring, a rush of butterflies overwhelmed her, and she quickly hung up. After taking a deep breath and collecting herself, she dialed the number again this time waiting for the answering service, at the beep she calmly left a message for him to access his e-mail when he got home, that there was a surprise awaiting him.

Knowing she was going to be there a day ahead of his scheduled vacation in his e-mail she left a phone number, a detailed set of driving directions, a picture of the secluded little cottage along with an invitation for him to join her. Happy with the messages left she shut down her computer picked up her cell phone tucked it into her purse, picked up her keys and headed out for the drive ahead of her. As she climbed into the truck she slid the cd she had created, of all the songs he had sent her over time, into the disk player. On her ride down with each song flashed memories of different conversations. A whole range of emotions washed over her. The good, the bad, and the passionate. As she turned onto the highway the music carried her along. Her mind flashed visions and thoughts of what that first sight would be like. That first touch, the long waited embrace.

Soon she had reached her destination. She stopped at the first cottage there she picked up the keys, looked over some local pamphlets of area attractions, and proceeded to what she hoped to be “their” cottage. Once at the cottage she opened the door, took in some of her bags. While walking back to the front door she noticed this gorgeous view. There in front of her was a big picture window over looking soft sands and the oceans water rushing the beach. Not one other person around just the sounds of the water and the smell of the salt water breeze. She quickly changed into her bikini and set off to the sand. There she laid out a large blanket her sport cd player and her oil. After lubing her body she put her head phones on laid on the blanket and quietly took in the peace and quiet of her own thoughts. The feel of the sun warming and gently massaging her skin as she lay there at ease. After a few hours she decided to shower and do a little creative shopping.

Back to the cottage she went, the cottage had an out door shower like the one in the cottage she stayed at often when she was little. It was built and closed in at the rear of the cottage. She took a towel some shampoo and soap and stepped into the shower. The sun still caressing her body as she stepped under the water. Feeling the warmth of the water, the sun, and suds rush over her body relaxed her even more. Slowly and softly she caressed her skin washing all of the tanning oil from her skin. Day dreaming of the two of them with oils and suds, rushing water and heated passionate kisses and roaming hands, free passion. illegal bahis Her anticipation grew more and more at the thought of him being there with her. After her shower she dressed hopped in the truck and was off on a quest.

Her quest to find some body oils, scented candles, and some groceries. By the time she returned to the cottage it was dark. She brought in all of her bags unpacked them walked into the bedroom there she placed a few candles by the bed. After checking her cell phone she noticed there were no messages. With the lights off in the cottage she walked to the window now only wearing a t-shirt and panties she stood in front of it for a while just gazing at the water and the way the moon light danced over each wave. After a while her eyes got heavy she walked back into the bedroom lit a candle and laid on the bed slowly drifting off to sleep. Waking to a thud, she looked over at the clock it was 3:52 am, thinking she dreamt the sound she rolled back over and closed her eyes. Again she heard a thump so she got up, quietly walking out to the kitchen to look out the door she noticed a person sitting on the patio. Slowly she opened the door only to find he was there.

He had gone home opened his e-mail thrown his stuff together and left to meet her. A major rush flooded over her without a thought she opened the door wide and ran out to him with a smile from ear to ear, quickly up on her toes body pressed to his wrapping him up so tight. Standing there like time had stopped, tears rolling over her face so happy she finally got to hold him. The feel of his hands so strong and firm, to her lower back, holding her so tight. She melted into him. Not wanting to let go she released, looked up at him and said in a whisper, “Hi, I’ve waited for this so long.” He smiled and they entered the cottage. The cottage only lit with the one candle burning in the bedroom filled the cottage with shadows and the silhouettes of the two long last lovers. There was silence between them, and yet it seemed as though we both knew what was going threw each others minds.

For so many years they had wanted, craved, desired, and waited for this. Again they were drawn to each other. Standing so close and tight the scent of him, his touch, the way our bodies fit together created an explosion of passion. The feel of his breath to her neck as he leaned down growling by her ear sent shivers up her spine. He slowly kissed her neck and shoulder as she willingly moved her head. She held him tighter wanting to feel more and more of him. He softly released his lips from her neck, her fingers gently griping his shoulders kneading, her heart racing.

Gently he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, the candle almost completely burnt out. There he softly laid her on the bed, standing beside her his eyes watching hers as he pulled his t-shirt up and off. She laid there quietly watching he then slowly unbuckled his belt loosening it and the top button of his jeans. He then knelt on the bed, eyes fixed on hers leaning into her as she leaned into him she softly bit his bottom lip. Gently sucking it between her lips, her tongue tasting him and feeling how soft his lips felt to hers. Slowly she released and leaned into him more kissing him with more passion. He slowly pressed her body back into the bed as he lay his chest to hers. His fingers softly raking threw her hair as he gently pulled her head to the side exposing the side of her neck.

There he leaned in again growling beside her ear illegal bahis siteleri and ever so slowly licked all the way down her neck meeting her collar bone. Breathing deep, butterflies fluttering and the sensation of his breath, lips, and tongue on her skin turned her on even more than she had ever imagined. Slowly he nipped his way across her collar bone reaching the hollow of her neck where he then paused to suck. Her fingers now running threw his hair. Feeling his breath, tongue and lips on her body excited her. She felt her nipples getting hard and the desire to feel his naked body entangled with hers. His hands slowly traced over her body as he held her quiet and tight to the bed as he passionately kissed her neck.

Pausing for a moement to look up into her eyes he softly he caressed her right breast. He then leaned in ever so slowly and with the tip of his tongue gently licked her lips, not allowing her to lean into him, as he gently pinched her nipple. Again he leaned in and kissed her passionately, his tongue searching for hers and hers wrapping, twisting, sucking and tasting his. Slowly he released, leaning over to her ear again growling he whispered “I want all of you Baby Girl”.

Gently he pulled her to an upright position. Teasingly with his index finger he ran it down the center of her shirt. Her eyes watching as he slowly reached the hem of her t-shirt, teasingly his fingers tugged at it, quickly releasing to then slowly glide them over her soft legs. He then stood up without a word walked to the end of the bed and crawled up the foot laying beside her legs. Gently he leaned in, again stroking her legs, he looked up at her smiling warmly, leaned down and licked her thigh. A major serge ran threw her body. Slowly he crawled up legs, his hands to her thighs teasingly sliding them along as he straddled her legs. Again he reached the hem of her shirt and gently tugged it, slowly pulling it up, and off dropping it to the floor, exposing her naked breasts.

Gently he leaned in, his hands softly cupping them, his lips softly kissing them as he slowly pushed her back down into the bed. Her hands tracing his shoulders as he softly kissed, licked and nipped at her breasts. His hands roaming over her body his eyes deeply looking into hers, again she leaned up to him kissed him passionately. Gently she pushed him to the side in an attempt to trade places. Once he was laying on his back sh gently rolled on top, legs straddling his hips. Gently she leaned into him nipping his earlobe and softly purring. With her wet tongue she teased his earlobe then whispered softly, “Babe I want you” and purred again.

Leaning into his neck slowly she licked to his shoulder and bit hard , but not to inflict extreme pain. Her fingers softly playing with his hair, bellies touching, nipples softly sliding on his chest as she slowly backed down his body. Hands to his chest gently caressing his skin and sliding down to his pecks. Fingers kneading, tongue tracing his tat, gently she nipped his nipple, softly releasing with her lips gently sucking flicking it with her tongue she worked her way down his body. His chest, pecks, rib cage, pausing at the top of his jeans. She sat up eyes watching his gently pulling the zipper and opening the front as she slowly caressed him. Backing up further and widening the opening of his pants she placed a soft kiss.

Again looking up at him, “Are you planning on keeping these on all night?” she asked. He smiled as she sat beside him he canlı bahis siteleri quickly wiggled everything off handed them to her and she dropped them to the floor. She then stood beside the bed, slipped her fingers into the waist band of her panties and slowly slid them down over her hips then her thighs dropping them beside his jeans. She then climbed back on the bed with him kneeling beside him leaning in to kiss his navel. She felt his hand slowly slide over her ass. With her finger tips she reached across his abdomen to gently caress his hard cock. Again she felt his fingertips rake across her bare ass. As she stroked him she leaned in softly placing a kiss on the very tip of his cock. It was so wet. The soft teasing strokes across her ass became nimble fingers tracing her wet pussy.

She leaned in taking his hard cock to her lips this time sucking the head while she stroked him. Sucking, swirling, and nipping him as she felt his cock grow thicker and harder wanting her. She felt him pull her to the side, pulling at her knees, not wanting to stop what she was doing she let him reposition her body. Still stroking and teasing the tip she felt him caress her ass. His fingers gently stroking her wet pussy. Wanting more of him she took all of his cock into her mouth. Wrapping her tongue around him sucking, stroking and licking him up and down over and over. He grew more and more excited his hips squirming and his hands firmly pulling her pussy to his lips. She could feel herself growing wetter and wetter as he licked and sucked her.

She began to suck him faster an harder as he did her. She thought she was going to cum, she pulled her hips away from him, his strong firm hands pulled her back , she pulled away again. Slowing her strokes, and changed positions. Now she was straddled across his hips. Eyes watching his as she slowly stroked him. He reached forward gently to caressing her breasts. She then leaned down to him kissing him passionately tasting his sticky lips. He pulled her breast to his lips, and began teasing her perky nipple with this tongue, flicking and sucking. The waves again began to wash over her gently she pulled away.

Kneeling above him straddled she reached down for his cock again. This time she ran the tip along her pussy lips, teasing him. First around the clit and then pushing him inside. Slowly she rode him up and down, grinding against his body. Riding faster and harder squeezing his cock as her pussy and legs began to quiver as the waves of cum started racing over her body. Kissing him passionately he rolled her to her side there he slid out of her, propped her up with some pillows kneeling on the side of the bed. Quickly he slapped her ass and thrust into her fucking her harder and faster her body quivered and she began to cum again. He slowed his strokes gently pulling out of her again, repositioning the pillows at the head of the bed he laid her body to rest for a minute. He walked to the foot of the bed and again crawled up her body slowly. Licking and kissing till he reached the head of the bed. Gently he took her hands from his shoulders held them over her head, with his other hand reached around and spread her legs with the other hand again to thrust into her. Deep and hard, over and over, his lips kissing her passionately. His tongue wandering across her bare skin. He leaned over to her ear and growled , her body quivering from such an orgasm, his body jerked and he shot his cum deep within her pussy.

Gently he laid his head to her chest, releasing her hands and softly stroking her hair. Their bodies wet with sweat, and entwined as one. The candle now completely burnt out a gentle breeze blew in threw the window. They were finally where they belong, together, finally as one.

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