The next day (casual encounter)

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The next day (casual encounter)The following day after my intense hookups with the two men from craigslist. I wake up saturday morning from the best sleep I’ve had yet. With my booty still soaked in cum from last night and a slight soreness in my ass I got up and went to take a shower, removing my leggings, thong and bra. I saw I still had my plug in my ass pulling it out a gush of cum came with it. I chuckled remembering last night. After showering, i naturally went to my sisters room and dressed myself in black cotton and lace bikini panties, ankle socks, Botty denim shorts and a white long sleeve. I decided since I was home alone and didnt have to go anywhere I might as well be comfy. Ofcourse with dressing up the urge to be bent over and fucked came with it. After getting my first taste of cock and cum the addiction started. I wanted to make the most of this month alone so instead of waiting till dark I went fishing early scrolling through craigslist m4m. Plenty of men eager to thrust their cocks in holes. And since my little 3in wasn’t good for much else other than being rubbed like a clit, I was happy to provide my boipussy for their release. I was a little more picky this time, but I soon found a man I wanted. A 40 something married, looking for a sissy, isnt getting any at home from his selfish wife. Hes good looking, muscular, 6,2 and a 7in cut cock with a big head. I replied with my stats and a pic from last night In my leggings and bra. I was blessed with a plump booty that filled in those leggings giving me a curvy look so I knew he couldn’t resist. I cleaned the house and ate while I waited for a reply. 5pm came and finally a reply. I could tell he was excited pendik escort he attached a close up pic of his cock, a gorgeous hard veiny 7incher. Precum leaked out of me as I griped my clit. I couldn’t wait and asked if he could come now, ofcourse he said he was with his family and said 10pm would be better. I sighed and said 10pm is perfect and sent him my address. I was already horny and had to wait, damn. While I wait I went upstairs grabbed the butt plug and played boipussy while I waited, it didnt help much it only got me hornier so I stopped. Instead I went to get ready. I picked out a sexy Calvin Klein thong, black athletic botty shorts and a purple sports bra no shirt. I saw my sister had extensions, my medium length black hair was nice but if I had longer hair I’d look much more feminine and sexy. Sure enough I clipped them on and couldn’t help but have a large smile on. It looked so natural reaching my mid back. I finished with some lip gloss, blush, mascara and a little black eyeshadow. If I had tits you would think I was a girl. 10pm exactly and the knock comes at the door. My heart beat races even though I’ve already lost my virginity I’m still nervous, wtf. I take a deep breath and open the door. He looks down at me with a smile and just walks in. Hes wearing a a typical shirt tucked in, a belt, Jean’s and boots. He introduces himself as dad and says I look beautiful. I smile and tell him I’m sophi. I grab his hand and lead him up to my sisters room. Even though im not looking back i can tell hes looking at my plump ass. As we walk he dosent waste time and starts unbuckling his belt and pants and drops them on the floor, I sit him down, get on my knees and wet escort pendik my lips. Hes already rock hard. The same veiny cock I saw in the picture is now in my face. I begin with kissing every inch of his shaft and sucking his head, I give him one long lick from the base of his shaft to the tip I salty burts of precum comes out. I lick it up and swallow no more than 4in before he hits the back of my throat. I close my lips and slowly slide back up duck kissing his tip. I Bob my head on his cock taking a little more in every suck. Finally my throat relaxes and I go down for his 7in but gag at 6. I lick his balls and give his cock a last kiss before he turns me around and tells me to bend over. Slowly he removes my shorts and gives my ass a hard slap, my clit twitches and I leak. He gets up removes his shirt and french kisses me groping my ass with both his hands. His hairy muscular body pressed against my soft smooth skin. After kissing I’m thrown on the bed, he takes out a bottle and lubes his cock stroking it. Out of eager excitement I say “hurry up daddy” I can tell he likes that so I tell him again “come fuck this pussy already daddy”. He gets ontop of me pulls my panties off, with my legs on his shoulders(missionary) his head makes contact with my hole. I can already feel him slowly penetrating opening my hole. First his head enters then slowly he smoothly slides 3inches inside. He thrusts a couple times before again sliding deeper inside. My clit is now soaked in my own precum still limp. Finally going deeper thrusts all 7in inside, all I hear is thighs slap against mine. I pull on the sheets in pleasure. Now that I’m stretched out he gets serious. All I hear is out thighs pendik escort bayan clapping as he thrusts and thrusts that big 7in cock inside my stretched my boipussy. I cant help it but moan. As my pussy loosen up all I can feel is him sliding in and out with ease. I can tell he loves my pussy and moans with pleasure. In response I moan “oh yes daddy fuck that pussy”. He begins to thrust harder and faster than before, shaking the bed hitting the wall. Im happy only me and daddy are home alone so we can make all the noise we want. He starts sweating and stops. His cock pops out. He lays down and orders me to ride him, I respond “yes daddy” and kneeling I grab his cock push the head inside and with ease it inserts. I can feel the difference from missionary. Grinding on his cock I begin to sweat, with every slap he gives me my pussy tightens. Moaning and moaning, I never want this end. Daddy’s cock is the best cock I’ve had. I can feel every inch of his cock sliding in and out, his big head rubbing my insides. I stop in exhaustion. I suck his cock some more, the taste of lube and precum fill my mouth. He gets up flips me over and again begins to fuck me missionary. I can sense hes close. I pull him down for a kiss and moan “omg yes daddy” as I orgasm, my little clit shooting its sissy cum on my stomach, my pussy tightens around his cock. He begins thrusting even harder slamming the bed to the wall. Daddy groans shooting his hot seed. I can feel every squirt of daddys warm cum filling me up. He pulls out and lays next to me saying “thank you baby I needed that” giving me a peck on the lips.. Ofcourse like every man he immediately gets up and and gets dressed. I plug myself up with my toy, i put on my panties and watch him get dressed. I escort him to the door, before leaving he gives me a hug and slaps my ass. I whisper “bye daddy come back soon” I watch him leave knowing his cock is pleased.

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