The next morning.

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The next morning.I woke up the next morning laying next to Tim, his dried cum still on my chest and his flavor still in my mouth. His naked body pressed up against me. I was the big spoon, he the little. His perfect, firm ass right up against my hard cock. Last night I had felt it for the first time, lovingly held it. When the morning came I thought I might just want to run, but alittle surprisingly, I wanted to stay. His cute little bit and my raging cock made that decision easy.I slowly moved my cock against the crack of his ass, he felt amazing! Tim may have been awake for awhile, I wasn’t sure, but when I noticed, he smiled sheepishly and said Hi. “Good morning” i said, I think I realized then that he was still in my arms and I was holding him, like lovers. I didn’t pull away. When he moved his ass back up against him and slowly rubbed it, I sighed and exhaled sharply. It felt wonderful. We layed there for afew moments, my hard cock pressed between my abdomen and his smooth ass. I softly kissed the back of his neck and he turned his face toward me, our lips met only for a second. Tim rolled me onto my back and positioned himself on top of me, straddling my chest. Smiling he bent down to kiss me and I kissed him back, softly, slowly, romantically, like we had the night before. I noticed then that karşıyaka escort he was also rock hard like I was. He slid back and rubbed his balls along my stomach. He slid back until my hard dick, standing almost straight up, rested against the crack of his ass. He put his hands on my chest and rocked back and forth, letting my shaft move against his hole. “What here” he said, and quickly stepped out of the room. I watched his ass move as he walked, how I never noticed how cute his but was a miracle. Then again, I had never thought about him in that way, til last night anyways.I watched as he walked back in. His hard cock pointing almost straight up, swung side to side. Tim had gotten a small bottle of lube from his parents bedroom and placed it on the nightstand, before climbing back on top, straddling my chest again. His hard dick only inches from my face, I kissed his hard shaft and my hands went straight to his wonderful little ass. I moved him forward and sucked and licked his tight balls. Tim then slid off of me and onto his stomach next to me. With his arms stretched out above his head, he arched his back slightly, raising his ass up and down as I watched. I moved behind him and ran my hands up his smooth firm thighs. He arched his back even more and I saw his escort karşıyaka asshole for the first time. Tight and alittle pink, with just a little bit of hair around the hole. I softly began to kneed his cheeks with my hands, gently spreading his hole open each time. Tim moaned quietly and rubbed his face on the bedding beneath him. Like a moth to a flame, I pressed my face between his cheeks and pressed them against me. My tongue eagerly finding his hole and licked it gently. The sweet taste surprised me and I sighed, happy to lick his ass again, over and over. Tim arched his back more and quietly whispered, “Fuck me.” I had never fucked before, not even a girl, but my rock hard, throbbing cock seemed to know exactly what to do. I reached for the lube that he had brought in and clumsily spurted to much out and it ran down his ass crack and down his balls. We both laughed, breaking the intense romantic encounter, it only for a moment. I slid my hard dick up and down his crack, making it slick and lubed. I looked up and saw Tim lightly biting his lower lip. Fuck I want him, I thought to myself and guided the head of my hard dick towards his wet hole. Breathing hard, almost panting, i pressed the head against his opening and pushed it inside him. Tim let out a muffled karşıyaka escort bayan scream in pain and buried his face in his bedding. I moved the head of my cock slowly back and forth inside him before delicately forcing more of my shaft into him. With my cock now deeply up his ass, I leaned down and kissed his neck softly. Tim turned his face towards me, breathless and with a look of both pain and ecstasy. I kissed his his cheek and pushed the rest of the way inside him. Tim called out and buried his face again. I slowly moved my cock in and out of him. His tight asshole gripping my cock like a wonderful vise, I felt my orgasm building.The feeling of his firm ass cheeks against my belly, just above my cock, felt amazing and I pumped into him just to feel the slap of his ass. Tim’s pain was obviously replaced with pleasure, as he moaned softly and pushed his ass back onto me, arching his back, taking me as deep as possible. His sounds of pleasure too much to take, I came inside him. The best orgasm of my young life rocked me and I begged him not to move beneath me. I layed on top of him motionless as my overly sensitive cock spurted out stream after wonderful stream, filling his ass with hot semen. I collapsed onto him. “Mmmmmm” Tim said softly, “That felt incredible” I said lovingly.We layed like that for a few moments, my cock still inside him. When I rolled off of him, still catching my breath, Tim rolled over too and I saw a poodle of cum on the bed next to him. “Did you cum, too” I asked and he, totally embarrassed, smiled and nodded and turned his head away from me without answering.

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