The Whore’s Daughter Pt. 01

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My mother was a whore and I never came to know my father. When I turned eighteen, my mother said she had done her bit for me, and that I needed to find my own way about the world. I had not fared too well in school. My features were plain like my mother’s, and even at eighteen my body was turning doughy, into flab and fat. I knew I would have to earn my keep like my mother had – not through the harvest of natural-born gifts, but through hard work and learned service.

At first I waited tables and stocked shelves. But the economy was weak, as it always was for those like me. From time to time I fell into what was easy, and I sucked a cock in a parking lot for money, and let two men fuck me in a motel. Somewhere in between a strip club agreed to give me a few shifts until three years later when the manager decided to replace me with a newer model. By then I had become inured to the comments that came at me from the club floor – not just the cat calls from the customers, but also the laughs by which I had been put down by the other girls. The club had kept me around as a kind of fool, as a creature to be humored by the patrons, or pitied, or – mostly – to be pawed at by those who were too drunk or scared to approach the pretty ones. Yes there was a certain niche I catered to, who assumed the fat-assed white girl would always “do more” and this niche did keep me going for a while. But three years later my manager told me I wasn’t making enough money to fill even this role, and there were many like me around to take my place, and do my job better.

I went to see my mother on my twenty-first birthday. She told me, “Look you must accept what you are, and what life has allotted to you. You’re Girne Escort not much to look at, but some men, they like us fat and plain. Also you are young so you still have that. Let me find you a man and when I do, be grateful to him. Worship him so he never leaves… and then you wont end up like… like me.”

Later that night she had a customer, so I sat inside the bathroom and waited for the man to finish with her and leave. Instead, about an hour later, my mother came in and said she had a request, the first time she had ever asked for such a thing. This client of hers, he had come to know that I was right there, and he was now intrigued. “He’s one of the good ones,” she told me, “Never pushes me around, except when he has my permission.” She said this man had a proposition. “A full thousand dollars,” she said, “And you can have half the money even though I’ll be doing most of the work. All you have to do is watch, and then a little bit at the end. Think of it as a birthday present.”

A part of me had known that this day would eventually come, when the whore’s daughter would be propositioned to join in with the whore. I had tried to make my own way through the world for three years, but there was little point in staying off fate any further. I understood that my mother was right, that I should accept what the world had allotted me. My mother explained to me what I had to do, and it seemed worth the money. She told me to get on my hands and knees, then she held me by my hair and had me crawl out into the bedroom. The man sat on the edge of the bed. He was about forty, about as old as my mother, and he was naked from the waist down. His crotch was Magosa Escort hairy and his soft brown cock was still covered in a thin film of cum. My mother led him to me, then had me sit right by his left foot. “Look up at his face,” she told me, “Keep your eyes open, and keep looking at him.”

My mother nestled into his right knee and nuzzled her her head against his thigh. The man pushed out his left knee and rested it upon my chest. I laid my white cheek down against his brown thigh. “Don’t be scared honey,” the man told me, “Nothing’s gonna happen to you that you don’t want. I’m just going to look at you, that’s all, and if I want more I’ll ask first. But I just came… so I’m afraid you’re going to have to start by sitting around for a little while.”

My mother got to work, with her hands and then with her mouth. It took a while before he was hard again. My mother’s mouth stayed diligently upon his cock, glugging and gagging but never ever pulling all the way off. The waft of her spit and the stench of his sweat kept coming at me in waves, and I began to accept the truth of my mother’s words. Every so often the man would shift his legs and his knee would dig further into my breasts. I kept looking into this man’s eyes as I had been directed, and the man could not take his eyes off of me. From time to time, when the frequency of my mother’s bobbing would pick up, the man’s eyes would start to close… and then he would jerk a hand down to my mother’s hair, and tug on it to have her slow down. But when his eyes opened, he would be looking at me and only me.

“You’re beautiful,” the man finally said, “May I?” I knew what he wanted to do, for my Kıbrıs Escort mother had told me about it. I said yes, and he reached out to grab me under my chin and pulled my face up to just below his. He pressed my cheeks within his fingers and shaped my mouth into an O. Then he spat into my mouth, a thick stream, and immediately after that he lunged his lips onto mine. He tasted of cigarettes and morning-breath, and his tongue made its way right past my teeth, and even though I had been steeled for this moment I thought I would gag – except he kissed me with an excitement that no one had spent on me before. Beside me, I sensed my mother bobbing her head at a faster pace again, and this time the man started groaning as he kissed my mouth, and soon he was convulsing, and he grabbed hold of my head with his other hand and pressed my lips into his, and he dug his tongue into my throat as he came into my mother’s mouth. Then he pulled his face off of me.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, again, and I began to believe that he meant it. So I did the next thing that had been asked of me… I did it it with far more fervor than I thought I could have mustered when my mother had first told me about my assignation. His fingers kept their hold on my cheeks, and as I turned to my mother I could feel him pushing me face towards her. So I did what he desperately wanted, I kissed my mother on the mouth as I had been instructed, and I knew I had to suck his cum right out of her. I did not drink it down though, and when I pulled off my mother’s mouth, I gurgled the cum out of my mouth like a good little whore and dribbled it off my chin. “You’re beautiful,” the man kept repeating, “You’re the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen.”

“Isn’t she?” my mother said, “Marry her I tell you. She’s a whore’s daughter, but she’s learned how hard that world would be to her, if she was left out there all alone. Marry her and she’ll be happy to be whored out just to you.”

(to be continued…)

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